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My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. II
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Ohhh! That feels so good. Push in, Baby. Slow! Mnnn. Yes. It's spreading me apart so good! It's so big and fat, let me push." Pam said with a groan. I wasn't sure her small pussy could take it. Slowly they worked together, the cudgel slowly slipping inward till the mushroom head finally slid past her sphincter muscle and she gave a sigh of relief and enjoyment.

She bent her head and slipped her tongue into my pussy licking up and down, I moaned as she found my clit and sucked it. I licked her pussy lips and found her hard clit, the little head peeping out. Deena slowly began to fuck her, slipping the dildo deeper with each thrust. I licked her labia as the cock pulled and pushed her flesh, stretching her lovely pussy. Deena was gentle, and slowly the monster dildo disappeared inside Pam.

She moaned. "Wait a minute, you just hit my cervix, it felt so good. Hold still for a moment, let me get accustomed to it. I want all of it." Deena held still. I continued to suck and tongue her clit and reached up and rubbed her anus, rotating my finger around her tiny hole.

"Now, slowly. Slip it in. I want to take all of it." Pan said, her voice small and strained. Deena slowly slid out then in, each stroke slow and gentle. As I watched Deena's hips moved closer and closer till she finally had the entire dildo inside Pam's small body.

"Oh, God, yes. My pussy is so full. It aches so good. Now, slowly fuck me full length while Olivia sucks my clit. Fuck me, and eat me you sweet Wenches." We did.

Deena is a master with her hips. She fucks like a man, her hips rotating as she thrusts in and out. Her hips swayed from side to side as she made the dildo head reach every inch of Pam's pussy. Pam began to thrust back against her. I developed a rhythm with them so my lips and tongue never lost contact with Pam's sopping pussy. Deena's hips moved faster and faster. Pam began to pant and groan, she buried her face in my splayed pussy, pushing her lips and nose against my slippery opening.

Faster and faster the three of us moved together. I felt hands move between Pam and I, it was Gloria, cupping Pam's perfect breasts, adding her stimulation to ours. I sucked harder on Pam's clit pulling and raking my tongue over her hard little clit. She exploded. Deena's hips slapped against Pam's pert ass as she went all out fucking her. It was all I could do to keep my lips on her pussy, but I managed somehow.

As the dildo thrust in and out Pam's pussy, juices flowed around it. I tasted her sweet juices and licked her lips where the dildo slammed in and out. Her orgasm went on and on, and I came close to coming myself as her slick face thrashed against my pussy. Her cries filled the room as three women made passionate love to her small body, inside and out.

Finally she gasped, "No more! No more! Please stop!" We slowed our caresses. Deena slowly pulled the dildo from Pam's body. When it slid completely out, my lips were waiting and I covered her gaping vulva with my mouth and her juices literally ran into my mouth. She tasted wonderful. I sucked gently, savoring her nectar. She lay atop me, gasping for breath.

"Oh, oh, I never imagined it could be that wonderful. That dildo really filled me up. I haven't been so thoroughly fucked like that in years. Damn, Deena you're good! You had some good help too, Olivia was fantastic eating my pussy. Thank you both. You too, Gloria. I've never had so much stimulation in my life. My husband will go wild when I tell him Deena fucked me to a really fantastic climax!" Pam gushed. We all laughed at her enthusiasm.

We lay talking, sipping champagne. We all felt very close. The champagne let down any inhibitions we had, which were very few. Deena sat Indian fashion, her pussy lips exposed. Gloria reached over and stroked her, running her fingers up and down the wet slit.

"Did you bring all three of your dildoes?" She asked Deena.

"You bet! They go with me almost all of the time. I never know when some friend in need will desire my special treatment." She bent and kissed Gloria. "Just what did you have in mind, you sexy Wench?"

"I'm still horny. Watching you two has given me this terrible itch, right between my big toes. I would like for you and Pam to both fuck me at the same time, one in my ass and one in my pussy." Gloria said while she continued to stroke Deena's pussy.

