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My Session with Mistress Julie
by Wujiemail

[WARNING - this story contains graphic depictions of scat
(bowel movements) fetish fantasy. If you are offended
by this type of content, don't read further.]

A few months ago in the winter of 1998, I called Mistress Julie and inquired about a personal session. "Hello Mistress Julie", I said.

"How are you?"

"I am fine, slave", she answered. "What do you want?"

"Well Mistress", I began, "I am interested in forced toilet servitude."

"Is that so?", she asked. "What kind of experience do you have?"

"Well Mistress, I do not have much experience in that area but I am a quick learner."

"Hmph", she exclaimed. "It is my experience that beginners do not do well with toilet servitude. Many can handle a lady's urine but few can consume her feces"

"Mistress", I said. "For as long as I can remember, it has been a fantasy of mine to be used as a complete toilet by a beautiful, dominant, Goddess. I long to sit underneath you and have you use me as your basin"

"Well, well", she replied. "Tell me what you would like me to do with you. Let me hear you beg to be my toilet. Get down on your knees and beg me for the privilege of serving as my toilet"

I dropped to my knees and spoke slowly and deliberately into the phone, "Mistress - Please use me as your basin for all your bodily wastes. Let me lie underneath you and imbibe your heavenly potions. I long for you to fill my mouth with your solids and to gulp down the remains of your nourishment. I will lie in wait beneath your anus as you empty yourself into my mouth - Worshipping that which was once inside of you. I will cherish your excrement and your holy water. If you will only grant me my deepest wish, I will make sure your precious gifts will never again be flushed down the toilet - For it is only when I lie beneath you with your shit in my mouth and covering my face that I will truly be in my proper place."

Mistress drew in a breath and chuckled loudly.

"I think we may be able to accommodate each other", she laughed. "When can your training begin?"

"Immediately, Mistress", I replied.

"Good", she said. "I want you to come immediately. Be prepared for an extended visit. I may decide to keep you". She laughed heartily and proceeded to give me directions.

I got cleaned up and made a few calls and arranged to take a few weeks off from work. I got in my car and proceeded to a prearranged parking lot in back of an abandoned building. I parked my car and per her instructions, locked the keys inside the car. I walked back out to the street and took a bus to within a mile of her place. From there, I walked the rest of the way.

I walked down a long, winding road until I saw the address on her mailbox. Her house was set back in the woods about 200 yards and my heart beat nervously as I walked down her gravel road towards what could be my new life.

She opened the door as I knelt down at her feet. She was beautiful. She was about 5'10" tall with long, curly red hair, green eyes, lovely lips, beautifully full breasts, and incredible legs and feet. Her legs were long, lean, and oiled and she was wearing tall, spiked pumps. I salivated at the sight of her.

"Lick my feet, wimp", she said, stepping forward and presenting her high-heeled pump to me. I kissed and licked her pump. She reached down and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me to the other shoe which I worshipped also. Next, she snapped a dog collar onto my neck. This collar I recognized as one which is used for large stubborn dogs. It had an array of sharp teeth which would bite into the flesh if pulled sharply.

"Ouch", I whined as she suddenly jerked on the leash and chuckled.

"Come", she said. "You are my puppy now".

She continued to pull hard on the leash, causing the spikes to dig into my neck and causing me tremendous pain and discomfort.

"Please Mistress", I whined. "This really hurts!" "Oh poor baby", she answered sternly. She pulled upwards on the collar and jerked the leash hard as I scurried after her, rushing to keep up with her brisk pace.

I followed her obediently, glancing every now and then up at her delicious body as it swayed a few feet in front of me. My trained nose could detect every nuance of her fragrance - From the subtle scent of her perfume, to the musky aroma of her womanhood and I was entranced. This was one Goddess who was truly worthy of complete and utter worship. I knew then and there that there was nothing associated with this gorgeous creature that I would not worship - From her toenail clippings, to her public hair, to her used tampons, to the shavings from her legs, to her well worn socks, to her soiled panties, to her fragrant ass to the lint in her belly button, to her wonderful armpits, to her used toothpaste, to her hair clippings, to her bath water, to her piss water, to her wonderful and heavenly shit.

If I was lucky, I would have the honor and privilege of sampling all her gifts before my service was through!

She led me to the bathroom where she instructed me to lie down on by back. In this bathroom, the standard toilet was closed and a yellow ribbon was tied around it with the words, "OUT OF ORDER" printed on them. In front of the toilet was a white, wooden box with handles on the side, and a toilet seat of some kind on top.

"How do you like your new quarters?", she chuckled. When I didn't say anything she laughed and continued,

"Well, I hope you enjoy them because this is where you'll be living for the next few weeks! You'll be eating, sleeping, and shitting right here in this room and with your head in this box. I am going to lock you into this toilet box so that you will be able to service the Mistresses and receptionists whenever they have to urinate or defecate. Since you have little experience, it will be necessary to lock you into servitude in case you have ideas of changing your mind. The locks are to make sure you keep your promise regarding your human toilet fantasy. Perhaps your little fantasy may become too intense and you may have second thoughts. I want to make sure that once you have agreed to serve as a toilet that you will be unable to resist. There will be no safeword regarding this service. You WILL be a toilet and there will be no backing out of this agreement. I went to a lot of trouble to accommodate you and I won't put up with the embarrassment of you backing out at the last minute."

