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Memoirs of a Porn Actor Pt. II
by Pat McCarthy

I've already told how Annette and I got hired as porn actors after a wild night at a live theater. Dominique, the owner, told us to just walk in and "perform" either at his sex shop or his theater when we felt like it, adding: "I'm sure you'll feel like it very often!". That cold winter of 1974 in Paris remains one of the most cherished memories of all my life. I simply cannot bring myself to feel any guilt at being paid for making love to Annette. I'm sure she doesn't either.

We had come home from the theater thinking that we'd never have the courage to do it. In fact, we began our strange career on the very next day. We had flagged a cab after leaving the theater at 2 am, being too tired to walk or even stay awake. But already on the way home, the image of what had just happened, with my making love to Annette on a stage and watching her get fucked by Dominique, was enough to bring me back to life. When I looked at my girlfriend, the well-known mischievous twinkle in her eye told me she was at least as aroused as I was. She said "I can't wait, Mark, it was too beautiful!". Our hands crossed, mine under her skirt and hers behind my belt. She didn't let go even while I was paying the cabby. We ran upstairs but had to stop before the door of the tiny studio where we were sharing her brother's bed.

* Shit! Matt is sleeping in here, we can't fuck with him in the same bed. Do me here, now!

* The neighbors will be going to work soon.

* Fuck the neighbors. Come here, let me eat you.

We ended up in a furious sixty-nine on the landing. Before daybreak we finally had to go inside and slip into the bed next to Matt, who was too drunk to wake up, and fell asleep holding each other. We woke up to the smell of coffee. Matt said: "Hi, how was the show?"

* Oh, we enjoyed it. Aren't you late for work?

* No, I'm too sick for that, I guess I'll stay home.

Annette's hand, which was holding my peter under the covers, froze. She whispered to my ear: "There's no way I can make love with him watching, I'll go crazy here!"

"Same here", I said, "but let's try to sleep a little". There was no sleeping, of course.

After a couple of hours she whispered: "I have an idea! We'll take Dominique's offer, so we'll be watched and we'll make money too".

"Fine with me, let's go!" When she got out of the shower, she asked Matt if she could borrow his heavy mantle, and donned it over her bare skin, wearing nothing under it. Matt raised his eyebrows but didn't comment. She put on high-heeled pumps and off we went, to the Rue Saint Denis.

By the time we arrived to Dominique's sex shop I was as aroused as a donkey thinking of her in the nude under that mantle. At four o'clock in the afternoon, the shop was almost empty. We first thought of asking for the manager but at that moment we saw our friend Angela coming out of one of the peep show circles dressed in a string bikini. She laughed: "You two kids are really hot! What, already back for more?" Then she explained the setup. One of the booth circles was for single women and the other for couples. The room inside the booths was for the "ordinary" show. Then there were the Specials upstairs, where onlookers paid a hundred francs to sit on chairs in the same room as the actors - but could not touch them. Finally, the Private shows took place with only one customer or one group. In this last, expensive category, it was up to the actors to make their own arrangements with the customers.

"OK," said Annette, "let's start!". Angela laughed again: "Seeing that I brought you two into this, I deserve a little something. Your first number will be with me, I've waited long enough. But first let's go where you can relax and undress". Annette smiled: "No need, sweetie". She looked around at the six or seven men in the shop, shrugged her shoulders to let the heavy mantle fall to the floor and appeared in the nude wearing only her high heels, breathtakingly beautiful on her long and muscled legs.

Angela told me to follow them so I could watch, and led Annette by the hand to the booth circle. While we were entering the dressing room I saw that all the customers were slipping into the peep booths.

I was told to watch from the dressing room. The girls went to kneel facing each other on the revolving round mattress in the middle of the showroom, the twelve mirrors around them created an unreal atmosphere. Behind each mirror was a booth and the little red lights on the floor showed that all but one were occupied. Angela, her hand already stroking Annette's cunt lips, asked: "You know how long I have wanted to eat you, long and slow?"

* Today I need it bad, I mean now. I wanted you too since the first day, so turn around and let's start right away!

