The Best Erotic Stories.

My Real and Terrific Love Life Pt. II
First Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

At long last, I could finally see his eagerly-awaited cock. It was fully erect; just the shaft alone was 7 inches long, and about 2 inches across. The head added another full inch to his length, so at 8 inches, his was definitely the longest cock I had ever seen, even in photos. Best of all, its mushroom shape made the head of his cock considerably wider than his impressively-thick shaft--maybe 2- 1/2" diameter at the head. Yes, I could see that he fully measured up, in every way, to all of my lusty desires for what a truly-ideal man should be.

I just KNEW that his thick cock-head would stretch my pussy out to the maximum, and let me feel exquisitely-tight friction when he finally entered me. And his 8- inch length meant that I would be completely filled-up when he had finally thrust all the way into me. Without fully realizing it, being so completely filled up by a man's length and width was something I had vaguely wanted, dreamed of, hungered for, most of my adult life, but which none of my handful of previous lovers had ever been able to come even CLOSE to accomplishing. But now, with him, I could hardly wait to experience what it would feel like to be so completely filled up with a cock like his, especially when it was attached to a man I was already starting to love with all of my heart and soul. I'm not sure, and his humility still won't let him tell me, but I think I unintentionally whistled in appreciation when I first saw his impressive size.

Despite my vague lifelong fantasies, size had never REALLY mattered to me before. I had just been happy to have the loving attention of a man I loved and cared about, and who felt the same way about me. But now I just couldn't get over my amazement, as I gazed hungrily at his nice, sexy equipment, while I slowly, seductively, suggestively, and hungrily licked my lips in anticipation. I know that he was flattered when I gasped in astonishment at his big, throbbing love muscle that popped out when I stripped him. I was soon to discover how satisfying it feels to have a long, thick cock completely fill my tight love hole, as no man had ever done before--as I had half-consciously dreamed and hoped to find for most of my life.

His wonderful manhood was already VERY hard. It protruded straight out of his balls, flat along his tummy for 8 long inches, and ended with the more-than-two- inch wide tip resting on his navel. With each throb, it raised to about 45 degrees (I think that by now it was too big and too stiff to point straight up), and then excitedly pulsed and quivered back down onto his tummy again. I marveled that his muscles could lift his cock to even that 45-degree angle, as it looked so very big and heavy.

I kneeled on my knees on the bed, and leaning down over him, I appreciatively kissed the very tip of his cock, watching it grow ever-harder. I watched my passionate drool, mixed with his clear pre-come, as it all streamed in a very thin strand, between my mouth and the tip of his straining, pulsing, throbbing cock.

I then kissed my way slowly down his throbbing shaft, all the way down to his tight balls, which I now cupped in my hands, and which I gently kissed, sucked, licked, and nibbled. His big, swollen balls, already filling up with his creamy excitement, seemed to cover several acres, as my kisses and licks lingered all over them.

I now slowly licked my way back up his thick, stiff shaft. I can't begin to describe how exquisitely sexy and exciting it felt to have the full length of his thick shaft pulsing, vibrating, twitching, and throbbing against my gently- kissing lips and eagerly-exploring tongue.

When my mouth got all the way back up to the very end of his long shaft, I kissed the tip again. I then licked the tip, and kissed all around the head of his cock. I next concentrated my kisses and licks exclusively on the sides and top of his cock head.

The growing frequency and volume of his moans, coupled with his cock's increasingly-frantic gyrations against my lips, made me smile, for I now knew that I had the skill to make him feel every bit as good, as he had just made me feel, when he had lingered so long, and so lovingly, at my sopping pussy.

By now, all I wanted, all I could even think about, was having my lips and my tongue feel and taste every spectacular inch of his big, thick, beautiful, throbbing 8-inch love tool. Believe me, by now I was thoroughly enjoying turning him on, every bit as much as he was enjoying being turned on.

As I was licking my way around his big, bulbous cock head, I noticed that the eye- hole, at the tip of his cock, was open wider than I have ever seen on any man. Like his cock itself, this opening was simply huge. I'm not even sure where or how I got the idea, but seeing his cock's wide-open eye hole, inspired me to try something completely new to me. I lustily curled-up both sides of my tongue to form a U shape, and I darted the tip of my tongue directly inside the eye of his cock.

When my licks inside and outside the gigantic eye of his cock produced a loud, appreciative moan (in that deeply-masculine, heart-melting, pussy-dampening baritone voice of his), I knew that I was on the right track. I let my tongue explore the inside of his cock head for a while. But I knew that both he and I wanted and needed much more than this by now.

So now I tried wrapping my little fist around the gorgeous two-inch thickness of his cock. As it was nearly 6-1/2 inches in circumference, I could not fully close my fingers around his stiff shaft; even HIS big hands looked like they could just barely close around his manhood. I briefly closed my eyes, and I tried to picture his large fist, and his long, narrow fingers, vigorously pumping up and down that huge shaft, as I'm sure they must have done MANY times, to relieve the stress of being a 40-year-old virgin, before he met me.