"With you fingering me like that, how can I resist." She said thrusting her hips upward. "How about it, you little stick of dynamite?"

Pam agreed instantly. "I've been intrigued with the idea. I think it's a wonderful idea. Olivia, can I get you to do me a big favor? I brought my video camera, and I'd like you to tape us, if Gloria and Deena don't mind.

I can make copies at home and no one but my husband, and we four will ever see it. Everyone agree?" We all agreed. I was glad she didn't want me in the video. I trusted them, but accidents do happen.

She got her camera, Deena got the dildo's and I went out and got several more floor lamps to give more light in the bedroom. Using the mirrors as reflectors I soon had the room well lit, but normal looking. I wished for a second camera so I could film from two angles at the same time, with the aid of a tripod, but made the best of what we had. I explained how I would shoot, and how I'd ask them to freeze from time to time while I changed the camera angle. The camera was quite sophisticated with a macro zoom lens and a fade in/out feature, allowing fairly professional results without having to use editing equipment.

Quickly I developed a simple story line to make the video more believable. They liked the idea. I never though I'd be filming a porno video, and an all-girl one at that!

With the stage set, Gloria lay on the bed, alone playing with her pussy. The camera took in the whole bed and in steps moved in till her spread pussy filled the frame. She stroked herself and then spread her pussy more till her fabulous clit came into view. I moved the camera in very close as her fingers stroked it. My pussy was completely wet just watching. Close ups of her face followed. She slipped one, two and then three fingers inside herself while she stroked her clit. At my signal, she said, "God, I'm so hot! I can't seem to get off! I wish I had a big cock to go in me. I need something else to help get me off." She continued to stroke herself as I faded out.

Deena and Pam had dressed and I shot them outside the front door. They were traveling sex toy sales ladies. They knocked on the door. Gloria, in a revealing negligee answered the door and her face first registered disappointment that it was not a man. Deena explained what they were selling and Gloria's face lit up. Gloria has quite a collection of sex toys and we'd put them into an overnight case so the sales ladies could show their wares. She invited them into the living room and they sat down. They displayed them, explaining in vivid detail how each operated. The final toys were the dildoes. Naturally Gloria was fascinated with them and asked how they worked. The sales ladies were more than willing to demonstrate. She invited them to the bedroom and I took a shot of the two salesladies exchanging a knowing glance. The girls did a credible joy of acting.

We moved to the bedroom and as Gloria sat on the bed, Pam and Deena undressed, slowly and sexily. Pam lay on the bed and after several long licks to her pussy from Deena, Deena lubricated the smaller dildo, and inserted the bulbs, slowly while I got a good close-up. Gloria and said she'd like to see the middle sized dildo demonstrated also. Deena lay back and Pam inserted it for her. They stood together turning slowly, showing Gloria how they looked on them. Gloria did a good job of showing lust, and asked the lovely salesgirls if she could have an actual demonstration. Naturally the sales girls agreed, with appropriate lusty looks at each other.

The three got on the bed and they slowly undressed. Gloria had them kiss and caress while I moved around getting various angles of their bodies, hands stroking, tongues fencing, and fingers slipping into Gloria's pussy. I had Deena move down to lick Gloria's spread pussy, paying particular attention to her big clit, calling Pam's attention to it. Pam kissed and caressed her breasts. I used the lights to accent her full breasts and had Pam pull and tug at those long nipples while I filmed close-ups. They all enjoyed their make believe parts.

When Gloria was sufficiently aroused, we got her on her hands and knees with Deena behind her. I stood on the bed and looked down as Deena slipped the lubricated dildo into her pussy. It made a wonderful shot. I moved to the side and photographed it, used the mirrors to give two views. Moving above again, I had Pam move in and play with Gloria's perfectly shaped anus. She slipped a wet finger inside and as I zoomed, in slid it in and out. I cut and we had Gloria, head down, full breasts swaying, begging them to fuck her in the ass and pussy at the same time.

