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My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Sweet warm spring air blew through the open window as I drove in Rural North Carolina. Everywhere flowers, trees, and shrubs were in bloom, the air smelled so sweet that I almost hyperventilated smelling it. Close by I glimpsed the river I was trying to get to, but "No Trespassing" signs had me stopped. I'd been trying to get down to the river for almost an hour and I was feeling frustrated. Ahead I saw a figure by the road. It was a lonely back road, and I was relieved to see it was a woman.

I pulled up and greeted her as she stood taking her mail from the roadside mailbox. I told her I was trying to get down to the river. As she came over, I was impressed. Tall and lovely, she had on jeans and a chambray shirt that was very well filled. Her jeans fit loose and were obviously work worn. No stone washed designer jeans for this gal. When she moved to the side of my four-wheel vehicle, which sits high, she was looking me straight in the eye. I guessed her to be a little over six feet tall.

My eyes moved down to her ample bosom. The top two buttons were undone, showing deep cleavage and the edge of a frilly and obviously expensive bra. She caught me looking and smiled warmly. She had a lovely face, almost classic, and deep blue sparkling eyes. Her face and personality were those of someone who makes you smile and think you'd like to know them better. Little did I know how well I would get to know her.

"You're Olivia G___ ", she said with a sudden start, her face lighting up with a glowing smile. I was flattered by her instant recognition. I'm a professional photographer specializing in birds - ornithology. I've had four books published, and many magazine articles printed all over the world.

"You have to come in. I just made some 'scratch' old fashioned tea cookies and have some real lemonade, fresh squeezed." She introduced herself as Gloria. As we talked, her eyes moved down. Since it was so warm, I'd left the top buttons of my blouse open, and braless, she could see my breast, bare to the tip.

It had been a long time since I'd made love to another woman. I enjoy a stiff cock, but have always loved women's softness and gentleness. I felt my nipple stiffen. I moved my shoulder slightly, making the blouse gap open still more, giving her more of a view. Her eyes stayed on my erect nipple.

I drove into the yard and she led me into a beautiful older home, well kept, and 'homey' inside. The whole house was beautifully furnished in warm colors. I felt completely at ease. We were soon chatting like old friends as I ate her delicious, still hot, slightly chewy cookies and drink ice-cold tangy lemonade. She brought out three of my books and I autographed them for her. They were well read and had slips of paper inside with notes on some of the birds. I noticed that since we'd first met, another button of her blouse had been unbuttoned, exposing still more of her deep cleavage and creamy breasts. I was sure it wasn't an accident. I enjoyed the view. The way she sat and moved displayed her breasts for my eyes.

I definitely got the impression that this was a sexual display. I have to be very discrete and careful. I've never been blackmailed and have to carefully choose my friends. However, I only had a good impression of Gloria.

Gloria told me I'd be welcome to camp by the river as long as I liked. Refreshed and a little aroused, I drove down to the river, past a red barn and well kept out buildings. Sleek well-fed cattle grazed in lush green fields. Presently I came to the lovely clearing and the outcropping of rocks she'd described. The rocks had a flow of water running into a clear pool. She'd told me I could bathe in the pool, but if I wanted drinking water, to use the pipe that came out of the side of the rocks. I knew that drinking from even the most beautiful spring could lead to diseases carried by the animals and birds, which drink and defecate in it.

I set up camp, unloaded my canoe and carried it to the river. I started the small engine, a marvel of modern engineering. Only twenty pounds, it is a steam engine, fueled by propane gas. I moved out into the river, reconnoitering the area. The small engine hummed so softly it's inaudible beyond ten feet. My feet fit into two stirrups that control the speed, direction, and forward and reverse. When you're photographing with long lenses, you don't have a third hand to steer with.