As she was talking, she began fastening me to the device. My head was inserted in the opening and the door fastened shut. My hands were cuffed to the sides of the box which itself was securely fastened to the floor of the bathroom. Leg cuffs completed my capture. Once I was completely immobile, she continued her banter.

"Now - At last... Your fantasy will be realized. You will no longer wonder what it is like to be used as a toilet by a beautiful dominant Goddess. In the very NEAR future, you will have your prayers answered as my wastes will rain down upon your face like a never-ending waterfall. In fact, I do quite a bit of entertaining here and from now on, whenever a lady has to urinate or defecate, it will be on your face. At the end of your training, you will truly understand what it is to be a human toilet! As I mentioned before, there are several other Mistresses as well as receptionists. They will ALL need to use the toilet. That is what you are here for - And the amusing thing about all this is that not only are we all going to shit in your mouth but YOU'RE EVEN GOING TO PAY US TO DO SO!"

She cackled loudly as she pulled her skirt up and sat down on top of the toilet, her bottom merely inches above my face. I could smell her pussy and ass above me and I felt myself stiffen. Suddenly a squirt of urine hit me in the face and began pouring into my face. I opened my mouth wide, allowing her salty nectar to fill my waiting mouth - Not believing that I was finally consuming the liquid wastes of a Goddess. "Drink up and be merry!", she screamed as she continued pissing in my mouth. Every once in a while, my mouth would fill and I would quickly gulp down a mouthful of her fluids only to have my mouth fill up completely again and again. All too soon, it stopped and I gulped down the last mouthful of her piss, licking my lips and cherishing the taste of her wastes. She wiped herself and stuffed the tissue into my mouth, laughing the whole time as she closed the lid and walked out of the bathroom.

"Don't worry", she said. I'll be back with more". I could hear her laughing as her heels clicked on the floor and she left the room. A few snickers of laughter could be heard as I realized that I was being watched!

She left me to wallow in her piss - Me the HUMAN TOILET. "What had I gotten myself into?", I wondered. I laid in wait for a couple of hours as the piss began to dry. It's pungent aroma was strong and the thought of laying in the Goddess of my Mistress kept me hard the entire time.

Eventually, I heard the clicking of her heels getting louder. My dick jumped at the thought of Mistress Julie getting closer and what sweet gifts she might bestow upon me soon. She opened the bathroom door and turned on the fan. The seat was lifted and I saw the beautiful shape of her ass as it descended towards me, once again, placing me into darkness.

A fart punctuated the silence. Having nowhere else to vent, it seemed to go straight into my nose and throat. My throat burned and I grimaced at the smell.

"Well, TOILET MAN", she laughed. "How does it feel now that you're about to find out what a toilet is most useful for?"

She farted again and then I heard her grunt slightly as she strained to eliminate her waste. Suddenly I heard the sound of her shit sliding through her anus and the smell of feces was overpowering. This was the moment I had been waiting for. For over a year I had dreamt about Mistress Julie shitting into my mouth with me being able to do absolutely nothing about it and it was about to come true! My dick had never been harder. As I felt the first mass of her shit press against my upper lip, I was stunned by the humiliation and shame of it all. I was lower than any animal. I had been truly reduced to a mere shell of my former self. My dick got even harder and I ached to receive her foul gift. Simultaneously, my mouth opened wide to receive her offering. Her shit slowly glided past my lips and I tipped my head in order to allow more room for the turd as it made it's way into my mouth and began to pile up. It filled my throat and then expanded as my entire mouth filled with the ri! ch, moist, dark, and wonderful wastes of my Goddess. I was finally underneath Mistress Julie with my mouth full of her excrement! My mouth could hold no more and yet the shit still kept coming. It began piling up above my face which still burned with shame. My excitement continued to grow as she continued emptying her colon into my mouth and onto my face. Suddenly as quickly as it began, it stopped. She grunted one last time sprayed my face with a small amount of liquid shit!

Here I was, laying on my back with my Mistress's shit in my mouth and on my face and my dick was harder than it had ever been before. Though I was the lowest of life forms and humiliated beyond belief, I began chewing her offering, grateful to have been given the privilege and honor to serve Mistress Julie as few have known before. I mean really - How many men have had the privilege of eating from the bowels of one so stunning as Mistress Julie. A taste of shit from her anus was like a taste of heaven.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by Mistress Julie planting the heel of her pump, squarely in my crotch where she began roughly massaging my cock and balls. The pain was incredible but coupled with the mouthful of her shit, my cock responded in kind. My balls contracted and my cock erupted. I felt the warm wetness of my cum expand upon my pants. I continued chewing and gulping my present as Mistress wiped herself, tossing the tissue into the toilet (and my mouth) as well.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Mistress chuckled again and said, "Well slave", I almost forgot to tell you about the party tonight." Glancing back at the real toilet she grinned and looked down upon me as I chewed her shit. "It's a good thing that there's at least one working toilet in this place! Have fun tonight and please try hard to entertain the guests!"

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