They agreed. Deena withdrew as I got a good close-up of the dildo slipping out and Gloria's vagina spread open, then closing slowly, a droplet of her juice running out. Deena lay on her back and Gloria got over her. Pam guided the dildo back inside her. I let them fuck for several minutes then Pam moved in and began to kick Gloria's small anus. She took some lubricant rubbed it around, then slid a finger inside preparing it for the dildo.

This dildo was small, no longer then four inches, and no larger around then my thumb. I took a shot as Pam lubricated it and then slid it against Gloria's nether hole. Slowly she pushed. The flesh pressed in, then little by little began to slip inside. I had them freeze and took a shot of Gloria's face as Pam pulled it out and put it back in again. She didn't have to act. She moaned how good it felt slipping into her ass.

I moved back and Pam slid it inside Gloria slowly. What a tableau this was! I moved back and got the whole bed, the three beautiful women, and their reflections in the mirror, as Pam fucked Gloria from behind and Deena from below. It was so sensual and erotic I almost came just watching. I moved from side to side, front to back, top to bottom, using every camera trick I knew to show these lovely ladies at their sexiest best.

All three were lost in their actions. Later Pam said that the idea of fucking Gloria set her on fire, and the dildo did its job of massaging her clit. Deena hadn't climaxed when she'd made love to Pam before and her pussy was still excited. Now thrusting up at Gloria, with Gloria kissing her, and her big breasts swaying against her own, Deena was really getting hot. They all admitted the fact that I was taping them made them even more sexually excited. I got beautiful shots of Pam's lovely face as she thrust into Gloria, and her pert breasts bobbing delightfully.

If I hadn't been filming, I would have been bringing myself off! I could feel myself lubricating freely. The three quickened their pace and I knew their orgasms were near. I moved from face to face, and had the lens on Gloria as she came. The microphone recorded her cries of ecstasy as she was fucked in both orifices. When she fell back spent, I swung to Pam and moments later her face clearly showed her own joy as she climaxed.

Deena's hips thrust and rotated as she continued to slip the dildo in and out of Gloria. I shot some of the dildo slipping in and out then moved to her face. Gloria was kissing her and bent back and caught her breasts and squeezed and rolled Deena's nipples pulling on them. Moment's later Deena came too, her wracking sobs filling the room. They lay together panting, kissing. I backed away slowly and pressed the button to fade out. I set the camera down, lay on the bed, slipped the fingers of one hand into my pussy, and stroked my aching clit with the other. My fingers became a blur, and moments later I came explosively. I couldn't have cared who was in the room. The three kidded me about it, but knew how I felt.

To finish the video I had Pam and Deena dress and with Gloria, in all her naked splendor, buy one of the dildoes, and some other accoutrements, and see them out the door. The video finished with Gloria walking down the hall to her bedroom, stroking the dildo and a shot of her splendid ass as she passed the camera and disappeared down the hall. Fade out - and END.

We were all spent. We went to the kitchen and had a light snack and drank the last of the champagne. We took quick showers two at a time then fell into the big bed together. We kissed each other good night and quickly fell asleep.

Once during the night, I came half awake to feel Pam and Deena beside me slowly making love. I reached over and stroked someone's bare flesh and smiling went back to sleep, Gloria's soft warm body pressed against my back, spoon fashioned.

I floated up from the most wonderful dream to find Gloria's hand stroking my breast and Pam's face buried between my thighs, licking me slowly. Deena moved over when she saw I was awake and kissed my breasts. I just lay back, my hand stroking Pam's undulating head. No words were spoken. It felt so wonderful. The lovemaking was long and slow, and very tender. I came three or four times, each climax more intense then the one before. Spent, I lay there for a long time, Gloria kissing me softly, stroking my body. Pam and Deena had disappeared. Finally, we could hear in the shower, laughing and giggling, later moans of pleasure.

