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My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"God!" Gloria laughed. "I thought you'd never ask. Let me put a few of these things away and we'll go into the bedroom." Pan and I helped her, and in no time the three of us were in her bedroom. I chose to sit in a chair beside the big king sized bed while they lay down together. One wall was mirrored, giving a tantalizing view of these two lovely ladies from two angles.

They twined and kissed slowly, obviously lovers who knew their partner well, and were in no hurry. Clothes slipped away and hands and lips moved over familiar flesh. Pam's body was small and shapely. Her breasts pert champagne glass sized, with swollen pointed areolas and jutting nipples. Very sexy. Her pussy was shaved and her inner lips jutted out, pink, the crevice gleaming with her juices.

Gloria turned toward me. "Olivia, please take your clothes off. I want Pam to see what a beautiful body you have." I stood up and slowly took my clothes off. When I'd finished, I sat back down in the chair, spread my thighs and slowly stroking my wet pussy. I've always enjoyed playing the voyeur. It makes it so much more enjoyable when you know that you can join in the lovemaking at any time. I've also found it is sexually arousing to the people being watched. They know you're being sexually excited watching them.

Pan and Gloria were kissing and whispering. Gloria lay back with a pillow under her head and Pam moved over her kissing and caressing her. She fitted her hips against Gloria's, reached down and spread Gloria's pussy and fitted her mound against the soft gash. They rocked slowly back and forth. I could imagine the pleasure of soft smooth flesh rubbing against Gloria's clit.

Pam slid down and rolled aside. I was looking at Gloria's beautiful pink vulva, spread apart, wet with their juices. "Move closer." Pam said, her voice husky with desire. "I want to show you her 'secret weapon', as she calls it. The first time I saw it I was literally flabbergasted!"

Gloria lay, head and shoulders propped on a pillow looking down at us, and with one of the most sensual smiles I've ever seen. She was the voluptuous queen, and we were her sex slaves. I realized I was stroking my hard clit, teasing it, my climax so near!

Slowly Pam parted Gloria's pussy wide, and reaching up, pulled upward at the top. Gloria's clit slowly emerged from its sheath and I gasped aloud. I had never seen such a large clit, or one so lovely! It slid out pink and shiny from its hiding place. It was fully as large as the tip of my little finger, and as long as the first joint. Pam placed her wet fingers on either side of the clit and slowly rubbed the slick shaft. To it call a nubbin would be a gross misstatement. She bent forward and licked the wondrous flesh. Gloria's eyes closed, and a moan came from her.

As I watched spellbound, Pam sucked, licked and stroked Gloria. Her spread pussy became wetter, and I watched fascinated as her juices flowed out and ran down over her small neat anus. My fingers moved against my own clit bringing me closer to a climax. Her vagina was a rose, a deep pink, the lips petals, wet, swollen and gleaming.

Gloria's hands ran through Pam's soft short hair urging her on. I could see Pam's cheeks move in and out as she sucked rhythmically on the wondrously large clit. I leaned closer to watch this beautiful lovemaking. I knew that these two had made love many times, and I hoped that I could make love with them a number of times before I left.

Gloria began to cry and moan louder, her hips thrusting upward. She cupped her beautiful breasts, then pulled at the long nipples, extending them to impossible lengths. Her head moved from side to side, her eyes closed. She screamed a long cry of ecstasy and her hips went rigid. Pam's lips and tongue moved rapidly as she drove her friend over the edge.

My fingers became a blur as I rubbed my aching clit in circles and felt my own climax burst within me. My own cries joined Gloria's as we climaxed together. My climax was long and very intense. Spent, I opened my eyes and saw that Gloria was still climaxing. Her vagina was pulsing, a stream of her juices running out. Her climax seemed to go on and on.

Finally she gave a violent shudder and fell back spent. Pam moved down slightly and slowly gently licked the wet swollen flesh, lapping up her love juices. I joined them on the bed and we lay cozy and happy, kissing and stroking.

"Now, it's your turn." Gloria whispered as she kissed me. "Have you ever had two women make love to you at once?"

"Only once before, in college." I answered. "My room mate and I were making love when a mutual friend came in. We'd forgotten to lock the door. She watched for a while then joined us. It was wonderful. Of course, we were three novices and there was a lot of giggling and fumbling, but we did have wonderful fun. Regretfully, it just never happened again."

"Well, this is our first time for a threesome, all female, that is." Pam said. "My husband has joined us, but that's different."

"So Gloria has told me. That must be quite a threesome. I think you have quite a husband." I said.

"Don't I know it! I'd always had a very hard time climaxing, and the poor dear did everything to try to get me to climax. One night he put on a porn video and it had two beautiful women making love. When he went down on me I exploded. I didn't realize till he brought it up later that seeing women together, or reading about it really turned me on. He got some very good all girl tapes and one night when we were watching one and fucking our brains out, he suggested that I give lesbian love a try. He even said that he thought Gloria was interested in me. It was nothing overt, but he'd noticed how she looked at me. Unconsciously I guess I'd been sending signals to her.