I found nests exactly where Gloria had directed me. I was here to photograph the stately great white cranes. Moving up the river, ghosting along, I found another nest and saw the female carefully placing sticks in the nest. Muskrats swam by, an occasional turtle, and a water snake. I glimpsed several deer in the virgin timber. I almost expected to meet a birchbark canoe paddled by loin clothed Indians.

I cooked dinner and was sorting my photo gear for an early start when Gloria rode up on a magnificent white mare. She rode bareback and sat as if she'd been doing it all her life. She'd brought a big slice of fresh baked pecan pie. She insisted I continue, and as she watched, asked an occasional question about my equipment, what I used, and why. She was sharp and bright. I found myself drawn to this tall buxom, intelligent woman. This time she didn't wear a bra and her full breasts swayed enticingly. A couple of buttons were again undone and I stole long glimpses of her full invitingly white breasts. The nipples tented the material. I wanted to reach out and cup the full mounds but knew I could be wrong. I wasn't sure her "invitation" wasn't due to naivete.

Gloria, I learned, was a widow, her husband a Viet Nam casualty. She'd lived on a farm all her life, and now made a good living raising purebred cattle. I finished the delicious pie. She knew I had to get up early, and she said she'd see me the next day. She swung up on the horse easily and rode off into the darkness. I thought about her as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke while it was still dark, ate a filling breakfast and was in position on the river before first light. I had outfitted the canoe with camouflage netting and added long river grasses to it so I appeared a floating brush pile. The cranes on their perches showed up beautifully in the wonderful dawn light. I knew I had some photos worth printing. When they flew off the nest to go feed, I was ready and the motor drive whirred as I caught their long graceful wings curving up and down as they flew, pure white against the dark green forest. I knew I had some superb photos.

I pulled my canoe well up the bank and made my way back to camp, my spirits soaring. Stepping into the clearing, I stopped short. Gloria was in the pool, gloriously nude, bathing. She'd soaped her hair and stood under the small waterfall, a vision of beauty. I marveled at her lush full figure. Her full rounded breasts swayed alluringly as she moved. Her nipples were erect, long and jutting. My mouth watered. Her areolas were the largest I'd ever seen, almost palm sized. Her full breasts would make any stripper green with envy, they lay deep and low slung, gleaming with drops of water. I didn't think she wasn't here by accident.

She turned toward me and I caught my breath. Her pussy was bare, revealing a prominent rounded mount of Venus with a deep cleft. She hadn't seen me, and I continued to watch fascinated as she washed her sex, a finger slipping up and down the deep cleft. I felt my clit swell. I stepped forward and she looked over at me. She didn't move, but smiled at me slowly. Her hand still covered her pussy, one finger still pressed into her cleft.

"Good morning, I love to bathe here. Makes me feel so alive, naked in the woods. Like Eve!" She smiled at me with no hint of false modesty. She continued her bath. In the soft light, she was the most sensual woman I'd ever seen. Almost breathlessly I asked if I could photograph her. She laughed delightfully and said she'd be honored to have me photograph her. Quickly I selected a camera, lens, and slipped on a flash unit and began to take pictures. I asked that she pretend I wasn't there. She chuckled and said that would be hard to do.

I asked her to wash her hair again, and shot as the water streamed over her beautiful body. She pulled at her long nipples, rolling them, erecting them still more. She washed her pussy again, this time her fingers stayed longer in her cleft and one disappeared inside, a point not lost on me. I could imagine a female tongue parting that furrow and sliding deep inside her. I gasped silently. She finished and sat on a rock drying.

"Why don't you bathe? She asked softly. "The water is invigorating, so sensual. Besides, I shouldn't be the only one naked." I couldn't refuse the invitation. Both of us knew we felt a strong sexual attraction for the other.

I have been told I have a very lovely body, and I have never been shy about showing it off around men, or women. I put my camera aside and undressed, displaying my body to her. Her eyes never left my body. Finally I stood naked and stepped into the water. I gasped, the water was cool at first, and then I found it wonderful. I soaped my body slowly.

