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Massage Therapy
by Silver Sea

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Hello. Oasis Massage Therapy" Rebecca stood by the reception desk waiting for Sam to tell her Greg had canceled. "One minute Mr. Harskamp. She's standing right here. I will ask her." Sam placed her hand over the mouth piece. "Mr. Harskamp is going to be 15 or 20 minutes late. He wants to know if that's OK." "Do you mind staying a bit Samantha? I will try to be fast once he arrives." "No. That's OK. There are things here for me to do". "It's OK Mr. Harskamp we will wait."

A warm gush rushed through her thighs again and a smile crept over her face.

He came through the doors at 6:20. He was in mid-sentence apologizing profusely, pulling out his wallet as he approached her and Samantha. He couldn't help but notice she was wearing a skirt. Her legs were nicer than he could have imagined. Rebecca and Samantha eased his worry saying they had things to do anyway. Rebecca led him into the room as he caught his breath. They exchanged pleasantries as he handed her the wine and wished her a happy birthday. She smiled and blushed and said "You didn't have to" and then she remember his birthday was just recently and wished him a happy birthday. Greg said he should hurry and get changed so her and Sam wouldn't have to stay too late. He would explain the wines during the massage. The wine remained in the room as Rebecca left so he could get "naked" undressed.

Sam puttered away behind the reception desk while she went to the kitchen to pour two glasses of water. How thoughtful the he had remembered her birthday. At least someone had, though in fairness her husband still had a few days. And he had never forgotten before. She was sure he wouldn't this time either. As she poured the water, she thought, "Why not open one of those bottles now. Andy would never expect that her client would bring her two bottles." She found the office cork screw in a drawer with other kitchen utensils and slipped it into her pocket. They would sometimes have wine in celebration of a staff birthday, or at Christmas or other holidays.

"Which bottle should we open", she asked as she entered the room. Greg was laying naked, face down on the table, covered by the sheet they used to provide some warmth and privacy. "That's not necessary. That's not why I bought it", explained Greg. "I know, I just thought we could toast both our birthday's this way." He sat up as she handed him an empty glass she had grabbed on the way out of the kitchen. "The Chianti. Open the Chianti" "You do the honors", she said handing him the bottle and the corkscrew. She noticed how his hands worked with gentleness and accuracy as he inserted the corkscrew and extracted the cork. "What am I doing" she thought as she walked towards this man covering his nakedness only with a thin cotton sheet. She felt a that warmth in her groin again as she held out her glass to him. She sat in a chair as they talked about work and laughed at stories she told about some clients. Another glass each and she told him how much she enjoyed him as a client. He admired her form as she sat opposite him. Thoughts of caressing those "delicious thighs" and running his hands over her "nice ass" ran through his mind. As he felt a bulge grow between his legs, he adjusted his position hoping she wouldn't notice. "You're the only male client I have that hasn't at some point asked me to massage his penis". "Well thanks, I guess. But in honesty, it's not like the thought has never entered my mind. It's just that I know you're a professional and that's not what you do, and that's not why I'm here." He blushed a little as he confessed his thoughts. "It's nice to know you're human she laughed." "Well those tents I make when I turn over aren't because that's my natural state you know." They both laughed out loud. The wine was loosening their minds and their libidos. She could feel the dampness between her thighs and his precum was making a wet spot on the sheet. As he shifted his position again he moved the bottle of wine and noticed there wasn't more than half a glass each remaining. "We may as well finish this", he said holding the bottle up so she could she the small amount that remained. She held out her glass. AS he sat up to pour the last few drops, the corner of her eye caught his firm cock straining at the sheet that covered it. Her nipples and pussy tingled in unison. They finished the wine making small talk while secretly admiring each others body.

"You had better roll over and we should get on with it". "That's OK Becky, I've kept you long enough. I will just change and go." "No, you came for a massage. You've paid for a massage. You're going to get your massage" "I'll be right back", she said stepping out of the room.

As she walked out, she looked at Sam. The time was just short of seven o'clock. "Sam, why don't you go home. Mr. Harskamp has some really deep knots and this is taking longer than I expected. I'm not even halfway done yet" "But what about the policy, Rebecca?", Sam asked. "That's OK Sam. It's just Mr. Harskamp. It's alright if you leave me here alone with him." "OK. If you think it's alright. I really appreciate it." And she hurried to get her things together. Sam was gone in what seemed like seconds. Rebecca headed back to the staff room. Her panties were literally wet with her pussy drippings. She slid her hand between her legs. Her pussy was swollen with blood and while the wetness gave away her eagerness and she liked that, the coolness was becoming uncomfortable. She was so horny. She slipped her panties off and tucked them into her bag. She couldn't help but touch her puss. The scent of her sex was filling the room. She moaned softly as her fingers slid through her labia. She adjusted her skirt. Checked the mirror to make she her bare bottom wasn't obvious and headed for the room.

