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My Secret Love Ch. 3
by Deann Laws

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Warning: This does contain material involving same sex relations, if you are offended by this in any way then don't read it. This is only for fun, and not meant for anything else.

It had been a long week, and a painful week of slow recovery but I was glad my brother was there visiting, though he did tell me he had to leave soon which I dread. During the week, Lauri and John were there visiting me together so I never was really alone with Lauri, which in a way I guess I was glad. I wasn't sure what to say to her anyway. Our kiss, and the argument we had before the accident wasn't brought up and I didn't want to relive that anyway. I did wonder why she had been there at the hospital with me. It was nice of her to be there, but I felt awkward and wondered why, especially after all that she had said to me on that day.

I don't blame her for the accident, though I do think she feels guilty. I know it was my own careless actions for that, but I know in some way she does feel responsible. I can tell by her actions around me now. She's so nice, and helpful and all, and almost too civil or like she's trying to watch what she says around me. She's definitely avoiding what happened between us before the accident, but I'm not complaining, I definitely don't want to deal with that right now. But why is she here? She probably does feel responsible in some way. Maybe that is why she's been here visiting with me at the hospital and has been so helpful in taking care of me and all. She just feels obligated in some way and feels she owes me. I don't know, but I'm glad my brother has been here. I'm not sure if I feel ready to face her and be alone with her yet anyway. It's been great this past week though seeing her but I'm afraid of what's to come. I don't want her sympathies or be her obligation. I'd rather she left if that is all this is. Memories of our argument tell me otherwise that this is nothing more to her. Oh well, this accident is a well learned lesson for me. Never get involved with your instructor. Yeah, okay, easier said, and a bit too late for me.

Hmmm...I wondered, I'm sure I'll be leaving soon. The doctor did say I was recuperating pretty fast and could go home soon. Damn, it's going to be tough with this broken leg and cracked ribs to move around. Well I guess I could hire an at-home aide, but being a student is going to be tough to afford that...oh well will see what happens I guess. And insurance, I don't even want to think of that. Though I did think John said something about that and not to worry. And then there's school, how am I going to graduate now? I have enough with lecture credits, but clinical, damn...what am I going to do about that?

Just then Lauri and John walked in the room. John walked over to the bed. "Hi sis, how are you feeling today?"

"Much better, thanks. In fact the doctor was saying earlier that maybe I could go home soon."

"Ah..yeah...that's what I want to talk to you about sis." John hesitated. "Well Lauri and I were talking, and we were talking about how you were going to take care of yourself."

I interrupted John. "Well, I've been thinking of that too John, and I could just hire an aide to help me for a few hours a day. Besides how hard will it be. I'm doing pretty good now and I need to get back to school as soon as I can anyway."

"Hold on a minute there Samantha." John said. "Your definitely not going back to school anytime soon and you need help for more than a few hours a day sis than an aide could give you. Samantha you can't push yourself too hard, you can't tear any of your stitches, especially internally. Sis you have to allow your body alot of time to recover. You can't take the chance of tearing your stitches and end back up in the hospital with internal bleeding. Come on, you know I'm right?"

"John, you don't realize. If I don't get back to school soon I'm out. I can't graduate cause I won't have the required clinical time. I have to get back to school!"

Lauri spoke up then. "Samantha, your brother is right. As far as school Samantha, well I think your health is more important. Samantha I know how much school means to you, but I'm sure something can be worked out. Your body was put through hell so to speak and a couple of weeks isn't going to do it."

"Listen to Lauri," John said. "Look darling please listen to us. You almost died honey. Please let your body recover and let us help you. That is what Lauri and I were discussing. I have to leave tomorrow sis back to Japan. And Lauri was saying that you could stay at her place to recover. I know you don't like asking for help, or feeling obligated to anyone sis, that is why I asked her for you. Please don't be mad at me sis. Please, you need the help and you can't afford a full-time nurse either. Lauri's offering, so please take her up on that offer Samantha. Please, look at you. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? I'm not saying that to sound mean sis but look at yourself. You look like death. You need the help. Don't be stubborn, okay? You know I'll have to kick you in the butt if you don't." John said smiling.

I looked at John and frowned and let out a groan. "You know John your a real pain in the ass sometimes." I looked over at Lauri. "Lauri, I don't know. I can't pay you and John's right I don't want to feel obligated to you nor anyone. I hate this! Lauri, I don't want to be a bother. It's just too much." "Samantha, please, it really wouldn't be a bother and I want to do this for you. Please, I won't take no for an answer."

"Lauri, I don't want to get into this with you, but I don't want to be your obligation either. "

Lauri turned to John. "John, can you excuse us for a minute." "Sure, I'll go get some coffee. I'll be back in a few minutes." John said as he walked out the door.