Now I opened my eyes again, to once more gaze lovingly, longingly, at his long, thick shaft. I just couldn't resist him any longer, so now I opened my lips as wide as I could, to accommodate his impressive width. I slowly slid my mouth down over his huge cock-head, pushing him flatter onto his back, as I leaned over him and sucked. The first inch of his cock's length was all head, and the second inch was that roughly-textured red area just below the head. But not to worry, that still left six beautiful, hard, solid, loving inches of smooth-skinned, muscular shaft, to descend past my hungry mouth, and down into my eager throat.

At first, as I continued to suck his impressive length and width slowly, eagerly, and passionately down my throat, my eyes stayed wide open. I enjoyed watching what I was doing to him, and seeing the look of pure bliss that I was bringing to his handsome, glowing, kindly face. Once I had swallowed him completely, he paused a moment, so we could both enjoy the feeling of his manhood completely filling my throat, and of his enormous balls pressed up against my lips. After what seemed like about ten minutes of his steel-hard cock resting contentedly, and throbbing eagerly, against the back of my throat, he began slowly backing out of my mouth, in preparation for his second warm, loving thrust. This patient man sure took his time, savoring every moment of his own pleasure, just as he had let me savor every moment of MY pleasure, when he had earlier licked me so thrillingly. But we both knew that his slow, loving pace couldn't last forever, and eventually we would both become so excited, that he would HAVE to speed it up.

As he slid his cock in and out of my hungry mouth just a little faster now, his hips began thrusting upward, steadily and eagerly upward, as my head slid down over him. I relaxed, eased into the moment, closed my eyes, and daydreamed about the pleasures that we were just starting to share.

Then he began stroking my hair, pulling my head closer to his cock, and I rolled my tongue all around his throbbing manhood, even while it was buried all the way up into my mouth.

His hips just kept bucking up and down, pushing his cock all the way into my throat, and then back out almost to the tip, then reversing direction again to push back upward to meet my mouth, thrusting and slamming SO hard, pumping SO forcefully, as I bobbed back down over his very long, wonderfully thick, and extremely hard cock. The entire time, I gently held his huge come-filled balls, and the base of his cock, in my palm, to control his wild throbbing, and to guide his thick cock's deep, powerful thrusts, in and out of my mouth.

Through it all, I kept rolling my tongue around his manhood, licking it with all of my passion. His up-and-down bucking of his hips constantly grew more rapid, with each successive thrust, and he began to moan loudly and eagerly. Now I could almost FEEL his come rising out of his balls, and slowly up the inside of his thick shaft, as he let out a deep, masculine grunt (more of a groan, really). His warm, white cream began to ooze out of his cock's tip, and onto my tongue. I continued to lick at his cock, savoring his sweet taste, and hoping to entice even more love juice out of him now. I felt the most serene look wash across my face as my loving sucking and his sweet explosion filled my innermost being with peaceful contentment. I only hoped that his fucking would prove to be even half as wonderful as how exquisite he tasted.

Just as his delicious man-juice finally gushed thickly out of his tip, and forcefully splashed against my hungry tongue, and into my eager mouth, he pushed his palm against my breast, and thus he stopped me from any more sucking and licking. Using both of his strong arms, he then gently rolled me onto my back.

He said that he wanted to come deep in my pussy, not in my mouth. Knowing that this first burst would be my only taste of him that night, I slowly rolled his thick, creamy, sticky jism all around the inside of my mouth, savoring his sweet- but-tangy flavor for as long as I could. His beautiful, delicious white cream continued to dribble out of him, and to drip down into my wide-open mouth. As he slid his way down my body, my extended tongue stretched and strained to catch every dribbling drop of his precious fluids, as he prepared to give my wet and open pussy the thorough pounding that it now so DESPERATELY craved.

Meanwhile, he lay down on top of me, and he gently spread my legs apart. He kissed my mouth, my neck, and then my breasts. Then he used both of his index fingers to gently pry my pussy lips open, and he carefully eased a loving finger inside. When he felt that my inner walls were still extremely moist, he knew that I was ready for him.

Just as the very tip of his cock head touched the outside of my pussy, I was so horny for him that I went ballistic. I clutched my breast, I spread my legs wider, my fingers held my pussy lips open wide for him, and I eagerly thrust my hips upward to receive his lovely, precious, and generous offering to me: the gift of his virginity. His fist wrapped around his thick shaft, as mine had while I was hungrily sucking him only moments before, and he guided it with one hand while holding my raised right leg steady with his other hand.

The tip of his enormous cock finally pressed just past my outer pussy lips. I wrapped my legs around him, and I rested my feet on the cheeks of his ass, as he slowly eased his thick shaft into me. His two-inch thickness pressed so tightly against my inner walls, and his friction against my slippery walls was driving the intensity of my lusty desires sky-high.

