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My Son's Sex Education Lesson
by TopGun115

It was a Friday afternoon, a beautiful sunny day and I was on my way home to start a two-week vacation. My name is Paula, I am 36, and I work as an attorney for a large law firm in the city. I have been widowed for 6 years, sadly my husband was killed in an auto accident leaving me to raise our son, James alone, it has been very hard trying to combine my career and raising James and probably because I feel I have neglected him over the last couple of years I tend to spoil him now more than I should. James is a very quiet, shy boy, he does not have many friends, preferring to spend most of his free time home, either using his computer or reading, or on his latest craze - working out.

I love James very much, he's all I have now, the only man in my life and now that my career is running smoothly I can concentrate more on him. When I got home there was no sign of James, feeling hot and sticky I decided to go right up, shower and get changed, my bedroom door was open and as I neared it I could see James in my room, he seemed to be going through my dirty washing hamper, what could he be doing I thought, I ducked back out of sight and looking through the crack of the door saw James take out a pair of my used panties and hold them to his nose and start to smell them, he did this with the others then he sat in my chair, unzipped his pants and holding my panties at his nose with one hand he started to play with his dick with the other, then wrapping my panties around his dick he jerked himself off.

This was new to me, of course I new James was growing up, maturing, it was only natural he would want to explore his sexuality but was it normal for a son to want to use his Mom's panties in order to jerk off? I quietly made my way back downstairs and this time opened and closed the front door, slamming it shut, I called out, "James, I'm home, are you here?" and went into the kitchen to make a coffee.

James came into the kitchen, "Hi mom, had a good day?" he asked, I told him I had and that I was looking forward to spending time with him over the next two weeks, we chatted for a while till I said I was going to take a shower and get into something comfortable. I went up to my bedroom to get undressed, when I put my clothes in the hamper I picked out the panties he had used, they were soaked with his cum, James had jerked himself off into my panties. All night I couldn't stop thinking about what I had seen, I began to notice things I had not noticed before, it looked like James was taking more of an interest in me as a woman, he was looking at my body, he sat next to me while we watched TV, I saw his bulge in his trousers, my darling little boy had a hard-on, it was then that I realized then that James was no longer my little boy, James was now a young man.

Next day while James was out at the pool I went into his bedroom to tidy up, as I was putting things away I found some porn magazines and a scrap book in a box at the bottom of his wardrobe, not wanting him to know I had been in there I put them back and later when he went into town and I knew he would be gone for a couple of hours I went back and got them out. The magazines were certainly XXX, real hardcore porn, some of the pictures had been cut out, I opened the scrap book and saw that he had stuck a selection in there, pictures of girls sucking men's dicks, girls getting fucked, girls with dicks up their asses, girls with cum over their faces, he had cut out and pasted in a selection of stories, when I read them they were all the same theme - Incest, sons having sex with their mom's, fathers and their daughters, then when I turned to the last pages I was shocked, there was a picture of a girl getting fucked, only James had replaced the girls head with a picture of me, next to it was a hand written story by James detailing him having sex with me.

I put everything back the way I had found it and went downstairs, I made myself a drink and sat, thinking about what I had seen, James needed help, I decided then that it wasn't good or healthy for him to learn about sex from porno magazines, he would get the wrong idea of what it was all about, he would miss out on the loving, caring side of sex, he had to be told there was more to it, If only his dad was still alive maybe things would have worked out differently but it was my duty as a parent to educate him as best as I could and I intended to do just that.

When James returned from town I was at the pool sunbathing, he got changed and joined me. I was wearing a tiny bikini and throughout the afternoon James couldn't take his eyes off me, as I was wearing dark sunglasses he couldn't see that I too was watching him, I noticed the bulge he had in his swimsuit, after a while I called James over and asked him to oil my back, as he rubbed the oil over me I saw his bulge getting bigger, he finished and sat on the floor next to me, I turned to him and started to chat, I asked him how things were going at school, then about his friends, did he have a girlfriend yet?

He told me he didn't, "Why do you ask mom?" he said.

I sat up and said, "James, you are growing up, you are not a boy any more, if your dad was still alive he would sit and talk with you - man to man, you know, about the facts of life and everything" I wasn't making a very good job of it, "What I'm trying to say James is....well, if there is anything you want to talk about, if there is anything bothering you or something you want to discuss with me, anything at all I want you to know you can come to me any time, and I mean anything" I asked him if he had done sex education at school, he said they had then jokingly added "don't worry mom, I haven't put it into practice yet" "I'm glad to hear that" I replied. I lay back on the lounger, closed my eyes and thought about how I could continue his 'education'.

