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My Slave
by Ed

Pat and I have been married for a long time and she has found out that our relationship is the best, on all levels, when she is my slave. Well, I submitted some nude pix of my slave to Voyeurweb and showed them to Pat when they were posted, and showed her the feedback, which was great. She got really mad at me for posting the pix. The feedback was great but that didn't matter. I didn't see the big deal, since they were taken on a nude beach in the Carribean, and I can do what ever I want with my slave. She agreed but she was still furious. To try to smooth things over, I promised to do what ever she wanted to make it up to her. Pat demanded I be her slave for 5 days, one day for each of the 5 pix I posted. She got to pick what days. 5 days seemed like a lot to me but I had already agreed to whatever she wanted. She also made me promise that whatever happened, I would not hold it against her when she became my slave again.

Pat said this is day one and immediately took me into the bedroom and pulled off her pants. She got on all fours on the bed, stuck her ass in the air, and said lick everything. I spent the next 30 minutes licking her pussy and ass until she decided it was time to let herself cum. I've licked her ass before and Pat knows I don't like doing it, but she loves it. The last time was about six months ago after going out to dinner. We had an agreement that I would be her slave if I could pick what she would wear. I made her wear a very sheer stretch knit top. She doesn't like wearing it without a vest because you can see the brown of her nipples thru it. I made her wear it anyway and paid the price when we got home. Well, after Pat had cum she told me to drop my pants and masturbate myself. She watched me and after I came she said we were done for now.

The next Saturday was the 2nd day Pat had me as her slave. I had an idea she had something planned but I didn't know what. Our teenage son was going out of town for the day with a school group. I drove him to his school for the trip about 8:00 in the morning. When I got back I had to strip and do all of Pat's housework. By early afternoon I was getting tired of running around naked doing vacuuming and other housework. I was pretty much done and Pat told me to take a shower and shave. She was hanging up the phone and smiling when I came out of the bath and said she had a surprise for me. I had to get our bondage stuff out and she tied my arms and legs to the bed posts. She didn't tie me real tight but I couldn't reach quite far enough to untie myself. Pat said she was going out for a couple of hours and that company might come over. I tried to ask her who but I just heard the door close and her car start up and go down the driveway.

About 20 minutes later I heard a car come up the drive and I could tell from the sound it wasn't Pat's car. Someone came in the front door. I heard footsteps approach the bedroom and saw that it was Pat's friend Cathy.

Cathy is cute but a little bit of a bitch. She went thru a nasty divorce a few years ago. Her husband was a real asshole and treated her like shit. After finding out he was cheating on her she divorced him. She hasn't gotten over it and has a lousy attitude towards guys. Cathy is fairly good looking but not great. She is about 5'6' tall and fit with short bushy brown hair and small tits. Cathy and Pat are workout partners at the gym to and they talk about everything. Cathy knows that Pat is my slave sometimes and that I make Pat do things she doesn't want to. I will have Pat wear short skirts without panties, go braless with a see thru blouse, or suck my cock sitting in the car in a parking lot. Cathy hates the idea of a man being in charge and I think she resents me because Pat is willing to do it. Sometimes I make Pat wear a really revealing top to the gym just to piss off Cathy.

Well, here I am, completely naked and tied to the bed when Cathy comes in the room. She tells me that Pat is at her house babysitting her two kids. I asked what she was doing here and she told me she was doing Pat a favor. I asked what the favor was and she said it was doing whatever she wanted to.

She came over and loosened the knot where one arm was tied to a bed post. I thought she was going to untie me and was satisfied with the embarassment I was feeling at her seeing me tied up naked. Instead she pulled it tight and tied it off again. Then she did the same to my other arm and both legs. I was stretched tight to all four bedposts and completely helpless. She said she liked seeing me like that.

I was a little scared but couldn't keep from getting turned on also. I started getting a hard on and Cathy pulled off her sweat pants. She had a long shirt on and it covered her so that I couldn't see anything. At this point I wanted to see her pussy and little tits. The first thing she did was climb up and sit on my face. She told me to eat her pussy and I told her to kiss my ass. She slid down and sat on my chest. Then the bitch slapped me as hard as she could on the face and while I was still gasping she reached back, grabbed my balls, and started to squeeze them. I thought I was going to puke. Cathy said that I better understand who was in charge and do what I was told. I got the message real quick and nodded my head. She climbed back on my face and my tongue went right into her pussy. She sat there holding the headboard and pumping my face until her pussy hair was burning my cheeks. She had gotten wet real fast and she was all over my face. When Cathy finally stopped I didn't think she had cum but I asked her anyway. I was hoping she had and that she would leave. She said she would cum when she was ready and that it would not be for a while yet. Cathy told me she knew the things I didn't like to do and she would not be finished until I had done them all and more.

Cathy slid down, put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck me. She pulled off her shirt and leaned over and had me suck her tiny nipples while we fucked. Her tits and nipples were small but they got very hard. When I started to lose control she started smiling. I was hoping she was going to cum. I shot my cum in her and she stopped and just sat there. Then she said she was going to do something she wished she could do to her ex-husband.

Her husband used to grab her by the hair and jerk off into her face and she hated it. If she complained he smacked her around. Cathy said she always wanted to see a man with his own cum all over his face. With her pussy dripping with my cum she turned around into a 69 position and sat back on my face. She told me to lick her pussy and her ass. She kept sliding up and down so I had to lick everything. I tried to lick her clit as much as possible to try to make her cum. Every time I would start to get her close she would move so that all I could lick was her asshole. I tried not licking her ass and the bitch grabbed my balls again just to give me a message. Her pussy, ass, and my face were one big wet mess when she finally let herself cum. Then she was all over my face with a tremendous orgasm. I was gasping for air when she finally got off my face. Then she lined her pucker hole up with my mouth and said lick me slowly. She lay there in her afterglow with me slowly licking her asshole for the next five minutes then got up without saying a thing and went into the bathroom and took a shower. She came out and got dressed. By this time I had been tied up for over 2 hours and had to pee really bad. I asked her to untie me so that I could go pee. She said no. I said she could tie me up again when I finished. She said no. I begged her and asked what she wanted to untie me. She laughed and said she would untie me if I would be Pat's slave for 2 more days. I told her no way. She sat down in a bedroom chair and said she was going to sit there unitl I peed on myself or changed my mind. She picked up a magazine and started reading. After about 5 minutes I agreed but Cathy said that now it would cost me 5 days. All I could do was agree. When I came out of the bathroom Cathy smiled and told me that Pat had told her to untie me before she left but that she would tell Pat what I had agreed to. I almost called her a bitch but thought better of it.

Cathy left and I got washed up and dressed. A little while later Pat got home. She walked in the door, smiled and thanked me for the 5 extra days. Pat said that Cathy thought I was a damn good slave and was looking forward to helping with my punishment.
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