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More of Aunty Sue
by Taz Man

We had finished breakfast, and none of us had commented on the antics from the previous night. Aunty Sue told Shelly and I that she had to go to work, and that she would see us that evening. Shelly had finished university for the year and had a holiday job serving at one of the beach cafes. I had finished my last year at school and had nothing to do for the day. The weather forecast was for another wonderful Sydney summers day, 32 degrees C fine with a sea breeze in the afternoon. I asked Shelly if she would mind dropping me at Manly beach for the day with my surfboard, and then picking me up when she finished work.

On the way to Manly, I was not sure of what the atmosphere between Shelly and myself was now, she had hardly talked since breakfast with Aunty Sue, and on the trip over to the beach, she had ignored me constantly. I sat there in the car, not sure if she was angry at me, or just a little hesitant as I was. Well, the trip took 40 minutes, and it was the quietest trip I had ever had.

When we got to the beach, Shelly turned into the council car park, took her ticket from the machine, and drove in. She always parked in the same spot here, and she pulled into the park without a sound. I said 'thanks for the lift, see you about 5pm' and started to open the door to get out. Before I could get out, Shelly reached over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I was a bit startled at this after the icicle treatment on the way over, but returned the kiss. Shelly broke off the kiss, turned to face me, lifted her knees up, and told me to finish my breakfast! After the experience last night, I needed no further encouragement or instruction. I went straight between my sisters legs and saw that her panties were sopping wet! I pulled then down to her ankles and started to lick and suck on that wonderful warm and wet area between her legs. Between my fingering of her hole, sucking on her clit, and her own ministrations to her nipples, she started to cu! m quickly. Her legs tightened around my head and I could feel her whole body start to quiver. Shelly let out a deep low moan, quivered one more time and let out more pussy juice than I could swallow at one. I quickly cleaned her up with my tongue, and started to sit up. Shelly, reached down, opened my fly to pull out my stiff dick and started sucking for all she was worth. I didn't need much stimulation after that and blew my load in about 30 seconds! Shelly took her panties from around her ankles and put them in my pocket. She than got out of the car and headed off to work. I then realized that we had accomplished all this in under 5 minutes and Shelly had hardly spoken a word! It must be that ESP that runs between siblings.

Well, I spent the entire day surfing, lying on the beach and being a typical beach bum. Instead of perving at the young topless bodies like I normally did, I found myself constantly thinking of Shelly and Aunty Sue. A couple of times I reached into my pocket and smelt Shelly's still wet panties. Each time I managed to get a raging hard on by just the smell. Twice I had to go off and beat myself off!

Well, true to my work, I was waiting at Shelly's car at 5:15 when she finished work. We both got in, and Shelly drove home without a word. When we got inside, it was obvious that Aunty Sue had been home during the day, there was a note on the table telling us to re-heat the dinner in the refrigerator, an that she would be home at about 7:30pm. Shelly told be to start getting things read while she had a shower, and that she would finish off while I had my shower. I did as I was asked, and 30 minutes later, Shelly came down stairs in a tight pair of shorts, and tee shirt and obviously no bra by the way her nipples poked out. I went up had a shower and got changed. When I came down, Aunty Sue was getting the table ready for dinner. We ate in silence, waiting for what Aunty Sue would tell us to do.

After dinner, Shelly and I did the dishes while Aunty Sue went to the TV room and set up the video. We all went in and the three of us sat on the settee. Aunty Sue in the middle with Shelly and I on each side. Aunty sue got up, locked the outside doors, and turned the lights down low. Aunty Sue then told us she was going to show us a video that she had picked up, and that she wanted us to study it as we were going to be tested on it later. Aunty Sue then pushed play on the remote control.

The film was hard porn, two girls fucking each other, and then one guy coming in. As I was watching it, I could see Shelly starting to get hot, wriggling around, nipples getting harder, a wet spot appearing between her legs and then finally starting to rub herself. I was getting a raging hard on as well, and wanted to start stroking it but then I looked at Aunty Sue, she was watching Shelly and rubbing herself through her panties with her short skirt up over her hips. My concentration went from the TV to the two hot sexy ladies masturbating themselves beside me.

Aunty Sue reached over and started to fondle Shelly's tits through her Tee Shirt. Shelly's head fell back and she kept on playing with herself. Aunty Sue then got up on the settee, lifted Shelly's top up and started to suck Shelly's nipples. Aunty Sues pussy was pointing directly at me and I could see it wet and puffy through her thin cotton panties. I leant over and started to lick up the sides of he panties, the small was driving me mad. My cock was hard and throbbing so hard it almost hurt! I pulled Aunty Sues panties to one side and plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. Aunty Sue moaned and pushed back hard into my face. I licked and sucked for all I was worth. Her clit became enlarged and soon I was sucking on it, it was like sucking on a small cock. Aunty Sue and Shelly were moaning and groaning, then I heard Shelly utter that deep groan that I knew she let out as she started to cum. I could feel that Aunty Sue was almost there too, and I put three fingers up! her pussy, pushing and pulling them in and out. When they were good and wet, I then pushed all three up Aunty Sues arse and put the fingers from my other hard up her pussy. Aunty Sue started to tremble and groan. 'Ohhhhh fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk', she cried as her orgasm approached. Shelly screamed! She cried 'fffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk', went stiff as a board and fainted back onto the settee.