"Well, the more I thought about it the more I was sure he was right. One night we were alone together, Gloria and I looked at each other, kissed, and wow! I climaxed so many times that night I went home exhausted. I told my husband everything that had happened and he was delirious. He insisted Gloria and I continue making love. He reaps the dividends. Gloria and I make love, I climax over and over, then when I get home and tell him the details, and I mean every detail, we wind up fucking like bunnies. I can climax easily in a dozen different ways now. It's done wonders for my marriage. We've had some very nice threesomes too. I'm not jealous when he fucks Gloria. In fact I love it! I get really hot watching. I hope you're not shocked." Pan said, a concerned look on her face.

"Not me, you beautiful lady. I'm all for anything that keeps three people happy. It seems all three of you benefit from this. Jealousy is the worst enemy of couples, and friends. I think it's a wonderful relationship, and I certainly don't want to do anything to spoil it."

The two of them assured me that their relationships were very firm, and that their greatest joy was seeing the other experience love and joy. I'd seen no signs of jealousy, and I certainly wanted it to stay that way. I'd been impressed with Gloria's honesty and didn't want to hurt her.

Gloria kissed my lips softly, her talented tongue arousing me. Pam kissed my neck and ear, then joined Gloria kissing my lips. Her hand stroked my breast kneading it gently. Our tongues fenced and probed and having the two kissing me at the same time was very exciting. Gloria moved down to kiss my breasts and suck my nipples, her hand moving over my stomach and to my spread thighs. Pam's lips and tongue played over mine. She was a wonderful French kisser.

They took their time making love to me. They changed places and Gloria kissed my lips, while Pam moved down to my stomach and thighs. She stroked and kissed me till my hips were thrusting upward, thighs spread, wanting her mouth on my molten core. Just when I thought I would go crazy, she slid her flattened tongue full length along my pussy. I cried out against Gloria's mouth.

Pam's lips caught my clit and pulled and sucked then she's flick her tongue against the swollen exposed head till I was on the verge of a climax, then back off. She slid first one, then two fingers inside my pussy and stroked in and out, rotating her fingers.

Gloria's long talented tongue played over my lips and mouth while her hands stroked, squeezed, and kneaded my passion-swollen breasts. Then in some signal I missed, the two began to intensify their arousal of me. Their kisses and caresses became faster, more intense, more passionate.

Pam's lips and tongue worked on my aching clit till I began to scream my passion, calling their names over and over. My body bowed in ecstasy and my climax came in wave after wave. I couldn't stop. They said I had at least eight intense climaxes, one following the other. This time I did faint from the intense, overwhelming pleasure.

I came to to find them close by me, concerned looks on their faces. Pam was bathing my face with a cool wet cloth, while Gloria rubbed my hands. Their worried looks turned to smiles of tenderness when the saw I was OK. They kissed me tenderly and apologized. I told them that I was fine, and it showed that sometimes there really was too much of a good thing. We lay together laughing and kissing.

I moved over and pulled Pam close to me. Sliding my thigh between hers, I cupped her delightful ass and pulled it hard against my leg. Her hips pressed back. I kissed her, softly at first then harder as our passions heightened. Her breasts pressed against mine and we both moved rubbing our nipples to firmness against each other. Her lips were sweet and had the taste and scent of Gloria's, as well as my own pussy on them.

We broke for a moment to catch our breaths." Now its your turn, you lovely sprite. Gloria and I have both climaxed, thanks to you. Now its your turn." I said softly. Gloria nodded and broke into a huge grin.

"I have to warn you about something." Gloria said with a chuckle. "Have you ever seen a woman who ejaculated when she comes?" I shook my head. "Well, when this lady is really excited, like she is now, she squirts out fluid, and its not pee. I'd read about it, but the first time it happened, which was the first time we made love, I thought she'd wet all over me. It's just pussy juice, lubricating fluid. You saw how my pussy juice flow when I get aroused, well this girl lets it all come out at once. It can be spectacular at times. I love it. She has the sweetest, tightest pussy. So be forewarned! She's really gotten excited making love to you, and a Lesbian threesome is something special for both of us." Gloria said.

I looked into Pam eyes and saw a mischievous gleam as well as a smoldering need. She'd made love to Gloria, then helped Gloria bring me to a number of climaxes, so she had to be very excited. I'd seen a lovely woman masturbating in a porno video and when she climaxed juices squirted out of her pussy. I'd wondered about it. I lowered my head and began to kiss Pam again. While I took my time with the small lovely woman, Gloria lay near, one hand idly stroking her pussy, the other reaching out to play over our bodies.