He said that my feet felt wonderful on his ass cheeks, and as if to prove it, he now slowly eased his entire 8 inches all the way up into my dripping pussy, as slowly and as patiently as all his previous moves had been. When his shaft was finally buried all the way inside of me, he raised himself up off the bed by his thighs, and he slowly eased his rigid cock almost, but not quite, all the way back out of me again.

He reversed direction again, almost imperceptibly increasing the speed of his second thrust into me, then almost all the way back out again, slowly drilling and hammering into me. He alternated between horizontal (forward and back) and vertical (straight up-and-down) strokes, slowly increasing toward a relentless pace, with each fabulous thrust.

I've heard that very big cocks can be painful to some women who have small openings, but his was just the right size for me, as if his rod had been custom- made precisely to fit my love-hole. His 2-inch width stretched my pussy lips comfortably snug around him, but not so far open as to be uncomfortable or painful. And although his 8-inch length is much longer than the average 5 inches, he just filled me up, right to the edge of my cervix, without thrusting so far into me as to painfully stab my cervix (as I've heard can sometimes happen). Yes, he was the IDEAL size for me, and at last I knew why I had vaguely dreamed of a long, thick cock all of these years: the smaller ones I had experienced up to then, simply had not filled my internal dimensions as perfectly as this man's enormous shaft did.

His third push into me was, again, ever so slightly faster than the second. He kept up the thrusts, and gradually, by very small degrees, he increased his in- and-out speed each time. He seemed to get even bigger and harder with each faster thrust, as if it was even possible for that wonderful 8-inch love muscle of his to grow more. By now, he had my pussy lips stretched open widely, and wrapped so very tightly around his extremely-thick shaft. Once again, it felt better than all of my vibrator daydreams about him. For the first (but I fervently hoped not the last) time, I was now completely filled up with the loving length and thickness of him. I had never felt anything so wonderful before in all of my 45 years!

With each thrust into the depths of my hungry pussy, the very tip of his cock rubbed ever so briefly against my magic button, before passing lower and deeper into me. His cock tip brushing me like that made my clit longer and harder each time, and I could feel my juices working their way up from my deepest depths, to ooze over and around my clit. I so wanted those juices to gush all over the outside of his cock. But because his pressure and speed on me were increasing by only very slow degrees, I had to be patient, until we were both ready to go over the top with excitement. The wait was driving me crazy. I don't know when I had last felt that excited, and I marveled that he could be so patient, when I was ready to SCREAM with excitement. But then again, he HAD waited over 40 years, until this very day, to have sex for the first time, which certainly showed patience. I guessed that, after all those years of waiting, he didn't want his first time to end too quickly.

As our mutual passion built slowly, layer upon layer, I moved my legs up from his ass, wrapping them around his neck, to pull his massive cock closer and deeper into my very appreciative slit, before returning my leg-lock to surrounding (and pressing down on) his fine, firm ass. My heart raced and pounded, as I watched my legs move all around his long, strong body, in the mirrored wall of his walk-in closet.

Finally, his thrusts in and out of me were up to maximum speed, and my happy, stretched-out tight pussy was completely, wonderfully, and deliciously stuffed full of this gentle, loving man, just adding more fuel to my growing love and appreciation for him.

Now I used my feet, once more resting on his ass cheeks, to push and pull his firm butt, so that the deep thrusts of his big cock in and out of my soaking-wet pussy, would continue at this same maximum pace. Once more, I could almost feel his come traveling up from his balls, up the inside of his shaft, out the tip, and deep inside of me. He exploded into me, just as he completed a very rapid downward thrust, so that his come gushed very forcefully into me, about as deep into my pussy as humanly possible. It felt SO very good, to feel his love juice flow that deeply inside of me, and this instantly triggered my own orgasm. My juice, which had long ago started bubbling just below the surface, finally broke forth, and gushed out from around my swollen clit, to coat all along his deeply- buried cock, as he continued to thrust, pulse, throb, and to come inside of me. It amazed me that, despite this being our first time in bed together, we were already so in tune with each other, that we were both coming at precisely the same moment. I could not only FEEL him flowing into me, and me flowing over him, I could SEE it all in his giant mirrors.

After our simultaneous orgasms, he left his cock buried deep inside of me, and he wrapped his arms around my back, in a gentle and very loving embrace. It was then that I discovered another secret, which has kept me (and my hot pussy) deeply- contented, nearly every night, for two years now: as we held each other and calmed down, his now-spent but still-hard cock, began throbbing away deep inside of me, pulsing once for each beat of his heart. I don't know how he does this, and he claims it is involuntary, but that tight pulsing against my slicked-up, freshly-fucked inner walls, certainly made my tight little pussy ecstatically happy that night, and still DOES, every time we make love. When he pulses like that, I usually respond by squeezing my pussy muscles tightly against his stiff rod, which I've discovered makes him pulse even more strongly inside of me. His pulsing matches my squeezing, until we are so tightly locked together, into each other, that even a crowbar couldn't separate us. Who could ask for a better feeling than that?