Aunty Sue kissed Shelly. Shelly slow opened her eyes with a great goofy grin over her face. She moved onto the floor and knelt between Aunty Sues legs. Shelly started to suck off Aunty Sue. My cock was hurting so much that I had to release it from my shorts. It stood straight up. Aunty Sue looked over at me and told me to get behind Shelly.

I knelt behind my sister with my cock pointing directly for her wet pussy. There was nothing else I could do but plunge it deeply into it. The relief was instant with that wet pussy encircling my engorged cock. I started to move my hips backwards and forwards. Aunty Sue reached over Shelly and began rubbing my tight balls and fingering Shelly's clit. I felt myself start to cum. I wasn't sure where to let my load go, but then Shelly cried, ' cum in me little brother, give your big sister all your juice!, hurry please, I want it now'. I didn't need telling twice and started to pump my load deep in my sisters womb. I kept pumping my sperm into her and felt it leaking out of her pussy, down the side of my cock and down her thighs.

As is pulled out, Aunty Sue said, 'mmm, looks like Shelly needs a bit of cleaning here'. She sat Shelly up on the settee and started to lick her out. She then told Shelly to see if there was any more cum in my balls. Shelly lent over and started to rub my cock, getting me hard in no time. She then took all my cock in her mouth, pausing only to tell Aunty Sue that she was sure that she could get some more out. Shelly kept sucking my cock, sometimes coming off to lick my balls and the underside of my cock. I was starting to get close to cumming again when Aunty Sue told me to lie on the floor. She then told Shelly to get back to her job. Aunty Sue then knelt over my face and told me to suck her clit and arse. Shelly went back to her task as if possessed, determined to milk every last drop of cum out of me. Aunty Sue started to hump up and down on my face, I was in heaven!!! .

I felt myself about to cum and Shelly started to suck even harder. I came in her mouth and she took it all without pausing. I was starting to get soft again when Aunty Sue started to cry out ' come on, I'm cummmmmminnnnnggg, ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, suck, suck, suck, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'. She let loose so much pussy juice I thought I would drown. I swallowed and licked and drank in what seemed like liters of my sexy aunts nectar.

Aunty Sue collapsed across me. Shelly was looking rather pleased with herself, like the cat who had swallowed all the cream, but I knew I had more in me. I pushed her up on the settee, with her cute arse pointing out towards me. I knelt behind her and rubbed my prick hard again. I took some of her pussy juice and smeared it on my cock and more in and around her arsehole. Shelly looked back at me and cried, ' oh yes, put it in and rear end me'. I positioned my cock at her rear entrance and pushed in hard. In one thrust I impaled my dear sister on my cock up to my balls. Shelly was making a strange noise, almost like purring! I thrust in and out as hard and I could, relishing the tight feeling against my cock.

Aunty was watching this and started to finger herself. Shelly asked if she wanted help, but Aunty Sue said she was enjoying the show. I watched as Aunty Sues fingers, first three, then four, then her whole have was pushed into and out of her pussy. Aunty Sue then reached under the settee and pulled out an enormous dildo with a stand on it and squatted over it, fucking her own arsehole. Both Shelly and I were transfixed by this sexy Aunty of ours fisting herself while riding this huge cock substitute. No wonder I had problems getting her to come with my cock. Shelly and I slowed our thrusts down to match Aunty Sues, and as she came felt ourselves cum with her.

We all collapsed into a heap, out naked bodies intertwined and supporting each other. I felt such a sense of happiness and comfort with my two lovers here on the floor. We lay there for about an hour, not moving except to occasionally kiss or touch, such a sense of rightness was all about us.

Finally Aunty Sue got up, and told us that it was time for bed. We all made our way up the stairs into her room and collapsed. We fell asleep there, holding each other. I woke several times during the night, once with Aunty Sue attached to my cock, sucking, and once with Shelly fucking herself on me. I fucked Aunty Sue while she slept, a loving slow fuck, and she woke as she started to cum, and kissed me deeply.

We all awoke late the next day which was the weekend. Shelly and Aunty Sue did not have to work, so we decided to take the family yacht (a 30ft cruising yacht) out into one of the harbors for the day. What happened there will be revealed later, bet lets just say that it was a memorable ride!

A fine story by Taz Man.
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