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My Night With Mum
by Pie_Eater24

I had decided to go out Friday night with my mates from work. I was 22 and had not been out for a while so I was a bit wary of the outside world. The night out at the club was quickly turning into a disaster. I was buying girls drinks but they still didn't see interested in me. I remember counting five girls accepting a drink and then leaving me a few minutes later, was I that bad??? Anyway I decided to get a taxi and head home.

I wasn't drunk, I only had a couple so I knew where I was and what I was doing. When I eventually got home after the taxi got home, I wanted to put the key in the door quietly as it was 3am and I didn't want to wake my parents. I was living with my parents because I had just finished University and had no where to stay.

As I went quietly through the door, I preceded to climb up the stairs, but I noticed the kitchen light on. I went to investigate, thinking it could be burglars at this time, but it turned out to be my mum. She was sitting at the breakfast bar with her knee length gown on, with probably an even shorter nightie on underneath.

"What are you doing up so late?" I asked.

"I couldn't sleep because of your fathers snoring" She said.

My mum was sitting there eating a yoghurt and was constantly licking the spoon for every last bit, this was turning me on a bit, I have to admit.

"Come here and sit next to me" Mum said

"Have you had a fun night?" she said.

"It was ok, I guess. I put on some pretty neat moves on the dance floor."

"Really," she said enthusiastically, "Me and father are going dancing tomorrow night, I need some practice will you help me?"

"Yeah sure why not? Tomorrow morning, perhaps."

"Why not now? Your father won't hear us, he is fast asleep."

"Okay then," I said hesitantly.

Mum quickly ran upstairs. Seeing mum in what she was dressed gave me a raging hard on. I hadn't had sex in a while but I couldn't do mum could I? I put on some slow music to dance to, quietly of course, it is 3am.

Suddenly I heard the quiet footsteps of my mum coming down the stairs. She stood there all 5 foot six of her with the same clothes on, but now with dancing shoes on, she looked really sexy!!! I had not noticed my mother before but she really was a beautiful woman. 47 years of age with blonde hair, blue eyes and a pair of good breasts for her age.

We started dancing and just holding her felt good. We danced so close that she must have felt my hard on. I now started wanting mum as I never did before. I slipped her gown off and she started to move around, obviously not wanting this.

"No, David come on don't be silly."

"Come on mum, you want it as much as me."

I then started to move my hands all over her body, like massaging her. She relaxed more when I did this and started to fall into my hands. I then decided to go for it. I started to kiss her neck, this caused uncertainty on her part.

"David, come on. You will wake your father."

"No we wont he's fast asleep. You know you want this."

"Please David I love you, but not this way."

"I love you too mum. You are very sexy lady, you should be with a man who appreciates you."

With this I planted my tongue into her mouth. She resisted at first but evenetually gave in and stared to kiss me too. When we parted she must have felt something because what happened next was out of this world for me.

My mum stepped back and switched the music off. She then slowly took off her satin nightie. She was standing there naked. The bulge in my pants suddenly got larger. It hadnt been this long for ages. I quickly whipped off my pants and shirt and I started to fuck my mum!!!

First off I licked her nipples and slowly moved down her body towards her pussy. I buried my face in it. The orgasms coming from my mum were almost making my dick explode. I realized then that my dick had to go in. It went in smoothly considering her age. I then kissed her and fucked her at the same time

"Oh baby, keeping doing that to mummy, ooooooohhhhhh."

It was amazing how dad didnt hera us!!!

"Yes mummy I will doing anything for you"

My load was about to shoot and mum could sense it. Her screams were getting longer and louder and eventually !kaboom! My load shot in to mum like bullets. A few moments later I fell to sleep with exhaustion. I woke up a while later to find mum gone, I decided to got to bed in case dad came down.

To this day me mum still have that wonderful relationship. We moved out from the house and lived as a couple far away from our old town. Mum divorced dad and to this day none of our new neighbours know that we are mother and son!!!


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