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My Secret Love Ch. 8
by Deann Laws

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Lauri looked over at me and smiled softly before we drove off heading back to her house. I rested my head back on Lauri's seat thinking of how wonderful the night had been as we drove in silence. Lauri pulled into her driveway and we both got out and walked to the door.

I followed Lauri in, closing the front door behind me. We both walked to the couch and collapsed and rested our heads on the back of the couch totally relaxed. We both turned to each other and started to laugh and smile. We were both exhausted but didn't want the night to end. It had been such a wonderful evening, but I knew Lauri would have to get up early for work. I yawned and covered my mouth, and turned to Lauri.

"Oh, Lauri, thank you for the wonderful evening. Dinner was so wonderful. I can't believe how much you did and spent on me tonight. I really appreciate all that you did. And the walk, wow, that was so beautiful there at the lake. Thank you for taking me there tonight."

"Samantha, your more than welcome. I loved taking you out tonight and spending the evening with you. I hope you had a nice time."

"Are you kidding, of course I did! It was magnificient." I said smiling. " I can't believe how much you did."

"Well, your worth it Samantha, I hope you know that. Your very special to me, and I care very deeply for you."

"Well, your special to me too Lauri, and have become such an important part of my life." I paused and cleared my throat. I was getting a little too close to comfort there. "So, anyway, it's getting late, don't you have to be up early for work tomorrow?"

Lauri looked over at me and gave me a sneaky smile and shrugged her shoulders. I started to laugh, "Let me guess, you planned to have tomorrow off, didn't you?"

Lauri nodded and smiled, and got up and walked into the kitchen. "Samantha, the night is still young, well to us anyway since we don't have to be up early, so how bout a night cap of some sort." Lauri said as she poured herself a gin and tonic.

"Hmmm...yeah, okay, I'll have what your having." I began to get very nervous. This seemed too much like that one night of how things began before things got all heated up, and it frightened me for I didn't want to get myself in that same situation again. But I figured having a drink or two wouldn't hurt, and besides I can control myself here I thought, trying to calm my nerves.

Lauri walked back into the living room and handed me my drink. She placed her drink on the end table and walked to her stereo, and put some soft music on. She turned the lights off and lit some candles that were on her entertainment center, and then walked back to the couch and sat down beside me. I watched her do all of this, and took a big swig of my gin and tonic as I felt myself become very nervous and jittery.

I leaned back into the couch some more and rested my head, relaxing to the music trying to stay calm as Lauri sat beside me. She leaned back into the couch as well as we both were quiet listening to the music and sipping at our drinks.

The atmosphere was very soothing and romantic which as our silence grew, my body became more nervous. I sat up and drank some more of my drink. Lauri moved a little closer into me, "Oh God," I thought to myself trying to calm my breathing and rapidly beating heart.

Lauri relaxed into me more, "Nice evening, isn't it Samantha?" She seemed to say so calmly.

"Um...ah..yeah, it sure is Lauri," I took a deep breath and slowly got up and walked into the kitchen and poured myself another drink.

Lauri followed me into the kitchen and poured herself another drink as well. I quickly went back to the couch trying to avoid any physical contact with her as much as possible, though my emotional control was wearing pretty thin.

A slow soothing song came on. Lauri walked up to me and placed her drink on the counter. She reached her hand out to me. I looked up at her puzzled.

"Come on Samantha, dance with me?" Lauri said softly reaching her hand out to me. "The music is just right, soothing, the night is perfect...come on...please?" Lauri held her hand out pleadingly.

My mind was saying no, but my body betrayed me and before I knew it I was taking Lauri's hand in mine, and getting up from the couch. Lauri pulled me into her, though I struggled to maintain some distance between us as we moved slowly to the music. I was so stiff and rigid and couldn't relax, and definitely wouldn't make eye contact with her. She must of noticed my uneasiness, and pulled me into her even more despite my resistance.

As the song drew on, I found myself relaxing more into her and letting my body flow to the music, and allowing myself to get caught up in the moment. I closed my eyes, resting my head on her shoulders as I felt our bodies meld and move in one rhthym to the music. It felt so nice to be close to her, to feel her heartbeat next to mine.

I didn't notice the music changing, as Lauri and I stood still in each other's arms. Lauri looked down at me and lifted my chin towards her as she cupped my face. She slowly leaned forward and pressed her lips so softly against mine. I was too lost in my emotions for her that I allowed her to kiss me. Our kiss deepened, before I realized what was happening. My fear overtook me and I pulled away from her. I walked in the kitchen to take a breather with my back turned towards Lauri. I had to calm myself, and not let myself get caught up in this again. Every ounce of my body was telling me to grab her and love her, but my mind was telling me logically this would never be. She would never leave her husband, don't do this Samantha, stay strong. But I love her...damn, damn thoughts were screaming in my head.