I kissed and licked her perfect breasts and the puffy swollen rounded areolas. They were so exotic in shape. Much later I reached her smooth thighs, which she spread for me. Her pussy was beautifully smooth. I kissed her mound, then slipped my tongue up and down, parting the soft flesh. I truly love the taste and smell of a healthy, clean pussy. I licked her over and over, my tongue slipping a little deeper each time I moved it up and down.

She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart, offering her pink vulva to me. I closed my eyes and let my tongue feel its way over her sweet flesh. Pointing my tongue, I slid it into her velvet hole. She moaned softly. I moved up slightly, placed my fingers beside hers and spread her pussy wider, pushing upward to expose her clit. It peeped out, pea sized, the head gleaming, pale pink. I licked it softly, flicking it lightly, over and over. She gasped aloud, and whispered a long "Yesss."

Gloria had moved closer fondling Pam's breasts and watched me make love to her friend. When I looked up at her, she nodded to me. I returned to Pam's sweet clit and gave it all my attention, licking and sucking it the way I like mine to be loved. I once read that only a woman really knows how to love another woman, because she knows how she herself likes to be made love to! God, that was so true.

Using my fingers, I stimulated the shaft of her clit, a finger on either side, rubbing up and down. I sucked the small head, using a pulsing suction I always find so stimulating. The double stimulation elicited cries of joy from Pam. I slid two fingers into her slick vagina, my fingers crossed, a trick I'd learned years before known as euphemistically as the "lesbian pistol."

Rotating my wrist as I slid my fingers in and out, causes a stimulating effect that must be felt to be believed. Pam went wild with pleasure. I finger fucked her faster and faster while my tongue flicked her clit as fast as I could. She exploded! Her hips lifted off the bed, her body rigid, her scream of pleasure filling the room.

Then I felt her hot juices gush from her sweet pussy. I continued to pump my fingers in and out and a jet of slick juice squirted onto my hand and breasts. It pulsed out again and again. I couldn't believe it! Her hips thrust up uncontrollably, her face contorted with passion. Her orgasm was long and very vocal. She gasped finally and fell back spent.

I slipped my fingers from her sopping pussy. They were drenched. Tentatively I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted them. Gloria had been right, it wasn't urine. Her juices were delicious, salty and slick, just normal lubricating fluids. I bent forward and gently licked her pink vulva, savoring her abundant juices. Her thighs were wet as well as her small perfect anus. She sighed as I lapped up her juices, and flicked my tongue over her nether hole.

I moved up and kissed her. Gloria kissed us and she licked Pam's juices from my face and lips. Our tongues twined as we caressed and cuddled. It felt so wonderful to be held and loved by two such special women. I regretted having done it only once before, and silently vowed to make it happen again soon. Several of my very good friends would be more than willing participants if I initiated it. I told Gloria and Pam of my wish and they thought it a wonderful idea.

"I'll bet Deena would love the idea. I'm sure she's had a threesome before. Pam has met her, but they have never made love. Wouldn't you like to make love with Deena and me?" Gloria asked Pam.

"God, yes! I didn't realize how wonderful it could be with two partners. The touching, the kissing, our bodies all together was so wonderful. I love it when Jim is with you and me, but this is so different. Yes! I'd love to try it with Deena. She's such a sexy lady!" Pam said excitedly.

We talked for a long time, cuddling and kissing softly. Reluctantly we got up and showered together amid much giggling and laughter. I walked back to my camp wonderfully tired and relaxed. All reservations I'd had about Gloria completely gone. I'd found two wonderful new friends.

The next week went well for me. The cranes were nesting and I built a tree blind near one of the nests so I could photograph them without disturbing them. I also got some beautiful photos from the canoe early in the morning and early evening. The mornings shots were some of the best, the mist hanging over the water set a wonderful mood. If the birds had been a little shy at first, they became accustomed to the strange "brush pile" that floated up stream as well as downstream. I was able to move closer to them without they're showing signs of nervousness.

Great blue herons, usually very shy, stood their ground for their portraits. Raccoons came to feed, and wash their food before eating. They paid me no mind. Deer came to drink and stare at my strange vehicle.

I ate dinners at Gloria's, and some mornings she rode up as I was just getting up, well before first light. She'd bring cinnamon rolls dripping with delicious goo, still hot from the oven. She'd fix coffee while I dressed and we'd have a quick breakfast. We hadn't made love since the night Pam had been there. I'll admit I was getting a little horny. She didn't wear a bra when she was around me, and her full breasts swaying under her shirt, was an aphrodisiac to me. I told her she was a lovely distraction.

The weather finally changed for the worst, a front came in, then stalled. It rained and was very gloomy. The weather reports said it wouldn't clear for two or three days. I needed a rest and Gloria insisted I stay at her house. I slept late, took a long soaking bath and was making myself a late breakfast when Gloria came in dressed in rain gear. She'd been attending to her farm chores. She slipped off her wet gear and I poured her a cup of steaming coffee. She came over, bent down and kissed me softly on the lips. Her lips felt so good.