After a while of this throbbing, he rolled me onto my right side, and he lay nearly perpendicular to me, forming our bodies into a sort of a T shape, still with his cock buried deep inside of me. Amazingly, in this position, he was able to drive his cock into me, even DEEPER than before.

He plunged in and out of me like this 3 or 4 times, then finally starting to soften just a little, he slowly, gently, tenderly began to slide his wonderful manhood back out of my still wide-open, very wet, and extremely-messy slit.

He rolled over to lie beside me, flat on his back. Now I lay on my left side, with his right arm under my side, and wrapped around my back. My head was under his arm, and my left hand rested on top of his chest, with my right hand on his hip. I felt so safe in his arms, as if that is where I was always meant to be, but I had never before known that his strong (but gentle and loving) arms were my destiny. I felt so loved, loving, and at peace, as I admired our naked, entwined, resting forms in his full-length mirrors. "He'd better NOT take down those mirrors!" I thought to myself again.

Before either of us could drift off to sleep, I now simply couldn't resist asking this wonderful man if he would be my boyfriend. Without a moment's hesitation, he eagerly replied Yes.

"Well, ASK me," I said, thinking that if our new relationship was to have a chance, the question of me being his girlfriend had to originate from HIM, not from me. But he was already drifting into half sleep, and for the first time that night, he was no longer on the same wavelength as me.

"Ask you what?" he replied drowsily.

In mock irritation, I replied "Ask me to be your girlfriend!"

Perking up and eagerly hugging me, he asked "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Now it was my turn to let out an enthusiastic "Yes!" I mean, we had spent months getting to know and care deeply about each other, and now, for the first time ever, he had just sweetly and powerfully fucked me to within an inch (or more precisely, eight inches) of my life. We were still naked, lying in a tight hug around each other, with our blended come all over us and the bed, and I loved this man more than I ever thought I could love anyone. So what else was I going to say BUT Yes? YES! Oh, YES!

Unexpectedly, he responded to my enthusiastic yes with a nervous chuckle. He explained to me that up until that moment, he had been afraid to tell me that he was starting to fall in love with me. He was afraid that telling me he loved me, after just four dates, might make him seem desperate and needy, and might scare me away, just as we were starting to build-up a relationship. He felt that scaring me away now, when he was falling so much in love with me, would have just been too painful for him. So he was relieved to learn that I was feeling the same way about him, as he was about me. Once more, we were both on the same wavelength.

After we both relaxed, and we slept in each other's arms for several hours, we got up and showered together. In the shower, he lovingly soaped my breasts, my ass, and my pussy, in a gentle massage, while kissing me all over (whenever he hugs me from behind, while kissing my shoulders and nuzzling my neck, I still melt, whether we're in or out of the shower).

All the while, the shower gently sprayed over both of us. His arms wrapped around my breasts from behind, as his still semi-hard cock throbbed against my derriere, and he kissed his way down my back.

Our shared shower was so loving and giving. But it did make me a little bit horny again, especially when he slid his long, thin, soapy middle finger up my freshly- fucked snatch, cleaning out the last, lingering residue of our thoroughly-blended juices, while the shower stream caressed my back. Mostly, though, this sexy, shared shower made me feel loved and loving, warm and contented, highly-connected with and to him. In one evening, we had gone from dating, to hot and passionate lovers, to committed boyfriend and girlfriend, to inseparable soulmates. My gloom from my loss of my first husband was finally dissipating. I was becoming happy again, a new and higher level of happiness than I had EVER known. His soulful love and fiery lust for me had instilled in me, along with his wonderful, thick, creamy come, a mixture of wild outer passion and calm inner peace.

After the shower, we lovingly dried each other off with two of his enormous bath towels.

As I stood wet and naked before him, and he dried me with a love deeper than I thought I would ever find, his eyes and his caressing hands so lovingly expressed his silent appreciation for my soft but firm 38-C breasts; my 3-inch wide, reddish-brown areolas; my long, hard nipples; my 28 to 30 inch waist with its gently-rounded belly; my curvaceous 36-inch hips; my thick, dark crop of fur surrounding my now-deeply-contented pussy; my smooth, creamy thighs; and my slender, dark, shapely Latina legs.

As I dried him off, my own roving eyes and wandering hands were just as appreciative of his handsome 5'10" frame, his powerful upper-arm muscles; his nicely-sculpted hairy chest; his slender 36-inch waist; his large, semi-firm balls; his 8-inch long, 2-inch thick cock; his firmly-muscled and very cute, tight butt; and his long, strong, slender, muscular, hairy legs.

