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Massage Therapy
by Silver Sea

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

As she prepared for work she considered his appointment today. What was it about him? She had been a Registered Massage Therapist for 11 years and had never had a client that intrigued her so. He wasn't the most handsome. He didn't have the best physique. He wasn't the richest nor most suave. The other women in the office didn't swoon when he would come in for his appointment, in fact, it seemed they hardly took note of him. But she had always been comfortable in his presence. They had seemed like old friends from the first time they had met. And she wasn't even sure he found her the least bit attractive. But her blood would run warmer, and her loins would tingle in anticipation of seeing him.

Showers are wonderful he thought to himself as he inched into the water and it flushed the night's sleep from his awakening body. His "to do" list for the day stirred his synapses as his mind shook free slumberland's cobwebs. A status meeting at 9:00, interview at 2:30, lunch with the steering committee, what a waste of time, he thought as suds from his shampoo cascaded down his torso... ah, that feels good..., oh yeah, his massage tonight at 4:00. He smiled to himself and as a picture of her entered his mind. Her dark brown eyes alight over her broad warm smile. Her petite body covered by loose pants and a short sleeve cotton top, but there was enough fit in her clothes so you knew there were curves in all the right places and tautness holding everything in place. He always marveled at, ok lusted after her tight round butt as she led him into the massage room. He felt a pulse in his groin and a surge of blood in his penis as his mind displayed a profile of her form to h! im. He shook his head. She always had that effect on him and a crooked grin crossed his lips and a sparkle flashed in his eyes. Why did this woman warm his blood? Sure she was attractive. Sure he was naked in her presence almost always. But she was the consummate professional. He wouldn't treat her otherwise or expect her to behave otherwise. And she was married, and so was he. He smiled again as he felt his penis standing at attention as he reached down to lather it. A couple of smooth gentle strokes, umm that felt good... get on with showering idiot, he chastised himself but oh, it would be intoxicating to be with her, his hand roamed through his genitals, her image flashed into his mind, their in an embrace, she kisses his chest as he caresses her taut body, feeling the curve of her buttocks, the warm humid crease that allows access to her love canal. She slowly moves down taking him into her mouth slowly, warmly, wake up man!!! Phew, it would only take a few mor! e tugs on his cock to free the kink in his groin but let's not this morning he thought. He could hear the news on the radio and released he had to rush get to the office as he early he had intended.

She didn't know why she packed the short pleated skirt as a mid-day change of clothes as she prepared for work. Who was she trying to kid, sure she knew why and what was she thinking... they were both married and she was a professional and he wouldn't notice anyway. He had never made an advance towards her. Virtually every other male customer she had at some point in time ad tried to caress her, or offered to massage her or begged to have her "relieve the kink in the muscle between their legs"... but not him. And yet almost from his first visit she would day dream while giving him his massage and she would ne aware of the dampness between her legs after the massage was done. She often chortled to herself during massages after his visit, wondering if her customers could smell her sex as it clung to her underwear. She had a couple of times not been able to stop the urges, stop the flow, and had stepped in the stall in the washroom and had masturbated. Fantasizing about him licking her, gently, softly and slowly fingering her, one then two fingers. It never took her long being so aroused already. In fact she was sure it took longer to clean up than it did for her pulsing orgasm to arrive. She would be so wet, unusually wet, dripping wet. Her fingers would glide in and out of her pussy and around and over her clit with such ease. Ugh, now she had just dampened these underwear. Oh well, in the laundry and get a clean pair. She couldn't help but run her fingers through her folds... uumm that is sooo nice.... a quick taste of her potion and she'd better get off to work. She does taste good she thought as she sucked her secretions from her fingers. She quickly grabbed another change of clothes and threw them in her bag.

At the clinic her first few sessions had gone well. Pretty standard actually. Being a bit short she enjoyed having regulars. It allowed her to get up on the table with them which gave her a lot more leverage when she was giving a deep tissue massage. Her last instructor had told her it was ok and presented her some ways of sharing the table with a customer without making them uncomfortable. If she had to she could do it from the floor or on a small stool. It was more of a workout and she wasn't sure she was as effective. There were some men she knew she could never get on the table with. She just couldn't trust them. But not him, she actually got on the table the first time she massaged him. Hmm, get him out of your mind, you'll mess another pair of panties, she told herself. Her first two customers had been regulars and she was thankful.

