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Marie Opens Up
by Don Beck

This is the story of an adventure my wife and I shared. Since she was a little embarrassed to write about it, I chose to write from my perspective in the first person. I wrote about her perspective in the third person based on my observations and what she later related to me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed experiencing it. It actually led to other encounters, which I will write about at a later date.

We were back in Tahoe. Marie was lying in bed, thinking about yesterday. She and I had arrived the previous afternoon. We had been quiet for the last hour or so of our trip in the car. But it wasn't a bad quiet. We had both been thinking about and looking forward to "picking each other up", the game we had played in Las Vegas. No sooner had we got to our room than I headed down to the casino to wait for her.

Marie changed quickly as she knew exactly what she was going to wear. She put on a light yellow, spaghetti string top without a bra. Her nipples poked out slightly in this top even when they weren't erect. Right now they were. She quickly removed her pants and panties and slipped into a very short black skirt that she had bought just for this occasion. She had felt excited for some time but she was still always surprised at how wet she got when they played this game. She dabbed on some perfume that Don really liked.

As she slipped on a pair of sandals, she glanced at herself in the mirror. There was a time when she would have been concerned with what other people thought. But over time Don had convinced her to consider how he would feel when he saw her, and of course, how she felt about herself. They had both been shaping up over the last year or two and she had to admit, she looked pretty good. Certainly good enough to go out in that short skirt. But at the last minute she grabbed a button down blouse, left it open, and pulled it over her shoulders. As she left the room, she felt a little self-conscious. Yes, she had convinced herself she looked good, but out in public she had to keep reminding herself.

As she approached the elevator, she noticed a young, cute guy waiting. She took a deep breath, looked directly at him and smiled. He smiled back. As they waited for the elevator, he didn't realize it but Marie could see him in one of the mirrors in the hallway. He was definitely looking at her legs and ass. As the elevator doors opened, she noticed a couple about her age already on board. The man glanced at her chest. As she boarded, she pulled her blouse over her breasts. She had learned from Don that men always checked out women and that she shouldn't be offended. And while she still wasn't completely used to men checking her out, she had learned to accept it and usually liked the attention. Actually, these two men had given her confidence in what she was wearing.

She walked into the casino proud of the way she looked. She began to walk around the casino, going from bar to bar, looking for Don. After checking out every bar, she still hadn't spotted him. Marie was by now wet with anticipation. She wanted to find Don and play their game, but she had to admit, she was enjoying all the appreciative glances and smiles she was getting as she strolled around the casino. She couldn't recall how many men she had smiled at, but it was quite a few. And there was something about walking around without panties. It was partially an actual physical feeling of being naked and partly a mental feeling, realizing her pussy was almost exposed to all these men. She could feel her confidence building as she realized that she actually was an attractive, sexy woman.

By now she was getting warm and decided to have a drink. At the next bar she came to, she found an empty bar stool, climbed carefully up, and sat down. This was the first time she had sat down in that skirt and was a little surprised at how high it rode up. It covered everything, but she would have to be careful how she moved. As she swiveled her chair to view the casino, she let her blouse fall open. There was still no sign of Don. But there were a lot of mirrors. She could see two different men looking her over. She laughed silently to herself as she thought that if Don didn't show up soon she might have to ride one of these cowboys.

As she turned back to the bar, she was surprised to see that the seat next to her was now occupied.

The man looked into her eyes, smiled, and said, "Hello".

Marie returned the smile and the greeting. They made small talk for a while, lightly touching each other from time to time. Soon they were facing each other, in their own little world. The heat, mostly from within, and the wine were taking their toll on Marie. She had seen him taking quick glances at her tits, so she made sure her blouse was fully open. She couldn't help but notice him occasionally looking down at her legs. This only added to her wetness. She was more than ready. When he glanced down at her legs again, she simply uncrossed and crossed her legs. But she did it slowly and spread her legs a little farther than necessary. She stared at his eyes the whole time. She saw his eyes grow and realized she had exposed herself perfectly.

Suddenly he grabbed her hand and said, "Come on!"

Marie was caught off guard at first, but went along willingly. After all, she was so wet she was about to start dripping on the chair. Without speaking, they headed to the elevators, Marie holding his hand and walking quickly to keep up. As they got on the elevator, they were alone. As soon as the doors closed they embraced and kissed each other passionately, their tongues thrusting against each other. He surprised her as his hand was suddenly under her dress, rubbing her juices over her lips.

