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My Naughty Michele
by Ambrosious

I don't know how we ended up like this, my wife and I, but here we were. She was lying on her back in the middle of our queen sized waterbed and I was on my hands and knees between her legs cleaning her pussy with my tongue after another round of love making.

Maybe I should back up a little and give you a little background information. Michele is 25, nine years younger than me. We had a typical courtship and were married just over a year ago. She never confessed the desire to take lovers to me during all the time we had been together. Anyway, last month we watched a porno together and the plot revolved around a bored housewife and the lovers she took every afternoon. Her husband came home every evening and made love to his wife, oblivious to her activities. One scene had him coming home and going down on her after her lover had just left. The wife had a guilty look on her face while he ate her out. You could see the dried semen where her lover had shot off on her pussy.

Michele was dynamite in bed that evening and I knew that the porno had excited her. I thought that it was the sex that got her excited. How wrong I was. As we lay in bed basking in the afterglow, my wife and I started to discuss the movie.

"Honey," she started, "how did you like the film?"

"I thought that it was hot!" I exclaimed.

"What would you think if your wife did that?" she asked.

"Never thought about it," was my reply.

"The scene that had her husband going down on her and you could see her lovers cum on her pussy really got to me I've got to admit."

"What do you mean?" I asked. I could tell where this conversation was going and to my surprise, it excited me more than I care to admit.

"Well it has always been a fantasy of mine." she continued, "to have my husband watch me fuck another man and after my lover had left me, my husband would clean me out with his tongue. The only difference in me and the woman on the movie would be that I would want my lover to come in my pussy."

I laid there thinking all of this over. I had thought about such things in the past, but had put such thoughts out of my mind because I was a married man. It's no the kind of thing you would ask your wife in everyday conversation. To have my wife confess such desires brought a flood of emotions to the forefront. How would I feel watching my wife fuck another man? It would be incredible. I am not bi nor have I ever been with another man, but I did love humiliation and if my wife ordered, I would clean her up after loving another man and would love every minute of it. The degradation of such an act was an incredible turn on.

"Michele, I would love to see you take on another lover, or two and would happily drink his cum from your pussy."

To my delight, my wife let out a squeal and pushed me down on the bed. She turned so that we were in a 69 position and promptly placed her pussy above my face. I stared up into her neatly trimmed bush and could see my own cum starting to leak out of the pussy I had recently deposited into. I darted my tongue out and touched her clit, avoiding the obvious for a few minutes. As I swirled my tongue across her clit, she let out a moan of pleasure. She got into it real fast and started grinding her pussy on my mouth. I tasted my first cum as it started to ooze out of her hole and into my mouth.

"That's it baby, eat your cum," my wife encouraged me, "taste the cum from my pussy. Clean me out good and I'll take extra special care of you. Imagine the cum you're tasting now belongs to another man. Doesn't it taste good? I think that you'll like to see me fuck another man, won't you. You want to clean my pussy after a date don't you?"

"Yes I do," was all I could mutter because my mouth was full. I spent about ten minutes cleaning out my wife's cunt. My throat swallowed every drop of my own semen and yes, I was wishing that it was another man's cum I was tasting now. If my wife was serious about taking another lover, it would open up a whole new sex life to us.

"Eat me. Taste the cum. Swallow it all. That's it, get every drop. When I take my first lover, I want you right there, watching me, eating me, tasting his cum in my pussy." My wife had opened up in a way she had never done before and it excited me to hear her talk this way. My dick started to grow just from hearing about her trashy talk. She grabbed my nut sac and squeezed gently. The pressure started to build in my loins. I continued to lick her pussy and relished tasting the last drops of my own cum as my tongue cleaned the walls of her pussy.

After she was cleaned out, she let go of my nuts and flipped around on top of me. In one fluid motion, she mounted me. My cock was buried all the way in her pussy when she leaned down to kiss me. Her mouth covered mine in a rough fashion and her tongue pried my lips open. She entered my mouth and our tongues danced a lewd tango. I couldn't believe how excited my wife had become by our fantasy. If she really wanted to take a lover, I was all for it! In fact, I couldn't believe how excited I had become thinking about seeing a strange dick pummel my wife's pussy.

My wife bounced up and down on my dick with a vengeance. I knew that since I had just cum, I would last quite awhile and settled in for the ride. Michele was in a frenzied state as she used my tool for her own pleasure. I could see on her face that she was fantasizing about the things we had just discussed. My nuts were swelling from the abuse her butt was putting them through bouncing on them like she was. I felt every inch of my wife's beautiful pussy sliding up and down my pole. She was in heaven herself and each thrust brought her closer to herself. She was mumbling to herself and I could not make out what she was saying, although several times I heard her say the words "eat it." I was more than excited at the prospect of cleaning up my wife's pussy after cumming in it again. Not to mention the fact that a strange man's come would be soon take the place of mine in my wife's pussy and on my tongue.

