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Memoirs of a Porn Actor Part I
by Pat McCarthy

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I cannot remember all the details, but my memory of those times is quite precise because I lived every moment again and again in my mind, many thousand times in these last twenty-five years.

We moved to Paris for the second time in 1974. The previous move, in 70, had had the same cast of characters: Annette, her brother Matt, his wife Effie, and the baby. The first time was when Annette and I became lovers. I'll have to tell a little of that story so as to provide some background to this one. Following a short stay with Matt and Effie (to say nothing of the baby) in Germany, I had followed them to Paris, just a month after they moved. We hitchhiked there in the coldest week of January with the little sister Annette, nineteen and just out of high school. Her beauty was simply breathtaking. She was a tall redhead, all legs, with almost flat little breasts that carried the most incredibly erectile, giant nipples. They used to push through any clothing when she was aroused, which was practically always. Also, she used to fuck any man in sight, just for the pleasure. We made out the first night in Matt's new miniature flat, and stayed in bed for two days solid.

Our life with Annette, and our strangely strong bond, became only better with time in the seven years we were together. Maybe because we already were made the same way and continued to grow up together in those years. Fact is, our likes, dislikes, reactions, wishes, all matched and there never were quarrels. The sexual attraction and enjoyment also grew with time. We didn't spend a lot of time together, what with my work and her back-and-forth between Paris and Germany. At times we were separated for weeks but the longing for each other was always stronger. We both needed our daily dose of sex and got it, i.e. we fucked pretty much everything in sight when we were apart. Somehow all the others were part of our lovemaking with Annette, they weren't exactly human sex toys, because most of them were good friends, but many were also completely unknown one-night stands. Whatever they were, it was nice to see Annette turned on by my reports, or to listen to her telling her experiences, generally right after our first, furious welcome-back screwing, while she fondled me, a lazy little finger of hers in my ass, her story making me want her passionately again. The others sometimes also got invited to our lovemaking when the mood and circumstances were right, most often Effie, the sweetest sister-in-law on this Earth. Matt, who was more attracted to drink than women, was happy to know that it remained in the family.

Four years later, the winter brought trouble. I had run out of jobs and she suddenly lost hers too. One day, as we were trying to figure where to get the rent, her brother called from Paris and said he was feeling sort of lonely after his wife and his daughter had left him. He wanted us to stay with him a couple of months. A godsend. We emptied the apartment the next day and hitchhiked to Paris. The trip was rather eventful. We got stuck one night long in a tiny village in the coldest valley of the Jura Mountains, with not even an awning to protect us. We avoided frostbites or worst by continuously fondling and kissing each other, standing under our coats. At five in the morning, the first truck drove through, and the driver stopped. They generally did if you were traveling with a beautiful, tall girl. He seated Annette in the front and assigned me the back half-cabin, on what seemed to be his cot. I couldn't hear much of their conversation. Anyway, they stopped talking after a few minutes. Half an hour later, we pulled into the parking lot of a trucker's inn for breakfast.

While waiting for our coffee and toast, the trucker, Roger, went to wash up. Annette told me that he had propositioned her. He wanted to pay her (very generously I must say, one thousand francs!) if she agreed to dump me along the road and spend the rest of the day with him at the inn. She laughed when she said that he also had boasted of the exceptional size of his dick, giving her the measurements. She had answered that she didn't do it for money and anyway liked normal dicks. He was free to unload us there and then. "Oh no" he had answered, "I'm not a bandit, just horny" and had shut up since. Annette was sorry for him. She said "Honey, I'm all worked up after a full night of hugging and kissing and I want to treat you to a show. Shhh, he's back, just let me do the talking". Roger was there, fiftyish, rather short but massively built. He sat down with a sour face. Annette broke the silence when he had had some coffee: "Roger, please listen for a minute. And just be comfortable with my friend, he's my man and I want him to listen too. Here's the deal: I told you I won't do it for money -or for the ride either, so it's OK if you leave us here. But now I think I'd like to be with you, just because you're a nice person and I'm in the mood for it. Also because you made me curious about your anatomy. Only I have a condition, perhaps you won't like it: Mark has to be there and watch". He kept silent and she added: "I understand if you're embarrassed. Let me tell you there's no call for embarrassment, because he's part of me, I want him to be there to support me. I can also tell you that you won't regret it! I kinda like you, Roger". She put her hand on his. He didn't say or do anything for full five minutes, and he didn't pull his hand back. Then: "What kind of people are you kids?"

- I told you I'm not a hooker, Roger. And I don't think we're weirdos, either. And Mark is no fairy, believe me. Are you embarrassed because you've never been watched?

- No it's not that, you know in the villages we boys used to go together when a girl was "easy".

- Well, Mark is a boy and if I'm turning you on, you're welcome to this girl!

I said I suspected he felt strange because the girl was doing the talking. He goodhumoredly agreed. He called the waitress and ordered a room for the day. Annette held his arm, I gathered more coffee and cups and up we went.

Annette didn't say anything crude or sexual once in the room. We sat down and had coffee while she chatted about different things, inquired about his life and made him feel at ease. Some twenty minutes later he seemed completely relaxed, laughing and telling dirty jokes. After one good joke he slapped me on the shoulder. Realizing that he had touched me, he froze. Annette said he still seemed a tiny bit shy and it was time to take care of that. She undressed very quickly, and completely. Roger was gaping. She draped my parka around her and went out to the shower room. I let Roger finish his coffee in pensive silence until Annette came back smelling of baby powder. She shed the parka while I undressed completely, taking just enough time before getting into the coat, just a few seconds slow to mark that I wasn't shy of my already painful erection.