"You're so wet!" he exclaimed.

They pulled themselves apart as the doors opened. He pulled her by the hand as they briskly made for the room. He struggled briefly with the door, opened it, and they both moved inside. They were at each other instantly. They pulled at each other's clothes as they continued their kissing. Soon they were both naked. Neither one was embarrassed as they stood admiring each other.

He gently laid her down on the bed. That was the last thing he did gently. He literally dove for her pussy and began licking and swallowing her hot juices. His tongue began wildly sweeping back and forth across her hard clit. His finger began to probe deeply into her pussy. Marie was so hot she came within minutes. She pushed hard against his face as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her. As she became sensitive, she pushed his head away. Before she could suck in enough breath to speak, he moved up between her legs, and plunged his hard hot dick into her sopping wet cunt. Her orgasm had not yet subsided, and his pumping cock actually increased the intensity of it. He was bucking madly into her and it was obvious he wouldn't last long either. He began stroking very fast and soon a guttural groan came from him as he too began to come. Marie thrust hard against him, prolonging his pleasure and hers. Soon, they collapsed in each other's arms, too tired to speak.

Finally Marie broke the ice. "That felt great. But why did you take so long to find me?"

I replied, "I was enjoying watching you walk around the casino with men staring at you. It got me really excited." We shared a loving, soft kiss, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Marie was still a little turned on from yesterday's events as she crawled out of bed and slipped into her robe. She started a pot of coffee and started a nice hot shower. As she relaxed under the hot water she began to think about the letter Don had given her before their trip. She liked to refer to it as the "Flirting and Flashing Letter". She wasn't quite sure what to make of it. At first, she thought it was just more of Don's fantasies and even teased him about it a little. Don laughed about it but she knew he was a little disappointed by her reaction. When she realized he was somewhat serious, she had been a little mad. No, not mad, more like disappointed. That wasn't quite right either. She guessed she had hoped his fantasy life would stay as just that. But, over the last few days, as she thought about the small possibility of doing some of those things, she had to admit they were a turn on. She just didn't know if she could go through with them.

She then remembered some of the other things Don had encouraged her to do, like acting out scenarios, making love in their car at a public park, and of course their game in Las Vegas. They had all been very exciting and fun. She knew Don would never do anything to cause her any harm. Oh well, she thought, I'm just going to enjoy our time together and see what happens. With that, she stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and headed back to the bedroom.

Don was still asleep. She smiled, fixed herself a cup of coffee, and took a couple of sips. She then quietly slid under the covers to awaken Don in that way that every man loves so much.

The rest of the day turned out to be wonderful. We spent the morning just enjoying the weather, mostly walking around town, touching, holding hands, and laughing with each other. Things were always so nice when we went away together. That afternoon we saw a movie then went back to the room for a short nap in each other's arms.

We awoke to some soft kissing and light petting. We decided to shower together. Soon we were under the warm water, both of us covered with soap. I love rubbing Marie all over her slippery body. Her pussy lips were especially slick and my hand kept returning to them. Marie was also enjoying my slick body and was teasing my balls. My cock was very hard as Marie slid her hand back and forth over the shaft. By now we were kissing passionately as we rubbed each other's warm, wet bodies. I slowly knelt down in front of Marie and began to tease her pussy with my tongue. I sucked her lips in and out of my mouth, then buried my tongue as far into Marie's pussy as I could.

Marie lifted one leg onto the side of the tub as she held Don's head with both hands. She could feel his tongue slide from her pussy up to her clit. The feeling of the warm water cascading across her body and specifically over her tits and pussy while Don hungrily licked her clit was very intense. She could feel the sensations coursing through her body, the ones that told of an oncoming orgasm. She relaxed as much as possible under the circumstances and focused on the pleasure of Don's tongue. She was very close. When she felt Don's finger probing the outside of her hole, and then slowly slipping into her, she realized she was ready. Once his finger began to gently rub her G-spot, it was all but over. That tremendous feeling of orgasmic pleasure swept outward and over her. She had felt it thousands of times but it never ceased to surprise her. Her orgasms had always been great but it seemed as if they continued to grow in intensity as she grew older. They also lasted much longer than they used to, and this one was no exception. It seemed to go on and on until her clit began to become sensitive.

