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My Secret Love Ch. 5
by Deann Laws

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Warning: This does contain material involving same sex relations, if you are offended by this in any way then don't read it. This is only for fun, and not meant for anything else.

So, I thought to myself, how am I going to do this? I have to be subtle in my ways somehow. Thoughts of how I might seduce Lauri ran through my head for the better part of the day. But I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be me to be the one making the moves, I had to be subtle enough to make her do it. This had to be her, and she would have to be the one who wanted this with me, well, I would have to make her think that way.

This wouldn't be easy, I thought, considering I had never done this before and am usually a very unaggressive or assertive type person. I'm not use to making the first move or doing anything like this, but I wanted Lauri to be a part of my life. I wanted her to want me as well, and to want this. I can't force her into anything, she'll have to want this for herself.

And that would be my whole plan somehow. I planned in my head that this is what I would do, as each day went by and I recovered more and felt better anyway that I would be more subtle in my ways of undressing in front of her and doing things like that. Maybe I would gently brush my hand against her breast without even realizing it...hmmm...yes that's good, I smiled to myself. Well that's my plan anyway, but we'll see how it goes.

I continued to sit there on the couch in my thoughts pondering away, not even realizing that Lauri had been staring at me.

"Samantha, what are you thinking about? You seem pretty quiet over there. didn't like my breakfast?" Lauri said smiling as she came and sat next to me on the couch with a little concern though in her voice. "Um...Just thinking about some things is all."

"Really, well I hope nothing too serious anyway. Is everything okay? Your feeling okay, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Lauri. Just have a few things on my mind is all."

"Are you thinking about what happened with us last night? I hope you don't think that our kiss didn't mean anything to me, cause it did. And..."

I interrupted Lauri.

"No, Lauri, I know it meant something to you. Believe me Lauri I could tell that it did." I said smiling as I looked at her. "That's not what's on my mind here. I guess I'm just thinking about other things, about school, and things like that. How I am going to graduate and take the boards with missing so much with clinical lab now, and just a few other things on my mind, but nothing to be concerned about, really...okay?"

"Hmmm..." Lauri thought. "Samantha, actually I have been doing some checking around for you and been talking to the dean of the school here. And as far as your board exams, well, unfortunately you'll still have to wait till you can complete your required clinical hours before you can take them and get licensed to work. But on the good side here, I was told though that you still will be able to graduate with the class and receive your diploma."

"Really, that's great news!" I screamed with overjoy. "So your saying somehow I'll have to make up my clinical hours here, or do I do it somewhere else?"

"Well, I haven't checked that far into yet, whether you do it here or not, but I'm sure that will be easily enough to do, but the good news is that you do have enough to be able to graduate."

I was so happy that I just about knocked Lauri over hugging her with excitement. "I think that's wonderful news Lauri, and I'm so grateful to you for checking that out for me. I can't thank you enough!" I screamed again hugging her. I pulled back in pain after yelping a little.

"Are you okay?" Lauri said with concern as I grabbed at my ribs and grimaced a little.

"Yeah, it's fine Lauri. Guess I got a bit over excited there." I smiled a little while still in some pain.

Lauri just gave me one of her frowns of disapprovement there as we sat on the couch and continued to talk. I was glad though that Lauri had done some checking for me cause I had been somewhat concerned with school, but my real thoughts were on her that day, and just focusing on recovering the next few weeks anyway.

We sat for awhile and just had another lazy day relaxing on the couch and watching tv. Lauri had to get back to work the next day so I would be at her house alone for awhile, which I didn't mind so much, but I had come to enjoy her company and I actually think I would miss her for those few hours that she would be away, even though she did say she would stop back at lunch time and all, and call me periodically during the day if I needed her.

She wanted to take another week off, but I told her I would be fine and that she really needed to get back to school. We discussed it for awhile but I think she knew as well that she had to get back, and that she couldn't keep saying she was sick or having family problems for time off. No one at school knew I was staying with her. They had heard about the accident but assumed I guess that my brother was helping me out. Lauri was still concerned about me getting around okay on my own but I talked her into agreeing that I would be fine on my own. Besides it had been a few weeks since the accident and I was actually recovering faster than I had even thought.

That thought alone though frightened me cause I knew that more than likely I would be back at my own apartment sooner than I thought as well and that Lauri would be back to her own life with her kids and husband. We still didn't discuss the extent of her problems with her husband, nor the reason why they separated, or for that matter where I fit into all of this, but I just figured she would tell me when she was ready.

This time together was wonderful, the sharing and intimate talks we did have brought us closer together. I would have never imagined her to be this way in school, so soft and warm, and loving. I guess the teacher image she displayed in school was just her rough exterior she shows to people, but once you really get to know her, she is truly an remarkable woman. And I felt so lucky that I got to see that side of her.

That day and evening was like the night before. We didn't do too much other than relax and share more about our life, though she still didn't mention anything about her husband, so I didn't push it. We sat on the couch and I think we were about all talked out so we sat there in silence for awhile. At every chance I got, I tried to casually always make some type of physical contact with her, whether that was slightly brushing my hand against her arm or leg while we talked or anything to just trigger any response in her.

This would yet be the beginning of my seduction games, I thought to myself. By the end of this week, or later she'll definitely be so frustrated and then maybe I could move on to the next plan of mine. I snapped out of my thoughts, and had an idea.