We put our previous night's underwear back on, and still both nearly naked, we both headed for the kitchen. There, he held a chair out to me, inviting me to sit at his dining-room table. He then proceeded to cook for me: a delicious breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, and whole-wheat toast. He served us both, before sitting across from me at his table. Try to imagine how sexy and romantic it was, to sit across the breakfast table from each other, both of us so scantily clad, after our very first all-night shared intimacy. We fed forkfuls of food to each other across the table, in between kisses. Eating breakfast together, while gazing at each other's nearly-naked bodies, was just such a WONDERFUL way to end this fabulous first lovemaking session. And this really was lovemaking, not just sex as in some of my previous relationships, as we were ALREADY falling in love with each other on just our fourth date.

Now we have been married for nearly two years. Think about it: of COURSE I married him! In my first marriage, I settled for having so little. But with husband #2, we have all the ingredients for an extraordinary marriage: mutual love, trust, and respect, of course. Shared interests like music, history, and ballroom dancing. We both love children and enjoy being parents. We have equally- high libidos. He is a well-mannered gentleman at all times. He does not share the male obsession with sports (he says I am his favorite sport, and his actions confirm this), and he understands and appreciates the woman's viewpoint. I know: a perfect gentleman, no interest in sports, understands the female perspective, enjoys opera and ballroom dancing--you're thinking GAY, right? Believe me, if you could see and feel the way he makes love with me, the way he cherishes making love to a woman's body, you would KNOW there is absolutely NOTHING gay about him!

So, yes, I married him. I mean, after that long night of romance and passion, when my gentleman kept selflessly satisfying me (both physically and spiritually) over and over again for hours on end; when my heart was filled with love and peace, even while my desperately-horny pussy was stuffed more full of long, thick cock than I had ever known was possible; when my heart filled with butterflies, even while my pussy filled with my own come more times in one night than I had in the preceding 45 years of my life--how could I help but to fall heads-over-heals in love, not to mention deeply in lust, with this terrific, loving, patient, kind, and generous, studly gentleman? When he so kindly and lovingly cooked breakfast for me the morning after; when I walked around all day with a huge smile on my face, a song in my heart, and my stretched and sore pussy more full of his and my intermingled juices than it had ever been before--how could I not marry this kind, considerate, loving, well-hung, sexually-masterful hunk of a man, my long-sought and finally-found soulmate, my prince with a "horny toad" inside of him, my knight in shining armor, the romantic gentleman who awakened my long-buried passions and lust?

My husband likes old jazz songs, and a song on one of his favorite jazz tapes is called "Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia". A verse in that song says that when it comes to loving, the sentimental gentleman is "a professor, yes-sir, and what he teaches women, no-one else knows how." Except for the part about being from Georgia, that describes my second husband perfectly: sentimental, a gentleman, and taught me all about loving--things I didn't even KNOW that I didn't know!

Now that we ARE married, there's LOTS of other, umm, PHYSICAL activities that we both enjoy regularly, and we are constantly teaching each OTHER new ways to express our loving feelings for each other. For example, I lie on my left side, and he lies behind me, slowly caressing and stroking the curves of my hips with one finger at a time, while rubbing his 8 hard inches against the crack of my ass. His fingers then caress the crease where my ass cheeks join my legs. He tells me that my ass creases are among my sexiest features. I'm SO glad he finds my ass so sexy, because his fingers stroking along my ass-creases, while his cock rubs inside my ass crack, really get my juices flowing. It takes about 20 minutes of his cock rubbing my ass like this, before he erupts all over my backside. Meanwhile, he slides his middle finger in and out of the depths of my pussy, and his index finger plays at the entrance to my rectum; this combination of multiple exploring fingers, and teasing me with his cock against my ass, is just GUARANTEED to make me very hot, and STEAMING wet, for him, every time. He knows that what he does drives me crazy with desire for him, and I know it too, and we both LOVE it!

Another favorite of ours: I will sit on top of him, with my legs straddling his hips and thighs, and I'll slowly rock my pussy lips back-and-forth along the entire length of his rigid, quivering cock. His thick, pulsating shaft feels so good, just rubbing up against my wide-open pussy slit, without actually entering me. We can keep this up for about half an hour, before his come and mine ooze all over the outside of my pussy lips. We always keep a small towel within easy reach of our bed, to clean up his and my excess goo, after our tongues have cleaned away as much as they can handle from our explosive series of orgasms. And all of this is just from rocking against each other, without him actually ENTERING me!

Sometimes from this position (me sitting-up and rocking atop his cock), he will wrap his fist around his rigid rod, and he'll then slowly slide his hard shaft, straight up into me. Then he'll grab my hips or my ass, and he will slowly, gently, push me up and down on him, showing me the pace that he wants at that time, until I take over and continue riding him all on my own, using the same pace that he has set.