I instinctively pulled away from her clit but continued to finger her pussy vigorously. As her orgasm started to subside, Marie looked down to see me smiling up at her. I love to make Marie come but sometimes I am disappointed when I have to stop licking her delicious pussy. Marie pulled me up to her and began probing my mouth with her tongue. After a few minutes, she slid down to her knees and started to lick my already hard cock. She rubbed my slick shaven sack with one hand as she slowly licked the juice off the head of my dick. Then she moved forward as she seemed to suck my whole dick into her mouth. She just let it sit there momentarily, the head lightly touching the back of her throat, and then she began to stroke. She started slowly but before long she had picked up the pace. She loved sucking my dick and it only added to her pussy's need to feel it inside of her. As she continued to suck me, she also started to stroke me with her hand.

Almost immediately, I grasped her by the shoulders and pulled her up to me. As much as I was enjoying her sucking my hard cock, I wanted to feel it inside of her hot wet pussy. I lifted one of her legs as Marie reached down and grabbed my dick. She quickly guided it into her steaming cunt. Marie couldn't move much standing on one leg with me pinning her against the wall of the shower, but she did what she could. I started moving slowly in and out of her. I was staring straight into her eyes. I love the look of pleasure on her face when we are fucking. Sometimes that look alone is enough to set me off, so I closed my eyes briefly to help prolong my impending orgasm. But I couldn't help myself for long so I opened my eyes to see Marie's beautiful face as my pleasure began to build.

I was amazed by the intense pleasure Marie always gives me, and I too marveled at how it got better with each passing year. Then it started. This one was unusually strong. I could actually feel my hot cum as it flowed the length of my penis and spurted into Marie's pussy. I clutched Marie tightly as my orgasm surged through me. Marie urged me on by squeezing and thrusting as much as possible. This was a lengthy orgasm for me too, but all too soon it was over. We held each other closely as we both enjoyed the warm feelings of intense love that we feel for one another. We couldn't have known, but we were both reflecting on how deeply we love each other, both of us wishing that we could just stay in this feeling of bliss forever. As my dick slowly slid out of Marie, we shared one last kiss. We then gently cleaned each other up, staring into each other's eyes, never speaking, but always smiling.

We got out and toweled off. I sat down on the bed naked and turned on the TV as Marie went back into the bathroom. As she stood in front of the mirror applying her makeup she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see me watching her, surprised to see my dick slowly coming back to life.

She smiled at me as she teased me and said, "Again? Doesn't that thing ever rest?" Marie wasn't yet in the mood again, but she was still a little flattered at the reaction of my stiffening member. I wasn't really ready again either, but I wasn't surprised at my growing penis. Seeing Marie naked always has that effect on me. Hell, just thinking about her does. After all, she is very pretty with a body to match, and she really knows how to please me with it. But inside she is even more attractive. She is intelligent, caring, and knows how to make me laugh. Yeah, I am lucky all right.

I got dressed and was watching TV when Marie came out of the bathroom. I admired her body once again as she grabbed some clothes and headed back to the bathroom, never taking my eyes off of her naked ass as she walked away. When she came out she looked gorgeous and sexy as usual. I was pleasantly surprised to see her wearing her new short skirt and a nice tight top. She never ceases to amaze me. We went downstairs where we chose a nice restaurant to have dinner. As we walked into the bar to have a pre-dinner cocktail, I couldn't help but notice the number of men who looked at my lovely wife. I was proud to be seen with her.

The only empty seats were at the bar. Marie noticed that the seats were high, and reminded herself to sit carefully because of her short skirt. As she raised herself up onto the chair, she saw Don trying to sneak a peek. Amazing, she thought, after all these years and even though he's seen it thousands of times, he still tries to look up my skirt. As Marie settled into her chair, she glanced over at a nearby table where a handsome man, who appeared to be alone, was looking her way. He smiled at her and she returned the smile readily.