We sat talking for a while, discussing the weather. "I can't do much outside either. I gave myself the rest of the day off." She said with a sly grin. "Do you have any ideas how we could pass the time on such a dreary day?"

Falling into the game, I said, "Its a nice day to just curl up in a nice warm bed with a book, and something, or someone to eat. I've heard through the grapevine of a very sexy lady who has a 'secret weapon' that is kept well hidden. Perhaps I could hunt for this 'weapon' and find its 'secret.' I think that might be a worthy quest for such a gloomy day." We both laughed and kissed again, this time, our kisses were longer and more passionate. Gloria said she needed a quick shower and she'd be right back. I went to the other bathroom and brushed my teeth and put on just a touch of perfume.

I slipped my robe off and went into her bedroom. She was still in the bathroom so I sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting. After several minutes she came out of the bathroom beautifully nude. Her body is truly beautiful. She came to me. Spreading my thighs, I pulled her to me. Her full breasts were even with my mouth and I buried my face between her full soft globes. She smelled so wonderful, squeaky clean.

I kissed her breasts and sucked her long nipples. My hands played over her back and firm butt. Her body is so hard under her soft skin. I ran my hand down and slid a finger between her ass cheeks.

I looked up at Gloria, her face was aglow. "Do you realize that I haven't made love to you properly?" I asked. "The closest was when I brought you to a climax from kissing your breasts. It's time you laid back and I get to explore this beautiful body and your sweet pussy. I want to lick, suck, and tongue your pussy. My mouth watered watching Pam make love to you, and your clit! I want it!"

Gloria looked down. "That's why I call it my "secret weapon." No one who sees it can resist it. Men, or women, they have to make love to it! When I was young, I just imagined every girl, or woman had a big clit. A girlfriend said she couldn't come masturbating, I told her to just rub her clit. She didn't know what I was talking about. I showed her she and mine almost fainted. We finally found hers, but it was almost invisible. I guided her, verbally, and she learned to rub hers and climax. Later, she told me about vibrators. She let the cat out of the bag at school, and all the girls, and boys wanted to see my clit. I had to live that down.

"When my boobs began to really grow, my clit got larger too. I had quite a time with the boys, they all wanted to get their hands on my tits. I only had sex with two guys before I got married and only after dating them for a long time. God, listen to me! Now I've discovered women, and one beautiful lady wants to make love to me and all I do is talk. Kiss on, my pussy is dripping."

While she talked, I had been stroking her body and softly kissing her full breasts. I sucked the nipples and pulled and rolled them between my fingers. Her hips pressed forward against my body. I pulled her harder against my body and slipped one hand down to her pussy. Her smooth mound felt so soft. Pressing, I slid a finger into her deep cleft and between her wet inner lips. She was so soft and wet. I slid a finger up inside her, probing her sweet vagina. She sighed deeply.

"Lay down on the bed. I want to lick your hot pussy." I murmured against her soft flesh. She moved around and lay on the bed, a pillow under her head. Beginning at her feet, I kissed and licked my way slowly up her long firm legs. She stroked her pussy slowly as I kissed my way upward.

"You look so beautiful kissing my legs. I always love to put a pillow under my head so I can watch. It makes me so hot." Gloria whispered.

It made me hotter knowing she was watching. I stroked and kissed every soft inch of her thighs as I moved upward. She spread her thighs wide, and her pink inner lips peeked out, swollen and gleaming with her juices.

I kissed and licked around her pussy till she moaned her need and begged me to lick her pussy. I spread her pussy wide and stared at her deep pink core. She has a beautiful pussy, shapely, and well defined. I slid my tongue over her velvet flesh, savoring the taste and smell of her. Pointing my tongue I slid it into her core, pressing inward, mashing my lips against her vaginal opening. Sucking gently, her sweet juices filled my mouth. My body shivered at the sensation. I licked her pussy for a long time, touching every centimeter of her sweet flesh.

Finally I could stand it no longer and I moved up slightly. Carefully I used my thumbs to pull upward on the flesh at the apex of her pussy. Slowly the pink head of her clit peeped from the fleshy sheath. I moved my fingers slightly and felt the shaft, firm and hard just under the skin.

I brought my lips down and encircled the swollen rounded tip, sucking ever so softly. Gloria moaned softly. It was unlike anything I'd ever done. It was like sucking a tiny penis. I pulled it between my lips, sucking a little harder. It became firmer, and slightly larger. The exposed tip is fully as big around, and as long as the first joint of my little finger. I sucked it for I don't know how long, stroking the underside softly with my tongue. My own pussy was drenched. God, I was so excited!



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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