"You have such a beautiful body!" Gloria said. "Such beautiful breasts." Her eyes moved up and down my body, her smile said she liked what she saw. As I bathed, her thighs spread slowly and I had a revealing view of her pussy. The swollen inner lips just peeped out of her crevice. My mouth watered.

"Do you like my pussy? " She asked catching my rapt attention to her intimate flesh. I told her I did. "My lover likes it too. I had it depilated by electrolysis. It took several days to have it done. Being that close to my pussy was such a temptation to the beautician, we wound up making love over and over. It was a delightful distraction!"

Her thighs moved apart still further. "My lover has hers shaved, I think being hairless has advantages. I always shave her. I love slipping my tongue up and down her sweet pussy, tonguing her clit till she comes." She smiled again. "You enjoy women, don't you?"

"Very much, I've been bisexual all of my life, but lately I've been leaning more toward women. They are so gentle, no demanding. But you know that!" I said smiling at her.

"Actually, I haven't had that many lovers. After my husband died, I didn't make love for a couple of years. Deena, a good friend, and I have always been close and one evening with no plan, we made love. She'd had experience and taught me. Since then I've had several other women lovers, mostly friends of Deena. I did seduce Pam, my lover, she's married. Her husband knows and approves.

"We've have had a threesome several times. They have a video camera and he's photographed us together. They play the tape while they're making love. She says it really sets him on fire. My favorite is for him to fuck her while she and I am in a 69. I can lick her sweet pussy and clit, and his cock, dripping with her juices. He's the only man who's fucked me since my husband died, and only when we have a threesome. She's since seduced a couple of her lady friends. There's no jealousy between us. Deena and I still make love often."

I moved to her and leaned down, kissing her lips softly. Her lips parted and our tongues flicked together. Reaching down, I laid my palm flat on her sex and rubbed. She moaned into my mouth and I carefully slid a finger inside her. She was hot, wet and slick. Her pussy contracted around my finger. We broke apart. Her towel was nearby and we dried off quickly, our hands taking naughty liberties.

We moved inside my tent and lay down atop my smooth nylon sleeping bag. Our legs twined together, pussies mashing firmly. We kissed and caressed for a long time, our passions rising. I reveled in Gloria's soft lush body, so firm beneath her soft skin, her full breasts and long erect nipples. I licked her large areolas, making them wet then blew on them. Using an old trick an experienced lover had used on me, I licked just above her nipple, tonguing the crinkled flesh. My lips brushed her long hard nipples fleetingly, teasing her.

"You beautiful bitch!" she chuckled, her voice throaty with desire. "I'm on fire. Suck them! Suck them hard!" She lifted her breast placing her nipple squarely between my lips.

I sucked her nipples, raking them gently with my teeth, pulling them with my lips. I fondled and stroked her firm smooth breasts. My tongue flicked over and over her huge areolas till they crinkled with excitement. I sucked hard on her long nipples pulling on the long erect flesh. I don't ever remember giving a woman's breasts such attention. It excited me and certainly excited her. She climaxed, much to my amazement, just from having her nipples stimulated. Her beautiful bare pussy would have to wait a little while, she laughed after she had caught her breath.

"That doesn't happen often! You make me so wild. Now let me love you. Just lie back and let this earth goddess make love to you." She moved her full soft breasts against mine, her nipples like fingers as she swayed from side to side. Her lips moved down my neck, her tongue flicking erotically.

Moving to my breasts she sucked the nipples to hard points. Moving her head back slightly she looked up at me and began to flick her tongue rapidly across the erect nipple. Slowly she moved back, her tongue extending further and further. She curled her tongue upward and actually touched the tip of her nose. My pussy melted and I felt my juices flow as I realized what that tongue could do to my burning pussy.

She slid down, spreading my thighs and slipped between them. She kissed the undersides of my breasts and ran the flat of her tongue over the sensitive underside. She shifted slightly, and I moaned for she had placed one breast against my pussy and her firm long nipple had stroked unexpectedly against my spread flesh. One hand moved to her breast, pulled at her nipple, elongating it, then she moved her breast up and down raking my wet slit with her taut nipple.