"I hope they don't use up all the hot water. They had better leave some for us." Gloria whispered in my ear, laughter in her voice. "I'm so glad they finally discovered each other. I knew they'd get along fine. From the sound of it they are enjoying themselves." We listened to their moans of pleasure for a while. They came out of the shower smiling and holding each other. They were nude and made a very lovely couple. Their opposite figures and complexion made them all the more striking.

"We were just discussing how glad we were you invited us both here this weekend. We've both found a new friend and lover." Pam said, kissing Gloria. Deena added her thanks and a kiss.

"We heard your discussion clear in here. Passionate discussion, that!" I quipped. We all laughed. "We hope you left a little hot water for two more hot lovers." Gloria and I went into the bathroom, still warm, steamy, and smelling of their perfumes, and the clean smell of soap. We got into the shower and bathed, soaping each other. We let our soapy fingers play in hidden crevices and slip up into dark channels. I dropped to my knees and buried my face into Gloria's sweet pussy and while my fingers slid into her, I sucked her clit till she came. She held me close and with the water running over us, fingered me to a knee-weakening climax.

When we went into the bedroom, we found Deena on her back, with Pam atop her, each eating the other in a passionately 69. I stood behind Gloria, body pressed against her, my hands filled with her full heavy breasts and we watched the two lovers make love. I kissed her neck softly and she covered my hands with hers, pressing my hands against her breasts

The two put on quite a show for us. We applauded when they were through. We all dressed, and now ravenous, went to the kitchen where we all joined in cooking a real Southern country breakfast, complete with grits.

The weather was still bad and while Deena helped Gloria with her chores, Pam and I went to her house to edit the tape I'd made the night before. She had two VCRs, one capable of limited editing. I met her husband, a handsome well built man with a nice personality.

Pam led me into the den where the equipment was and I shooed her out. The editing didn't take long as I'd used the camera's fade features to full advantage. I took out a bit here, a bit there, and rearranged several shots. It really looked good to have been shot so quickly with a minimum of 'cuts'. The girls had done a credible job of acting, and the action was terrific. I was particularly pleased with the close up shots of Gloria's big clit. It gleamed with her juices, and the shots showed how large it was in comparison to the fingers.

When I was finished editing, I used the two machines to make four copies. I wanted to keep the original and when I got back to my studio make a more professional production for the girls, adding a sound track and cutting out some of the small, but distracting, unavoidable noises we'd made during the taping.

I opened the den door and Pam was on her knees between her husbands' legs fondling and sucking his long thick cock. She was looking up at him and telling him how she'd fucked Gloria in the ass with one dildo, while Deena fucked her with the other. She went into great detail as she vividly described how she had felt fucking Gloria and watching the dildo slide in and out. She told him how it had felt as the two bulbs pulled and tugged at her ass and pussy, while the ribbed portion had stimulated her clit until she'd climaxed. Her hand flew up and down his cock and with a moan of pleasure, his cock shot jets of cum high in the air.

I watched for a moment more, then backed silently into the den and quietly closed the door. I waited for several minutes then came out. They were sitting on the couch, and she was telling him about the picture I'd taken of Gloria. We talked for a while then Pam and I left. I told her what I'd seen and she said I should have come on in, her husband would have loved for me to have watched them.

"When I get back, he'll fuck me like I'm a bitch in heat, which I guess I am. Since Gloria and I have been lovers, we've fucked like bunnies. Before, I just couldn't get off, and I tried everything. Now I can cum at the drop of a hat, or my panties. He's so happy for me, and says that anything goes, as long as I tell him all about it. I don't fuck around with men though! He's enough man for me. Since you've been here I've really let my inhibitions go. You were the catalyst. I can't thank you enough!"

She kissed my cheek and slipped a hand inside my blouse, fondled my breast. I was glad we were on a back road. She wound up with one hand slowly slipping a finger in and out of my pussy, the other buried in her own pussy. A most pleasurable diversion. She came twice but I wouldn't let her bring me off. I didn't want to wind up in a ditch. She really had me hot though.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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