Lauri walked up behind me and touched my shoulders. I pulled away from her.

"Please, Samantha, don't pull away from me. I need you. I love you. Please turn around...please, look at me."

I turned and faced Lauri. "Lauri, I can't do this, please, don't! I can't do this. I can't get hurt by you again. I can't! " I turned and started to cry pulling away from Lauri's soft touch.

Lauri came closer and wrapped her arms around me pulling me into her. I tried to struggle and pull away from her but she held onto me even more. "Please, don't do this," I cried. My tears overflowing at this point as my emotions overtook me.

"Ssshh," she said as she held me close. "I love you Samantha. I love you," Lauri said as she began to cry into me as well. "I know you love me. God I don't blame you Samantha for not trusting me especially since the last time, and how I have been, but I love you, and I can't deny that anymore. Please...please Samantha, I need you...I want you so much. Please let me love you." Lauri pulled Samantha into her even tighter as they both cried into each other.

I looked up to her with my tear soaked eyes, and found the love I had been looking for and wanting for so long. I let my fears subside and leaned into her as I felt her lips once again press so softly into me. My heart melding into hers as our kiss deepened. She pulled away, and wiped away my tears, stroking my face, and so lovingly looked within my eyes. I looked within her eyes as I saw her love for me, so strong and so soul wrenching, that pulled me into her even more. She pulled me into her once again as we softly and so lovingly kissed. The warmth of our bodies so close, yet not close enough. I needed to feel her closer to me, to feel her skin upon mine. She must have been feeling the same for she took my hand into hers as she led me upstairs to the bedroom.

We slowly walked into the bedroom. Lauri lit some more candles before walking over to me. She reached her hand out and pulled me into her and leaned her face down into mine as we allowed our lips contact once again. I felt her tongue enter my mouth, so soft and loving. I couldn't get enough of her, as I pushed my body into her even more, allowing our tongues deeper access.

Lauri pulled back looking upon me. She looked so lovingly into me as she so slowly ran her hands up my arms to my shoulders. She let her hands slip under my shoulder straps and gently and so slowly slipped the straps of my shoulders. She ran her hands slowly down my body, stroking every curve and crevice of my body. I felt her hands slowly run slightly over my breasts, to my nipples circling them around the material, then so slowly down to my stomach.

I took a deep inhale, as I felt my body respond to her touches. I could feel myself becoming wet with each enticing touch of hers. I leaned my head back as I felt her slowly rest her hand upon my center. She applied soft pressure on my center. I felt the fire burn within me as she so slowly seduced me. Lauri slowly ran her fingers back up over the curvature of my dress, up to my breasts, lingering upon them before she leaned in and gently kissed the curvature of my neck.

I felt her hands slip under my dress as she gently slipped the dress off, letting my dress fall to the floor. She helped me step out of the dress, and pulled me into her for another deep kiss. Our kiss lingered a little while longer before I pulled back, reaching my hands up stroking Lauri's face as I let my fingers trail down her jawline to the curvature of her neck. I trailed my fingers down the crevice of her breasts before running my fingers around her nipples. I reached my hands around her and unzipped her dress allowing her dress to fall to the floor. I took Lauri's hand as she stepped out of her dress towards me. We embraced allowing our hands to roam over our bodies as we kissed deeply.

I felt Lauri's hands caressing and stroking my body as she unclipped my bra. She slipped her fingers under my bra and gently removed my bra exposing my breasts to her. My breathing became rapid as I felt her fingers slightly caressing my breasts, trailing her fingers around my nipples.

My nipples becoming hard as I felt my body becoming flushed as I felt each caress of her soft touch. My body shivered each time I felt her soft caresses trailing over my body. Lauri led me to the bed, kissing me as she slowly and gently pushed me backwards onto the bed as she climbed up upon my body pressing herself into me as our kiss continued. I felt her tongue so lovingly enter me, as our tongues enterwined and tried to gain deeper access to each other as we strived to become closer, as our passion enlightened the flames in our bodies. I felt my wetness soaked through my underwear as my body burned and became inflamed with each touch and kiss.

Lauri trailed her kisses down my chin, to the crevice of my neck, kissing her way down to my breasts. I gasped as I felt her lips upon my breasts as I felt her tongue trail around my nipples before sucking my breasts into her mouth. Her hands caressed at my breasts as her lips kissed and sucked at my nipples pulling my nipples further into her mouth. I felt her passion begin to over take her as she squeezed my breasts, pulling and sucking them harder and further into her mouth. I gasped and moaned with each sensation that her tongue was doing to me.

