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My Secret Love Ch. 10
by Deann Laws

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Earlier that evening....

Lauri was filling some paperwork out and packing before she had to leave for the convention the next day. One of her daughters came out into the living room with their bags.

"Mom, grandma is here to pick us up."

"Where's your sister?" Lauri asked.

"She's upstairs getting dressed."

"Okay, go get your sister and tell her that grandma is here to pick you guys up to take you to your dad's."

Lauri's mother-in-law came in to take Lauri's daughters to their father's as Lauri would be leaving very early the next day and would be gone for a few days at the convention in Chicago. Lauri wished her daughters well, who were now teenagers, and told them to have a good time at their father's while she was gone.

Lauri had been divorced for about four years now. In fact the day Samantha had seen them at the convention was around the same time that they had divorced. Lauri never contacted Samantha, though she still thought of her often, and still loved her. She figured that Samantha moved on with her life, and Lauri didn't want to hurt her or bother her again so Lauri stayed out of Samantha's life by not contacting her.

Week of the convention....

The convention hall was full. It had been a full week of long busy days, and many speeches given, but all in all it was an excellent presentation that they had put together. I was quite pleased with the new information and insights I had learned from others to bring back out East for my own research and practice. The convention ended with me delivering a speech and then we would be finishing up with the convention. I had to leave for some of the speeches though cause I had other business to attend to, so I did miss one or two of the speeches that were given but majority of the time I was there.

Anyway I finished my speech and with that the convention was over with. I was gathering my reports and paperwork as Mike came up to me. He was a dentist I had come to know over the years from going to the conventions, we had come to be good friends and he was a mutual friend of Patti's as well.

"Samantha, great speech...congratulations! It was excellent. You always do seem to wow us at the end."

"Yeah, sure thing Mike," I said smiling as I gathered my things.

"No really that was a great presentation. So when are you going to come and work for me?"

I smiled at him. "You're never going to give up, are you?"

"Nope, not when your one of the best researchers and hygienists I've known."

"Well you know I'm happy where I'm at Mike."

"Yeah, I know, can't blame a guy for trying." He said smiling. "Hey, why don't you join me and Paul for supper tonight."

"Oh I can't Mike. I have some work I need to work on before I leave tomorrow. "

"You know, you work yourself too hard Samantha. You need to take a break sometime, and have a life."

"Well, your not the first one to tell me that." I said smiling. "Let me guess, you've been talking to Shirley and Patti...right?"

"Ahh...busted." He said laughing.

"I really do appreciate your guys concern. But you have nothing to worry about."

"Well I tried." He said patting me on my back. "Well I better take off here cause Paul is waiting for me at home. He'll be disappointed you didn't join us. Oh well, maybe next time Samantha."

"Yeah, maybe." I said laughing as Mike walked off the stage and waved goodbye.

I grabbed my things and headed down the stairs of the stage as I saw someone in the distant still waiting in the hall. "It couldn't be, could it?" I said to myself as my heart began to beat out of my chest and my hands becoming sweaty and shaky as I walked towards this person.

She smiled at me as I got closer. My face lit up as our eyes met. It had been so long, but looking into those same eyes I had dreamt of for so long brought back so much love and feeling again. I couldn't believe that it was really her, and that she was actually smiling and waiting for me.

We were both a few years older now but she still looked as beautiful as ever in my eyes. I approached her speechless. I didn't know what to say. She smiled at me and embraced me in a long friendly hug.

"God, you look wonderful Samantha!" She said smiling, with so much love in her eyes. "I heard your speech. I must say I'm quite impressed. All I can say!"

I smiled back. "You look wonderful yourself Lauri. How are you? I'm so surprised to see you. I've been here all week and didn't see you.'s just great to see you!" I said so happy.

"Well I've been here all week, I gave my speech a few days ago. Maybe you missed that one." Lauri said smiling.

"Maybe I did," I said smiling, "It's a shame, I would have loved to have heard it."

"Well you still can, if you want." She said.

"So how are you?" I said again all excited to see Lauri in front of me.

"I'm great Samantha, and yourself?"

"I'm fine. What about your kids...your husband? How are they?"

