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My Secret Love Ch. 2
by Deann Laws

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

A few hours had gone by, Lauri told the school that she wouldnt be in for a few days, freshed up, packed a few of her clothes and headed to the hospital. She figured this way she could shower there and wouldn't have to leave Samantha's side then.

Lauri arrived at the hospital to find Samantha in the same condition. She still hadn't awoken from the accident and the doctors were hoping by now that Samantha would be coming out of her unconsciousness. Lauri put her things down and sat beside the bed and held Samantha's hand as she had done the night before. "Samantha, you need to wake up. Please, do this for yourself. There are so many people here that want to see you get better. And I'm one of them." Lauri whispered to Samantha as she sat beside the bed.

Lauri continued to talk to Samantha encouraging her to wake up. Lauri talked about the past few days reliving those memories. Lauri began to share her feelings with Samantha and tell her how much she means to her. Lauri began to cry while she spoke to Samantha. "Samantha, I can't tell you how sorry I am for the things I had said to you the other day. You were right in everything you had said. Our kiss did mean so much to mean so much to me. I'm so scared Samantha. I'm scared of losing you, and I'm scared of facing you and facing these feelings I have for you. I don't know how to handle these new feelings. I haven't felt this way for another woman before. It's so new to me. But right now, please hang in there, please wake up for me, for yourself, that is all I ask for right now...just please wake up and get better." Lauri reached up and stroked Samantha's hair and looked at her bruised face, but even then to her she was beautiful. Lauri leaned in and slightly kissed Samantha on her lips and sat back down next to the bed.

The night drew on, and Lauri still sat there talking and holding Samantha's hand and crying and praying. Lauri rested her head on the bed as sleep over took her.

The door opened and a young man of 30 or so walked in. He saw Lauri asleep with her head rested on the side of the bed. He noticed a bag of clothing and personal items next to the bed as well. He hated to wake this woman and interrupt what seemed an intimate moment but he needed to see his sister. He cleared his throat and made a noise to alert Lauri that someone was in the room. Lauri looked up and saw this man.

"Hi, excuse me, I'm sorry for waking you. I'm John Pearson, Samantha's brother. Are you a friend or girlfriend of Samantha's?"

"No, I'm Samantha's friend. Well actually I'm her instructor at school but I guess I would like to consider myself her friend as well." Lauri had said nervously to her brother.

John could tell that there was more than friendship there, and that there were feelings this woman held for his sister but he decided to not make her feel uncomfortable and didn't bring up any questions with that.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. My sister has always been open with me about her being gay the past few years and I just assumed when I had saw you...anyway I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply anything. Anyway, how is she doing? I got here as soon as I could. I was away on a job I guess when the hospital had tried calling me. I'm so glad that you were here though for her. I'd hate to think that she had been here alone all this time. I'm her only family really now after our grand parents died a few years ago. It's just tough at times though for the both of us. Our parents died when we were young so anyway enough of my life story here. Sorry about that. I guess I can get carried away at times. John smiled at Lauri. "So has she woke up at all yet?" John had asked as he looked at his sister and stroked her face.

"No, I've been here a few days now and still she's been unconscious. The doctors aren't sure anymore about her recovery. They say the longer she stays unconscious the more grim it looks for her chances. Anyway let me leave here so you can have some time alone with your sister."

"No, that's alright. What did you say your name was?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't say. My name is Lauri Richmond."

"Well, Lauri, please stay. I think the more support my sister has here the better. Besides it makes me feel better knowing that you are here for her. I'm not sure how long I can stay since I left in the middle of my duty and unfortunately with the military nothing is an emergency for them but I had to come and see how she was doing. She's the only family I have left so we have to stick together. Please, stay won't you. Besides it gives me a chance to get to know you better, or vice versa." John said smiling. "Plus I think my sister would like you here as well."

Lauri smiled. "Sure John, I'm glad to stay. But if I impose on your time alone with your sister then let me know, okay? I think all we can really do is pray right now." Lauri said somberly.