As we both get increasingly more excited, I slowly build-up the pace. I know by now that he likes to accelerate our pace VERY gradually; now that I have experienced this slow build-up with him myself, I, too, like to GRADUALLY build our passion now. He has taught me the joy of being patient, of not being in a hurry to reach orgasm, of letting our pleasures last as long as possible, before allowing ourselves to reach a climactic release. As our sexy pace, and our lustful heat, slowly, ever so slowly, build and build, he gives his powerfully- thrusting love muscle up into me ever-more quickly and deeply. After about 25 or so of his increasingly-deep, and ever-more-rapid, thrusts, I start to drip my pussy juice down, all over him. He likes to kiss and squeeze my breasts, and to roll and pinch my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, as my bucking, gyrating hips and thighs ride him into mutual orgasmic ecstasy.

Then, of course, if we really want to please each other, there is simply nothing better a couple can do, to and for each other, than that good, old-fashioned standard, the "69." As we face each other's crotches, and we lick and suck each other's most sensitive regions, we both feel so intimate and equal, each giving exactly what we are receiving.

In fact, we were in the middle of one of our frequent, VERY hot 69 sessions, about two years ago, when he proposed to me. We had talked for quite a while about getting married, and we had even picked-out wedding rings together, but he hadn't actually proposed to me just yet. I knew that he had been saving-up to buy my ring, and I didn't know if he had gotten it yet. He had also told me that he has waiting for the right moment, he wanted his proposal to be different and memorable, and boy, was it EVER! Some people might not consider his timing to be romantic, but to me, it was VERY romantic, not to mention so VERY sexy! As far as I'm concerned, he timed his "mid-69" proposal just PERFECTLY, as he literally had to slide his tongue off of my G-spot, and back it all the way out of the deepest recesses of my juicy slit, in order to ask me to be his wife, while slipping a 24- carat gold ring with a BIG diamond on it, onto my finger. Considering how terrific our 69 was making me feel, and how deeply in love we already were with each other, he KNEW that I'd be in absolutely NO condition or inclination to refuse him.

For my part, I had to slowly back my head away, reluctantly withdrawing his entire 8 inches out of my throat; I had to back his fabulously stiff, throbbing, just-on-the-brink-of-coming manhood, out past my tongue and teeth, just to be able to excitedly scream out a YES answer to his marriage proposal. We then gazed at each other, smiled, and hugged each other's naked bodies so tightly, joyously, and lovingly.

Without moving from our 69-position alignment, I reached my arm under his bed, and I pulled-out a package that I had hidden there several days earlier. "I knew that you were planning to propose to me soon, so I bought you an engagement gift for just this occasion," I said. He opened it, to find an elegant 14-carat gold chain. I slipped this chain around his neck, and I fastened the clasp at the back. "I shall wear it and cherish it always, my love," he said, kissing my bare thigh, which was already resting close to his face from our earlier 69.

As we were STILL positioned for our 69, he now expressed his gratitude for my yes answer, and for my engagement gift, by plunging his long tongue deeply, all the way into my tender slit, until he was once more just-about licking against my cervix. I felt his new gold chain rubbing against my navel. I realized that our 69 had suddenly become very one-sided. While I was immensely enjoying his tongue probing so deeply inside of me, I wanted to be fair to my brand-new fiancee, and to return the intense pleasure that he was giving me. Besides, I was feeling SO in love with him just then, that I HUNGERED for the feel and taste of his smooth cock-flesh in my mouth again.

I shrugged. With both of us still positioned for a 69, and his tongue so expertly working-over my pussy again, and me about to be his bride, what else COULD I do at this moment of our greatest happiness, but to swallow my sexy, loving man's stiff, throbbing shaft all the way back down my throat again, and to resume my eager sucking and licking? Do you think he planned his proposal that way, just KNOWING that his interrupting our 69 for a marriage proposal, would be followed by me giving him the best, most loving, most eager blow-job of his life? Of COURSE he knew that this would be the result, of his asking me to marry him in this way! Yes, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, proposing to me right in the middle of our very hot 69.

We were now so excited about the idea of getting married, not to mention our excitement over what we were then doing to, for, and with each other in our on- going 69, that as we continuously pleasured each other, we were both ready to burst, to release one long, uncontrollable explosion of pent-up lust after another. So, only moments after he had proposed to me, and I had accepted, I now hungrily swallowed EVERY drop of his erupting spunk, just as he licked and sucked ALL of the tangy juices that were just then spewing out of my wide-open pussy. What a DELIGHTFUL way to seal the marriage agreement that we had just made!

No, I simply can't think of ANY more-romantic, or more-sexy, marriage proposal, than ours was!

But wait, once more, it got even BETTER! The very next day after he proposed to me in this highly-unusual but wonderful way, we took his father out to celebrate, at a very-upscale Italian restaurant (it was his dad's birthday). All of the waiters are also skilled opera singers, so you get live entertainment with your dinner. My new fiance had the restaurant announce his dad's birthday. When they did, his dad signaled the waiter that we were also celebrating his son's engagement. The waiter congratulated us, and then he quickly walked away to wait on other customers. I thought nothing more about it, until about 30 minutes later, when several waiters were up on stage singing; they all descended from the stage, and they all came to our table. They all stood facing me, and by my fiance's pre-arrangement, they sang a very romantic Italian ballad directly to me! I felt bad that our engagement had upstaged his dad's birthday, but his dad said that he didn't mind at all--he said that he was just so happy to see his son marrying such a terrific lady. All in all, it was the most romantic evening I had ever experienced in my life, and let's just say that later that night, I very generously rewarded my fiance for giving me that still-cherished memory, of our romantic engagement party.