I was in a great mood and Marie seemed to be also. We were really enjoying each other as we drank, talked, laughed, and flirted with each other. I couldn't help but notice Marie occasionally glancing at a good-looking guy at the next table. Not that it bothered me. She is a sexually healthy woman. I'm glad she still notices other men. Besides, I know she loves me. Of course, I also noticed the guy looking Marie over. I couldn't blame him; I would have done the same. It turned out to be a long wait for a table, so after my second beer I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

Marie was just relaxing, enjoying her wine, when two more drinks were brought to her. "We didn't order these", she said to the waitress.

"They are compliments of the man over there", she replied, as she pointed to the man Marie had noticed earlier.

Marie turned to the handsome man, smiled, and mouthed the words, "Thank you".

He rose from his chair and approached Marie. As he walked up he said, "No problem. I work here and I like sending drinks to couples who are enjoying themselves." They chatted amiably for a few minutes until Marie asked him if he would like to join them at the bar. Her cheeks turned slightly pink when he replied, "Sure. Besides, I really don't think it's right for an attractive woman to be drinking alone." As he sat down next to Marie, he smiled at her and said, "A woman who blushes must still be a little innocent."

"Not as innocent as you might think", Marie replied. As they both laughed Marie touched his arm. She had done it subconsciously, but she realized it was part of Don's flirting list.

I walked back into the bar and was a little surprised to see the good-looking guy sitting with Marie. They seemed to be laughing about something. As I walked up Marie explained that the man worked at the casino and had bought us drinks. Introductions were made and I found out his name was Sean. The three of us then settled into some pleasant conversation, with Marie between Sean and myself. The more we drank the more comfortable we all got with each other. Marie can be a lot of fun when she drinks. She's hardly a sloppy drunk, but she laughs a lot and can become very friendly. And she was becoming quite friendly with Sean. Sean had a great sense of humor and had us laughing out loud. I was really enjoying his company and also watching how he and Marie interacted with each other. There was an obvious mutual attraction. Marie had her eyes glued to his face as he talked, and she wore a continuous smile. They touched each other's arms and shoulders innocently, but frequently. During one particularly funny story, Marie grabbed his arm with both hands and pulled herself against him as she laughed wildly. Should I have been jealous? I think most men would have been, but I trust Marie completely. Besides, I know she was enjoying herself. And I had the feeling some of her actions were for my benefit. And it wasn't like she was ignoring me. She touched me occasionally and even kissed me once. About that time a table opened up next to the bar so we grabbed our drinks and moved over to it.

Marie realized the wine had made her a little tipsy, but certainly not drunk. She remembered how Don had tried to look up her skirt when she first sat down, so she decided to help him out a little. Don was already standing, waiting for her, so as she turned to slide from the barstool, she slowly uncrossed her legs and purposefully gave him an unobstructed view of her pussy. She knew that he was blocking anybody else's view of her. She also realized that since Sean was standing at her back he couldn't see up her dress, but he could probably tell exactly what she was doing for Don. She was suddenly acutely aware that she was very, very wet.

I couldn't believe it. Marie had just flashed her pussy at me. As much as I always tried to get her to go out without panties, I was still surprised. When she has flashed me before, I always knew ahead of time what to expect. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a severe understatement.

The table we sat down to was very small, so there was really no way for anyone to put their legs under the table. Too bad for me because I had a raging hard on to hide. As we sat, Marie and Sean were facing each other and I was sort of facing both of them from the side. The table was barely large enough to hold our three drinks, but it still partially blocked my view of my wife's sexy legs, so I moved my chair over a little so I could see them and her short skirt. While I was rewarded with a nice view, I realized I should have moved in the opposite direction because I was sitting just off of her right shoulder so my view was somewhat from behind. I wouldn't be able to see up her skirt from there, but maybe at dinner I would get another chance. As we renewed our conversation, I noticed that I should have sat where Sean was sitting because he had the perfect angle towards Marie's legs. Just as a faint realization began to come over me, Marie quickly uncrossed and crossed her legs.

Marie realized that exposing herself to Don had gotten her suddenly excited and began to wonder if it would be the same with someone else. She wasn't sure she could expose herself to another man. She wasn't even sure why she was considering it. The drinks, the conversation, and the flirting had all been fun, and even somewhat of a turn on, but this was a little different. Granted, exposing herself to Don was, and always had been, tremendously arousing. She was obviously wet. And yet she had to admit, although she was a little unsure, just the fantasy of showing her pussy to another man was making her even wetter. She knew she would probably never see him again, which somehow made it a little safer. As she continued to try to make up her mind, she uncrossed and crossed her legs without thinking. She realized that Sean was paying close attention, and that the look on his handsome face had just helped her to decide her actions. After she made sure that Sean's attention was still focused on her, Marie took a deep breath and turned her smiling face towards Don.