I took my wife's wrist in my hands and pinned her body to mine. She bit on my neck gently and purred in my ear as I thrust my dick into her wet cunt. I picked up the pace and my wife arched her back, allowing me more access to her canal. As I thrust upward, my mind raced, imagining myself standing next to our bed, watching her take on her lover. In my mind, he was the one pinning my wife's body to his and it was his dick pounding in and out of her pussy. The wetness of my wife's pussy would be for him and not me. I would dutifully wait until he shot off in her and left our house before spreading her pussy lips and tonguing out the product of their illicit affair. I would gratefully accept every drop of his cum that my wife's swollen cunt would give me.

I flipped her on her back, with me poised between her open legs. I thrust myself back into her trembling cunt and sunk all the way to my balls. I imagined her being treated just as rough by her lover. He would thrust his oversized dick into her neatly trimmed pussy. He would abuse her cunt unmercifully and I would stand by and watch with growing anticipation as she pleased this man with her sexual talents. I pounded away for quite awhile on Michele's pussy and she enjoyed every thrust, grunting her approval in my ear. I placed her hands above her head and held them there with my own as I continued my frontal assault on her. We matched each other's every move perfectly.

I held her down with my body weight and imagined her lover doing the same. Our bodies became sweaty from the exertion and we were practically sliding across each other. The tightness of her cunt was accentuated by the wetness of her loins. I could feel every inch of her love tunnel and thought more about her imaginary lover. What I really fantasized about was a lover that was bigger than me, not physically, mind you, but he would have a bigger cock. I have a respectable tool measuring in at 6 1/2 inches but I wanted her to know the pleasure of a real monster. He would be 8-9 inches long and at least 1 1/2 inches around. He would touch her pussy in places that I would never be able to. I also thought about the size of his load and hoped that he was a real gusher. If I was going to clean up a cream pie, I wanted it to be really creamy.

I stopped moving for a minute and asked my wife how soon we could consummate the deal. She responded that she would take a lover by the weekend, even if we had to troll in the local bars. She told me that it would be easy for her to find some stud to bring home for us to enjoy. I responded by turning her over and placing her on her knees. I took my hand and pushed her shoulders flat to the mattress. Her butt was exposed to me and her pussy was open and waiting for the return of the Mack.

I mounted her from behind and entered her pussy slowly, while spreading her ass cheeks with my hands. I looked down and watched my penis disappear into her womanhood while imagining once again that I was standing by the bed and that it wasn't my dick doing the disappearing act in her pussy, but his. As I spread her butt cheeks, I imagined that he would do the same. Maybe she would even take him in her ass. We had only tried anal sex twice in the past and she had loved it. I wondered what a large cock would do to her asshole. I imagined him pumping a load into her asshole and then servicing her asshole with my tongue. I wondered if the texture of cum would be different coming from and asshole as opposed to coming from a pussy. I also wondered about the taste and consistency of the cum as well. You can see how far I had gotten into this fantasy of ours. I wanted to see my wife impaled on his cock, unable to move and grunting from the pain and pleasure of taking a bigger cock in her ass.

Michele's cunt was overflowing with her juices and it was starting to look like I was fucking a cum filled pussy. That thought drove me to even greater heights and I pounded her pussy even harder. I wondered if I would be allowed to clean my next load out of her pussy. I also wondered what it would feel like to lick the load of another man out of Michele's cunt. Would I be degraded? I secretly hoped so. I knew that it would excite me and sharing my wife with another man would only increase my love for her. I also realized that eating another man's cum from my wife's cunt or asshole would put me in a subservient role and I secretly treasured the idea of my wife controlling me in this way.

I was sweating buckets and Michele was groaning and grunting in pleasure while I fucked her furiously. I was on the verge of cumming in her cunt and picked up my pace a bit. I thrust home one last time and my nuts started a spasm. I unloaded my seed in her pussy as she shrieked in delight I pumped a couple more times and squirted 3-4 times in her cunt as it also spasm and tightened around my dick. No sooner than I had stopped pumping my load into her, she squirmed out from under me and rolled over on to her back. She spread her legs and drew her knees up to her tits. I knew what she was waiting for and took my place between her legs. I was still sweaty from our exertions and my chest stuck to our sheets.

"Clean it out, now!" she demanded, "I want you to eat up all of your cum. I need you to clean me out. Do a good job this time and I promise the next time you go down on me, it will not be your cum you're eating, but another man's. That's what you want, isn't it? You want to clean my cunt out, don't you? You want to taste another man's spunk, huh?"

Michele was in another world, it seemed like and I sat myself to the task of lapping up the cum now oozing from her well fucked pussy. And that brings us to the beginning of our story. Here I am, between my wife's legs, cleaning her out after our recent round of lovemaking. I'll write down what happens when she goes on that first date. She promised me and I plan on holding her to that promise.

I wonder how she feels about doing more than one guy?


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