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My Naughty Nurse
by 4tires

My home care nurse, Elizabeth, is very cute and sexy. Her curly black hair and brown eyes instantly become the focal point of any room she enters. Her fresh face and sweet girlish smile makes one think of the girl next door. She is about medium height with a slender, trim figure many women would kill for. With firm, round breasts, and slender waist leading downward into one of the most exquisite set of hips I have ever seen, she is as close to perfect as it gets. Her shapely, perfectly sculpted ass appears as it must be blessed. She exudes a sexual energy that, while appearing to come from a place of innocence, is very powerful. Her quiet, shy demeanor puts forth a mysterious air that, for some strange reason, seems to imply an interior of raw, uninhibited sexual abandon.

Though she was assigned by an agency to be my homecare worker and maintains a proper professionalism in our relationship, we nevertheless have become close friends. I can truly say she is one of the few people in my life who has never allowed my disability to affect her, as many others have. This fact, and her sweet disposition, not to mention her drop-dead beautiful face and figure, make me find her extremely attractive.

During my daycare routine, Elizabeth and I always carry on pleasant conversation. She has become a close confidant who I feel comfortable to tell anything, and she has returned this feeling to me. Once when we were both reminiscing about our pasts, she revealed she once worked as a stripper. Since then, I have had the feeling her professional manner could very easily be cast aside if the right occasion arose. It has caused me to fantasize about her quite often. Little did I imagine, today would be the day my suspicions about her alter ego would be answered.

When Elizabeth came to work this morning, she was her usual cheerful and smiling self. As I awoke and threw off my slumber, I had my usual morning erection. Usually pausing to engage in some casual conversation before removing the covers, this morning she just pulled them down first. Since I wear only a night shirt while sleeping, my lower half was naked. I was startled and embarrassed because there is usually enough time for my raging morning hard-on to subside before being exposed.

Elizabeth blushed when she saw my erection, and a surprisingly wicked little grin of implicit approval came across her full lips. My embarrassment turned to a strange sense of arousal at being looked at. The shock of the moment gave me a type of exhibitionist pleasure I had never felt before. Looking at my erect penis Elizabeth giggled and said, "Good morning to you, too!"

Embarrassed, I said, "I'm sorry."

She replied, "Please don't be. There's no need to be embarrassed. It's perfectly natural." She continued, "If my silliness embarrasses you, I'm sorry."

"Your attitude is refreshing," I said. "Most nurses act strange, or upset whenever this happens. Your playful attitude makes me feel comfortable."

Changing the subject, she asked, "Are you ready for your bath?"

"Yes," I replied and she went to the bathroom to get a basin of water. As Elizabeth walked away, I noticed a decided switch in her luscious ass. Looking over her shoulder, she caught me admiring her sweet derriere. Instead of a look of consternation, she gave me a flirting smile and the switch of her ass became a pronounced grind. An unmistakable sexual energy came over the room. I was seeing a side of her I had not seen before, and I liked it.

When Elizabeth returned from the bathroom, she had changed from her usual sweatsuit to a skin-tight Spandex sports bra with matching, equally skin-tight bicycle shorts. She said, "I hope you don't mind, but it's hot in here." Silly girl, I thought, I sure don't mind! My cock, having become soft, quickly got hard again. Seeing this, she raised her eyebrows and began flirting coyly with me. Smiling warmly and sexily at me, tongue brushing her lips, she stood there and allowed me to inspect her slim, shapely body. Her thick black hair was braided and hung down between her shoulders. My gaze moved down from her gorgeous face to her beautiful full breasts thrusting out, erect nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. I looked down across her bare midriff across her flat tummy, to her muscular thighs. Elizabeth was obviously an avid runner. My eyes moved up to a place that caught my attention after she came back from the bathroom, the very distinctive area between her legs. As she came slowly toward the bed, it became quite obvious she was wearing nothing under her shorts because I could clearly see her pussy through the Spandex. Trying to compose myself, I looked into her eyes to avoid appearing as a total sexist pig. To my delight, the sexy smile on her face told me she was enjoying being looked at. Elizabeth once told me she liked being a stripper. I could believe it!