Even two years later, our love life continues to be extraordinary. Whether he loves me from the front or from behind, or in a 69, or any combination, my wonderful and amazingly-generous gentleman of a husband likes to be sure that I have at least one orgasm each morning, and one each evening. He ALWAYS lets me come first, or at the same time as him. He usually doesn't let up on me, until I've come in screaming, moaning, shaking, quaking, heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, soul-satisfying, head-to-toe orgasms, at least 3 or 4 times in quick succession. He generally won't stop until my tight, happy pussy is so sore from coming, that I can barely get up off the bed and walk around. He says that he loves me SO much, that he just wants me to be happy, to feel pleasure. He tells me, and his actions show me, that he enjoys MY pleasure, even more than he does HIS OWN. I never thought that any man could make me act like such an unbridled slut around him, but my gentleman's love, desire, caring, trust, and respect for me, make me want him ALL the time. And I just love every minute of it! My hungry, all- pervasive desire to lie naked with him; the slow build-up of our foreplay; the slow, leisurely, pounding, thrusting, and throbbing; the ultimate fulfillment of my all-consuming desire in a crashing climax; and my warm, contented afterglow--I love it all!

In two years of my current marriage, he must have brought me to about 1,000 powerful, total-body climaxes, compared to not having even ONE orgasm in 17 years of my first marriage. I literally had NO idea what I was missing all those years, before we met! Amazingly, not only does my sentimental gentleman bring me to multiple orgasms, but he usually has multiples himself. He is not a "one-shot wonder," as I have heard that so many men are. I am flattered that he finds me so sexy, that he can usually come 2, 3, or even 4 times in one night with me. How could ANY woman with a normal, healthy sexual appetite (some might say that mine now borders on nymphomania), feel happier than he makes me feel, both in and out of bed? Of course, I have long since thrown away that vibrator, which I used to depend on before I met him--who needs a battery-operated IMITATION cock, when my real man is so much more satisfying, sexually and in every other aspect of every- day life? A vibrator simply cannot satisfy me physically, let alone nurture me spiritually, anywhere near as well as my loving husband can and does.

I recently saw a movie where a woman was actually SINGING, as her lover lay beneath her naked, sitting-up body, and he thrust upward into her. Lucky me, I know JUST how she feels. Riding my husband's 8-inch-long, two-inch-thick cock makes ME want to sing out in ecstasy, too!

For the first year of our marriage, he marked off the months since our wedding by giving me a special gift. Yes, there was the usual stand-by of flowers and candy, but most of his gifts showed a great deal more imagination. For example, we like to watch the seals at the beach, so one month he gave me a beautifully-detailed sculpture that he found, of two seals playing on the rocks.

Another month, he gave me a gold chain, with a heart-shaped pendant, bearing my first initial.

The monthly gifts built up to one BIG gift for our first anniversary: a romantic out-of-town weekend, without our kids. We walked around town with our arms about each other. We window-shopped, and we browsed the quaint antiques stores and artsy-craftsy shops. If I showed an interest in a cute little knick-knack, he unhesitatingly bought it for me on the spot, without my even having to ask. Barefoot, we took a sunset stroll on the local beach, hand-in-hand, wearing our skimpiest, most-enticing bathing suits, and ending in the most indescribably- wonderful tryst, under a beach blanket, right on the still-warm sand. We both enjoyed him taking me, at various times and in various locations, throughout the weekend. But several times over that weekend, he let ME be the aggressor, a role which I now enjoy almost as much as he enjoys seeing, feeling, and being the recipient (the object) of, my aggressive sexuality. I would NEVER have had the courage to be the one initiating sex with my first husband, because his usual disinterest would have left me feeling too hurt and rejected. But THIS relationship has us so equal, and so loving, in EVERYTHING that we do together, that I find myself actually ENJOYING playing the role of the seductress and temptress for my new husband.

Even two years after our wedding, he still gives me romantic cards on no particular occasion, "just because."