I felt her wet soft kisses trail down my stomach. She trailed her tongue around my belly button before licking her way down to the top of my underwear. I felt her wet hot kisses through my underwear as she kissed my center and sucked at my wetness through the material. She slipped her fingers around the material and gently pulled my underwear over my hips, and down my legs till they were removed. She held my underwear and threw them off the side of the bed. She leaned over me and pressed her hips into me as she undid her bra exposing her breasts to me. I looked at her with such awe as her beautiful breasts were before me.

I couldn't help but reach up and caress her breasts. She leaned into me, pressing her body into me as I felt our breasts softly touch. She ran her hands through my hair, as she leaned in and kissed me. I pressed my hips up into her trying to press my center further into her. She pressed down, pressing her hips into mine as our centers pushed into each other grinding and rotating our hips further into each other.

"Please," I begged her as my voice was raspy as I said that. "I want to feel your wetness upon me. Take your underwear off."

Lauri sat up and removed her underwear and threw them off the bed. I swallowed hard as I saw how beautiful her center was. She pressed her center into mine rotating her hips into me as I felt her wetness mingle with my own. I felt my center becoming on fire and my wetness soaking through.

I needed her to touch me, to stroke me there. With each thrust of her hips into me I gasped and moaned more audibly as I neared climax. I was so turned on, and had waited for this moment for so long that it didn't take my body long to respond to her and almost climax, but I wanted it to last so I struggled to hold back. "Please, touch me." I begged her.

She kissed me passionately, as I felt her hand reach down and touch my center, stroking my clit. For someone who never made love to a woman before, she sure knew what to do, and wasn't shy about it. It took me by surprise how in control she was, but it was very much of a turn on. I wanted her to take me...take control, to just make me moan, and scream, and to just ravish me. I needed her so much, more than I had ever wanted or needed from anyone before. This love we shared brought our lovemaking to a level I had never experienced with anyone before. "Oh God!" I moaned as I felt her increase her stroking.

"Oh God Samantha, you are so beautiful. You turn me on so much. Oh yes...your so wet. I love to feel you, to touch you." Lauri said all out of breath as she kissed me hard as she continued to stroke my clit.

I gasped as I felt her fingers enter me and began to thrust slowly at first. I pushed my hips up into her with each thrust of her fingers. "Yes, don't stop!" I pleaded as I felt myself nearing climax again. She began to thrust harder and faster now in rhythm of my hips thrusting up to meet her.

Lauri withdrew her fingers from me. "Please, don't stop," I said frustrated and out of breath.

"Oh darling, I'm not about to stop. I want to taste you, and make you cum for me and taste your sweet cum." Lauri said all teasingly and seductively.

Lauri moved down my body as I felt her first teasing me with her fingers. My hips just about flew off the bed as I felt her tongue enter me. She began to stroke my clit with her tongue. "Oh yes, that feels so good," I moaned with every stroke of her tongue. She moved her tongue down to my entrance and began to thrust her tongue inside of me, fucking me that way, as her fingers stroked my clit. "Hmmm...don't stop," I said out of breath as I began to thrust my hips faster and harder into her, "I'm going to cum!" I screamed out.

Lauri moved her tongue to my clit and stroked faster and harder now. "Oh God, yes...that feels so good. Harder, please." I moaned out. "Yes, that's it. I'm going to cum...hmmm...yes...oh yes, suck my clit. Yes that's it." I moaned out. "Harder darling, suck my clit harder into you mouth, pull it baby into your mouth, let me feel your teeth around it...suck it. Oh yes! " I let out one last moan and thrust of my hips as my orgasm ripped through me. I thrust my hips a few more times as my orgasm went through me, as Lauri sucked up the last of my wetness. I collapsed my hips back on the bed breathing rapidly as I regained my breath and calmed my beating heart.

" taste so good Samantha. God, I love you!" She said as she climbed up my body and kissed me hard and passionately.

I took a deep inhale, "I love you too," I said out of breath as I pulled Lauri into me and kissed her so softly and lovingly. She embraced me and held me as my breathing calmed. We laid like that for a few minutes in each other's arms and we held each other and felt each other's love.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. Lauri looked at me concerned and asked me if I was alright as she so lovingly wiped away my tears and pierced my soul with her love. "Oh yes darling, I am perfectly fine. I just love you so much," I said as I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply. Lauri smiled at me, "I love you too Samantha. Your so beautiful, " she said as she leaned in and we kissed deeply again.