I had never had a woman to do that to me, and it excited me tremendously. She moved down further and pressed her nipple against my vulva and I felt the long nipple burrow into my slit. I cried her name aloud, a quaver in my cry. She continued to move it up and down from bottom to top, catching my swollen clit on the final upstroke. It was almost a relief when she finally moved down to lick my thighs and around my spread pussy.

"God, what a lovely pussy. So dainty and pink, and so wet!" Gloria whispered, her breath blowing against my sensitive flesh. She began to lick me up and down, over and over, first with flattened tongue, then her tongue a hard spear. She was a master, running her tongue between the inner and outer lips on one stroke, up the middle on the next and then suddenly flicking my pink clit like a vibrator. Then I felt her tongue slide into my pussy, hard, pointed and so long. Her lips covered my sex as she slid her tongue full length inside me and began to curl in around. It was like a finger curling inside me, only so much softer and knowing.

I cried out as she slid a slick finger up my nether hole and moved it in and out in time with her tongue. I went over the edge and exploded again and again as she made love to me. She was tremendously skilled and brought me from one climax to another as she changed techniques again and again with her mouth, tongue, and finger. Finally, I pushed her head away before I fainted. She moved up and held me close kissing my cheek, her hands moving soothingly over my body, cupping my breasts softly. When I'd caught my breath, we kissed and I licked her lips, tasting my pussy juices.

We lay on the smooth nylon sleeping bag cuddling and kissing. I ran my hand down to cover her sweet pussy, wanting to make love to her properly. She laughed softly and held my hand. She said that one climax for her right then was enough, she'd seldom had a climax just from having her nipples kissed. We had lots of time and she wanted me to properly meet her "secret weapon". She kissed me, silencing me, when I started to ask the meaning of that remark.

We went back to the spring and washed each other gently, in a non-sexual manner. She dressed and left. I felt wonderful, and I hummed as I got my film from the day's shoot and got it ready to send to my photo lab.

I ran into town, picked up some supplies and mailed my film with a note to pick the most sensual frame from the nude roll, blow it up and send it back in care of general delivery. The woman in the lab would be intrigued, but she knew my proclivities and she was one of the best color printers, and I trusted her judgment implicitly.

When I got back from town, Gloria stopped me and invited me to dinner that evening. She had invited Pam for dinner before I'd come, and said that she'd now love to include me also. I couldn't refuse a home cooked meal. I eat in restaurants most of the time, and camping, I can't really cook any but the simplest meals. It does keep me slim though.

Pam turned out to be a vivacious brunette, small and petite, with big liquid brown eyes and a wonderful personality. Since I knew of their sexual relationship, I was intrigued by the opposites in personality and bodies. I could imagine Pam's pixie face buried between Gloria's strong white thighs. Pam's pert breasts, obviously braless, jiggled delightfully beneath her thin blouse.

Dinner was a delight, a real Southern Dinner! Gloria is a superb cook, and I can't remember having eaten so much in a long time. The two were wonderful conversationalists. Pam went on about how thrilled Gloria was to finally meet me, and now she'd finally gotten to meet the "world famous ornithological photographer". We all laughed.

"And, I'll bet she also told you about me photographing her nude in the pool." I said, knowing she probably knew of our lovemaking too.

"Yes, and I want to see the pictures. She has such a splendid body. I've taken some pictures of her, but I'm no photographer and all I got were pictures of a naked woman, and not very flattering ones either! She made me rip up the prints and negatives. She tells me you are a very accomplished lover too!" Pam said, her brown eyes holding mine.

"So is she!" I laughed. "She almost had me fainting from pleasure. Do you know what I'd like?" They looked at me expectantly. "I'd like to see you two make love. I can picture the contrast you two make together."



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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