John sat down next to Samantha. "Samantha, I'm here. It's John, your brother. Please wake up, okay, Samantha? I need you, your friends need you. Please if you can hear my voice, please don't give up, and come back to us. It's not your time sis. You got so much to live for and to do yet. Mom and dad would be so proud with what you've done so far. I know they would, cause I'm proud of you. I'm here for you sis so don't be leaving me now okay. I love you sis. Please wake up." tears began to form in John's eyes as he talked to his sister.

Lauri felt a little uncomfortable and was about to leave the room when John turned to her and asked her to stay. He told Lauri he was going to get some coffee and asked her if she would like some. Lauri was a little tired from being there all day and some coffee would be nice so she said she would like some.

Lauri waited while John went and got the coffee. "Samantha, there's so much I don't know about you. I'm sorry I never got to know you too well till now. I hope I still get the chance and that you'll give me that chance. It's nice meeting your brother. He seems really nice, and in a way like you Samantha in your expressions I've noticed. Please come back to me, I..."

Just then John walked in with two coffees. "Here you go," he handed Lauri the coffee. "So any change yet?"

"No, unfortunately." Lauri said.

"So Lauri, you said you've been here for a few days already. What about your work? You did say you taught my sister right? I'm sorry am I prying too much?"

"No, its okay. Well I just took a few days off. Since I run the department I guess I have my privileges...well at times anyway. But I did want to be here for your sister. But I know I have to get back to work next week, but I'll try and be here as often as I can though."

"That's really nice of you Lauri. I'm glad my sister has such a good friend." Yeah, I'd say more than a friend, John thought to himself. But John was glad for his sister. It's about time she met someone nice in her life. "So John, now I'm the one prying but I hope you dont mind me asking but you said your parents died when you guys were young. What happened to you and Samantha?"

"Well our parents were killed in a car crash when we were younger. I remember Samantha and I were staying at our grand parents at the time, and after that our grandparents basically raised us. Well we were pretty much already raised. I was 15 at the time and Samantha was 12 but it still was a rough time, especially for Samantha. She was really close to our mother, and I think after our mother died Samantha kind've lost direction for many years after that. Samantha kindve jumped into bad relationships and just made alot of bad decisions. She rushed into the Navy as well after I enlisted for some kind of direction I think, but it really wasn't what she was looking for. She met her ex husband there, who I might say was a real bastard, but anyway its taken her many years to finally get her life back together, and I'm real proud of her."

"You said Samantha was married?" Lauri said shocked.

"Yeah," John said smiling. "She wasn't always gay, in fact I think she didn't really know she was until a few years ago after her divorce. She was married for five years. She really did try and make it work but her ex was just a real jerk,as you can tell I didn't get along too well with him, but he was all wrong for her anyway. He didn't treat her right, and Samantha didn't think she deserved better and put up with his shit. I tried to get her out of that relationship for years but he had this control over her somehow. He was very mentally abusive,and I hated to see what it did to my sister. She was like a beaten puppy. She got out of the Navy for him, just when she finally was getting her life together and career advancement into place but he thought her job was to be an housewife. If you can believe that crap!! I hated this guy."

"So how did she finally get out of the marriage then?" Lauri was intrigued with all that he was saying about Samantha.

"Well, that's a long story there, but briefly, he just went too far one day with Samantha hitting her, and she finally snapped I guess and came to her senses. Maybe she just finally grew up. I don't know, I shouldn't say that, but maybe she finally just accepted everything that had happened with mom and dad and finally faced her fears. Whatever the reason was Lauri, I'm just glad. It wasnt till a few years later that she realized that she might be gay. Actually I think that I knew back then, but I never questioned her about it. I figured she would tell me if she felt comfortable enough, and she did later on. My sister though is so weary of being hurt and getting into any relationship. She really puts so much of her heart into things. I just wish her to be happy and to find that special someone oneday, cause she really deserves it."

"Wow, you guys sure have gone through alot, and now this with your sister." Lauri said that feeling guilty. She didn't feel comfortable with telling John how it all happened.

