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Come to My Special Hideaway
With Me Pt. II

by Suzie Samuels

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I kneel there looking up at you with big brown eyes and my wrists cuffed. My eyes are cock height and your swollen member is throbbing doing little jumps with each throb. "Oh but he tastes, so good, um."

We are spending this warm summer day, our only real day together, and a long way back in a bush, at this secret place from my childhood. We are lunching in the remnants of my branch fort. It has been abandoned for years, but it is still partial here and still my most favorite quiet place in the world. I think we all have them, that place that stays with us as we grow-up that never quite leaves us from our childhood. The one we visit when we need a refuge from the world. This is mine here on the shore of a fast moving creek nestled at the bottom of a steep hill in this forest of oak, maple, and ironwood with a scattering of white birch. It was a pretty place way back then and it has not lost any of its appeal over the years. The trees have matured, some have fallen the undergrowth is now a tangle where it used to be pastured keeping the floor of the bush virtually clean. The long and the short of it is; this is still my special place.

When we decided that we would take our secret cyber master / slave relationship real, we needed somewhere that was far from prying eyes and yet still close enough that you, my master could fly in early and leave late in the same day. While there was only one spot in the whole world that met all the criteria and that is here, my special place. Hence we are here.

It is about 11 AM and although early we have toasted each other with a glass of white wine but our luncheon of cheeses and crackers though unpacked is forgotten. Fortunately it is still wrapped. I look at it. I would like just taste of it as I can never resist Brie. My mouth watering I ask hopefully, "Master D shall I unwrap our lunch."

"No Misty, in fact I want you to repack in its cooler." I look up terrified have I done something to displease you. A single tear overflows my left eye giving away my terror. You lean down from your great height and pat my left cheek and wipe the lone tear away, "No, my sweet slave you have done nothing to displease me. I just think you will be better not to have anything in your stomach." Completing the statement you bend, take out a ball gag and hold it up for me to see. "I am going to gag you for this next part and I don't want to throw up behind it. Understand. Now be a good girl put all the food away."

I hold my black leather cuffed hands up thinking you will undo them while I pack everything back into the insulated backpack. You just shake your head. I am amazed at how difficult it is to move about with my hands firmly cuffed in front of me, as I go about my domestic duties.

All done, I turn to see you lazily leaning against one of the two invading trees in my fort. You are just watching me with a laconic look twirling the gag, my gag. Finished, I stand and turn around and look at you. The instant I do it I realize my mistake my eyes have really met hers. Your expression never changes your right hand with the gag it in swings out in an arc and squarely makes contact with my left cheek. I fall to the ground, unable to break my fall with my wrists cuffed, hard on my right side, crushing the leaves a musty, earthy smell envelopes me, the twigs either bend or break depending on their decomposition. I lie there and groan in pain, my hands go to my injured cheek; I am looking for blood, there is none. Just for a moment I am really afraid. Terror rolls through me and my teeth chatter. Unbidden the tears flow. 'What have I gotten myself into? How am I going to get through this? You dump ass, Misty you told no one your plans for the day. To think I trusted him enough to go through with this and then he does this, you stupid bitch.' All these thoughts have flashed through my mind in milliseconds.

I watch your lithe frame move quickly to my side and I cower attempting to move away. "Misty, I will not hurt you again, but I have spent hours teaching you your role and in all our training you know you are never to meet my eyes when we are in scene. Now come here, let me look at it. It shouldn't be too bad; I know it hurts now, but I think your pride is hurt more than you are physically. There isn't even a bump but here let me kiss it, all better." You lean in and with your strong arms you pull me against you, as if I weigh nothing and brush the debris off and give me the gentlest kiss on my poor cheek. "There, there, now dry those tears."

Wrapped in my master's arms I close my eyes as I realize that my body has liked being struck. I am; my body is going into spontaneously climax. My hands wrap around your arm as I live in my orgasm, only conscious of it. You hold me and murmur, "You are a hot plainslut, aren't you, Misty? I was about to give you another chance to cancel this scene, but I don't think that is necessary, is it? Humm?"

I slowly calm down, the throes of climax lessening into little spasms. I lie back in your arms and nuzzle into your neck and rest. You just hold me for a few minutes quietly as we listen to the cacophony of the forest's creatures. "Ready, Misty?" I nod and we disengage ourselves, you stand and hold out your hands to me. Taking them, you pull me effortlessly up to stand before you. Having learned a very valuable lesson, I lower my eyes. You lean forward and kiss my eyes, kissing my wet eyelashes. You reach around and slap my bare ass first on the right side then the left cheek, hard slaps. I gasp at the suddenness but only bite my lower lip to keep it from quivering.

You step back and retrieve the ball gag and facing me say, "Open Misty." I open my mouth, "Wider." I do as you order and watch as what seem likes like a ball with straps on it moves into my mouth. It pushes my tongue down and somewhat back. It feels huge. It sort of gags me and I panic. You move behind me and attach the straps pulling it into my mouth deeper; it makes my eyes tear and I breath faster. But I relax at your words. "Relax, Misty you are OK."

I didn't know you had it until it is lowered over my eyes, your blindfold settles down over my eyes. Blackness over takes me. It is soft, maybe velvet or satin. 'No, it is velvet.' I am cut off. Sound is the only sensation left to me besides feel. You didn't tell me what to expect, except you have assured me that he will not hurt me.

I guess you can read my mind, " Remember, you trust me. I am your Master, not your tormenter and I will not hurt you, beyond what you want or beyond what you can take. Remember the contract we drew up before we agreed to meeting. You will be perfectly OK, and the stimulation and orgasms you are going to experience will be like nothing you have ever experienced. It will be based on pure sensation, Misty, you must stay relaxed enough that I can move you around without hurting you."

My Master is here gently running his hands down my back and giving my nose a kiss, enough to say 'You are OK." I lie there listening to the lovely quiet of the bush, everything all muffled expect for the sweet sound of the yellow finch in the tree above and the sound of my precious creek as it tumbles over the rocks.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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