The Best Erotic Stories.

Massage Pt. I
by db01

Close your eyes, listen to the wind blowing in through the windows, the sound of chimes ringing somewhere outside, the smell of tropical flowers in the air. You are in your bedroom on your bed, the top of which is many feet off the floor. A soft cotton towel covers your body as you lay on top of the covers. You hear my footsteps as I enter the room, I say hello and sit next to you on the edge.

I have brought oil with me for your massage tonight. As I open the lid you smell coconut. You feel me moving the towel so that it lays across you now, covering the middle of your back and part of your thighs, I marvel at the glimpse of the supple curves I saw for just a moment as I moved the towel. Your breathing is shallow, regular, I hear you sigh softly as you hear my hands rubbing together warming the oil.

I turn to face away from your head and take your foot in my hands as I start. My hands around it, moving my thumbs from your heel to the ball, pushing with my thumbs against the smooth skin, my fingers on the top of your foot working in between the bones they find there. This goes on for a few minutes until I feel the tension finally gone from your foot, then my fingers slowly massage each toe, turning it, pulling it lightly, stretching the top of your foot until I fell that it too has relaxed, the tension in the muscles and joints only a memory. I start on your other foot and follow the same relaxed motions as before, thumbs working upward, fingers separating and tuning it, the tension in it leaving with time.

You hear my hands rubbing again, more oil to warm. Your calves present a different problem to my hands. They are strong and resist the movement of my hands, my thumbs moving from the middle to the outside, the fibers not quite relaxing. I change the movement to start at your knee and move down to your ankle then from your ankle back up and finally am rewarded with another soft sigh from you as we both feel the last of the tension slip away from the second calve.

I turn to face your head now, the sound of my hands warming the oil again, a bird somewhere outside calling softly. I begin with your neck now, having moved your hair to the side and off of it. Thumbs in the middle of your neck, fingers drawing the muscles on the side up, feeling your head sink into the bed as you relax. My thumbs push hard at the muscles at the top of your shoulders, kneading at it to break the tension I feel, holding my fingers still as I work just my thumbs up from between the shoulder blades to separate the strands of muscle there. I can see the relaxation slowly creeping over you as it seems you sink deeper into the bed.

The sound of my hands rubbing again, more oil to warm, more of your body to touch. I roll the top edge of the towel back, just to where I can see the separation of your buttocks begin. The movement sends a small shudder through you. With my palms facing out I begin to stroke the length of your back up towards your neck, my thumbs rolling the muscles they find in their journey up, my finger tips brushing your sides, the sides of your breasts as they do. You sigh again and as I continue the movement of my hands up and back down your back I think to myself what those sighs might be for.

Are you remembering your lover, his hands, his lips, his scent? Were his hands the last to travel your back before I came here today? Is it that you want it to be my hands as we make love? Idle thoughts as I continue the massage, feeling after a time that your back too has come to be at rest from the tensions the day caused it. The sounds of my hands warming the oil again.

I remove the towel from your back, legs, and smile to myself at the sight. Such beautiful lines where your back turns to your hips, your hips to your legs, your thighs to the center of you. Your lover is most fortunate to have this beauty in his hands I think. My hands massaging both buttocks, the thick muscles that are there, pulling from the center out with my fingers, rolling the dimples with my thumbs, your breathing has gotten louder, I take notice but continue.

Your strong thighs require both hands to massage, working from the sides to the top where your hamstrings are. I can't help but notice that you have spread your legs so that it is impossible to not notice your lips, parted slightly, moisture glistening even in the candle light.

Your dreams are much more vivid right now, they became almost clear as I started on your thighs and buttocks. The memories are intense, lifelike, you lick your lips and no longer are sighing but a slow drawn out moan is audible. This continues as I finish with your other thigh.

My hands moving up your back once again, releasing the tension that your dreams and visions are causing, the moans changing to steady breathing, once again feeling as though your are melting into the bed. You shiver as you feel the towel being drawn up over you. The smell of flowers, coconuts, the sounds of the chimes are filling your senses. You feel my lips kissing the top of your head as I lift myself from the bed, one last look at the curves under the towel, one last wish that I was that lover that elicited the lovely sounds that I heard. Then I am gone... leaving us both to our dreams.

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