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My True Master
by Silent Princess

I was in the library. I was in the middle of a book, alone at my table, no others are really around to make noise or be bothersome in any way. Sighing, I relax into my comfortable wooden chair and continue to read. Suddenly I feel a warm hard hand upon my leg--and as I turn to look a man clad in the purest black looks me into the eyes. We sit there for a few dazzling seconds, my eyes on, in, his deep blue ones. I feel as if I am being pulled down, down, down into the depths of darkness. I slowly place the novel on the table, still making eye contact with the stranger, for I am unable to avert my gaze. His skin is pale and his features dark. His cheekbones are strong and high, the silhouette of his skull is visible in his face. His raven hair is straight and falls neatly around his face. Then I realize that his hand is still on my leg, so I watch him stroking now with long fingers and scratching slowly with long perfect nails. Then his fingernails push painfully into my thigh.

"Ouch! Stop that, who are you?!" I ask stupidly, not half expecting an answer.

"I am your Master," the pale man said very simply, "and you now belong to me, because I have chosen you. Let us go now."

Paralyzed with fear, I watch his quick movements as he rises from the chair beside me. I stand up hypnotically, not knowing what else to do. He grips my hand, hard.

"One false move and you shall regret," his deep voice echoes in my brain, sends shivers up and down my spine. We walk together out of the library, his long strides and my quick ones, as I attempt to keep up with the strange man who has me under his spell. The librarians glance up from their computers to see us exiting the library, and think how cute it is that young people have such fun together.

Once outside, the man opens the door of a shiny black car and I cautiously peer inside. But before I can think about it, he pushes me into the back seat and slams the door. I am totally disoriented and finally begin to protest. There is another man beside me in the back seat who is watching my every move. The pale man gets into the driver's seat and starts the car. I panic. The man in the back seat is smiling at me through dark glasses. He seems to be laughing at me. When I try to hit him he catches my hand before it even gets near to him.

"Oh, you're trying to attack already and I haven't even introduced myself yet," the muscular man in the dark glasses says, "How rude. Master, did you see the little girl try at that?" He chuckles and continues to grasp my arm singlehandedly.

There is no answer from the man called Master.

"Let me go!" I cry desperately.

"Heh heh, fiesty bitch, isn't she Master? She will surely be a good one for you," the man of darkness smiles comfortably, knowingly. I struggle to retrieve my arm but instead of letting it go the dark man grabs my other arm and swings me around so my back is to him, with my hands held tight behind me. His hands are big. My shirt becomes tight across my chest from his pull. He leans to my ear and whispers,

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" I squirm futilely. "I am going to rip off all of those useless clothes and push you down onto the ground and fuck your mouth till I cum deep into your throat."

The master turns his head sideways and says,

"She is mine, you know this. Release her but sheild her view."

The man in the black sunglasses immediately releases my hands only to cover my eyes. It is completely dark now.

Finally the car stops and I feel the sensation of descent. We resume driving for a short time then stop.

I am released, I can see again, yet there is nothing to see except darkness.

The pale man opens the door and steps out. The dark man also gets out, dragging me by the arm.

We walk together for a while then the pale man opens a door. A dim light appears in the darkness. It is a room, a room with antique furniture, candlelit and with many chains attached to the walls and a big padded chair, blood red in colour.

"Sit," the pale man says to me upon entering.

I sit in the chair, a fragile child in the enormous pillows.

The other man sits in a chair across the room, a simple wooden one.

"Remove your clothing, it will be useless to you now," the master says

"No!" I yell defiantly, foolishly.

The pale man walks toward me, I shrink back into the cushions in terror,


"Yes," he says with an evil grin, and yanks at my dress. The lace and velvet rip down the center. He tears at my dress until I am only in underwear, black. These he pulls down my shaking legs slowly, caressing my legs and smiling.

"You will not find these useful anymore. Never don such things again." I am clawing at the arms of the chair and quivering in fear. The other man simply sits and watches us. The pale man holds my waist and with amazing strength swings me around so that my nude buttocks are up and my arms are braced on the chair, my head buried in the cushions.

"Bring to me my things," the pale man tells the dark one. The man in the glasses hops up and goes over toward a chest and opens it with a key. I hear the sound of metal clanging together and I freeze. I begin to cry.

"No...please...I will do anything if you would let me go...please..." but it is of no use.

The man gives the master the things. He sits back in his place eagerly. The master selects a riding crop and slaps it against his leg.


Snap! The crop cracks down hard onto my tender flesh. I am squealing with pain.

"Now be a good girl! Behave!" The man chuckles across the room.

"We will teach you to serve the Master," the Master's voice sounds happier than before.

The Master looks down and observes my reddened buttocks, then swings again, and again, and agian.

"Please...?" I cry, exhausted and stinging.

"You are mine now, little one."


He cracks the whip on my pussy lips. It is excruciating.

"Yes. Do not argue, my love."

He swings again, hitting my raw lips.

"That feel good, bitch? You'll learn to like it, you slut," I heard the other man say.

I tried to turn over, and suprisingly I could. Then I lay on the chair, facing the master. Those piercing blue eyes seem to say 'you are mine, mine forever.' I sensed his arousal when I look down and see that his pants are bulging with cock. I am scared. I do not know what to do. I close my eyes then feel something sharp inside of me. I open my eyes and inhale quickly as he shoves his fingers deep inside me.


"Oh little girl, I feel that you are no virgin," the pale man says, "that is acceptable, for I will be larger than anything ever inside that most wonderful cunt of yours."

I shuddered at the thought. He undid his pants and his enormous cock leapt out.

"You will like it!" says the sitting man eagerly.

"Ungh.......hh" I say, alarmed at the prospect of the thing entering me. The pale man pushes me down and pushes his pants down past his knees.

"You will take it all into you."

"I can't..."

"Be quiet now."

His huge red member was advancing toward me. I saw his gigantic balls, full of cum. I notice that there is a drop of semen already at the tip of his head. The other man suddenly rises and grips my hands, held them at my sides. I knew to remain quiet lest they hurt me more. The Master thrusts into my cunt with amazing power. His huge manhood barely fits into my tight hole. I am in so much pain I nearly blacked out. The other man watches us, rubbing his own hard cock into my face. It smelled musky and his tight balls kept rubbing my face. He moans and I suffer under the pain of my master's huge quivering cock and the other man's excited cock.

The master forcefully penetrates me, he grunts and sighs as I flinch and cry. I scream in agony as he grows.

The other man is naked and he is so hard he is poking my mouth. Finally I allow him to enter, which is what he wants. He moves in and out of my mouth jerkily and holds his breath in pleasure as he pushes further and further down deep into my throat. He pulls out quickly with a cry and spurts loads of sticky warm cum all over my face. My eyelashes stick together and my master still pumps his strong cock deep into my now very wet cunt. He sees my face and comes into me. So much come that he comes and comes for a minute. I feel his cock throbbing inside me. It throbs with release and the Master clenches my skin with his hands. I cry and cry and sob, for I am bleeding and in pain.

"You will most certainly do, my dear," my Master says, out of breath. He begins pinching my nipples hard, affectionately. It is then that I know that I was destined for this, forever.
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