She stopped by reception to check her appointments for the rest of the day. Subconsciously, her eyes glanced at his appointment first. He hadn't canceled. Good though, her last appointment had canceled. She would get to go home early if she got no other bookings. Thursday was her night to work late and close up. If all went well she would close at 6:00 instead of 7:00 tonight.

The status meeting was pretty routine. He answered a few emails and prepped for his lunch time meeting. His massage appointment at 4:00 leaped of his day-timer at him at she leaped into his thoughts. Her breasts pushing against her top as she worked on his calf muscle. One would occasionally brush up against him and he would feel his penis twitch. The second time he was there he was rock hard when he turned over. He apologized for the tent he was creating under the sheet that covered him. She smiled and said, "That's OK. It's a pretty normal reaction. Massage is a very sensual experience." No kidding he thought. And then she was there in his mind again. A crease formed in his pants and he reached down to adjust himself. His mind displayed her standing at his head, leaning over him, her breasts just centimetres from his mouth. The number of times he had wanted to reach up, caress those soft globes, guide them to his lips and tongue, she would moan with pleasure as h! e nibbled at them through her blouse... his PC chirped at him reminding him it was time for his steering committee meeting.

12:45, she was starving. She checked the appointment book once more. He was still coming, she had 45 minutes until her next appointment. She headed for the small room where staff would eat their lunch. A quick bite and then she would change. The rest of the staff were just finishing as she entered the room. She would eat alone today. She liked that actually. It would be quiet and she could escape in her own thoughts instead of talking about work or what was on TV last night. She grabbed her yogurt and fruit and sat. What would she make for dinner tonight?. It was nice she would be home early than expected. A bit less cash because of the cancellation but... he does have a nice cock too. She shook her head but couldn't shake the thought from her mind. In eleven years of massage he was the only customer she had peaked over the sheet at as he turned over. And once in a while, every visit lately she would do what she could to stimulate him. Without actually touching ! him directly. When adjusting the sheet to expose a leg she would lift it enough... and then slide her hand under the sheet, caress his shaft and fold her fingers around its firmness... wow, clear your head, "you've never done that and can't" she chastised herself.. Then she noticed her hand between her legs. Her little finger pushing against her slacks, pushing against her labia. The sensation felt good and her pussy was warm and wet. "There's a call for you", a voice rang out. "What", she responded being shaken from her day dream. "A call. For you", Samantha explained. She lifted the phone in the lunch room. "Hello." "HI Hon. Just me." It was Andy, her husband Look. I've only got a couple of minutes. They've just booked a late meeting today. It's about one of our major accounts. (they were all major accounts she thought to herself). I probably won't be home until 11:00 or so. They brining in dinner so you eat without me". "Oh, alright. I'll see you when you get home." "Right luv. Gotta run. See you tonight" "Yeah. Bye then." He hung up. This was become all too frequent. Midday calls warning of late meetings. Her birthday was in five days. She wondered if Andy would work late that night as well... if he would even remember it was her birthday... if he would get a gift or think about taking her somewhere to celebrate. She looked at the clock and it was time for her next appointment. So much for changing. But ummm that cool dampness on her panties did bring back warm thoughts.

Just as he expected, a waste of time. Phew, how much longer before this torture ends. Steering Committee. What a joke. ... and her butt, rocking back and forth right in front of his face... oh yeah, she's massaging my thighs... she's such a pro, I'm sure she doesn't even notice the bulge under the sheet.. and then she spins around. Her eyes gazing into his. Beads of sweat of her forehead from the effort she puts into her rubdowns. Her long dark hair bouncing as she rubs oil on my pecks. Her vagina, hidden behind her pants poised right over my cock. Her breasts heaving slightly from her breathing. ...umm my cock needs adjusting. Oh wait the meeting is done. Christ, I can't stand up now. Oh, I will scribble down some notes until things settle down, so to speak. He stops by the men's room on the way back to his desk. WOW, just pulling his cock out to take a piss almost makes him come. It's so sensitive with all the stimulation his mind has been giving it today. H! e's tempted to beat off right there and fill the urinal with more than his piss. But that's probably not wise in the office. When he returns to his desk his message light is flashing. It's his friend Tom. "Jim, I have a squash court booked at 4:00 this afternoon. Let me know if you can make it." Damn, I have that massage booked at four. He phones the clinic. Ringg, ringg... "Hello. Oasis Massage Therapy" "Hi. It's Greg Harskamp. I have an appointment booked at 4:00 with Rebecca. I would like to reschedule for later tonight if she has any openings." "Let me check". "Yes, she has an opening at 6:00" "Great. I'll take it" "OK Mr. Harskamp, we will see you at 6:00 then. Bye" "Bye."