Lauri turned back to Samantha. "Samantha, I'm not doing this because I feel obligated to you. Yes at first I did feel a bit guilty because of the accident, and all that I had said to you that day. And maybe I still do feel a little responsible for that but I'm doing this not out of obligation but because I want to do this for you, okay? You need the help Samantha, and I want to help you, so stop being so damn stubborn and let someone help you for once in your life!" Lauri came closer and and her features softened, as she held my hand and looked at me. "Samantha, I hope you know that I am truly sorry for what I said that day. I really don't want to get into all of it here but I hope you'll give me the chance to explain it to you when we get home to my place. Please, Samantha, let me help you? Let me do this for you?" She said softly.

I looked at her. She seemed so sincere, but still I felt weary. But even so I would let her do this for me, it's not like I had much of a choice anyway. "Yes, Lauri, okay. I'll let you do this for me. But as soon as I'm up and able to take care of myself I'm out of your house. Besides, with your husband and kids around, I really don't want to impose any more of your time."

Lauri looked puzzled. "Samantha, I don't expect my husband back anytime soon, and besides I really don't care what he thinks. And my kids stay at their grandparents during the summer so please don't feel you'll be a bother or have to leave because of them. My kids won't be back till the end of the summer anyway, and as far as my husband...I don't know. I really don't want to get into that."

"Then it's settled I guess. I'm coming home with you." I said smiling, but wondered quietly what the hell I was getting myself into. This was turning out to be a very interesting set of circumstances.

John walked in with a cup of coffee in his hand. "So is it safe to come in now?" he said. I gave him a smirk. "So sis have you decided what your going to do?" "Yes, John. Your such a nag. It's not like you guys gave me much of a choice now, did you?"

"Well I'm glad sis cause it makes me feel more at ease going back to work and not having to worry about you."

The rest of the afternoon we chatted and talked about old times before my brother had to leave. It was hard having to say goodbye to him but I was glad he had been there for me. We hugged and cried a tearful goodbye and then he had to go. He hugged Lauri as well before he left and thanked her and then he left. I sniffled and wiped my tears away as I waved goodbye.

Later that evening, the doctor came in and gave me the go ahead that I could go home the next day if I could find help for a few weeks. I assured him that I would be staying at Lauri's to recover. Lauri had left soon after my brother had gone so I was now alone. I felt a little lonely with my brother gone and a little nervous about tomorrow but I was glad that I would finally be getting out of this hospital. I had been there a few weeks now, though it had gone really fast with my brother and Lauri there visiting, but I was glad to finally get out of there. I rolled on my side and finally drifted off to sleep wondering about what tomorrow would bring.

So here we are which brings us now to the next day. I'm sitting here waiting for Lauri to arrive. I'm not too sure if I'm ready for this though. Lauri will be here shortly to pick me up. Lauri went by my apartment earlier to grab some of my clothes for me and said she would get her house ready for me. So I'm just waiting for her to arrive now. The nurse helped me dress and get my things together or what's left of my things after the accident so I'm just waiting here. The waiting is driving me crazy. I don't know why, I shouldn't be that anxious to get out of here, cause then I'll be alone with Lauri but I guess it's inevitable now. I wonder what's taking her so long. It's been a couple of hours now since I gave her my apartment keys to get my things.

Just as I was thinking that, Lauri walked through the door with a bag of things. "Hi, Samantha, I thought you would like some fresh clothes to go home in. If you want to get changed that is, but it's up to you. But I brought some of your clothes back with me in case you did."

"It's alright Lauri, I can just wear these things to your house for now, besides when I get there I'll probably change into some sweats so it's not too constricting on my stomach here with the bandages and all. "

"That's fine, Samantha. So are you ready to go then?"

"Yeah, we just need the doctors signature to release me and then we can go. The nurse told me to just page her when you arrived and she would get the doctor."

So we sat and waited in silence for the doctor, not knowing whatelse to say to each other. The silence was deafening. So when is the damn doctor going to get here I thought. Hmmm...what can I say to her to break the silence?

"Hi, Samantha, are you ready to go home?" the doctor said as he walked through the door that minute.

"Umm...well it won't be my home," I said while turning and looking at Lauri, "but yep I"m glad to get out of here." I said smiling.

"Well, I'm glad, young lady. Now the nurse went over the instructions with you of how to take care of your stiches, and so your set to go than if you feel comfortable with that." I nodded in agreement. "Try to take it easy for the next few weeks, okay? And we'll set up an appointment for you soon to let you know when you can get that cast off. So with that you are free to go," he said while signing the release forms. "Thanks, Dr. Sou. Thanks for everything." I said as he helped me into the wheelchair. He handed me my crutches to carry.

"No problem Samantha, I'm just glad this has an happy ending and your still with us. You take care of yourself." He said as he walked out the door.

I looked at Lauri. "So I guess we can go now." "Yep, we sure can." Lauri said as she pushed me out the door and down the corridor. I must admit I was glad to get out of there. Lauri pushed me outside, and I waited with the nurse so she could drive her car up. So she went and got her car while I waited. She drove up a few minutes later, got out and walked around her car to open the door for me. The nurse and Lauri helped me into the car. We thanked the nurse. And then Lauri ran around her car and jumped in. "So are you ready to go?" She said turning to me.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Deann Laws.

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