The Best Erotic Stories.

My Niece Eva Pt. V
by JEdwins

Eva moved around on the bed, lying back with legs spread wide, and said, "Put that in here." With no doubt at all I knew what "that' and "here" referred to. I moved to a kneeling position between her succulent legs. The view of her open and very wet pussy was like a magnet to both my eyes and my cock. Bending over her young body I put just the head of my dick into the entrance of her cunt. She apparently wasn't having any games just then because she thrust her hips upward and buried me to the max in her heat. This sudden movement from her caused me to drop on top of her and just hold still while she "chewed" on my cock with her pussy.

When it felt like she was slowing down her swiveling and humping action I asked her if I could drive for a while. Her eyes were closed and she only nodded her head. Sliding up her body some to increase my contact with her clit, I began moving in and out of her cunt. Her legs moved over mine and she locked herself down to free up her hip movement. My ins and outs were matched by her hunches and swivels. I bowed my back enough to suck on her right nipple some. She liked that, but so did I. Although not sure how close she might be to another orgasm, I moved my right arm so that I could reach back and touch her ass just above my cock. This forced my shoulder to the bed and sort of crushed her on that side, but the contact was worth it.

"Oh, yeah." My fingers gathered enough slickness to touch her ass hole like my tongue had earlier. "Oh, yeah," again. I couldn't push much of my finger into her ass in that position, but it didn't take that much. My middle finger was in her ass up to the first knuckle. I frigged it in and out a couple of times and she came, hard. She was moaning loudly in my ear and thrashing her hips around with more strength than she could probably have mustered on purpose. It lasted quite a while, and between her legs and her arms, she had me in a death grip. She was sweating, I was sweating, and I was still fucking her fairly forcefully. I'd had to bring my right hand back up to help support my weight and figured I'd try to see if she could come again, and I'd come with her.

"Honey girl, put your legs together." Any one who has gone from male superior, her legs spread and wrapped around yours, to a position where her legs are together under you and yours are outside of and alongside hers, knows all of the maneuvering it takes to accomplish this movement without falling out of the nest. I know how this is going to sound to some folks, but if a guy is long enough to stay imbedded in his woman while he lays fully on top of her with her legs closed tightly, he can fuck her with incredible pressure on her clit from every movement of his cock. Once we were set I started going at her with real zeal. I wanted to fill her cunt with my come and hopefully she could have another orgasm.

"She must have realized I was dashing toward glory because she started encouraging me, saying sexy things like "yeah, Tim, fuck my hot cunt" and "dump your load in my hot box" and "yes, yes, yes."

I was close. It was going to be agonizing/ecstatic. Yes. I held dead still, as deep in her as I could get in this position, and she started milking me with her love muscles. Then her orgasm struck her. Four to one, so far. She thrashed and moaned and cried out. And then seemed to collapse.

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