Ring... ring... "Hello." "Hi Tom. It's Greg. That squash offer still open?" "You bet." "Great. Let's do it"

He finished his work and headed for the gym.

Her two o'clock appointment went fine. But it had been a long day. She stopped by Samantha's desk for one last look at the rest of the day's schedule. OH NO!!! He has canceled!!! Wait what's this scribble. Has someone booked at 6:00?

"Samantha. What's this scribble at 6:00?", Rebecca asked. Samantha peered at he pencil scratch for a minute and then said "Oh yeah, I remember. Mr. Harskamp rescheduled to 6:00. That's OK isn't it?" "That's fine Sam." Her heart fluttered a bit. She still doesn't know why. But Greg was so nice. He always asked how her day was and how life was going. And he remembered things. So obviously he listened. And he wasn't juvenile in her presence. She was unaware that her beauty did that to men. Most got very uncomfortable and in trying to impress often acted like a bumbling teenager. Wait this meant she would have time to change between her three o'clock and her five o'clock.

Wouldn't you know it. The guys on the court ahead of them were playing a tournament game and were running late. 4:15 before they got on the court. Oh well, the pro said they could stay a little later and he would try to reschedule the game after them, which he did.

4:20, I needed that orange juice. "Judy, in case someone comes looking for me, I'm just going into the ladies room to change." Rebecca explained. Judy nodded her acknowledgment. She pulled her clean bottoms and top out of her bag. Wait what's that, she asked her self gazing back into the bag. Oh, of course, the skirt she had first chosen this morning. She smiled putting it back... and then thought wait, why not. She pulled it out. White. Pleats all around. Almost school girlish. She would wear it. It had been a while since she last wore a skirt while working. She slipped off her top and her bra, and washed a bit. Her nipples were so sensitive. She caressed them and pinched them and imagined Greg nibbling and sucking on them. She lowered her pants and underwear revealing her glistening love slit. She reached between her legs and felt the satiny wetness of her pussy lube. Her clit was swollen and alive with sensitivity. Her body convulsed as she slid her finger from the opening of her vagina towards her navel, passing over her reactive clitoris. ...his falls between her legs and he begins to lap at her love potion... his tongue slides u! p and down and in and out... she hears footsteps coming down the hall and quickly raises her pants, her underwear still part way down her thighs. Her cool, wet pussy moistening the tops of her thighs. The person goes by outside the washroom. She takes a deep breath, composes herself and finishes her quick clean up. Her fresh bra and panties feel good. She can't believe how much dampness there was in the underwear she removed. Samantha was beginning to close out the day knowing only a few appointments remained. Sam was efficient. She had the office running smoothly. Rebecca appreciated it, and she wondered if others did as well.

Great his squash game was late finishing as well. He was glad he went. He and Tom always had good close matches. A quick shower and out the door. He wanted to stop by the liquor store on his way to the clinic. He knew it was Rebecca's birthday soon He remembered only because it was close to his birthday and he had just had his last week. They had often talked about wine while he was getting his massage. It was a part-time passion for him. He wasn't a connoisseur, but knew a little. Rebecca was a novice though and often asked for advice on what to buy. She said she never remembered what he had told her. So he thought he would buy her a couple of bottles that he liked and she said she had never tried.

It was getting close to six. It wasn't like Greg to be late for his appointment. Maybe something came up and he won't be in. She puttered around trying to help Samantha with her day end tasks. She wasn't much help, her mind was elsewhere. Everyone else was done for the day and had left for home. The phone rang. She was sure it was Greg calling to cancel.

He found the wine and got back to his car. Uh, he was going to be late. He hated that. He hated being late and he hated others being late. He picked up his cell phone and dialed as he raced to the clinic.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Silver Sea.

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