He rolled his eyes and moaned to himself as he watched her exit the room. She was so, there's no other word, sexy. He wanted her, but what was he thinking. He tried to roll onto his stomach but his cock was so hard and so erect it was difficult to lay flat. And all he could feel were wet spots on the sheet from his precum leaking out during their talk. He wiggled and rolled and finally tried to steer it with his hand. No luck. But it sure felt good holding it and sneaking a grab of his balls. She was back.

She turned the lights down a bit, lit a couple of candles and put on music. She grabbed the oil and approached him. She really wanted just to crawl up on the table and fuck him 'til they both exploded in all encompassing orgasms. She folded back the sheet from his right leg revealing a little more of his ass than she normally does in order to allow herself a good view of his balls. Oh how she wanted to grab and caress them. She began rubbing his calf. Her hands weren't as adept as usual. The wine had made her a bit tipsy. "You will have to excuse me Greg, if my hands don't work as well as they normally do or if they bump into things they shouldn't. I think that wine has gone straight to my head". "No Problem. All is forgiven before it happens." If only he had the same excuse. He'd love the opportunity to run his hands all over her body and bump into a few things. The wine had gone to his head too and his hard cock was still keeping him from lying flat and he felt a bit bold. "Hold on. Maybe all isn't forgiven. Why don't we make a deal? Each time you bump your hand into something you shouldn't I get to bump my hand into something I shouldn't". "Hmm." She murmured. The thought of him caressing her stirred her juices so she was no longer damp but sopping wet and made her nipples press even harder against her bra. Then she laughed and said "OK. Deal." She moved up to his thigh. His balls in full view. As she ran her hands over his thigh something wasn't right. "Lay flat", she requested. He fidgeted but had little success. His erection just wouldn't bend that way. "No. no Greg. Flat." "I'm trying but I can't". "What do you mean you can't. Why not", she asked without thinking. "Because I've got an erection like a table leg and it won't let me." She blushed a bit but recovered. "Here, let me see if I can help." She reached under him and grabbed his cock. Greg suppressed a moan as she touched him. It felt so good at last. His cock felt tremendous. Steely hard and full. She held it gently, firmly. She tried to reposition it and got an understanding of his problem. She moved it to one side a bit. She wanted it in her mouth and in her cunt. She held her legs together squeezing her pussy and spreading some of its nectar on her thighs.