I must have dozed off, I opened my eyes and saw James sitting close to me, staring at my body, he saw I was awake, "Mom, did you really mean it when you said I could talk to you about anything?" he asked.

"Anything you want" I told him, "Well there are a couple of things I am not sure about but I don't know if you are the right person to ask, I mean.....I feel embarrassed"

"James, there is no need to be embarrassed, I promise you, tell me what's bothering you"

"Ok, well it's....its about kissing, most of the guys at school go on about the girls they have kissed but I've never done it, I don't know how to, I would probably get it wrong and look like an idiot, how do I know if I'm doing it right? Would you show me how to kiss?"

I sat up, "Kissing is no big deal James, people kiss in different ways, what's right for some is wrong for others, to be truthful with you it gets better with practice, some people keep their lips closed, some open them and let each others tongues explore their mouths" again he asked me to show him, I didn't think it no big deal. I stood up, "Ok, come here, show me how you would kiss a girl" he stood and walked to me, I leaned forward and our lips touched, I felt his tongue try to part my lips, I opened my lips and his tongue darted into my mouth, his hands went to my shoulders, pulling me closer to him, my tits squashed against his bare chest, everything seemed to happen so fast, he kissed me deeply.

I could feel his dick now pressing into me, as I said, this all happened in a few seconds but seemed longer, I pushed him away, breaking our kiss, "Wow, for someone who says he has never kissed before I would say you've got nothing to worry about" I told him.

"Did I do it right?" he asked.

"You did fine, just fine" I said, sitting down. James sat there quietly, apparently deep in thought, I asked him if there was anything else bothering him, he blushed a little and said, "Well, to be truthful mom there is a whole lot about sex I am not sure of, I mean I know about making babies and all that but it's the rest that worries me" A few weeks ago while I was looking through the video tapes at the rental shop I remembered seeing a sex education tape, I told James that if he wanted me to I would get the tape and watch it with him, explain things to him that he was 'not sure of' he said he would like that so that afternoon I picked up the tape and told James we would watch it later that evening.

After dinner I showered and changed my clothes, ever since my kiss with James this afternoon I had felt very horny, I decided that seeing I had become his big interest I would give him a treat and picked out a very sexy, revealing dress, I didn't bother with a bra, I looked in the mirror, the dress was so low cut my nipples were almost visible, I put on a tiny pair of lacy, black panties, black stockings and a black suspender belt, I put on fresh makeup, then looking in the mirror again I began to have second thoughts, 'what am I doing' I asked myself, here I was making myself look sexy, about to sit and watch a sex education video with my son, was I doing the right thing?

I decided that if he was to learn about sex I wanted to be the one who taught him, showed him and taking a deep breath I went downstairs. James was sitting watching TV, when he saw me come in he stood up and said, "Wow! you look great mom" I thanked him and poured myself a drink, a large strong drink, I was actually shaking with nerves.

"Right" I said, "Come and sit next to me on the couch and we will watch the video, and remember James, promise me if there is anything you are not sure about or want to ask me don't be embarrassed, ok?" he told me he would and we sat and started to watch the film. The first part wasn't too bad, it dealt with a couple meeting, then skipping to a later stage when they started to kiss and pet each other, then going that bit further where they touched and played with each other, now both naked. I stopped the tape and asked James if he was ok with what he had seen up to now.

"I guess so mom" he said, but when he touched her...her", then he pointed at my tits, "what should I call them mom, breasts or tits?"

I told him that people used both words, "You call them what you want James, whatever makes you feel comfortable"

"Ok mom, well when he touched her tits, should he be gentle with them, I mean would it hurt if he squeezed them too hard? I explained that women liked to be treated gently, that it wasn't nice to do things to them that they didn't like.

"are tits soft mom? I have often wondered what it would be like to touch one, can I feel your tits mom?" I had expected this.

I was prepared, "Ok James, go ahead" I told him, I slipped the straps from my shoulders and lowered the top of my dress, exposing my tits with their now hard nipples to my son, James reached out and cupped my tits in his hands, he gently squeezed them, then turned his attention to my hard nipples, tweaking them between his fingers, making them grow harder and bigger. "Your tits feel nice mom, very soft, smooth." I told him that girls liked to have their nipples sucked and if he wanted to he could suck mine. he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked at them, first one, then the other, at the same time continuing to squeeze and play with my tits.