Through the darkness I could here someone speaking, it was a woman's voice. Her voice was muffled but as time went on it seemed to become clearer. I couldn't move or talk. The blackness still engulfed me, but yet I could hear voices now. I didn't know how much time had passed but it seemed like an eternity. But this woman's voice. I could barely make out what was being said, a word here or there but nothing in full sentences. I tried to focus more on her voice. I know that voice. Wait a minute...Lauri, is that Lauri I'm hearing? Wait a minute. I have to think here, what was the last thing I remember. Oh yeah the car swerving off the exit, and then...and then nothing. So where am I? But that is definitely Lauri's voice I'm hearing, now if I can only figure out what she is saying.

The days went on, I think anyway cause I couldn't tell how much time had passed but I could always sense someone near me and talking to me, and as the days went on I could tell it was Lauri's voice, and now I could hear her say some words. Some of them sounded like out of love, or maybe it was just concern I was hearing. I couldn't move, but I could feel someone holding my hand. It felt nice, and comforting. I later realized that it was Lauri holding my hand and it made me feel comforted when the blackness engulfed me and the voices became silent again. But each time I kept hearing her voice pulling me back out of the darkness. She was telling me to wake up. But how, I was trying here. Please don't give up Lauri, keep talking to me. I have to keep trying to focus on your voice, please don't stop talking.

Blackness again, well maybe she, I can still feel her hand. Maybe she's sleeping. Wait...she's crying. She's telling me how sorry she is. Oh Lauri I hope you don't think its your fault. It's not. Darkness again.

Damn this darkness, please don't stop talking. Wait...a man's voice. I know that voice too. What's he saying? He's talking to someone...he's talking to Lauri. John, yes, it's John. Oh John, you better not be telling her my life story. He's always too open with things.

John jumped up. "Did you feel that!" he yelled excitedly over at Lauri.

"What?" Lauri said.

"I felt her twitch." John leaned over the bed. "Samantha, this is John, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand honey, please do that, keep listening to my voice and try and wake up, okay?"

Yes John I can hear you, you kook. Okay I'll try and squeeze your hand. I got to concentrate here.

"Yes, that's it honey." "I felt it again!" he screamed out in joy. "She squeezed my hand!" John was jumping around the room crazy.

Lauri was over the bed as well and talked to Samantha. "Hi Samantha this is Lauri, if you can hear us please try and come back to us and wake up."

Now I can hear Lauri's voice, damn they're making too much noise it's hurting my ears. It's getting too loud now. What the hell are they doing...yelling at me?

I tried to form the words on my lips...yes it's coming, I can do this. "Joooohhnnn!" I screamed out. "Will you please keep it down!" wow did I just say that. For the first time I felt like I was in my body. Oh no, this doesn't feel too good. Pain!! Oh God, well I guess I'm alive.

"Samantha, yes, sweetheart, that's great. I heard you. Can you try and open your eyes for us?" John said.

This was going to be harder than I thought. But suddenly my eyes flung open. It was blurry at first but then the figures around me started to take form. There was John on oneside of me and Lauri on the other. Yes I could see them now.

"That's it baby, you can do it!" John encouraged me.

I opened my eyes and smiled up at John. "Hi, John, I'm glad to see your here. I turned my head slowly but with much pain as I groaned, but I saw Lauri and smiled. Thanks Lauri for being here too."

"How are you feeling baby?" John asked. "Like being hit by a truck, but other than that just great!"

John smiled, and looked over at Lauri, "She's going to be just fine Lauri, just fine...I've got my sister back...I've got my sister back!" John leaned in and hugged me. I let a little moan. "I'm sorry sis did I hurt you?"

"Um yes, I feel alot of pain right now, but I'm glad to be alive John, though ask me that in a few days?" I said smiling weakly.

My body was already tiring out and needed rest. Doctor Sou came in and examined me. "Your a real lucky lady Samantha. You gave us quite a scare. We'll give you some pain medication, and that will help some, but you had some major injuries and we had to operate so it will take some time for you to recover. I hope you don't expect too much too soon here." the doctor explained to me. "I'm glad your back with us Samantha, I'll come back and check on you later. You get some rest now, and if the medication wears off just call me or the nurse and we'll fix you right up. Just get better, okay?" the doctor patted me on my shoulder and walked out.

John and Lauri were standing there smiling. I was too tired to talk so I let my body fall back to sleep but I was comforted knowing that Lauri and John were there with me. They told me to rest and would be there when I woke, so I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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