When I got back Annette was sitting on his thighs, letting him fondle her nipples. She had opened his shirt and was caressing his chest hair. I got out of the parka. Roger was conspicuously trying not to look at me. She stood up. "OK, Roger. Shower time!" She took off his shirt. "Also, I want to see your special thing. Please, Roger".

He felt better now, he got out of his pants and underwear without fumbling. He hadn't been exaggerating. His semi-erect peter was exactly as thick as Annette's wrist next to it. She gave him our improvised bathrobe. Before he closed it to go out, she touched his balls and said: "Before you go: Mark has been frigging me all night and I just need it very badly, so I'll want you to give it to me hard and fast". The monster dick stood up immediately, growing now to a length that matched it thickness, something that should belong to a donkey. The moment he was out of the door Annette fell on my prick and sucked me, then she sat on the bed. I took one of the chairs.

Roger was back in not even two minutes. He hadn't even taken time to dry himself. He walked to Annette, his bat sticking all the way out of the parka's opening. She slid it off his shoulders, pulled him by the buttocks and kissed his navel, then his dick and balls, methodically, even tried to take the thing in her mouth. She brought his hands to her nipples and told him to squeeze hard. This got him. He pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her legs. She let out a yell when the head entered her. She held him back with her hand grabbing his penis and guided his movements so that he penetrated by slow steps. I knew from her face and her cries that she came twice by the time he was all the way in. I could see the bedcover getting wet when he started fucking in earnest. Annette had let go completely, she was hollering, whiplashing with her head, beating him with her heels. I was trying not to touch myself, watching how incredibly wide that dick was spreading her apart, wondering if she was hurt. I couldn't help moving nearer to see it all. She looked in my eyes and stretched her hand to grab mine before coming. She was almost breaking my fingers. When Roger slowed down, she pushed him out, gently, and went on all fours, still holding my hand. Roger then told me to sit on the bed and take care of her. Annette and I kissed and stroked each other while Roger entered her cunt from behind and made her come again. Finally he remained immobile, and a little later I could see the goo trickling along Annette's thigh. Annette pulled out, made him lie down and caressed him and me, telling him enough to compliment and boost his ego. All shyness was finally gone.

She continued to play with the soft dick, looking like an elephant trunk. He said he was completely washed out, at his age once was more than he could hope for. "Wait," said Annette, now I have a present for you. He was not convinced, what more could she give? "How much do you pay when you go to the live theater?" she asked. "A hundred". "So sit on the chair and receive your present, worth a hundred francs".

He obeyed. Annette masturbated in front of him, then asked me to join her on the bed for a sixty-nine. We went at it for a long time, completely absorbed in each other. "Don't come yet" she said, come up here and kiss me. Between kisses, I asked her if Roger had hurt her. She giggled. "Of course" she said, loudly for Roger to hear. "It hurt a lot, as much as the first time you gave it to me in the ass, remember? But I loved it, I'll want it again". We looked at Roger; he was pulling like crazy on a glorious erection once again. Annette made me lie on my back and straddled me, facing Roger. "Watch" she said, "I'll drive you crazy now". She lowered herself on my dick, holding it. When it was all the way in her sloppy pussy, we started moving very slowly. She continued to masturbate, letting Roger see every detail. She lay down on me and lifted her knees. She stretched her cunt lips with both hands.

"Please Roger, I want to do something I've never done. I want you too in me now. I want to be stretched to burst. Please?" Roger was whining. She wanted it, she said, as much as she wanted a baby head stretching her one day. Roger moved like a robot, his eye never leaving that cunt. When he entered her too, squeezing my dick with that monstrous cock, I almost felt as if I was being fucked too. Annette kept coming and coming. Roger and I followed, together, a few seconds later.

We parted very good friends with Roger, no shyness left. He even jokingly fondled my ass when we said goodbye in Paris after pulling the huge truck right to Matt's door.

Matt was a whole 'nother story. We found out, to our dismay, that he already was an alcoholic. He wasn't easy to help, as most of his friends had stopped showing up, except a couple of the most dedicated. Angela was one of them, and she was visiting him that evening. Matt had had too much wine again and went to sleep, on the large mattress that was his at the same time his bed, sofa, and chair in his single room. Angela, Annette and I chatted almost all night. When Angela, noting Annette's uneasy gait on returning from the bathroom, asked her if she had hurt herself, Annette told her our recent adventure.

- Angela, I enjoyed it so much! And now I'm aroused again just by telling you. It's becoming more and more of a mania with me. I mean with us. We both want to be watched or caught, somehow. Now you're a psychologist, aren't you? I'm asking seriously, are we abnormal?

Angela laughed herself to tears. She couldn't stop. Then she explained that even though she had a degree in psychology and had been a social worker, she had a completely different job now. "Guess what my new job is? I'm a peep show girl! First because I'm like that too, worst, I mean I can't even come if I'm not watched, and this is not, repeat not, weird! Second, because I make much more money". We were flabbergasted. She explained that her job consisted of dancing -meaning mainly frigging herself- in the nude in a sex shop. Whenever the owner, who had a live show theater next door needed a "mature woman", Angela being around forty, he called her to perform there, meaning fuck before an audience. She simply loved it. Many of her old acquaintances avoided her now, but she liked the fact that telling about her new job had shown her who her real friends were.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Pat McCarthy.

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