Turning her back to me, Elizabeth sat the basin of water on a chair near the bed. The beautiful lines of her perfectly shaped ass, clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her skin-tight shorts, instantly caught my attention. With her legs apart, I had a great rear view of her thinly veiled pussy. The thoughts of her touching my stiff cock made me tremble with excitement. This excitement soared when she winked while coming over to undress me. Bending low over the bed, she suddenly kissed me. At first, her lips lightly pressed against mine, then her lips parted and her tongue thrust firmly into my mouth. In return, I swirled my tongue around hers, gently sucking on it. As we passionately kissed, her breasts gently rubbed across my chest. When her bare midriff brushed over my stiff prick, the head got stuck in her belly button. Blushing as she took my throbbing organ in her soft hand, gently removing it from her navel, she asked "What am I going to do with this?" "I'm sure we'll find something to do with it in awhile" I replied. Looking seductively into my eyes, she said, "Time to get on with this bath."

Turning to the chair where the water basin was, Elizabeth said, "Damn, I forgot a wash cloth! Oh well, I can do without." Wetting her hands, she soaped them and started rubbing my chest. My heart pounded with excitement, as her slippery hands rubbed my chest and abdomen in a circular motion. Gently pinching and pulling my nipples as she washed them, made me tense up with sheer pleasure. The impish grin on her lovely face told me this was her intent. The quickness of her breathes and her erect nipples, protruding through the thin fabric of her bra, told me she was enjoying my bath as much as I was. My balls tightened and my cock throbbed, begging to be touched. Expecting her to wash downward to my very hard and expectant organ, she surprised me by soaping up my feet. While washing my feet and legs, her body was at an angle to the bed, placing her slender thighs and exquisite ass just inches from my head. I had a perfect view of her pussy, clearly visible through the tight Spandex. The sheer fabric now appeared moist and the sweet, musky smell of her scent intoxicated me. My throbbing cock ached for her touch.

Sensing my need for relief, Elizabeth finally began washing my pubic area. Taking my balls in her hand, she gently massaged and fondled them. Soaping up my prick with her fingers, she said, "I'm going to get you so clean," her voice breathless and quivering. Encircling my swollen cock with her fingers, she massaged and stroked it. Gasping with excitement and no longer able to resist the sight, or smell, of her pussy so close to me, I put my hand in her crotch and began massaging her pussy through the wet fabric. "Oh yes! Touch me!" she cried, and stroked my engorged member in long strokes as I vigorously kneaded her vulva. Moaning with delight as I firmly rubbed her pussy, my thumb concentrating on the erect bud I knew was her clitoris, she said, "Take my pants off!" Grabbing her waistband, I peeled the tight Spandex down exposing her tight ass and neatly trimmed bush. Inserting my thumb into her tight wet hole, I began vigorously fingering her swollen clitoris. "Yes!" she squealed, as I fondled her clit between my thumb and forefinger, gently tugging it until it stuck out in a hard twitching nub. Her sweet nectar flowed down my arm. Once in awhile, I removed my fingers to lick them and taste her intoxicating juice. She quickly pumped my cock with strong, milking strokes, massaging my balls with her other hand. As waves of orgasmic heat swept over me, I could not take it any longer. My seed squirted forth in huge gushing spurts, splattering across her navel, midriff, and chest. Giving me a sultry look of both surprise and pleasure, she giggled, "Oh wow baby!"

Throwing her leg over my head, she straddled me and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth and said, "OK, now it's my turn! Suck me! Make me cum!" Probing my tongue deep into her tight pussy, I began licking vigorously. As I probed deep inside her, her pussy contracted around my tongue. Gasping with pleasure as my tongue thrust in and out of her pussy, her sweet juices flowed into my mouth in a steady torrent. Her clitoris was hard and quivering. She writhed in pleasure, as I firmly held it between my lips and swirled my tongue around the tip. The purring sound coming from her throat told me Elizabeth was on the verge of a thunderous climax. Eagerly trying to bring her to the same state of ecstasy she had brought me, I saw the tiny, pink rose that was her anus a couple of inches from my face. Taking my tongue from her pussy, I began licking around her asshole. As I thrust my tongue into her sweet booty, Elizabeth shuddered and cried, "Oh yeah, baby! Do it!" Her hips ground with pleasure, as I rimmed her with circular strokes in and around her hole.

