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My Story
by Shimmer

Adam and I had been talking on the internet for over 6 months about getting together. We are so alike. We both are perverted and share many of the same fantasies. Like having sex on a trampoline. Even though we made many plans to get together but they always fell through.

Until one night.

After a long talk one late Friday night on the internet we made a vow to help each other out on day. The next Friday he wasn't online. Disappointed, I went to bed early. Hours later I heard a knock on my 1st story window. I was a little bit scared until I heard Adam call my name! So I went to the window and there he was!

After I let him in, he said that he came to take me up on the offers I had told him about! I went and locked my door and we got to business. We started out slowly. I lit some candles and then I looked at him.

He said-"I've been waiting for this" So we walked to each other and kissed. I gasped as his tongue darted in between my lips, but the gasp quickly turned to a moan as the kiss deepened. I quickly tore his shirt of and traced my hands up and down his back. And then he ripped my shirt off and broke off the kiss. His tongue touched my neck and slowly moved down to my shoulders and his hands unhooked my bra. I moaned as the touch of his tongue flicked at my breasts and he teased my nipples, which were already hard. He took my right breast and squeezed it, which caused a groan to come out of me.

He laughed at me and kissed me again. As we pressed together I felt the bulge in his pants. I moved my hands down to his jeans and slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down and took his hard member out. All while looking him straight in the eye. I looked down and gasped! It was at least 9 inches long! I wanted that cock soo bad. I must of had a stupid look on my face because he asked me if there was a problem.

I laughed and said-"I dunno if I will be able to fit this all in my mouth!" Adam replied-"Well, we'll have to see and find out then huh?"

So, I dropped to my knees and licked the precum off the tip of the cock. I then slowly but surely took the whole thing into my mouth. It was a tough fit but I got it in. He grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth and when he was ready to cum he was gonna take it out but I pulled him closer. And when he came I swallowed it all except for some that came out the sides of my mouth. I stood up and kissed him.

I then said-"Now my turn."

He traced his hands over my body and pulled my shorts down. Adam then used his teeth to pull my panties off. When he did he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. He had a major hard-on. He picked me up and carried me over to the bed and laid me down.

He said-"God, you are beautiful"

Then Adam went over and slowly fingered my wet pussy. 2 fingers and then 3. I pushed his head down to my cunt and said-"Eat me out, now!" And he did. So he darted his tongue out slowly as if he was unsure just how to pleasure me and then with increasing pressure and the long easy strokes of a professional he made me climax convulsively. After that we laid there and regained our strength.

Then I heard him get up and then he laid on top of me. I could feel that he had a hard-on. He took a hold of his penis and was rubbing it on my stomach and pussy. I was wet in an instant. I told him to fuck me now. He gladly agreed to do it.

He slowly worked is big dick into my throbbing cunt. Slower and faster he banged me until I screamed that I was coming. But his steady rhythm never faltered and he kept on and on and on. When he had his fill and came inside me we fell into each others arms, exhausted.

It was almost sunrise and soon my roommates would be awake. So we said our good-byes and finalized our plans for the day. Then he was gone and I was left to clean up the mess. But in my mind I couldn't wait until later because we decided to meet at his house for some fun on the trampoline!! What fun!


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