"Well my daughters are pretty much grown now, and they're doing great, and my husband is my ex husband as of four years ago." "Oh...I'm sorry Lauri, I didn't mean to impose."

"No, it's quite alright Samantha. Our marriage was pretty much over with a long time ago. It was for the best for the both of us."

"So have you been seeing anyone then?" I asked holding my breath.

"Nope, been just trying to deal with my own life and putting alot into my daughters and work. What about you, dating anyone?"

"No, I'm still single."

"Really...I'm surprised." Lauri said shocked.

"Why?" "Oh, I just had thought you would have been with someone by now. You've got so much going for you. Look at you, this professional speaker and researcher, journalist, at so much more. Your beautiful, I just had thought... well, anyway sorry if I am imposing now."

"No, your not. To tell you the truth Lauri, I never really got over you," I said honestly. "And just put alot of myself in my work and career as you can see, but I've been happy though with that."

"Really, well that's no way to live Samantha. You need a personal life as well."

"Well yeah maybe but I was just never ready for that after us."

"Yeah, I can relate to that as well."

"You can?" I said surprised. Lauri smiled. "Yeah, after us, well it was just never the same for my husband and me, and I finally realized I didn't love him the same anymore, that my heart and love was always, and had always been with you." Lauri looked up at me and smiled again as she reached and grabbed the necklace around my neck. "Wow, you still have it."

"Oh, this thing." I said as I pulled the pendant and necklace out of my shirt. "Yes, the heart and diamond necklace you gave me. You see I told you I would always treasure it and I have always kept it close to my heart." I said smiling at Lauri.

"Wow, I'm surprised." Lauri turned it over and read the inscription and smiled. "My Secret Love...I will always love you." Lauri paused and cleared her throat. "So, anyway, Samantha would you like to join me for supper?"

"Well, I do have alot of work I need to do tonight before I leave tomorrow."

Lauri looked hurt by my answer and politely said it was nice seeing me again before she was about to walk off.

"Um...Lauri, " I said smiling. "I did say I had alot of work to do, but I didn't say I wouldn't join you." I grabbed Lauri's hand, "How bout you join me for dinner in my room at the hotel, I hear they have good service there, besides, we have alot to catch up on... don't you think?" I said smiling seductively at Lauri.

She grabbed my hand and turned towards me raising her eyebrows at me, then she leaned into me as our lips so softly met. It had been so long, but the feelings and love was still there between us, just like time had never passed. We had wasted so much time being apart, and finally now this was our time.

She whispered in my ear, "I love you Samantha, I never stopped loving you. I'll never leave you again...I promise. You have my heart and my soul... forever."

I felt my tears flowing down my face as I pulled her into me for another long and passionate kiss. I pulled back and looked lovingly into her eyes, "You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that to me," I said as I pulled her into me for another kiss.

That night we did alot of catching up, and spent that evening in each other's arms renewing our love and our vows of love to each other. It was the beginning of our new life together. We had waited for this for so long, and now finally we had our chance.

"Honey, what are you doing?" Lauri said interrupting me as she came down the stairs.

"Oh, I'm just finishing up in my journal here."

"What are you writing about?"

I smiled, "Us...our life, how we met, and things like that."

"Oh, so your telling the whole world about our love story, huh?" Lauri said smiling.

"Yeah, I guess I am." I smiled up into her loving eyes. "I'm finishing up here now darling. I'll be up in just a few minutes."

"Okay sweetheart, don't be too long now."

"I won't," I said smiling at my love as she went back upstairs.

Well this leaves me to the end of my journal. Lauri and I are together now, finally! We are really happy and so much in love. As I said a while back she was my soul mate then, and is my soul mate, and I knew even then that she would always be a part of my life and my heart, even when things were the bleakest in our life. So it goes to show never give up on your true love, for you never know when you will find that one true love ever again. This is our life, and how we got to this point. I can't write anything more for the future is unwritten but do know that we are very happy.

Well, I'll end this now, for I don't want to keep my love waiting. Goodnight to all, and goodluck in finding your true love and soulmate as Lauri and I had found each other.

Yours Sincerely,

Samantha Pearson

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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