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My Story
by Molly Malloy

We are sexually who we are based on our earliest experiences. I was a skinny but muscular kid with virtually no tits when an older guy started to pay attention to me. His name was Rusty. He'd play ball with me or go for walks, innocent stuff. Gradually he would expose himself by not wearing underwear or diving in the pool and "losing" his shorts. I was scared but fascinated.

He started to touch me in little ways the smack on the butt became a fondle. I wanted it to stop and I didn't, it was scarey but good. It was sexual molestation but I kept coming back for more, so he got braver. He'd grab a tit as we wrestled in the pool eventually "accidentally" moving my suit to expose me. I was mortified and really turned on too.

He asked if I liked that and I admitted I did but not when people I knew could see me. He asked if it was ok if he did it only when it was strangers around and I said I'd try it. The first time- he took me for a ride in his new car. As soon as we got on the highway he pulled my tube top down and told me just sit back and enjoy the ride, and I did ! I was totally turned on by this as truckers honked and guys stared.

We kept this up for a while. A few weeks later we went to a park, he always liked to go for a walk and hang his dick out till somebody saw him. This time as we got out of the car he pulled me to him kissing me and he unsnapped and unzipped my shorts. He said just walk around like that. I protested that they'd fall - he smiled. They fell to halfway down my ass immediately showing my panties. We walked around for an hour with his dick hard and long poking through his fly and my pants falling off.

Summer turned to fall and we got more adventurous. A winter coat with no shirt under it and my jeans around my knees, a drive in movie where I'd get naked completely - but mostly he loved to pull my pants down. Some guys love a skirt with no underwear Rusty loved to see me with my underwear and pants arounds my knees or lower or even just under my bare ass and I'd come to love him doing it to me I never pulled them down myself he always did it - to this day that turns me on more then being totally naked.

We had made a deal, no intercourse. I was a virgin, I give him a hand job and he could do anything else but that was all. He told me one night he really wanted to show more people my ass could he take a picture or two with a polaroid of me in different places with my ass out, no faces showing or maybe his - if someone else could take the pictures. I said no way then got turned on by the thought so asked who, his brother, Tom he said would do it he'd been telling him anyway. I said ok once, so we set up for an afternoon a day later.

I wore a sweater, jeans and a short varsity Jacket(his) and we started out on our adventure. We went to the park first where we got pictures of him pulling my pants down with a big grin or pointing at my bush from below. Then Tom said we needed to be more public. We decided to go to the local apple farm.

We took pictures with my pants down and people in the background all over the farm he even lowered my jeans as I stood on the other side of the cashier paying for a drink, and she never noticed! We headed to the picking fields where we happened upon a group of workmen, Tom went and asked them if they'd like to see my ass, after recovering the all said yes so Rusty pulled my pants and panties down and I turned and bent over to give them a look. Tom took a picture from behind the group.

That was the beginning of a whole new part of our fun that lasted till Rusty went to Viet Nam. But it's also another story.

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