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Come to My Special Hideaway
With Me Pt. II

by Suzie Samuels

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I give you a weak, shy smile. "How do you do that to me? How do you know just what to do to me to make me cum? Master, I did not know I could climax like that." You lean a little forward and cup the right side of me face lovingly.

"Misty you are a great slave, did you know that? I think you have always been in conflict with yourself and your sexuality. There has always been something missing in your life and you have found it with me. Up until an hour ago, could you have imagined allowing anyone besides your Doc to open you like that?" I nod, yes.

'Yes I have often dreamt of being opened like that, actually for years I have daydreamed about it.' I rehearse this in my head trying it on; can I actually say it out loud though, to this stranger, my master. I know, I could not say it to my husband. I open my mouth to say it and close it. Then I do it again.

"Misty, it is OK you can tell me anything, you belong to me. It is okay, little one."

"Yes I have often dreamt of being opened like that, actually for years I have daydreamed about it. I have always wanted to have a man put his hand in my pussy. That was closer than I have ever had, thanks, Master." I wait for you to reticule me like I would get if I admitted such a thought to anyone else, especially my husband. You don't laugh.

"Thank you for admitting it, Misty. Rest. Let me get you some water." Returning, you cup my head and raise it so I may drink, he says "Thanks for allowing me to share that experience with you, slave."

I must have drifted off. My eyes fly open; a scream escapes my lips as a horrible and sudden pain rolls through me. I try to sit up but I can't. I twist my head around trying to see what is wrong. 'What is wrong? Where am I? Oh my Gawd, what is wrong with me? Have I been hurt, how?' As I become aware of my surroundings, "What the hell have he done to me? Oh!!!" I am tied up; the ropes attached to my wrist cuffs are now tied off to the trees. But that is not what woke me. 'I hurt so badly, my tits, my tits hurt so badly!' I muse all this, as I scream at the top of my lungs.

You are over me, your feet on either side of me, bending from the waist your hands on my tits and you are laughing and trying to soothe my terror all at once, "SHH, little one you are OK, honest, ride the pain, breath though it and feel it settle. We both know you want this and it is my right. Ride the pain, feel it in your cunt!"

Your words calm my screams but not my pain, it is growing as you straighten and it again becomes unbearable as you toss something over the lower limb of one of the trees. "UGHHHHHHHH!" It is more than I can handle; instantly a sheen of perspiration covers my body. I close my eyes trying to center myself somewhere else, here before the pain. I try to move my legs and am somewhat surprised to find they are free, not tied also. Now I become aware of another sensation, it is pain, but not a gripping horrible pain; a manageable pain connected directly to my G-spot. My nipples are adorned with silver clamps that have a very thin string attached to them and on the end are weights that you have just tossed over the branch above. My nipples are pulled like they have never have been before. My tits are cone shaped; the nipple that is on the far side of the clamp is becoming red. I am surprised the clamps can even stay attached to me. I look fascinated at them. "Master, why are you hurting me so? It really hurts but if I breath really deeply, it is also giving me a deep ache that is nice."

You turn in your laconic manner, smiling at me. "I know that's the purpose." You ignore my first question totally. It must have been awhile though; the shadows have changed enough to be noticeable, they are now certainly coming from the southwest.

You walk to my feet and bending, you pick-up the ropes attached to my ankle cuffs. Then you walk up and over me straddling me your cock and balls are fascinating to watch as you move. Totally free they do there own little walk over me. I tip my head back to watch their continued stroll. You feed each rope into its individual pulleys, spaced about three feet apart. 'PULLEYS, where the hell did they come from'? You start to pull and up come my feet; up, up, slowly straight up and even further they keep coming back towards my head. I watch my feet as they come back over my head settling each side of my head but stretched much wider apart.

I cannot help but think what I must look like from my other end and I blush, I know you will be able to see me as no other person as ever done. I feel the heat of my blush rushing through my whole body as you step back over me. "My, my what a wonderful site and it is all mine. Oh, Misty, this is the single moment we have both looked forward to for months, the first time I take you as mine, my pleasure slave. You are mine; all mine!