Elizabeth took my now soft dick in her mouth, and began sucking it slowly at first, swirling her tongue around the head, then licking the shaft from base to tip. My cock began to drip precum when she quickened her pace. Taking my entire cock hungrily into her mouth, she plunged it down her throat in long, rhythmic strokes. She gasped when my mouth returned to her sweet, dripping pussy and I sucked her swollen clitoris, firmly gripping it with my lips. We were both on the edge of a thunderous climax in our sixty-nine. Then it happened! I felt her lithe body tense up. Her pussy pulsating rapidly as it tightened around the tip of my tongue, Elizabeth exploded in a thunderous orgasm, crying out, "Oh baby! Yes!" I hungrily drank her juices down like nectar. To give me the same ecstasy she had just enjoyed, she sucked even faster. Her efforts were soon rewarded as thick cum gushed from my loins, filling her mouth and flowing down her throat as she lovingly swallowed every drop. Afterward, Elizabeth and I snuggled in each others arms and kissed passionately, our tongues dancing around inside each others mouths.

After savoring this luxurious moment for a few minutes, she said, "Time to wash your back. Let me roll you over." Elizabeth put her arms around my mid-section, slid me toward her, and rolled me over. She said, "There is a bathing technique I read about once in a book. Asian girls use it in bathhouses. I've always though it would be fun to do it, especially with the right man. And, that's you! May I?" "Yeah, for sure! You've got me intrigued." Sexily swaying her hips, Elizabeth then peeled off her bra, exposing the most delicious set of breasts, perfectly rounded and firm. Her aureolas were about the size of quarters, tanned brown, with gorgeous hard nipples, that gave no doubt how much she was enjoying our time together. The warm sensual glow radiating from her beautiful eyes also belied this fact.

Wetting and soaping up her hands once again, she rubbed them over her breasts, gently cupping and lifting them. She soaped herself until her breasts, tummy, and soft bush were completely lathered. As I watched, thoroughly intrigued, my already well-serviced cock delightfully surprised me, stiffening and straining against the mattress. Elizabeth saw me watching her with puzzlement, and said "Shhh! You'll enjoy this!" After soaping herself, she climbed on top of me. Lowering her body onto mine, her breasts pressed against my back. She moved her breasts across my back in a circular motion, slowly at first then faster. Seductively blowing her warm breath against the nape of my neck, she nuzzled against me, writhing her soapy body against my entire back and butt. As her breasts rubbed across my back in quicker and quicker circles, I felt her hard nipples tracing their way across my skin. The sensation drove me into such a frenzy I thought I was going to explode, as my hard cock pressed against the mattress. As Elizabeth ground her stomach and hips against my butt with increasing fervor, she began to moan softly in my ear, and gently kissed and bit my neck. Feeling her soapy bush scrubbing against my ass, gave me an indescribable feeling that sent my head spinning. My cock dripped with excitement!

After finishing washing and drying my back, Elizabeth said in a playful tone, "Your booty looks sorta red. I need to do something to make it feel better?" "Yes, thank you," I said, breathlessly, my head still swimming, not really thinking about what she was going to do next. She spread my cheeks and I felt a warm, wet tickling sensation as she tongued my anus, driving me wild! While rimming me, she slid her hand between my legs and started playing with my balls. Kissing her way around my body toward my front, she rolled me onto my back, took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it in long, quick strokes. Throbbing with renewed vigor, my cock felt about to explode. Rubbing between her legs, I felt her dripping wet pussy.

With a sultry look that told me exactly what she wanted, Elizabeth straddled my hips. Taking my cock in her hand, she stroked her clitoris with the head. Closing her sexy eyes, she took my cock deep inside her. Fondling her luscious breasts, I playfully pinched and squeezed her hard nipples, then sucked and tongued them. She moaned and ground her hips in a slow circular motion as her tight, wet pussy enveloped my throbbing cock. The hot, wet friction made me gasp with pleasure. Riding me hard and fast, my cock probing deep into her hot, moist flesh, Elizabeth grabbed the headboard and quickened the pace. My cock slid into her hot, wet sheath in long, rhythmic strokes. The distinctive purring sound I heard before, once again came from her throat and increased in pitch into a breathless cry. She was close to orgasm and so was I. Elizabeth bent down, pressed her hot body against mine and said, "Cum with me baby! Cum with me! Cum with mmm..."

As her voice trailed off, our bodies tensed up in unison as a crashing orgasm struck us both. As my seed gushed deep inside her, we both shuddered and clutched each other tightly. Elizabeth, completely spent, collapsed on top of me and went limp. Holding her close, my arms tightly encircling her, I kissed her quivering lips. She responded in kind, and pulled the covers up over us. We lay there basking together for quite a long time, savoring the place where we had taken each other.

After that wonderful morning, Elizabeth asked for increased hours from the agency. Needless to say, she is still my "naughty nurse", a position we both enjoy every chance we get.


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