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My Slave Pt. II
by Ed

After the Saturday that Pat had tied me up and left me to Cathy, I now owed her seven days as her slave. She used several of them up during the course of the next two weeks and had only four left. Mostly she just had me eat her pussy and lick her ass in the morning before going to work and in the evening when we got home from the gym. If I got off at all it was because she told me to jerk off while she watched. My cock was starting to ache for a warm pussy or mouth to cum in. Pat had been talking with Cathy almost every day and they had been cooking up a plan that I was about to find out about.

About mid-morning on Saturday Pat said we needed to go shopping. First she took me into the bedroom and made me take off my shorts and underwear and put just my jean shorts back on. I often had her wear short skirts with no panties and I figured she was returning the favor. I didn't know what we were going shopping for but we headed to Walmart. On the way Pat started rubbing my cock while I was driving. I got hard and hot pretty quick. She rubbed and stroked my cock thru my shorts just enough to keep me hot while I was driving. Once we had found a parking space she told me to go into the store and buy a large leather dog collar and leash. I was about to get out of the truck when she said to wait and that she wasn't finished. I thought she had something else that I was supposed to buy but instead she started to rub my cock again, this time really fast. Before I knew it she had made me cum in my pants. She smiled at me and said "now go buy that collar and leash, and don't be stopping in the restroom." I got out with a load of cum in my pants and a half hard dick and headed into the store. Luckily I found the pet department and collar and leash quickly before I soaked thru my shorts. When I got back to the truck Pat checked the size of the collar around my neck. It fit to her satisfaction and we drove home.

Our son had an out of town soccer game that afternoon and Pat drove him over to the school to catch the bus. While she was gone she had me shower and shave. I had already shaved that morning but she told me to shave again anyway. When Pat got home I was out of the shower and dressed again. Pat told me we were going out in her car and she was driving. Once I was in the car Pat told me to put on a blindfold she had brought. We started driving and I tried to keep up with the turns and figure out where we were going but it was hopeless. After the first couple of turns I was totally lost. After what seemed like 20 minutes we pulled into a long paved driveway. We parked and Pat told me to strip in the car. Once I was completely naked, she put the dog collar on my neck. Pat got out and came to the passenger side, opened the door and attached the leash to my collar. She led me, bare assed naked, up the drive and walk, to the front door of the house, where she rang the doorbell. Someone opened the door, and without a word I was led inside.

We walked into a carpeted room and Pat asked someone "Is everyone ready" and a moment later she said "good." Pat jerked on my leash and led me into another room.

It was obvious that there were a number of other people in the second room. When Pat led me in I heard comments from "he's got a nice body" to "another leashed dog" all in women's voices. Pat said "there are five women here, one for each photo. They are all naked and they all know you. Do whatever you are told by whoever holds the leash and don't even think of touching that blindfold." She dropped the leash and I could hear her walk away.

From off to the side she said "Oh yeah, there is a videocam running and any of the girls can have a copy if they want." I recognized Cathy's voice when she said "Oh we all want copies."

I was left standing there naked and blindfolded for several minutes while the women wispered between themselves. I couldn't make anything out but I guessed the were trying to decide who would be first. Then the wispering stopped and there was a sudden and strong tug on the leash. I was pulled to my knees and a pussy was stuffed in my face. I was told to lap her like a dog. She was standing over me and had the leash pulled up the crack of her ass and was fucking my face. I started licking her and once she was wet she had me lay on the floor and she sat on my face with her ass in the air. I licked and sucked her clit until I made her cum. Then she had me suck her nipples for a few minutes before handing off the leash. Based on the way she treated me, her taste and the size of the tits, I thought she might be Cathy but I couldn't be sure. The next four women all had me eat their pussy's while they sat on the couch. I went on my knees on the floor from one to the next until I had done all of them once. I tried to figure out who they might be from the size of their thighs and breasts but it was just too hard to keep straight. Pat was the only one I recognized, she was number five.

After I had been around once, Cathy said "My turn again, it's around the world this time girls." She was on all fours on the floor again but this time she pulled the leash between her legs and forced my face into her ass. She commanded me to lick her from her clit to the small of her back and I complied. Each time my tongue found her ass or her clit she let out a little squeal of pleasure. Finally she rolled over and had me finish off her clit and make her cum. Two of the other women did the same thing but the other two stuck their butts in the air on the couch. My whole face was sticky with the juices of five pussy's when I finished and my cock was throbbing. These five women were all sexually satisfied and I was so horny and hot I was going crazy.

Pat asked "he looks pretty hot, does anyone want to help him out." Someone said "he deserves it" someone else said "have him jerk off" and a third said "I'll suck him off if I can have him as my slave for a day." Pat told her that she only had 2 days left and she wasn't going to give one away for me to get off, but if she could convince me to be her slave Pat would let her. I wasn't exactly sure what was going. Pat used the leash to tie my hands behind my back and pushed me into a chair. Suddenly one of the women grabbed my rock hard cock and started sucking it like crazy. I was about to explode into her mouth when she stopped just as suddenly as she had started.

I moaned with frustration. She licked from the base to the tip of my cock and took it in her mouth again, but only for a second. I was dying to cum and was pushing my cock to her. It didn't do any good, she just held my cock by the base and teased under the head with her tongue. I started saying "please, please make me cum." When I did she said "Here that girls, he's starting to beg, I like it when men beg." I heard Pat's voice say "Make him beg to be your slave." I tried to get control of myself, but everytime I got close she would rub her tongue just under the head of my cock. I was laying in the chair panting when she started fingering my asshole while licking my cock. I was out of control and started begging her again "Please make me cum." She said "please what?" I said "please make me cum." She said "wrong answer." Then she slipped the tip of her finger up my asshole and said "try again." I was going absolutely nuts and would have promised her anything. I said "please .... let me ... cum ... and be your slave." She said "granted" and swallowed my cock. I blew my wad in her mouth a few seconds later.

Pat took me back to the car and told me to get dressed. We drove home with the blindfold on and she let me take it off only after we were in our driveway. She said "you did good Doggy-boy, the girls had fun". I asked who I had promised to be a slave for. Pat said "that was Trish, I'm sure she will enjoy her day with you." Trish is a brunette, about 5'8" and a little heavy but with very nice tits. Her husband is an OK guy but a little wimpy and he goes out of town on business often. Serving her could be fun.
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