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My Secret Love Ch. 3
by Deann Laws

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"Sure am, let's get out of here." I said as I looked back out the window as Lauri started her car and we began on our way to her house.

Lauri's house wasn't that far from the school or hospital. Soon we were pulling into her drive way. Her house was a cute white home bordered with red brick. It looked pretty spacious from the outside. "Well, we're here." Lauri said. She got out of her car and came around the other side to help me out. "Here lean on my arm." Lauri said as she helped me step out. I grabbed my crutches and we walked to the front door. Lauri unlocked the door and held it open for me as I went in.

I waited for her to come in as I eyed the living room and house. I was surprised to see how antique looking it was. I wasn't expecting to see her house like that with kids I suppose. But it was really nice and quaint. It gave you that homey feeling. All cabinets were oak or some type of wood, even in the kitchen it was cabin looking. Lauri gave me a quick tour of the house. The basement was the laundry and reck room with a pool table I guess for her husband. Upstairs were the bedrooms and bathroom. It was only a two bedroom house so I was wondering where I was sleeping.

The kid's room had two bunk beds so I didn't think I would be in there. So maybe I would be on the couch cause she did say her couch pulled out into a sofabed. But Lauri didn't say anything.

She helped me up the stairs and after the tour of upstairs and showing me where the towels were, and bathroom and such, she took me into the master bedroom. It was a kingsize bed as well with beautiful antique wood framing around the bed. She had a huge walk-in closet so it definitely was really spacious. She placed my things down on one side of the bed. I stood there wondering why we were in her bedroom.

"Samantha I put your things over here, that way it's easier for you to get to the bathroom and move around."

"Am I going to be in here Lauri?"

"Of course, Samantha. I won't have you sleeping on the couch. I don't mind sleeping on the couch anyway, it's pretty comfortable."

"Your going to sleep on the couch? Really, Lauri, please this is your home, you shouldn't be the one sleeping on the couch. I really don't mind. Let me sleep on the couch."

So Lauri and I went back and forth arguing about who would sleep where. Finally I blurted out, "Well, we can't seem to agree on this can we? How bout, if you don't mind, and I don't mind, well if you don't feel uncomfortable that is, we can both just sleep on the bed. It's pretty big and I promise I won't bite." I said smiling.

Lauri looked a little nervous, but then she agreed. "Okay Samantha, I guess we can try it this way. But I must warn you I snore, and I sleep on the right side of the bed."

"That's fine. It's your bed, you get first pick. And as far as the snoring, well, don't worry, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper anyway. I lied, I was really a light sleeper but I didn't want her to feel bad."

I smiled at Lauri. "So I guess that's settled?"

"Yes it is," Lauri said. "So are you hungry?"

"Um...yeah a little, but please don't bother." "Samantha, I brought you back here to help you. Your in no condition to be moving around that much so let me just do these things for you...okay?"

"Okay," I said quietly feeling a little uncomfortable.

"So, how bout you get changed into your sweats or something less constricting, and I'll get some lunch started."

"Okay, that sounds good Lauri."

"Do you need help getting changed?"

", thanks, its okay. I think I can do that much for myself."

"Okay, but if it gets too difficult just holler. Oh yeah, the remote is on the bed stand there, so just feel free to climb into bed and watch some tv, relax, while I get you and I some lunch. By the way, is BLT's for lunch okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine Lauri. Thanks." I said feeling a little uncomfortable being in her home, but maybe I would feel more at ease as time went on. And she did make me feel really welcomed in her home.

Well trying to get into my sweats and t-shirt was a little more difficult than I had thought. Each time I raised my arms above my head and tried to maneuver my shirt on I would pull on my stiches on my side, so it wasn't going too good. The pain was a little bit too much. I put my sweats on and tried again. "Damn," I yelled out getting frustrated.

Lauri must of heard me cause within seconds she was at the door asking me if everything was okay. "Yeah, I'm fine Lauri. Just having trouble getting my t-shirt on." I said a bit embarrassed. "Every time I raise my arm to get the t-shirt over my head I pull on my stiches. I guess I'm not suppose to raise my arms yet." I said smiling. "This is so frustrating, a stupid simple task like this shouldn't be so damn difficult!" I threw the t-shirt on the bed. I realized Lauri was standing there watching me and I was only in my bra. I suddenly felt a bit shy and nervous.

"Here," Lauri said as she walked over to me. "Let me help you." Lauri picked up my t-shirt and put the t-shirt over my head and helped me raise my arms into the arm sleeves. I felt like a kid with their mom dressing them, it was very unnerving cause the woman of my fantasies was the one helping me get dressed.

"Thanks, Lauri. I'm sorry." I looked down feeling like I was a burden.

"Samantha please don't feel sorry. I know your not totally recovered yet. If you need help with things, please just tell me, okay? I know you might feel a bit embarrassed, but please don't feel that way. I want you to feel comfortable around me. Please don't feel that your a burden either, cause your not. I brought you back here to my place so I could help you."

"Thanks, Lauri. I really do appreciate all that your doing for me. I really don't know how I can repay you."

"Don't worry about it Samantha. You have nothing to repay me for, so don't even think that way. Just get better. Anyway, I hope we've got that settled, so now how about some lunch? It'll be done in a few minutes so you get into bed there, watch some tv, and I'll be back soon."

