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Mon's Surprise
by Jen

"Oh, come on!" he growled as he pushed the key into the keyhole, and finally the door gave in. Once he entered, he saw that the apartment was barely lit by a small slit of candlelight coming from underneath their bedroom door.

Suddenly, his thoughts raced. On one hand, he was incredibly tired and was waiting to come home and collapse into a deep sleep. On the other hand, he knew if Mon was up to something, no one could stop her. He didn't even want to, though, because he couldn't ever resist his sexy wife...

"Mon?" he called out, pretending he didn't see the slit of light. "Honey, where are you?" No answer. Boy, this meant she was up to something really naughty... "Mon, honey, stop playing-" he started as he walked up to the bedroom door... ""

He exhaled as he entered and saw what made his cock immediately spring up - Mon was lying naked on the satin petal-covered sheets, her long dark hair tossed over her shoulders and partially covering her firm, round c-cups, looking up at him with a playful glare... Her skinny, almost fragile body was perfectly shaped, and just the site of her naked was enough to shoot out drops of pre-cum out of his cock. She giggled as she sat up, reached over to the nightstand and took two glasses of red wine, handing one to him... The candlelight lit up her curves beautifully, and he knew he couldn't take this much longer... he sat down on the bed next to her and she slowly bent over to kiss him, curving her tongue around his as she did so... she opened her eyes after the kiss and looked at him in a way that could mean only one thing - "I wanna be fucked long and hard today, baby..."

She silently reached over to unbutton his shirt and he leaned over to kiss down her neck. She let out a soft moan and his lips went down over her collarbone, finally reaching the start of her breast curves. By this time, her hands were already working on his zipper, and once that was taken care of, her fingers went into his boxers, momentarily finding his 9 inches... She could hardly wait to have all of this in her. His lips went over her breasts, kissing and sucking on each nipple as his hands explored her lower body. She lay back down and he positioned himself over her as she pulled down his boxers, exposing his erect cock. She moaned loud when his hand found her steaming cunt and he started sliding his fingers up and down her slit, teasing her clit.

She stroked his cock with first one hand, then both as her lips met his and they engaged in another long, passionate kiss... She closed her eyes again and threw her head back in ecstasy. Their lips parted and his set off in search of her love canal... He gently sucked on her clit which made her moan so loud he was sure the neighbors could hear them while he probed her cunt with his other hand. "Oohhhhhh ..... baby..... yessssssssssss...," was all she could pronounce at the time. His fingers left her cunt and were instantly replaced with his tongue. Her juices were flowing down her perfect thighs and he lapped up some, thinking about how good she tasted. Her body began shivering, a sure sign that her first (but definitely not the last) orgasm of the night was about to come. Finally, she started shaking hard, and he held her lower body down by placing a hand on her stomach...

"Ohhh, baby... fuck me... please fuck me hard..." she pleaded.

"Not yet honey..." he replied. "Your turn..." She understood immediately what he meant, and positioned her lips over his cocks. Slowly, he began fucking her mouth as her saliva coated the shaft... she licked and sucked on his cock, and he could feel it coming. His slow, gentle thrusts turned into violent ones as he mercilessly fucked her mouth. As if to make things even more intense, she reached down and squeezed his balls, making him spurt out all his cum in less than 5 seconds... She swallowed every last bit and licked her lips in satisfaction. He could hardly breathe, and all he managed to make out was "that was amazing..." She knew every technique he liked to have used on his cock, and had mastered every single one.

Every blowjob she gave him would give him mind-blowing orgasms, and he remembered practically every one... though he was exhausted, he knew there was still at least one more "task" to accomplish. She leaned over and gave him a long, hot kiss, pressing her thigh against his again-hard cock. In no time, he was on top of her and the tip of his dick was pressing up against her pussy entrance. With one thrust, he managed to get all the 9 inches in, and she gasped as though having it in for the first time... she pushed herself onto him, making sure he was all in, and then the thrusts began... His lips explored her mouth, face and neck, and his hands squeezed her tits harder with each thrust. He muffled her moans with his kisses as she gushed all over him... "come in me..." she whispered when her own seizures were almost over, and in 2 seconds she could feel his semen filling her.

"You're amazing, baby..." she said and smiled.

He smiled back and kissed her again, answering "So are you...". His muscular body pressed her down, and he still didn't pull out of her. Suddenly, he had an idea... "You remember you said you wanted fantasies?" he asked.

"Yeah..." she answered, not sure about what was coming next.

"Well, how about this - you & I both get one fulfilled... tonight...?" he suggested.

She immediately answered "sure", giggled and kissed him back. "So, it can be anything... right?" he asked again, wanting to make sure he was totally fine with this.

"Yeah... anything."

"You sure, Mon?"


"OK then..." he smiled as he pulled out of her cunt. His dick was covered in her come, which was good considering what was coming next. "Turn over..." he said sternly.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I said so... do it... now..." he never ordered her around, so she suspected that was part of the plan. He was never rough with her, and the way he suddenly changed from being gentle to commanding wasn't really something she was used to. However, she did as she was told. "Good... you're obedient. Now relax..." she again followed his orders and relaxed. Suddenly, his lube-covered fingers found her rosebud and probed her. She gasped at the intensity of it, because she'd never taken anything up the ass before.

Before she could finish "what are you doing?", he violently pushed his cock into her ass. With one hand he pushed her head against a pillow to muffle her cries of pain which soon turned to cries of pleasure... in less than 2 minutes, she was convulsing and so was he. He exploded deep in her, and when he pulled out, he could see a few drops of blood around her asshole. He was afraid he'd hurt her, and immediately turned her over. She was breathing deep and slow with her eyes closed. "Mon, baby, you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Yeah, I'm... fine..." she exhaled as she opened her eyes. "That was incredible..." she added. "And I seriously mean it..."

"Great, babe..." he replied.

"Can we lay off my thing till tomorrow?" she asked. "I'm too tired... can we, please?"

"Of course..." he smiled. He kissed her and whispered "I love you" into her ear. In a few minutes, she was sound asleep in his arms. He held her and kept thinking about what a wonderful wife he had, and how much he loved her. He also couldn't keep his mind off tomorrow - whatever would she come up with?


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