I knew I shouldn't have been but I was actually enjoying my son's attention to my tits, for someone who said he had never touched a girl's tits before he was doing a good job, I watched as he sucked at my nipples, "James, the last time you did this was when you were a baby and I used to feed you this way, you used to suck mommy's milk from my nipples." I lifted his head away from my tits, "That's enough for now" I told him. "Let's get back to the film." I didn't bother to cover my tits, there didn't seem to be any point. The girl in the film was now masturbating the guy, his dick was hard, she went down on him started to lick, kiss and then she sucked on his dick, taking it deep into her mouth.

I stopped the film and asked James what he understood of the bit we had just watched. He told me that he played with himself and asked me if it was wrong, I said "It is natural for boys your age to masturbate, girls do it as well." He then asked if I played with myself, I answered him truthfully, "Yes James, sometimes I do, when your dad was alive we had sex all the time, whenever we could, I loved your dad very much, I enjoyed having sex, I needed it so much and I have not had sex since, so when I feel the need I try to satisfy myself as best as I can."

"But how do girls do it?" he asked.

"I think we will get to that later" I told him. "Now, I think you should show me how you masturbate, that is if you want to" He stood up and took off his trousers, as he pulled down his shorts his dick sprung out, I thought he would be big but it surprised me, it was at least 7 inches long and quite big around, he sat next to me, his dick standing up straight.

"Did you masturbate dad?" he asked, I told him I did, "Will you do it to me?" I took hold of his dick, it started to twitch right away. I slowly wanked it, I didn't want him to cum so I only did it for a short time, James turned to me, "Mom, in the film the girl kissed and took the man's thing... I mean his dick in her mouth, would you do that to me?"

"Well ok James, I will, but only a little, alright?" I lowered my mouth to his dick and started to lick and kiss it, I licked from the base to the top and then took the tip into my mouth and gently sucked it a little, I thought that was enough and lifted my head, "Please, don't stop mom, Please do it some more, it feels so good, please mom" he pleaded. I wanted to make James happy so I went back down on him, this time taking it deeper into my mouth, sucking harder, as I sucked him I felt his hand on my tits, he started to pinch my nipples, it felt so good, then without warning it happened, he shot his spunk into my mouth while I was sucking on him, filling my mouth with his hot, sticky cum, I pulled away, spunk dribbling from my open mouth, his dick still oozing out his creamy cum,

"James, you shouldn't have done that, that shouldn't have happened" I told him, sensing I was not happy James told me he was sorry.

"Please mom, don't be angry, it happened so fast, I'm sorry mom" I sat back and wiped his cum from my face.

"I'm not angry darling, it's just that some girls don't like it if a man cum's in her mouth, you can tell when you are ready to cum and it is only right that you warn the person who is sucking on you" James sat there looking a bit sad. "Look, to show you I am not angry I'll do something special for you, something that you dad used to like me doing" I went back down on his dick which had only softened a little, it was still covered with his spunk, then I started to lick it, sucking it clean, taking my boy's cum into my mouth and swallowing it, it didn't take long to get him back hard again. I stopped sucking and sat back up, leaned over to him and kissed him, his tongue going deep into my mouth.

As we parted he said "Thanks mom, that was great, and I will always remember what you told me mom". We watched the next part of the video, as we did James cuddled in close to me, he slid his arm around my shoulders with his hand coming to rest over my tit, it seemed so natural. This section was of the guy going down on the girl, licking, sucking and playing with her cunt. Again I stopped the tape, James just sat there looking at me, not speaking, "A girl likes it when a man plays with her vagina James, it makes her feel good", James started to laugh.

"What's so funny" I asked, "Nothing mom, it's just hearing you say 'vagina', in the books I have read they call it a 'cunt' and a 'pussy'."

"Ok James, we will call it what you want, as I was saying, a girl feels good when a guy goes down on her and licks and plays with her cunt, there, is that better?"

"Yes mom, I like you saying dirty words, can I play with your cunt now mom?" I was getting in deeper all the time, I hadn't expected things to turn out this way, this was supposed to be about me explaining the facts of life to my son but things were getting out of hand, I had to decide how much further to let things go, as it was I had willingly let James feel, play with and suck on my tits, I had given him a blow job and sucked his cum from him, should I continue? I made the decision I would let him explore my cunt for a few minutes then I would call a halt to my sex lesson.