"Oh well. That will have to do", she said. As she removed her hand a dollop of precum latched on to one of her fingers. She went to wipe it off then changed her mind and raised it to her mouth. She closed her eyes as she sucked it off. The salty smoothness filled her mouth with his flavor and her body responded again. "Wait a minute", Greg announced. "I think you just touched me where you shouldn't have." "Well yes, but I was trying to help you and" "I don't think I gave you a waiver", he retorted as her turned on his side. His cock pointed straight at her. She couldn't tear her gaze away from it. She wasn't sure what would happen next. He reached out and lightly caressed her back and ran his fingers through her hair. His hand trailed down over her perfect buttocks and onto her thighs. She is so nice Greg thought. So desirable. But I won't push the limits. His cock was throbbing, urging him to take her, but the gentleman in him restrained his urges. He started to run his hand up her thigh. She worried he would find her bare butt, her bare pussy and think badly of her. But he lifted his hand over her skirt, across her abdomen and up to her breast. She closed her eyes in pleasure as he circled her nipple then lightly pinched it. Then he stopped and said "OK, I think we're even for now." His cock was even harder and laying anywhere near flat was a complete impossibility. No sooner had she started then she brushed against his balls. "OOPS", he said, "another illegal touch". "Well if that counts", she laughed, "I may as well get my money's worth" as she cupped her hand over his balls and caressed them lightly. Their boldness was infectious. He turned, looked at her and said, "This is hardly fair. I'm completely naked and you're still fully clothed. "I think you should remove your top." He sat up. His cock pointing to the sky. All she could think of was straddling him and feeling his hardness probing her insides. She knew it was going to happen tonight she just didn't know when. "OK. Fair is fair." He reached out and helped lift her top over her head. He caressed her stomach and her tits through her bra. Her nipples ached to be pinched and caressed and sucked. Greg leaned forward, reaching behind her to caress her back. With a hand he undid her bra and she let it fall to floor. He marveled at her taut body, her firm tits, her erect nipples. He leaned forward again and ran his mouth over her breast. His hot breath melting her inhibitions as it passed over her nipple. He was so gentle. His touch so caring. She put her arms on his shoulders and enjoyed his exploring of her body. He sat back and said, "Even". And rolled onto his stomach. Rebecca crawled up on the table and straddled his back. He had not yet discovered her naked ass and pussy under her skirt. The warmth of his back felt good on her cunt as she sat down on him. She began massaging his thighs as a masseuse would, firm with a purpose. His athletic ass poised before her captur! ed her focus and she began rubbing his buttocks sensuously. Greg moaned and wiggled still trying not to break his cock as he laid on it. Still not able to lower his hips directly onto the table. Rebecca sat up for second removing her hands from Greg's body. She hiked up her skirt a bit knowing it would partly expose her bare bottom and her dripping pussy. She allowed her hands to glide up over her breasts. They were so alive, so receptive to touch. She leaned forward once more and ran her hand down the crack of Greg's tight ass, over his scrotum, caressed his balls then found his firm cock once more. She pulled and rubbed it. Greg's hips raised, subtly he thought but noticeably to Rebecca. She sat up once more. Greg muttered "My turn again". "Just a sec, cowboy". Rebecca slid off the table, retrieved her stool and moved it to the head of the table. She stood on the stool a step back from the table Greg looked up and could see her glistening pubes hanging below her the hem of her skirt. He reached out. As he gently ran his fingers through them Rebecca whispered "Happy Birthday Greg". He carefully brushed against the fur covering her cunt. He slid his fingertips up and down her thighs. Her body was tingling under his touch. Softly he pushed his fingers between her labia and her thighs, squeezing her slit closed. His touch heightened her excitement as she knew it would. He parted her lips with one of his fingers. Rebecca crouched slightly, opening her legs, giving Greg better access to her pleasure zone. He slipped finger in then out of her warm wet hole. It traveled up and over her clit. Her knees buckled a little as the pleasure raced through her nerves. If he kept up his probing she would cum in seconds but first she want! ed to feel his steely cock in her swollen vagina. She moved closer to Greg and poured oil on his back. His hands roamed to her butt. His finger traced the crack of her ass and found the honey pot between her legs. She spread her legs a bit and allowed his fingers to roam through the folds of her labia. Greg's cock throbbed, envious of his fingers. His fingers reveled in the satiny slipperiness of her cunt. He slide a finger inside her. Then two. She moaned and pushed back. He was so gentle. Rebecca crawled back up on the table and turned to face Greg. She told he turn over. As he did she slid back. Neither of them had ever been unfaithful. It had been a common theme in their discussions. Greg's cock nestled against her pussy, pressing against her clit. She slid back and forth along his shaft, not allowing him inside. "We shouldn't be doing this." They echoed to each other as Greg's hands rested on Becky's hips. She could feel an orgasm rising inside her just! from Greg's cock rubbing against her clit. But she wanted him inside her. She could wait no longer. She tilted her pelvis and in he slid. Greg moaned in pleasure as her pussy engulfed his rod. He couldn't believe the warmth, the heat inside her. She slid all the way down his shaft with ease. In an instant his balls were coated in her fuck fluid. She rocked up and down enjoying being on top. Andy didn't like her on top. She loved being on top. They were both moaning, both rocking in unison. Greg's balls tightened and BAM, unloaded in to her cunt. The warmth filled her canal and her first orgasm rippled through her body. Her contractions milking Greg's probe moving inside her. She slowed, then stopped with his cock buried deep inside her. They were both panting, both sweating. Greg caressed her thighs. He was so satisfied yet still horny. He wanted to taste Rebecca's honey. He pushed his hands under her butt and lifted her towards his head. He slid down the! table a bit and sat her fully on his face. Her cunt was dripping with his cum and her honey. As he opened his mouth a drop of their elixir landed on his tongue.. Salty and sweet and warm. His tongue pushed out for more. It found her opening and dipped inside. It slid from there up to Rebecca's clit and circled her little love button. She twitched and convulsed as another orgasm built inside her. Greg reached up and caressed her tits. She held his hands against her breasts and he pinched and caressed them as his tongued danced over her clit. He sucked it inside his mouth. His senses filled with the powerful scent and tastes of sex. A stream of their mixed potion ran down his chin and over his neck as Rebecca's next orgasm rocked her body. She moaned loudly, slowly, and gasped for air as her body trembled in ecstasy. As her convulsions subsided he held her against his mouth, drinking her nectar, savoring her dank sweetness.

Rebecca rolled off of him and they laid beside each other. Her head on his chest. His hand on her ass. His cock in her hand. Their night had just begun. There was more love making to be done. Their massages would never be the same. It would not be the last time Rebecca would wear a skirt to work.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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