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My Secret Love Ch. 4
by Deann Laws

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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"There, how's that?" Lauri asked. "That feels good Lauri. Thanks for helping me here. I don't think I"ll have to wear this thing too much longer." I said pointing to the body bandage around my ribs. I didn't know quite what to call it but I had seen this before with people who had surgery or liposuction where the doctor made them wear this thing. It was comfortable enough so I didn't mind too much. "So Lauri, how did the stiches look?"

"Actually it looks like it's getting better, there doesn't seem to be as much swelling as before like last week when the nurse had done this. Here let me help you with your t-shirt." Lauri helped me put my shirt back on. "There you go. Okay, ready for bed then?"

"Yeah, thanks so much for the help Lauri." I said as Lauri helped me climb under the covers.

"No problem there Samantha, I want to help you all that I can, okay? So ask me anytime."

Lauri climbed in the bed on the other side. She was wearing a night shift. It looked really nice and sexy on her, though a little less clothing would have been nice as well. Lauri turned towards me. "Are you going to be okay Samantha, do you need any extra pillows?"

"No, I'm fine thanks Lauri." I said as I layed down on the bed and got comfortable.

I think we were both a little nervous but it felt nice being close to her. Lauri was about to turn back but stopped. She looked at me and gently ran her hand through my hair. She leaned forward and slightly kissed me on my lips. "Goodnight Samantha." She said and then turned over and layed down in the bed.

"Goodnight Lauri." I rolled on my side and soon found sleep taking over me. It had been such a long day, with coming home from the hospital, Lauri and I being open and honest with each other finally, and then the kiss, the most beautiful kiss I had ever experienced. Maybe it was because I truly loved her, and that made the difference with everything. It felt good being near her, though my fears were still very real of losing her, but I knew I had no right really to expect anything more from her.

Unbeknownst to me Lauri was laying there in her thoughts as well as I drifted off to sleep. "Oh Samantha, I do love you, I can't help but fall in love with you every time I see you. I want to take care of you, and do so much for you. I'm so confused. I wish things were easier for me to sort these feelings out. I wish I didn't have to choose between my feelings for you and my husband. But damn it, I want you so bad in my life. What are we going to do Samantha." Lauri pondered to herself as she layed there.

Lauri rolled towards me, my back was turned to her. She gently ran her fingers down my face. "What are we going to do," she thought again as she looked at my sleeping body. "I love you Samantha," Lauri whispered as she rolled back over and fell asleep.

The early morning sunlight shining through awoke me. I felt something heavy on me. I realized Lauri's arm was draped over me. I smiled to myself at how nice that was that she was all cuddled up to me. I wondered if she did that in her sleep and realized that she had her arm around me. I didn't want to startle her so I slightly moved feigning sleep to just see if Lauri would reposition her arm or stay in that position. As I slightly moved out of reach, she followed moving her arm around me again.

Hmm...I wondered. Is she still sleeping? This time I reached my arm towards her and held her hand. I slightly caressed her hand as my back was still turned from her. I felt her move a little now. I rolled towards her. Her eyes were still shut. I looked at her beautiful face as she still lay sleeping, at least I think she was still sleeping. I gently caressed her face, running my fingers down her jawline. She still laid still.

I leaned in a little closer and slightly kissed her lips. Still no response. I let my fingers trail down her neck to the crevice of her breasts. Do I dare go any further I thought to myself. I felt my body beginning to become a little warmer. I shouldn't do it, but the temptation was too much for me. I trailed my fingers down her jaw, her neck again, then I remained still as my fingers ran so daringly close to her breast. I went a little further down her crevice. Still no movement. It shouldn't hurt, I thought, she's still sleeping. I began to feel a wetness start between my legs...damn I thought. I really need to touch myself, for her to touch me. I guess I must be feeling better I smiled to myself if that area of my body is functioning okay.

I stopped. Lauri slightly moved so I stayed very still. She seemed to have fallen back to sleep again, so I began tracing my fingers down her crevice again so slowly creeping towards her nipple. I traced around the material that covered around her nipple. Her nipple instantly became hard. I traced my fingers to her other breast, and slightly but slowly traced around her other nipple. I couldn't help myself but squeeze her breast a little.

I wanted her so bad, but in the condition I was in, I was in no condition yet for love making, or whether her and I would even go that far, I wasn't sure. She was so beautiful there and still sleeping. And I was so wet. I let my hand slip into my underwear and began to stroke myself. I had been so turned on by touching her that I had to release myself.

I turned over to my back away from Lauri and opened my legs a little more. Lauri was still sleeping so I pulled my underwear down a little and spread myself open a little more. I let my fingers enter me. It felt so good. I needed more and began to thrust my fingers a little deeper. With each thrust of my fingers I let out a little moan. I had to keep quiet cause I didn't want to wake her. I felt myself nearing my climax. It didn't take long for I was already so turned on by fantasizing that Lauri was doing this to me that it pushed me over the edge. I let my fingers now focus on my clit, stroking faster now, and that last stroke of my clit pushed me over the edge and I climaxed right there. I muffled a little moan as my orgasm ripped through me. My sweat now soaking my clothes. I let out a big sigh of air as I had been trying to hold my breath and not make any noise as I had touched myself.

Lauri was still sleeping, so I pushed myself up. The crutches were leaning against the bed so I reached for them, and got up and walked, or I should say more like limped as best you can with crutches. I wanted to clean the musk smell and sweat off of me before Lauri woke up so I headed to the bathroom.

