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Management Training Pt. II
by Ralfy Riley

A light tap at my office door woke me from my daydream. The soporific nature of the 'piped' music had me drifting away...but a second, slightly sharper tap, snapped me fully awake. 'Come !' was my automatic response, and the door eased slowly open. Saturday... Judith....mmm.. 'Close the door sweetie', was my immediate reaction, but as she complied I added 'And snap it shut!..' to my instruction. I felt the smile cross my face as I heard the door catch snap in it's closed position . 'I'm here as you asked Mrs Holland', was her nervous greeting as she came closer to my desk. 'I think you'd better get yourself on MY side of the desk,' was my moody sounding retort...

I watched Judith's nervous journey round my desk as she stopped in front of me.. I could feel the tingling beginning, a damp patch was I gestured with my eyes for her to kneel in front of me. My feelings of dominance were a huge turn on as the pretty young thing settled to her knees in front of me. Using all my story telling skills, I told her how difficult I was finding it to prevent Eddie, the security man, from reporting her alledged theft to the 'Higher Ups.' This simply wasn't true, as a small pay rise and a couple of extra half days off had easily 'bought' Eddies silence.....but Jude didn't know this...and Eddie was sworn never to mention it again! With my best serious look I explained to the kneeling Judith how hard I was having to work to save her from Ed's revelations. I knew how badly she wanted to keep her job, .....and she was going to have to PAY me to keep it...

Smiling sweetly at her, I took her head in my hands and began easing it to my 'Target area,' remembering fondly how GOOD it felt when she last 'paid me a visit.' At this point I felt a little resistance and Jude raised her pretty head and pathetically begged 'Please don't pull my hair !' - 'Depends on your enthusiasm' was my dark response as I hoisted my skirt above my ample waist line....and settled back into my chair. I gently took hold of her head, and with a minimum of force, rested her pretty face against my naked pussy. In preparation, I'd NOT worn any underwear, and had stockings on instead of tights, to give the 'naughty' girl full access to my swelling 'clit.'. A small gasp came from between my legs as my underwear secret was discovered, but almost immediately I felt warm lips begin kissing and a rough little tongue lapping my most intimate place. I went to pull her little face harder into my sex but as my hands touched her head she plunged voluntarily and deeply into my dark recess. Her lips, tongue, jaw and nose forced their way hard onto my swelling clit', as my body began to shudder exquisitely. There was no need to use any force as Judith roughly devoured my drenched hole. Looking down I could see her head burrowing noisily and furiously into me, it may have hurt a little, but the feeling....the was exquisite !!

On and on she 'munched' licked and sucked every millimetre of my engorged clit' and tender pussy lips. I honestly started to feel faint due to the sexual ferocity of Judith's 'oral onslaught.' I could feel the dampness on my seat cushion as wave after wave of my intimate juices poured onto the flower patterned fabric of the seat cover. I truly felt weak,sweaty, light headed, and I could hear and feel my heart pounding in my chest ....... I came yet again.......

Suddenly Judith disengaged herself from between my legs and stood 'wet - faced' and red cheeked, before me. My heart started racing faster as her eager fingers began unfastening the buttons on her uniform jacket. Just as a lacy black bra became visible under her jacket the moment was broken.........The intercom bleeped.. 'SHIT! .....I thought Why didn't I switch it off ? ? ' It was Val, my assistant manager, informing me that the Fire Brigade had arrived for a 'snap inspection.' Of all the things I could do, I couldn't tell that lot to go away. Sadly I got up from my chair and began dabbing my wet patch with tissues from the box on my desk top. The patch had spread and both my inner thighs were sticky, and my bottom was much the same. To my horror the dampness had spread up to my hunched up skirt, leaving a huge patch on the back and the front. No amount of tissues could dry and clean the skirt, and sniffing it I realized that it also had an unmistakable sexual aroma... I had no change of clothes in my office... the Fire Brigade were on their way.. What was I to do??? Thankfully Judith could think straight..

She pulled down her elastic trousers, showing the darker, moist patch on her knickers, and having kicked off her shoes, passed me her trousers urging me to 'Get these on!' Now I know the trousers were way too small, and a mile too short, and a bit damp, but I gratefully took them. I was now the trendy store manager who showed the fire brigade around in her 'skin-tight' pedal pushers. I don't know how I pulled it off--but I did... Judith was left waiting for me, sat in her damp undies on my chair...


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