This year, on Valentine's day, he bought me a beautiful Victorian gown, complete with a huge hat with a long feather on it. He donned the same elegant 1924 tuxedo that he wore at our wedding, and a new top hat that I had bought for him (his old hat was not in good shape, and it didn't quite fit him right, anyway). Dressed to the nines like this, we dined on a true gourmet meal, at the most elegant restaurant in town, as a jazz band played romantic music on stage, for an exclusive audience of just 8 or 10 couples. I noticed that the other diners focused more on us in our elegant, historic costumes, than they did on the band or the food. My husband told me that they were all looking at the most beautiful and classy lady in the room. Again, he made me feel so special, so in love, that when we got home, our passions erupted in many of the ways that I've already described. I couldn't even WAIT until we get inside our house, before climbing on top of him, and rocking the outside of my pussy lips forward and back along the length of his cock, right there in our yard, in front of any neighbors curious enough to be watching at that late hour, but without him actually entering me at that time. OK, so maybe I HAVEN'T yet fully learned to be as patient as my husband, but sometimes I just can't HELP it, he is so sweet that he makes me WANT him. Anyway, if you've never experienced it, you can't BEGIN to imagine the soul- fulfilling sensation, of rocking your wide-open pussy lips along the entire length of his throbbing shaft, until he spurts all over you. The joy of feeling him come right against the edge of your pussy, not quite inside of you, but pretty damned close.

Even now, two years later, everything about our relationship, including the sex, just keeps getting better and better. That first time, as magic as it was, pales compared to what we do now! As we've gotten to know each other's bodies better, our likes and dislikes, our fantasies, and as we've found each other's pace, the sex and romance just keeps getting BETTER, and it NEVER gets stale!

Every birthday or holiday, and on other special occasions, my husband also buys me the most beautiful, lacy, and sexy lingerie. I enjoy modeling it for him, and he enjoys slowly taking it off of me, or sometimes he just kisses his way down my body and makes love to me, without removing my lingerie at all. After two years, the honeymoon continues just as passionately as our first time, and I am building- up a wonderful wardrobe of silk and satin lingerie.

I wish that you could picture my two absolute favorite lingerie outfits that my husband bought me. One is a sheer, shiny, metallic-green bra-and-panty set. The other has a purple satin bra and matching panties, garter belt, and fishnet stockings. Both outfits have the peekaboo bra and crotch-less panties that we both so enjoy. The same frilly trim and white bows on both outfits, too.

Sometimes, I just dress for bed in some of his clothes. He loves when I approach him wearing only one of his shirts, with my dark, slender legs completely exposed. As I slowly approach him, he smiles his deliciously- wicked smile at me, knowing that as he unbuttons his shirt off of me, he will find neither bra nor panties underneath, nothing but the soft, smooth skin he so loves to caress with his hands and his lips.

For some reason, a man (or at least, MY man) just LOVES for his woman to wear nothing but his shirt, especially if it is already unbuttoned, so he can see her bare breasts, her hard nipples, and her furry triangle, as the long, draping shirt-flaps sway open and closed while she approaches him. Or even better, if she lets him unbutton his shirt FOR her, so he can expose her most beautiful hidden treasures for himself, touching, kissing, and licking each newly-exposed area. As for me, I love the feel of his shirt, the scent of his cologne and his sweat, against my skin, when I wear his clothes. But mostly, I love making love with him, without taking his unbuttoned shirt off of me.

Of course, if I REALLY want to send his burning desire for me over the top, I simply wear his black leather jacket, completely unzipped, exposing my wide reddish-brown areolas, my long, hard nipples, and my thick triangle of dark-brown pussy fur, to his appreciative gaze, his loving touch, and his appreciative taste. Even in my forties, my breasts are remarkably pert, firm but soft, smooth, stand-up 38-Cs, with wide areolas and hard, excited nipples. And I do so enjoy the feel and smell of my man's leather jacket against my bare skin.

Of course, when he approaches me, wearing that very same wide-open black leather jacket, similarly unzipped, so I can see his hairy chest, and his stiffening cock winking at me, he knows he gets my OWN juices going, until I literally beg him to lick and suck my hot, horny, tight pussy. Between licks, he'll gaze soulfully into my eyes as I twitch, grind, and moan beneath him, and he'll ask me sweetly, "What's the matter, honey? Do I get you all HOT and BOTHERED?" He usually punctuates this breathless question with a deep plunge of his wonderfully-thick, rigid cock, into my dripping love hole.

He just makes me feel so loved, so special, and so VERY sexy, and I love making him feel special, too. I buy him lots of sexy silk boxers and manly robes, and I love slowly taking them off of him at bed-time.

I just absolutely LOVE the feeling of going to work every morning, with his full load deep inside of me. He tells me that the sweet taste of my pussy lingers deliciously on his lips and tongue all day at work. He says that he really LOVES the feeling of my sticky pussy juice, coating the entire length of his cock all day, drying into a clear, hard crust on the outside of his cock, in his pubic hair, and on his belly. He sits at his office computer, keeping our naughty secret to himself, his co-workers never suspecting the goo that my previous night's excitement has left on his tongue, and just beneath his zipper. Just knowing that he is savoring me on his cock and in his mouth all day, even while we're apart, has made me feel sexier, more attractive, and more loved now, in my forties, than I EVER felt in my youth.

Who says that you have to be under 20 to have a terrific love life?

The End


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