That must have been a feast for the customers. It was for me. Angela went on top, her largish, soft breasts hanging and moving. She was really eating Annette, with all her mouth, sucking the cunt lips in her mouth, spitting and sucking the inch-long fat clit, pushing her tongue all the way in. Annette worked with both her mounds and her hands. Already in a couple of minutes both were writhing and screaming. Annette had four fingers of one hand in Angela's cunt and when the bed turned toward me again two fingers of her other hand were fucking the asshole, while she sucked and bite the little button. Annette came a couple of times, then remained motionless for a minute. Then Angela:

* Jesus, if only I was a man I'd fuck you to death, you're so good! You go and rest in the dressing-room now. Mark has a hard-on I can see from here. Mark, undress and come here to fuck. Hurry, the customers are waiting!

I almost ran to the mattress and started kissing her, but. Angela said "Let me lead, so you learn to let the people see. Stand up on the middle of the mattress. Open your legs wide. Hmm, you're real hard, that's good!" She sat under my open legs and licked my balls, then sucked them one by one, masturbating me all the while in the most tantalizing manner, with two fingers only. Then she licked my dick slowly, repeatedly, until I felt that I'd have to either shove it in her throat or jerk myself off. She sensed it, left the cock, licked me behind the balls, then around the asshole, all the while flicking one finger at the tip of my penis. Her tongue entered my ass for a fraction of an inch and started moving. I didn't know anymore if this was heaven or hell. She pulled my hands from her breasts to my buttocks, indicating that I should spread myself so as to show every detail to the men in the booths. When she felt my penis twitching she made me lay down, straddled my legs, her face to the booths, and let me enter her very slowly. When I started moving she said: "Easy, baby, very easy. Don't come now, we'll do more numbers. Yeah, slower, that's it. Oh shit, I'm coming! Just don't move."

We then left the booth and went to the shower, all three of us in a miniature shower space. My engorged cock was hurting like crazy and the two girls enjoyed teasing and touching. Annette seemed happier than I ever had seen her. She said:

* My God, this is heaven. I could do it round the clock! It's such a turn-on to know all these booths are full.

* It's better in the Specials, they sit next to the bed and some pull their dick out!

* Let's do a Special, then, soon as we're dry!

* Hey, relax. You've got all the time in the world. Anyway, generally the Specials don't start before nine or ten o'clock. I'll have to introduce you guys around, first. Do you want me to get you a bikini or something?

* Not if I don't have to. I love being naked.

* Fine. Dominique will love it too. What about you, Mark? You're free to walk around dressed or naked, but most of the other boys wear pants.

We then went to the upper floor and were introduced to the people in the dressing room. We chatted about different things and had a glass of wine, which instantly knocked out both Annette and me, who hadn't slept more than an hour the night before. We decided to go home. Angela told us to follow her and stop at the cashier's to collect our pay. We couldn't believe the amount of money we got for that single number! Angela explained that, Dominique paid according to the number of customers. She'd be making good money too, thanks to us. Also, the Specials paid even better.

In the cab, I told Annette: "I thought I'd be ashamed of making money this way, but I'm not. Not at all." "Same here," she said, "in fact I love it. Let's buy a present for my brother." Then:

* I must be abnormal, I almost came just watching you with Angela, it's such a turn-on.

* If you're abnormal I must be just as bad. It was just beautiful watching you with Dominique. I suppose we're just made the same way.

To reward me, she unbuttoned her coat. The driver said: "Hey kids, I can't drive, I mean I can't keep my eyes off the mirror, just wait till you're at home, will you!"

So we started an idle life, sightseeing, hanging around, and going to the sex shop or the theater whenever we felt like it. We both enjoyed the shows and felt continually aroused. Annette never wore anything to walk around the shop, attracting customers like flies. We just loved the special booths, where nine people sat in armchairs arranged in a circle less than two feet from the round bed. It drove Annette almost to delirium in her lovemaking. When the watchers approached their face to see better, or when one of them pulled out his cock, she couldn't control herself anymore and started writhing and hollering as if we were alone, biting my nipples, scratching, finger-fucking me. We gave the customers well over their money's worth. Some stood up like driven by an uncontrollable urge but Denis the security guard was always watching and got the rules respected. One would expect to get tired and jaded in these conditions. On the contrary, knowing that we could have any sexual fantasy realized only increased our sex drive.