Lauri rushed off again down the stairs before I even had a chance to say thank you again. It seemed like all I was saying was thank you to her lately. I gathered a couple of pillows and gently seated myself behind them on the bed and turned the tv on. Not much was on, and I wasn't use to being home during the week watching tv.

Usually this time of day I was still at school. I knew Lauri would be going back to work the next day as well. I was starting to miss school, and I knew I had really blown my chances. It had been a couple of weeks I had missed so far, and I knew there was no way I could get all of my clinical requirements in before graduation now. It saddened me, but I figured maybe something could be worked out. But I didn't know yet what that was.

I continued to flip through the channels, nothing took my interest. I was starting to get a bit bored and restless. I was use to being up and moving around. Lauri came up the stairs and asked if I was ready for lunch. She came in with a lap tray. I was surprised cause I thought we would be eating down stairs. "Lauri, I can't eat on this beautiful bed. Why don't you help me down the stairs and we can eat down there."

"Well, if you don't mind going up and down the stairs then. I just thought you would like to rest up here without me bothering you that much."

"No, it's fine. I'm really not that tired and I think the more I can try and be active the quicker I can get my body in shape and the sooner I can get out of your hands." I smiled at Lauri.

"Well, let me help you then." Lauri said as she took my arm in her hand and I had my crutch under my other arm. We slowly made our way down the stairs.

Lauri directed me to the dining room table and we both sat down. "What would you like to drink? Coke, water, juice, anything you like in particular or I could always buy something that you prefer as well?"

"Well, coke is fine. I probably drink too much of that anyway."

"That's what I normally drink too much of as well." Lauri said smiling as she handed me the coke.

It felt strange at first sitting across from her in her house eating but it also felt nice being so close to her. I was a little nervous about being there but as the day went on she really started to make me feel more at ease and comfortable around her. I soon wondered when we would actually talk about everything that had happened between us, but I didn't want to bring any of it up unless she did, so for now I just enjoyed whatever time I could have with her.

"This is really good Lauri."

"Yeah, okay Samantha. Come on it's not that hard to make a BLT." She said jokingly at me. "Well I do appreciate this so much, I hope you know that."

"I do Samantha, and you don't have to keep telling me thank you. I want you to feel comfortable here the next few weeks or however long you need to stay here, but I want you to feel at home...okay?"

"Well, I will try Lauri, but to be honest with you I am a little nervous and all being here."

"Yes, I gathered you were a bit. I know there's alot yet that needs to be talked about." Lauri paused a little. "but if you don't want to, we don't have to. I didn't mention anything yet cause I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable and figured when you were ready you would mention something. But as I said, if your not ready or just don't want to talk about anything that happened the past few weeks we don't have to. Samantha, I do want you to know that I am sorry for what I said that day to you. I do feel responsible for your accident in some way."

I interrupted Lauri there. "Please, Lauri, you have nothing to feel responsible about. I'm the one who drove careless and just wasn't paying attention." "Well yes, but Samantha you were obviously upset and I caused that."

"Yes, Lauri, I was upset but you had nothing to do with the accident. What you said to me was right. It shouldn't have happened. It was wrong. Your my instructor, well, you were, now I'm not too sure about school anymore. But anyway what you said you shouldn't apologize for, you shouldn't apologize for telling me the truth." "Well, that's it Samantha. I wasn't telling you the truth. I was scared, and I wasn't admitting my feelings. I didn't quite know how to handle it all, and I'm afraid I didn't handle it too well. I still don't know how to handle this very well." Lauri said under her breath. She was starting to feel a little nervous and wasn't really prepared to get into this conversation at the dinner table but when Samantha had initiated the conversation it just started. Lauri paused for a few moments.

"Lauri, you don't have to say anything if you feel uncomfortable, or if your not ready."

"No, that's not it Samantha. I'm actually a little nervous to tell you the truth to be around you as well, and this conversation has just brought up some feelings in me, but I do want to have this conversation with you and tell you how I feel. Can we go sit on the couch and talk about this?"

"Sure, wherever you feel comfortable Lauri."

Lauri cleared the dishes off the table and helped me to the couch. We both sat down and sat in silence for a few minutes. Lauri was way over on the other side of the couch. She couldn't get any further away. It was definitely very awkward for the both of us. We sat there not eyeing each other. Finally we both looked at each other at the same time and started to laugh out loud.

"You know Lauri you don't have to sit so far away. I won't bite or anything." I smiled at her. "I'm nervous too Lauri, but I hope you know that it's alright whatever you have say to me. Everything I said to you that day I meant from my heart. I did have feelings for you...Um...well I still do. That kiss did mean alot to me. But I hope you know that I do understand if you don't feel the same. You don't have to say anything that you feel forced in saying just because I may feel a certain way. I really do understand. Believe me, after all of this Lauri, I think I have come to understand quite a bit more than I have liked. Almost losing my life, well, let's say it really puts alot of things in perspective. Lauri, I know your married, you have kids, I know your having problems with your husband, and I know how confusing and maybe vulnerable you were feeling that oneday so I do understand. I just don't want you to feel that you have to say anything to me." I paused and continued to talk but Lauri interrupted me.

"So Samantha, can I get a word in here sometime." She smiled at me and we both started to laugh again. It felt really nice laughing with her. I could feel my heart and my feelings begin to open up to her again. Secretly I was hoping she would tell me that she felt the same towards me, but in the back of my mind I was still a little weary of everything that had happened and been said, and I didn't want to hope for too much.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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