As soon as Samantha left the room Lauri moved and let out a big sigh. She had been awake the whole time and heard everything. Lauri felt Samantha caress her face, moving slightly down her jawline and neck. At first she was about to move to let Samantha know she was awake but then decided to wait to see what Samantha was going to do. Plus she didn't want Samantha to stop. She wanted Samantha to touch her more, she wanted to reach around and touch her as well and let Samantha know that she wanted her, but she didn't know what to do. She was scared about these new feelings so she laid there still feigning sleep as she felt Samantha's hand move further down her neck to her breasts. Samantha caressed her nipple, then moving to her other breast. Lauri held her breath trying not to let out a moan as Samantha squeezed and caressed at her breasts. She felt her wetness between her legs and the need to touch herself.

Samantha rolled over. Thank God, Lauri thought to herself. I don't think I could have held it in much longer with her continuing to touch me like that. But then all of a sudden she heard little moaning noises. Lauri opened her eyes slightly and looked at Samantha out of the corner of her eyes while she still feigned sleep. Samantha was on her back, her legs were open and underwear down a little. Oh shit, Lauri thought to herself, she's touching herself.

Lauri suddenly felt a flood of wetness through her underwear. She laid very still cause she didn't want to disturb Samantha but her center was so hot and her breathing was becoming very rapid with each sound she heard Samantha make. She wanted Samantha to touch her so bad. She wanted to reach down and touch her clit but she didn't want to make any movement. Hearing Samantha was turning her on so much. It was pure torture for Lauri. She was hoping Samantha would climax soon so she could get up and run to the bathroom and release herself. Then she heard Samantha let out one last moan as she felt the bed shake a little as Samantha orgasmed.

Lauri's heart was beating so fast that she was sure that Samantha must know she was awake. She tried to calm her breathing as she laid still. She felt Samantha get up and walk out. Lauri wanted to ask if she needed any help to get up but then Samantha would know she was awake and she didn't want to embarrass her so she lay there still waiting to see if Samantha could get out of bed herself, and she did. As soon as Samantha left the room, Lauri took a deep inhale and immediately touched herself and brought herself to an orgasm while she kept an eye on the door to make sure Samantha didnt walk back in on her, but she knew it would be awhile yet before Samantha would get back. Lauri orgasmed a few more times. She had never felt such an intense orgasm before as this, hearing Samantha and feeling her touch her was more than she had ever felt before that it brought her to another level.

Lauri grabbed some towels from the linen closet and wiped herself up a little as she waited for Samantha to return. Samantha walked in a few minutes later. "Morning Lauri, I didn't know you were up yet?"

"Morning Samantha. Yes, I just got up a few minutes ago. Were you able to get down to the bathroom okay? You know you could have woke me if you needed help?" Lauri said, though knowing all too well that she laid there awake listening to Samantha.

"No, it was fine Lauri. I guess I'm getting use to moving around a little better now and maneuvering a little better with these crutches. So it wasn't a problem. I have to move a little slower but I'm able to get there." Samantha said smiling.

"So are you up for some breakfast then?" Lauri asked.

"I sure am. How bout you let me help as well."

"Hmmm...I don't know Samantha. I don't think your that better yet to be doing too much. You know you still have to take it easy."

Yeah, if only you knew how better I was feeling, Samantha thought to herself.

"Well, I'd still like to help some. I don't want you slaving over the stove while I'm here."

"I tell you what," Lauri said. "How bout when your feeling much better than I'll let you cook a nice dinner for me. That's fair isn't it?"

"Okay, Lauri. For now anyway." I said smiling at her.

"Why don't you go get washed up then. There's some towels and washcloths in the bathroom. I know you can't get your cast wet so just wash up in the tub. I know how much of a pain that is but look on the bright side, the doctor did say in a few more weeks to call him to set up an appointment to have it removed." Lauri said with warmth in her voice.

"Okay, your right Lauri." I grabbed some of my clothes and tucked them under one of my arms. Lauri saw how difficult it was for me and took my clothes from my hand and helped me down the stairs. I went off to the bathroom to clean up as Lauri went to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast.

Not long after I could smell bacon and eggs cooking. smelt so good and was watering my mouth. I guess I was getting a little hungry, a sure good sign that I was getting back to my old self again. I loved to eat. I always tried to keep in shape and exercised as much as I could before cause I always made up for it with my appetite. And with me gaining my appetite back again meant that I was on my way to recovery. Well my early morning actions should have proven that to me, I thought smiling to myself as I continued to wash myself up.

I changed into some shorts and another t-shirt. This one was bigger and baggier on me so I was able to get it on without any help this time. But I felt my ribs not feeling so tight anymore so I could move a little better and seemed a little more flexible anyway. My bruises seemed to be fading as well and lessening quite a bit. I guess I should be glad that I didn't look like death anymore, my brother's words to be exact, as I remember him saying those words to get me to accept Lauri's offer of help.

Well soon I would be totally recovered, I frowned to myself, which meant soon I wouldn't be at Lauri's anymore. I knew I couldn't overstay my welcome, nor could I fake not healing as quickly either. I guess I was just enjoying myself too much at Lauri's now and I really enjoyed her company. I felt so close to her now. We shared so much together up to this point, that I didn't want to go backwards...I didn't want to lose her and how much we had gained so far. Last night we made such headway with each other, and then to even kiss again. I don't know where this will lead. I'm so scared of being so hurt by her, and being so vulnerable to her, but I'm afraid at this point it's a bit too late for me. I'm already so crazy in love with her that I can't back out now. My heart is in it too deeply, I said to myself as I looked into the bathroom mirror.

I know what I said to her last night about not rushing things, or putting any pressure on each other to be anything more than friends, but I sure hope that our kiss was any indication that she wants more. Well, I sure hope so.

I know she wants this, I just have to make it happen somehow. I finished up in the bathroom while all these thoughts rushed through my head. I heard Lauri banging away with the dishes. Breakfast smelled really good. Well for now I'm hungry, let's begin there first Samantha, then we'll come up with how we can seduce Lauri. I smiled at that thought.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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