We didn't wait long to use of the opportunity. Annette and I were thoroughly enjoying a long sixty-nine when one of the customers, a young man without inhibitions, opened his shirt, pulled his pants down and started stroking himself. "Oh my God" said Annette, loud for all to hear, "I feel I'm going over the edge. I'll give you a show you won't forget. Mark, please help me, go bring me Amine. Now!"

I went out of the booth naked, my cock up and covered with spittle, made my way to the dressing room through the crowd waiting for the next numbers. Amine and Samara were eating candy. When I told him to follow me, the monster between his legs stood to attention immediately, reaching the thickness of a woman's wrist! Samara was happy: "Look there, how he gets when he can finally fuck the redhead! Good luck!"

We made our way back through the crowd. I enjoyed so much the fact of walking naked, touching all these people, that I decided I'd do like Annette from now on. When we got to the booth, Annette was masturbating in earnest, and the uninhibited customer had taken his shirt off and pulled his pants down to his ankles. She slid to sit on the edge of the bed, and her knees touched those of the undressed customer, then the slow rotation of the bed brought the next guy's knees.

* Don't touch me with your hand, honey. Thanks. Amine, please come here. Oh how nice, your cock is ready for me! Please stand up on the bed over my head, that's it, now spread your legs, more, I want them to see how I'll suck you. Spread your legs a little more. Oh, look at your balls, they're so heavy. And I've never seen such a fat dick. When you shove it in me I'll close my eyes and dream that I'm fucking a donkey! I'm doing it for Mark, he'll watch from the crowd.

I still can't believe how she could open her mouth enough to take in Amine's purple head. He gasped. The customers were going crazy too, all nine had pulled out their dicks. I went to sit on the arm separating two chairs. Annette continued to pump that horribly thick cock, one hand playing with his balls and the taint, the other with her own pussy. When the giant started moaning, she laid herself on her back and pulled her knees apart, all the way to touch her nipples. Amine crouched between them and started sliding his dong against her soaked cunt, playing with the tip inside the swollen lips.

* Come on, baby, go ahead, fill me all the way, you want it too! Don't stop if I cry, I want it to hurt!

He eased himself in slowly, pulling out, coming back, until finally we could see Annette's bottom stretched to its breaking point. She moaned, her eyes closed, her ankles tied on his back.

The audience was like paralyzed, breathing heavily. I felt my neighbor's hand on my butt. Anyway, the security guard had completely forgotten his duty and was now standing next to the bed, his eyes lost in the fucking. I eased myself down in the armchair, on the guy's lap. He started masturbating me. I saw Annette open her eyes and smile, and she started moving with Amine, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I could see her shudder and come, then again, then again, within less than a minute. When she felt Amine moving again she froze.

* Not yet Amine, pull out, slowly, please. That's it. Thanks, love, I'll give you what you want now.

She lifted the bottle of baby oil, which was always ready next to the bed, and poured half of it on Amine's monster. Then she lay down and spread herself again. "I know what you want, Amine. Do it!". My heart was beating in my mouth now. I said "Slow, Amine!". "Oh no," answered Annette, "he wants to tear me apart. I want it too, I want the pain. I want that donkey to ream it in my ass, and he'll do it because he's so hard!"

I've never heard such a bloodcurdling yell like the one she let out when Amine entered her. He was so hard that he entered with a single thrust, and came immediately, sperm oozing out.

The security then remembered his job and emptied the room. Amine and I had to help Annette walk out while a new group filled the booth. Tears were still flowing from Annette's eyes but she was smiling.

Then she surprised me again. Naked in the middle of the crowd in the waiting area, she suddenly dropped to her knees and went down on me, hungrily. In only a matter of a few seconds I came and she didn't let go before she had swallowed all the cum stored during that day. The assistance thought this was a freebie from the management.

Needless to say, we had to stay at home the next two days.

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