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My Online Love Affair Pt. III
by Traci Spencer


I was just getting home from work and it was 7:30 PM and I thought I would give George a call. I dialed his number.

"Hello?" Greg answered.

"Is George there?" I asked.

"Just a minute...DAD, some lady is on the phone for you." I heard Greg yelled.

"Hello?" George answered.

"Hi. It's me, Kelly." I answered.

"Oh, hi babe. I can't talk right now; can I call you back?" George asked me.

"Sure." I said.

"Okay, bye honeys." George said.


We hung up and I went to my room and lied down on my bed and started to finger myself. I thought of George's sexy voice and how he sounded just like my math teacher. My thumb rubbed my clit as my two fingers went in and out of my pussy. Oh, it felt so nice.

After I had my orgasm, I got up and put on my silk white nightgown with buttons. I was such in a sexy mood. I wanted George. George needed me. It was about 9:45 PM when I decided to call George again. This time he answered.

"Hello?" George answered.

"Hey baby how are you?" I asked.

"I'm good, sexy, and you?" George replied.

"I'm great, just feeling a bit hot and horny right now." I said.

"Mmm...I like that. Can you touch yourself for me right now, Kelly?" George asked me.

"Yes, I can. Let me remove my nightgown." I told George.

"Yeah, baby, remove it and then touch your tits. Does it feel good?" "Yes, it does."

"Mmm...Now stroke you're pussy for me, baby."

"OK, I am fingering my pussy".

The conversation went on till about 1:30 in the morning. I was going to be so tired in school tomorrow that it wasn't even funny. The next day at school, I was sleeping in my math class. Mr. Thompson woke me up whispering "Dick Sucker wake up." I woke up in an instant but I think it was just a dream. After math class was over with, I went to my locker to re-apply my make up. Greg Thompson came up to me.

"Hey Kelly, what's up?" Greg said.

"Oh, nothing. Just re-applying my make up." I answered.

"Well I was wondering if you'd like to be my prom date." Greg asked.

"Why me as your prom date?" I asked Greg.

"Because I liked you since the 8th grade even though I picked on you back then. So would you like to be my prom queen this year?" Greg replied.

"Sure...are you going to get a limo or are we going to take a car and drive?" I asked.

"My friend Mike and his girl Samantha are going to give us a ride. We all are going to prom together. You know who Samantha Webb is right?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Good. That way you'll have a female to talk to also while you're at the prom and Mike and I are in our own worlds." Greg said with a laugh.

Samantha Webb was long blond hair, green eyes, 5'8, and 115lbs. and she was Greg's girlfriend last year. Samantha and Greg dumped each other because Greg caught Samantha sleeping with Mike and so that's how Mike and Samantha became a couple. I was so happy Greg had asked me to the prom because I really like him. It was after school when I got home and I signed on and I saw "I_Luv_Pussy" online so I IM'ed him.

dik_sucker_2000: Hey George :-)

I_Luv_Pussy: This is not George, this is his son, Greg may I ask who this is?

dik_sucker_2000: Kelly. His girlfriend.

I_Luv_Pussy: Kelly who???

dik_sucker_2000: Kelly Robinson.

I_Luv_Pussy: OH! So where are you from? I go to school with a girl named Kelly but I bet you're around my dad's age LOL. Kelly also has the same last name as you.

dik_sucker_2000: Well I am from Michigan.

I_Luv_Pussy: Really?? So am I! How old are you Kelly?

That is when I signed off. I didn't want to reveal my age to Greg. I was catching on to this whole little scheme. My math teacher.... and his son.... obviously only me. What would of Greg do if I would have told him how old I was? What if he found out that his dad and I was having affair? So I signed off and lied on my bed thinking and that is when the telephone rang.

"Hello?' I answered.

"Is Kelly there?" Some man asked. "This is she." I said.

"Hi Kelly, it's me, Greg, and I was wondering, do you have the Internet?" Greg asked.

I paused there for a moment thinking of what to say.

"Yes, I do have the Internet...why?"

"Well, is your screen name dick sucker 2000?" Greg asked.

"Umm no. I am perverted but not that perverted, besides cyber sex is dumb."

"OK hun, just wondering, bye love ya."

Greg and I hung up. I went and lied back down on my bed and I said to myself maybe something good could of come out of this after all, but why do I must have to keep this a secret from Greg? It is my duty because I am his girlfriend and I must tell him, but what if he dumps me and goes back with Samantha? Or if he tells the whole school I am having an affair with his dad? How will I face my senior year in high school?

I decided to call George around 5:00 because Greg is going to be at his mother's house then. I figured it would be safer to call then.

Part Four coming soon!

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