I told James to kneel on the floor in front of me, as he did he pulled his T shirt over his head, he was now naked, I stood up and stepped out of my dress, took hold of the waist band of my panties and slid them off, now I stood before him wearing just my stockings and suspender belt, I sat back down, as I did I opened my legs wide giving James a good view of my pussy, "What should I do mom? I'm not sure" I looked down at him, I watched him go up close to my pussy and smell it as I had before seen him smelling my dirty panties, he seemed to be fascinated by the musky, womanly odour my pussy was giving off.

"Well, you could start off by licking my pussy lips" I instructed, "Make them nice and wet, then you could, if you really wanted to, you could lick your tongue deep inside my cunt, maybe then slide a finger inside, just explore around and do what comes naturally, see what happens" I lay back and watched him as he followed my instructions, It felt so good when he started to lick at my pussy, sure he was clumsy and inexperienced but he soon got the hang of it, it didn't take long before he was darting his tongue deep into my now very wet and juicy cunt.

"Now, slide a finger into my cunt, like I told you" he did as I asked, his finger slid in easily.

"Is that ok mom" he asked, "am I doing it right?" I wanted to moan out loudly with the pleasure I was getting but didn't think it right, after all this was supposed to be for James's benefit, I shouldn't be getting pleasure through letting my son give me head!

"Yes" I replied, "You're doing fine" I groaned, "now, slide more fingers in, put in as many as you can and push them in and out" Again he did exactly as I instructed, my cunt was feeling stretched, I looked down and saw he had his whole hand buried into my cunt, my little boy was fisting my soaking wet cunt and I was taking it all. It was no good, as much as I tried not to I let out a big sigh, "Yes, that feels good" I told him, "Don't stop, don't stop, then it happened, I came, the first time in 6 years, my little boy had actually made his mom come, my body stiffened and shook, I gripped the cushions and let out a big scream, James thinking he had done something wrong pulled his hand out of my cunt and edged away looking guilty, getting my breath back I said "It's ok James, don't worry, its just that it made me feel so good what you were doing to me, you see James" I explained, "When you came just now and you shot your spunk out it made you feel good didn't it, well what you did to me made me feel the same way"

James looked relieved, "Does that mean I did it ok mom?" he asked.

"You were great James" I replied, "I think you know enough about sex now, don't you? I think we have done enough"

"But mom, we haven't finished yet, there's more, please don't stop now mom, I want you to teach me everything!"

My head was spinning, already I had let too much happen, "No James, we can't do anymore, it's not right, Mothers are not supposed to do such things with their sons, it's called Incest, we have already done enough, more than enough!"

"No one will know mom, how will anyone find out? Please mom, don't stop now, Please mom!" he begged. "Please mommy, can we watch the rest of the film?" I conceded, I gave in to my little boy "Ok James, we will watch the rest"

I started the tape for the final part, and we watched the couple fuck in a variety of different positions, when the tape ended I switched the machine off, "There, we have seen it all, now I think we should get dressed and call it a day"

James sat on the couch, then he turned to me and quietly said "Mom, please, I'm begging you, don't stop now mom, please teach me the rest, I love you mom" I wanted to carry on, I wanted to give James the final part of his 'lesson' but in my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong, I looked at James, he was still a young boy, MY young boy and I loved him so much but now he sat looking sad, if I didn't carry on he might start to hate me.

I had to try to explain to him my reasons, I took hold of his hand, "James, please try to understand, I love you so much, but we shouldn't do anymore, it's wrong, tonight I tried to teach you about the loving side of sex, that there should be more to sex than having to read about it in pornographic XXX magazines, I wanted to be open about sex with you so that you wouldn't need to have secrets, please understand James, please don't be sad" I pulled him to me and cuddled him, then kissed him gently on the lips. "James, I want you to promise me that tonight will be our secret, no one must ever find out what we have done, you must never tell anyone, ok?"

"Does that mean you will show me the rest mom?" he asked.

"Yes James, we will continue but I don't want you to put your dick right into me, you can rub it up over my pussy and I will let you poke the tip into my cunt but that's all, is that ok for you?"