Marie leaned back in her chair and turned her face to me. She was smiling at me as she began to wonder aloud when our table would be ready for dinner. But I only heard the first couple of words because my attention immediately shifted. Because of the angle we were sitting at, I could see her legs as I looked at her face. And her legs were where my gaze focused. I watched as she lifted her right leg off of her left. She moved slowly, sensually. I quickly glanced at Sean and saw where he was looking. His face appeared calm but his eyes were staring intently at my wife's legs. I was a little jealous that I couldn't see what he was about to, but I was also very excited. I looked back at Marie. She was still talking to me but I had no idea what she was saying. I refocused on her nice legs. She appeared to be moving in slow motion but I knew it was only my heightened awareness that made it seem so. Her legs were now apart a few inches with her right leg still slightly raised. As she lowered her right foot to the ground her legs spread a little more. She now had both feet on the ground, resting on her toes with her heels pulled up so that her open skirt was pointing directly at Sean. They weren't spread wide but with her short skirt it was enough. It wasn't obvious, except of course to Sean and myself. I don't think Marie even realized how well she was doing it. Sean is looking straight at Marie's pussy, I thought to myself. Marie then slowly crossed her left leg over her right. It had all taken only a few seconds but had seemed much longer. I didn't want Sean to know I had seen him admiring my wife, so I looked back at Marie. She was no longer talking but just smiling at me, her cheeks a little flushed. She then turned back to Sean who appeared to be glancing casually around the bar. Marie noticed both of his hands were in his lap.

Right then they finally called for our table. As we rose, I stuck my hand in my pocket and pushed my hard on down as best I could. We thanked Sean for the drinks and the company. He made no effort to get up, but he never took his eyes off of Marie. As we left the bar, Marie took my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction of the restaurant.

At the same time she whispered to me, "I'm hungry for food but I'm hungrier for you." For the second time in two days we rushed back to our room hand in hand. This time the elevator was crowded but since we were in the back corner I managed to reach under the back of her skirt just enough to rub my finger against the bottom of her ass. Marie pushed back and I just got my finger on her wetness when the elevator doors opened. We walked swiftly to our room where Marie kicked off her shoes while I unzipped my pants and dropped them to my ankles. I turned Marie around and placed her on the bed on her hands and knees. I pulled her skirt up and positioned myself between her legs. My rock hard penis found her cunt without help. Marie was so wet my dick slid all the way in in one thrust. We were instantly fucking like animals. I held her hips tightly as we pumped each other vigorously. Within minutes I exploded with an intense orgasm, filling Marie's pussy with my hot seed. Marie continued to thrust against me, as it was clear that she wanted more. I turned her over, laid her on her back, and began devouring her hot hard clit with my tongue. She was moaning and bucking up against my face. I could feel our hot juices on my chin. I then slid my middle finger into her hole and began rubbing her. When she came I literally had to hold on. She had never come that fast or that hard before. My tongue lost her clit a couple of times but it wasn't hard to find again. When she finally pulled my head away, I realized my dick was still semi-hard, so I once again buried my cock into her pussy. Soon my dick was rock hard again. Her orgasm continued, becoming stronger. She was holding her breath as she came and I actually started to become concerned. She took a shallow breath, then another, as her pleasure slowly subsided. We continued moving against one another, less urgently, making love and feeling each other on a deeper level. We went on stroking each other for another fifteen minutes or so, smiling at each other, vowing our love for each other, staring into each other's eyes. Neither of us came again but that didn't make it any less pleasurable. Finally we collapsed and just held each other.

My growling stomach broke the quiet. We laughed, got up, cleaned up, and got dressed. We walked arm in arm back to the restaurant where we were surprised to find our table waiting for us, compliments of Sean. There was a bottle of wine with a note from him. It said, "I hope you two realize what a precious gift you share. You have what the rest of us only hope and pray for. Congratulations, Sean." We smiled and shared a warm loving kiss, oblivious of those around us.


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