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My Towel Adventure
by Keiko

This is one of my favorite adventures to perform all year round in Hawaii: I have now lived in Honolulu for one year. It has become a very exciting time for me. I enjoy to have American men to look at me and I have many opportunity for this in Hawaii.

School has now resumed for me and I am not able to spend as much time at the beach as I enjoy. I am still able to go on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings and it is very nice being not as crowded as vacation time. Today was nice time for me, I perform my towel show at the beach again. After my swim, I go to the showers to change. As I remove my bikini and start to shower I start to feel my sexy urges coming to be. I finish my shower and rinse my hair. I start to feel very a tingling sensation running through my body. So, I quickly wipe myself dry and only wrap my naked body with a towel.

I put my bikini in my little bag and walk out of showers only wearing a towel. This makes me feel very excited, walking outside only wearing a short towel around myself. I walk past many men and I enjoy this. I stand in line at the snack bar to purchase a cold drink. It excites me to know I am standing so close to many men and I am completely naked under my towel. The wind sometimes lifts the corner of my towel causing a nice cooling feeling between my legs. I sometimes need to hold my towel down as not to reveal too much there. I purchase my drink and start to walk to my car.

But now I have a problem, I have my little bag in one hand and my cold drink in the other. As the wind lifts my towel, I am not able to prevent this. I walk past a few men and my hairless pussy is clearly seen as the wind lifts my towel. I enjoy this so much. I almost want to do more and my body again has tingling feeling. Many men smile to me as I past them, this is nice. As I near my car I see two boys on bicycles sitting near my car and I am wanting to do something special.

As I walk my breasts bounce from side to side and causes my towel to loosen. I feel the towel start to unwrap slowly. Both my hands are full so I am able prevent my towel from coming apart except by holding my arms close to my body putting pressure on my towel. But when I stop this the towel again unwraps. This has made me very excited. When I reach my car, I lift my arms to place my cold drink and bag onto the roof of my car. As I do this I feel my towel unwrap completely. I allow my towel to unwrap and it quickly falls to the ground. I am now standing there with no clothes on at all and my towel on the ground.

I slowly turn around naked and I see the two boys staring at me looking surprised. I am now facing them with my large breasts and nipples fully visible for them to see. Their eyes seem to be attracted to my naked pussy and they stare with their mouths open. I slowly bend down to pick up my towel. I shake the towel which causes my breasts to bounce. As I am facing them I slowly again wrap myself with my towel. I am feeling so excited at this time. I take my bag and drink, unlock my door and get into my car. I drove home with the towel open all the way home. It was very much fun today.
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