The Best Erotic Stories.

My Niece Eva Pt. VII
by JEdwins

When we got back to the bedroom Eva shed her robe demurely, while facing me, and ran her hand between her legs. She spread her knees enough that I could watch her slip her middle finger up into her cunt. Pulling it out again she raised it to her mouth and sucked it all the way in. I was enrapt, again, by this lustful creature. Then she turned toward the bed. Bending her right knee and placing it on the bed she slowly moved onto the bed on her hands and that one knee. With a delicious undulation her ass swiveled as she brought her left knee up on to the bed. She was doing this very slowly, almost hypnotically as far as its effect on me. With her weight, shoulders, hips and ass shifting from side to side Eva oozed to the center of the bed. What a sight!

Once Eva was in the center of the king-sized bed, watching my reaction to her show over her shoulder, she said, "Is there any way I can talk you out of pushing your prick into my ass?" I shook my head, no. "Do you really need to pump your cock in and out of my asshole, over and over again, until you dump your come in me?" I nodded affirmatively. "And you fully intend to hold my ass cheeks and bury your prick to the balls in my ass while my poor little tits swing back and forth under me?" I nodded more enthusiastically as I crawled up on the bed behind her.

"Well, is it your intention to make matters even worse for me by bending down and sucking my cunt lips and licking my ass before you bang it?" Yeah, yeah, I nodded briskly as I placed my hands on her ass. Eva lowered her shoulders down to the bed, still trying to watch me looking at her displayed charms, and added, " Well, I guess I'm helpless to stop you, then."

Bending even lower I tongued her pussy, from above her clit (below it in her present position) to her asshole. Over and over. Her little sounds were encouraging. Sometimes I had to deal with her fingers as she had reached back to finger herself. It was a vicious fight, between her fingers and my tongue, but I was determined to be victorious. Eventually I had her ass hole about as wet as anyone could desire, but I wanted to see her prepare herself as she had described to me earlier. I was, amazingly, pretty hard by now, and knew I would have no trouble plumbing her depths after this last part of her show.
Eva had raised up enough that she could look back between her widely spread legs and watch me slowly stroking my cock. She reached back again and worked two of her fingers into her cunt passage.

Then removed them and wiped the juice from them all around her asshole. Then returned her fingers to her cunt, but this time when she went back to her ass she worked one finger into her asshole and then the other. Repeated the trip and pushed each finger in its turn deeper into her ass than the previous time. It seemed that her fingers were having no trouble at all sliding in and out past her muscle ring. On the fourth trip she pushed two fingers into her ass at the same time. Her moaning at the pleasure she must have been giving herself communicated itself to me in increased hardness and lengthening of my erection. I spit on my hand and worked the moisture all over the front half of my cock in readiness.

With my left hand on her left butt cheek and my right pointing my cock at its target I said, sort of hoarsely, yet as authoritatively as I could manage under the circumstances (after all, she owned me lock, cock and balls right then), "I'm going to stick my prick in your ass now."

She 'Oh, no'ed' me with great feeling. "Don't bother trying to fight me," I continued dramatically, "because I'm doing this for my pleasure, not yours." Another really heartrending protestation from her as she wiggled her ass. "Yes, I'll be wantonly stroking in and out of your sweet behind, watching the action from my vantage point back here, and loving every second of it."

Boy, I was really getting into this role playing (or was it semi-comedic hamming?) She responded to my last pronouncement with a damn fine drawn out 'Ohhhhhhhh noooooooo'.

When I touched her asshole with the tip of my cock she stopped wiggling her hips. We both pretty much held still for a few seconds and then she slowly began pushing back against me. All that happened at first was that the area around her anus depressed from the pressure of my cock. But then, almost unbelievably, the head of my prick disappeared inside her. She squeezed down on the head of my prick for a moment and it hurt. Damn she was strong. But then she relaxed again and started pushing back again.

"Pleeeease don't force your monstrous prick into my tiny ass any more," Eva said as her movements gobbled up more of my disappearing manhood. "You don't need to fuck me until my bowels are filled with your spunk."

"Yes I do. Yes I do! I need to do that!" I was really emoting, now.

"Okay," she said, simply.

Using my hands on her butt to control some of her movement I backed out of her about two inches and then pushed back in. And again, but deeper. After two more withdrawals and slow thrusts I bottomed out (so to speak) and paused.

"Are you okay, honey?"

"If you only knew how good you're making me feel you wouldn't ask."
I started moving in and out of her rhythmically, now that I knew she was okay. "How long do I need to last?"

"Not long, Tim. I'm rubbing my clit and feeling you fill me up. I could come almost any time." I picked up the speed of my stroking. She touched my balls a couple of times, which felt really good. This whole thing was so special.

"If I had a clone he could lie under you and suck your clit while I fuck your ass."

Moaning she said, "God, that would feel so good. A warm tongue on my hot, sensitive clit."

"And you could be sucking on his cock until he filled your mouth with his come."

"Oh, Jesus. I'm coming. I'm coming! Keep fucking me. Pound me. Ahhhhhhh."

I kept stroking, feeling like I could come, but not quite there yet. Eva was quieting down verbally, some, but was still in the throes of her orgasm. I could maybe make it. I was watching my cock and her asshole like there was nothing else in the world. Well, there wasn't just then.

"After I spew my come in your hot, sweet, fuckable ass I'm going to flip you over and suck your pussy until I pass out."

"I'm coming again! It won't stop! I don't want it to stop. You're going to suck on my pussy again. Ahhhhhhhh. Now you're going to come in my slut ass. Ohhhhh. Violating me like an animal. Ohhhhh, I'm going to faint. Sucking my clit. Arghhhhhhhh."

All of that did it for me. There couldn't have been much content but the pumping and ecstasy was the strongest of my life. As soon as I stopped moving in her Eva looked back at me with eyes that couldn't have been working too well, she was still ending a tremendous orgasm of her own, and sobbed, "DO IT! I can feel you pumping in my ass." She was energetically squeezing her ass ring, milking me almost painfully. I collapsed, taking her over on her side with me. I forced my left arm under her head as a pillow and put that hand on her left breast and my right hand on her right breast, me tight up against her back, my hips pushed hard against her rear end to maintain contact, and panted.

"You whupped me, you little vixen," I gasped at the back of her neck.

"I wish five days hadn't been wasted. I loved every moment of this; every look, every word, every action. The way you treated me, looked at me, loved me. I'll remember this day for the rest of my life."

"Had we started 5 days ago I'd be dead. Blessed, but dead."

After about 15 minutes I rolled Eva on her back and licked her satiated pussy as I had promised both of us. Such a sweet pussy. Such a sweet lover. Such a sweet niece.

Please watch for other stories from me; The Handyman and The Handyman, Again and My Precious Neighbor and At Risk With Lena in three installments so far. If you like my writing, let me know. I promise to respect your e-mail privacy.

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