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My Sleeping Angel
by Aaron Dazer

I was wandering around the house looking for my watch. I peeked in at My Angel, she was fast asleep. Looking over at her I notice that her blanket was off her body and her T-shirt had ridden up showing me her whole sexy ass. As she still slept deeply, I tiptoed up to the bed stared down at her then petted her ass gently and squeeze it lightly. Her body responded however her breathing told me that she was still a sleep. I pondered how deeply she was asleep and if I had infected her dreams at all with my petting. I moved my hands up the side if her body thankful that she was on her side allowing me to pet all that I wished. I slide my hand under her left arm reaching to touch her breast. I cupped it and massaged it gently.

My hand then slid back down her side to her ass again. I repeated this several times feeling her and exciting my self with the feeling of her. I pressed my hardening cock against her ass rubbing it up and down slowly. Then I moved my hands between her ass cheeks and around her panties brushing over her pussy and stopping with a little rub at her clit to test her body's reaction. I thought to my self how much I wanted her right then and debated on taking her. I debated on how to attempt the removal of her panties. An idea struck, I went into the kitchen and retrieved some scissors, and I warmed them under hot water then dried them with a towel. I couldn't believe I was going to do this. Carefully cut the panties away from her body. Seeing her naked ass, in a haste I took my own clothes off as well.

My Angel's now panty-less body begged me to intrude further, or was it my throbbing cock? I slid my fingers into her wet pussy, circling the silky-smooth lips. The wetness told me she must have been having some good dreams, or my petting had afflicted her. I thought of which way I should take her and several positions came to mind. I pondered moving the left leg further over putting her on her stomach, that way if she awoke I could hold her down until I finished within her. I decide to try and keep her asleep and left her the way she was. Still on her side I spread her legs a bit so my left knee would be able to fit between her legs without disturbing her much. For a fraction of a second I wondered, let me emphasize fraction, of the morality of the situation, and then gave into my lust. It mattered not whether she would allow this. I wasn't giving her the chance to decide.

I slid my balls up her right inner thigh. It felt good, I continued sliding up and down the smooth silky softness of her inner thigh, each time my cock got closer to her wet opening. My exploring fingers had spread the inner-lips open from before and I could see her wet glistening pussy. This excited me more seeing that open wet pussy. The head if my cock pressed against it. I looked for a reaction and then her ass moved. At least her body was awake to my probing. I started to stroke her ass with my hands. Oh how I loved that ass. I couldn't help myself. I buried my face in her ass and licked and sucked it all over. I shoved my face between the ass's cheeks touching its forbidden opening with my tongue circling it, oblivious to whether she would awaken or not I wanted her, I will have her I thought. To my advantage she didn't awake. My cock jumped against her calf as if in jealousy of my mouth I could wait no longer.

I repositioned my self with my cock back at her open wet pussy. I took out a condom more to hide the evidence of my intrusion than anything, she would not be able to claim anything. Slooowly I began to penetrate her. I weakly controlled my thrust as I entered. Trying not to disturb her with any other part of my body or too much moving of the bed. You have no Idea how hard that can be. My left hand found its way to her breast, I couldn't resist touching them. My balls rubbed against her inner thigh, they loved this. She was still asleep but her breathing quickened along with my pace. My heart raced though I maintained a steady moderate pace, still not trying to move the bed much. I came to the point that I would normally hold back for any time that I would have consent and kept thrusting deeper and deeper pleasing only myself. I saw her mouth open in an understandable moan but her eyes remained closed. Her body quivered, I could have sworn she was cumming.

This put my cock to its limit, as her ass trusted upwards I began pumping my cum deep inside her pussy. These next few seconds made my mind flash to all the previous happenings. I especially focused on licking her ass and massaging her breast. If only she knew what was happening to her. She seamed to relax with me I could not help but think that she had cum then the smile on her face confirmed it. Laying on top of her totally spent I softly whispered in her ear "My Angel are you awake." The response was inaudible. This told me all I needed.

I sneaked out of bed and returned with a warm wet hand-towel and a dry bath-towel and washed her gently. I covered her with a blanket and hid the panties on the bottom of the Garbage. Then climbed back into bed and drifted back to sleep smiling to my self and bathing in pride of my secret rape.


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