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My Slave Pt. III
by Ed

I owed Pat just one more day as her slave. She decided that day would be last Tuesday. She had me get in the shower with her in the morning, soap her entire body, rinse her off, and then sit on the shower floor and eat her pussy. She leaned against the shower stall wall and held my face in her pussy face while the water ran down her body and I licked her clit. It is a wonderful way to make a woman cum. The water turned a little cold and her nipples got huge and tight. I started tugging and pinching them while I licked her and Pat started to thrust her hips at me. I licked down her leg and back to her clit and she grabbed my by the hair and held me to her pussy until I made her cum.

When I had finished my shower, Pat had me stand next to the bed. She kneeled down and started sucking my cock. She had my balls in one hand and the other on my ass. Pat was pumping her head up and down on my rock hard shaft and I was going crazy. I started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth in rhythm with her movements. I was just about to shoot off in her mouth when she stopped. She grabbed my cock in her hand and said "that's good for now, get dressed for work." I groaned in frustration and started to get dressed. I still had a bulge in my pants when I came out of the bedroom for breakfast. Pat noticed and smiled at it.

When I was ready to leave for work, Pat told me the she had made a tanning bed appointment for me at the gym for 5:30. She said "Don't be late, don't lock the door, strip and get in the tanning bed as usual, do whatever you are told by anyone else that comes in the room and, don't take off your eyeshields until I tell you to."

I went to work knowing that the evening would at least be interesting. All day long at the office I kept thinking about what was to come that evening and my cock kept getting a hard-on. Pat had gotten me so hot and my secretary is a babe, I kept thinking nasty thoughts about both of them. I have to be really careful because my secretary is very conservative and I don't want to jeopardize my management job. Pat sucking me that morning had not made it any easier.

I left work at 5:00 and headed straight to the gym. I got there a little early for the tanning bed and just hung around. Pat and Cathy were working out in an aerobics class that would not get out until 6:00. At 5:30 I headed in to my tanning room and closed the door. I stripped, put my clothes in my gym bag, put on my eyeshields, turned off the light and got into the tanning bed. After a few minutes the door opened and closed behind someone. They turned off the tanning bed and everything went dark. A woman's voice told me to open the bed and sit up. I did as I was told. I knew from experience that you could see a little from the light that comes in under the door, but with my eyeshields on, I was completely blind. I didn't recognize the woman's voice. She said "I'm going to sit on the tanning bed and you are going to eat me". Then she sat down on the tanning bed and grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into her pussy. I started licking her and she started to get wet and opened her legs wider. Her feet were on the floor and her ass was on the lower part of the tanning bed. She pushed her ass over the edge of the tanning bed and told me to lick everything.

I started licking her from her clit to the small of her back. She was moaning with pleasure and started moving her ass with the rhythm of my tongue. I bit her on the thigh and she gasped and said "do it again." I bit her other thigh and started massaging her tits. They were medium sized but her nipples were had as rocks. She gasped again and started bucking her hips in an orgasm so I buried my face in her pussy and sucked on her clit. This woman actually screamed in the tanning bed when she came, forgetting where we were. I continued to lick her pussy until she told me to stop, which was several minutes later. She told me "get back in the tanning bed, and don't get up until it goes off". I did as I was told. I heard her leave as the door opened and closed. A few seconds later Pat opened the door and said "turn off the tanning bed, take off your eyeshields and come out". I got out of the tanning bed, turned it off, and took off my eyeshields. I turned on the light and that was when I saw that my gym bag was gone. I was completely naked and had nothing at all to put on. I opened the door to the tanning bed room and looked down the hall. Pat was at the end of the hall with several other women. She was smiling and had my gym bag with all my clothes at her feet. Pat asked "looking for something." I said "I need my clothes". Pat said "They will cost you five days, slave boy". I looked around and saw that no one else was around except her friends that had probably already had my face in their pussies. I ran down the hall and grabbed my gym bag from in front of her and said "your turn slave girl" and ran into the guys locker room. Now Pat was my slave again and I just owed Trish one day as her sex slave.

When I came out of the guys locker room Pat had already left. I found her at home watching a hockey game. As soon as I got home I had her in our bedroom sucking my cock. She reminded me of my promise not to hold anything against her and I agreed but also told her that I was very horny for some unknown reason and needed to be sucked off. I really enjoyed myself and grabbed her head when I shot my hot cum into her mouth. Pat sucked me dry like a good slave. I was not going to hold her actions against her but I did intend to make it very obvious to her friends who was the slave now.

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