James was now very happy, "Thanks mom" I noticed his dick had softened, "I think I should get you hard again, don't you?" I took hold of his dick and started to wank on it, it didn't take long before it got hard, "there, I think you are ready now" I lay on the floor and opened my legs wide, I told James it would be nice if he licked my pussy first to get it wet, he quickly got between my legs and licked, played and sucked at my pussy, his instincts took over and before I knew it he was fingering my cunt deeply.

I lay back and relaxed, it didn't take long for my little boy to bring me to my second orgasm, "Ok James, I'm ready now, rub your dick up and down my pussy lips" I instructed, he did as I told him to do, he rubbed it up and down, every now and then the tip slid into my cunt a little, it felt good, very good!

"Am I doing it right mom?" he asked.

"Yes James, just perfect" I told him, "Can I put it in a bit more mommy?" he asked, "No, I don't think so James, I think we should stop soon"

"But it feels so nice mom, please mom, just a little more"

Thinking he meant that he wanted to rub it around my pussy for a little longer I said "Ok James, just a little more" with that he lunged forward and buried his dick deep into my cunt.

"No James, I told you just the tip, please James don't do this, we shouldn't!" my motherly instinct was telling me I should stop him, if I wanted to I could have easily pushed him off me but I was enjoying it too much, I didn't want him to stop.

James was now pumping away, ramming his dick deep into my cunt, as he fucked me he squeezed and played with my tits, he sucked my nipples, he kissed me, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth, he was putting all he had learned about tonight into practice, my darling little boy was fucking his mom good, very good!

Remembering what I had told him said he was going to cum, "Should I take it out mom?" he asked.

"No James, don't take it out" I panted, "come inside mommy darling, shoot your spunk inside mommy's cunt, fill me with your cum"

"I'm coming mom" and with a big lunge forward he emptied his spunk inside me, I could feel it shooting out. He lay on top of me, his dick twitching inside me, still hard, then he gently kissed me" Thanks mom, thanks for letting me fuck you"

We lay together on the floor for a few minutes, it was getting late, "C'mon darling" I said taking hold of his hand and pulling him up, "have a shower and straight to bed for you I think, you look very tired, we will talk in the morning" "Ok mom, I'll see you in the morning, goodnight mom" I gave him a kiss, this time a motherly kiss on the cheek, "Goodnight James, I love you" "And I love you too mom"

After he went upstairs I sat for a while and thought about what had happened, how could things return to normal now that I had allowed him to fuck me, I had to try, tomorrow I would tell him that what had happened was a 'one off' we would never repeat it. I picked up my clothes and went upstairs, had a shower and climbed into bed, exhausted but feeling good, very good! James had been a quick learner, he would make a lot of girls very happy in the future I thought, I fell asleep, I heard my door open and woke up.

I saw James enter my room and walk over to my bed, he was naked, his dick standing out hard, I sat up, "What's wrong James, can't you sleep?" I asked

"No mom, I can't" he replied, "I can't stop thinking about what we did tonight, can I get in with you for a while mom?" I should have said no, I should have sent him back to his room but I foolishly didn't, "Ok James, but just for a little while" I said, I pulled back the duvet and he slid in beside me, I turned away from him and he cuddled into me, right away I felt his hard dick press up against my bottom, "Mom, my dick is so hard it is starting to feel sore" he whispered, I turned to face him.

"Do you want mommy to make it feel better?" I asked, "Yes please mom, please make it feel better" "Ok James, just lie back and let mommy take care of you" I slid down the bed, down to his hard dick, as I took hold of it James moaned loudly.

"Please mom, will you suck it for me mom, like you did before?" I took his dick into my mouth and gently sucked it as he asked, I took it deep into my mouth until it was all in then I started to slowly bob up and down on it, his hands went to my head, he held on to it as he jerked his hips upward, I knew he wouldn't be able to last long and I felt his dick start to twitch, "I'm coming mom" he shouted out but this time I was ready for him.

I didn't take my mouth off and continued to suck as his spunk again shot out, I was sucking it out of him and I swallowing it as fast as I could, I continued till he was finished, I made my way back up the bed, "There, mommy's made it better for you, you will be able to sleep now, I think you should go back to your bed now James" I told him.

he said "Thanks mom, please can I stay just a little longer?"

"Ok" I said, "but only 5 minutes" The next thing I knew it was morning, I woke up with James cuddled into me, his arm seemed so natural draped over me. I lay there thinking, I knew then that things would never be the same again, how could I go back to just being his mom, my darling little boy James was now also my lover.

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