I felt my passion becoming inflamed again and I pushed Lauri over and rolled on top of her as I continued to kiss her. I wanted to make love to her, to show her how much I loved her. I ran my hands through her hair and held her face as I kissed her deeply. I pulled away and looked dearingly into her eyes stroking her face before I pressed my lips to her again. I let my tongue trail down to her neck as I began to kiss and suck at her neck.

Lauri turned her head away from me, giving me better access to her neck as I continued to kiss her there, hearing her moan each time I kissed her further down her neck. I let my hands trace around her breasts gently at first, but feeling her breathing increase beneath me and feeling her need, and my need, I began to squeeze harder at her breasts. I felt her breasts within my hands, squeezing and pulling her nipples harder into my hands.

She arched her back to me and moaned each time I pulled harder at her nipples. She was so beautiful. Her nipples were so hard now. I let my kissed follow my hands, kissing and sucking at her breasts and nipples, pulling and sucking her breasts harder into my mouth. She tastes so sweet. Her nipples becoming hard in my mouth as I sucked and pulled them harder into me, and my hands manipulated and squeezed at her breasts.

Lauri began to moan louder, wanting and needing more from me. I saw the raw passion in her eyes and knew she needed me to touch her. Each time I sucked and pulled at her breasts she arched her back into me more and moaned louder. Her breathing becoming more rapid with each touch and kiss of my mouth.

I moved up her body, kissing her harder and passionately as I let my hand reach down to her center as I began to stroke her clit. She was so wet, which turned me on more knowing that she was wet because of me. I stroked her clit, letting my fingers pinch and pull at her clit a little more now as she arched her hips more into me, her moaning increasing with each touch of my fingers. I let my fingers enter her, thrusting into her slowly, then increasing my pace, thrusting harder and faster as she pushed her hips harder into my hand. She wanted me to go harder and faster, as she screamed out for me to fuck her. "Yes...oh God Samantha...yes Fuck me! " She screamed out as she flung her hips off the bed. I thrust my fingers harder and faster into her as I felt her walls becoming tighter, squeezing my fingers with each thrust of my hand. I could feel her nearing climax as she thrust her hips faster and harder into my hand. "Oh baby," she screamed out, "I'm going to cum!" And with that I felt all her muscles stiffen and squeeze around my fingers as I felt her orgasm rip through her.

She continued to let out gasps and moans as her orgasm continued. I continued to thrust my hand into her as she thrust her hips into me one last time collasping on the bed.

I let my fingers stroke her clit and remain within her till I felt the lasting effects of her orgasm subside. I pulled my fingers out of her, and licked off her wetness. She tasted so sweet and wonderful. I had to have more of her. Lauri laid there regaining her breathing as she reached down and stroked my hair. I moved further down her body and kissed the sweat mingled with her skin, kissing her stomach and holding her into me before I moved further down to her center.

I blew gently on her clit teasing her before letting my tongue taste her. I felt her passion begin again as she awaited to feel my tongue inside of her. I continued to tease her, as her wetness increased. Finally I pressed my face into her center and let my tongue enter her. I began to suck and pull her clit into my mouth trying to suck up all of her wetness and cum.

I trailed my tongue up and around her clit and between her folds before entering her with my tongue. I pressed my face harder into her so I could thrust my tongue further and deeper into her. I let my tongue twist and twirl inside of her feeling the walls of her center with my tongue. Lauri pushed her hips harder into my face so I could go deeper into her, as she pushed and pulled at my hair each time I thrust my tongue further and deeper within her. I could feel the walls of her vagina tighten as my tongue tasted and thrust deeper within her feeling the soft moist walls around my tongue.

I could feel her body stiffening again nearing climax, so I let my tongue trail up to her clit stroking her clit faster and harder now as her hips thrust faster now in rhythm with my tongue. I sucked and pulled at her clit, pulling her clit harder now into my mouth. She thrust one last time and let out another moan pushing my face into her as her orgasm ripped through her again. I pushed my tongue up inside of her tasting all of her cum that was released for me. I sucked and devoured the rest of her cum till there was no more. I licked her one last time savoring her taste before I climbed up her body and tasted her lips upon mine in another kiss.

She looked at me with so much love, and pulled me into her kissing me deeply with so much heart that it pierced my soul to it's core. I had never felt so much love and passion for anyone before. She truly had all of my heart and soul, and I never wanted to let her go. I leaned in for another kiss and felt our love so strongly. She held me so tightly and said endearing words of love to me as we continued to kiss and hold each other.

We held each other for the rest of the night, loving each other, and making love throughout the night till the morning light found us cuddled in each other's arms sound asleep and totally exhausted. Our naked bodies enterwined as we held each other so tightly as the covers hung loosely over our bodies.

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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