"Hey, Lauri. Do you have any games, or cards? How bout we play something?" I said breaking the silence.

"Hmmm...well let me think here." Lauri pondered. "Well as far as I know Samantha all I have around the house is kid's games, but I do think I have a deck of cards somewhere. I'm not very good at cards though. My husband has a pool table down stairs though."

"Well what card games do you know?"

"Not too many Samantha, a little poker is about it"

"Well, I'm not too good either, but poker sounds good. How bout we play a little. It beats having the tv on all night anyway."

"Okay, that sounds good. Let me go search my kitchen drawers here, I think I saw them around here the other day." Lauri got up and went into the kitchen and I could hear her banging around looking for the cards. This could be pretty interesting I imagine, I thought to myself as I took a sip of my coke.

A few minutes later Lauri walked in with a couple of deck of cards. "Samantha, how bout a night cap. I'm sure a little one wouldn't hurt, in fact, it may help you feel a little better, and sleep better tonight as well."

"Hmm...actually that does sound good. I don't think the doctor would have any objections, and it has been a few weeks now, actually it's been longer than that now, hasn't it Lauri? It's been probably a month now I would say, and anyway I do feel pretty good other than my leg and sore ribs, so yeah, why not. What do you have?"

"Well, we have an array of selections here that my husband keeps in the house. We have tequilla, whiskey, Sambucha, vodka, name it I think we have it."

"Well, hmmm...I guess I shouldn't go too heavy, but vodka and club soda sounds good."

"Okay, that sounds pretty good to me as well, so I might join you with that." Lauri rushed off to the kitchen again and prepared our drinks. "Samantha, do you want ice with that?"

"Yeah, that would be fine Lauri. Thanks." I said yelling out to her.

Lauri walked back in with two glasses of drinks and handed mine to me. We both took a couple of sips of our drinks and placed them on the table near the couch. Lauri took the cards out of the packet and started to shuffle them. "So what do you want to play, jacks or better than?"

"Yeah, that's good. I'm not that good at poker anyway. So something simple will be fine."

"Well," Lauri said smiling at me as she continued to shuffle and pass out the cards. "How bout we make this interesting?"

"What do you mean." I said looking puzzled at her.

"Well, if we can't play for money, and I know we can't cause we're both in binds with that," she said looking up at me, "but how about a little truth or dare type of game who ever wins each hand the other person has to do what the other person dares them, or they can opt for truth."

"Truth or dare, huh?" I looked away in thought. So who's the one being sneaky here, I thought. It looks like she's the one playing games with me. Well two can sure play at this game, darn if only I was much better than I could really show her a game or two. "Okay Lauri, we can do that if you think you dare." I said laughing.

"Alright Samantha" Lauri said smiling as she handed the cards out.

I looked at my cards and held them closer to me. I had one king, and two seven's. It wasn't a very good hand but I opted to hang onto the sevens for a three of a kind. We both discarded the ones we didn't want. "Okay, what you got?" I said.

Lauri laid out two pair of nines, and fours. "So beat that" she said smiling. "Okay, sure will." And I laid my three of a kind on the table of the seven's I had got.

"Hmmm..." Lauri laughed. "So you won that hand, so what do you want to do about it...truth or dare Samantha?"

This was her game so I wasn't sure about that yet, and I was actually quite nervous. Sure I had in my mind of how I would try and seduce her but when it comes down to it, I'm such a wus, coward, yeah I admit it. So I thought for awhile, I could have her kiss me again, but no that would be too easy.

"Okay, anything...right Lauri?"

"Yep, you won, so go ahead lay it on me."

I reached and took another sip of my drink, feeling a bit nervous so I had to take a few more sips here. I cleared my throat.

"Okay, I give you a choice of any particular clothing you would like to remove, and that's it, well not quite, it has to be, let's see...okay..." I smiled wickedly at her. "It has to be an under garment of some sort, your choice, underwear or your bra Lauri? Cough it up." I said laughing not expecting her to actually go through with it.

Lauri looked at me and smiled back. So Samantha, she thought to herself, want to get a bit daring huh, well, we'll see just how far your willing to go, Lauri thought as she stood up and reached up under her shirt and unsnapped her bra and threw it in my face.

I didn't see anything though, damn, I thought. Lauri was about a size C I would say, bigger than me but I would love to get a look at her breasts under that shirt I thought wickedly, among other things.

My thoughts began to wander off to remembering the feel of her breast in my hand so soft and firm and vuluptuous and... Oh well, I'll have to win the next hand. We weren't wearing much anyway other than our shorts and t-shirts since it was a hot summer day and evening so I figured it wouldn't take long before...well let's see I thought to myself smiling. I took Lauri's bra and looked at it and smiled. "Nice," I said smiling looking over at Lauri. She just gave me a quick smirk and sat back down and we reshuffled the cards and started another hand.

"Okay, give me two more here." I said. "Okay, show me what you have Samantha, your turn"

I laid down another three of a kind. "there you go, " I said smiling. "Beat that!"

Lauri looked at me straight faced, and then threw down a flush. "I win," She said all happy. "Damn!!"

"Okay, Samantha, now let's see what can I make you do. I guess it's only fair I make you remove an item of clothing as well since you so lovely had me remove mine. So how bout your bra as well."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Deann Laws.

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