Your husband can use you but he belong only to me." Your rock hard cock is steadily moving towards my vagina, firstly stopping at my clit where you kiss her briefly as you slips downward toward my vagina. Even before you enter me, I can feel my labia and vagina opening and closing in anticipation. As you, your cock, touch my vagina and stops, a moan escapes my lips and you smile at me. "Look at me. Look me in the eyes as I possess what is mine." With a single thrust of your hips you enter my cunt; my moan turns into a louder groan while you let out a guttural groan. Our eyes are locked on each other. Your actions are like you cannot wait another moment, like you are ready to explode in me at any moment, like you are ready to deposit your seed deep into my cunt. I orgasm, expecting you to meet my climax, you don't. Your cock is thick and long, longer than I have ever had and you are opening me, as nature meant. I can feel you pushing against my cervix. Our moans of ecstasy meld together as you lean on me, putting your weight on my open thighs and separate my nipple weights apart so your tongue can hungrily fuck my mouth as well.

A scream escapes me as her mouth settles on my lips and her tongue enters me. My scream dies. It becomes a sigh of pure joy as you take me in two places. 'Oh my!' I relish your touch, being yours, being your slave.' You hold me, not moving. I expect to feel a final thrust as you empty your balls into my vagina, but no you pull out instead. "No don't leave me like this, please." I am so close to another orgasm I am so sure my vagina is opening and closing furiously. I can feel you still in me. My climax will not cease and I ride to the top again and you watch, your thumb rubbing my clit hard, my hips thrusting up as if to meet you. I feel empty without you in me.

You move with your rock hard cock around to my head. I watch. You straddle my face, your feet between my head and my feet, your ass and back against my tits, "Ugh! Heavy" Your balls fall against my throat; our penis lies on my face coated with my juices and your precum. I can smell our sex, a cloying scent.

"Open your mouth, Bitch. You are my cocksucking slave aren't you, Misty?" I open my mouth and immediately your thick cock still wet with our juices enter my hot mouth pushing my tongue down and back, gagging me. You ride my mouth like you ride my cunt. Just like that. "Suck me harder, slave. This is your purpose to suck me. I know you love it, too, don't you Bitch. I know I love the feel of your soft lips wrapped tightly around my cock, milking me with every pull. I can feel my balls tightening. Stop, Bitch! I said STOP!" I stop my lips still tight around your cock as you pull out.

'I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, why didn't he?" You pat my left cheek.

"You are a hellva good cocksucker, you know that Misty?"

From your squatting position, you rise and step off me; your cock is standing at attention. You move back to my crotch, I would say between my legs but my legs are over my head, so just to my crotch. Your cock does your walking through me slit, visiting my clit and testing the readiness of my vagina. "Yes, Master, yes." I can feel my vagina walls starting to twitch again. You pause at her mouth and then smile and move lower, lower to my other hole.

Arriving at my rosebud, you take the tip of your cock all wet with my spittle, my juice and your precum and you circle her around and around my hole. My hole spasms. "Truly Master, I have never had anyone in my ass hole."

"I know that is why I have been having you wear the small butt plug for several minutes each day. I did that to ready you for this moment. Now let me take your virgin ass, Slave." You push against my sphincter muscle my body involuntarily fights your entry. You are insistent; you will have your entry into my asshole. Your cock pushes unrelenting into me little by little, opening me, stretching me, invading my most private of parts. I close my eyes and bite my lower lip to keep from crying out in pain. I am not even sure you realize how much pain you are causing me. You push in further inch-by-inch, stopping every inch or so to give me a chance to accept your invasion into my anus, I moan as you pull out and it turns into and uncontrollable groan as you push hard on your next thrust burying your cock deep into my bowel pushing all the way. 'Oh my Gawd. My ass burns and hurts and I groan, tears escaping my eyes. You hold and let me get used to it, but it is one word for my acceptance and two for you as you delight in my tight warmth wrapping your cock. You start to move at first slowly, then with growing urgency. You push in deep and then pull partly out, and then push in even harder as if you can get in even deeper. I can feel your cock swelling with the urgent need to spill your seed; your balls tap out their own tattoo on my ass cheeks. Your eyes take on a look that all women know from their partners' faces. Your eyes almost glaze as all your energy is centered between your legs; you only know your own need at this moment; feeling the sensation of your semen pushing out of your balls and up your shaft to be pushed out in eruptions of white thick ropes of semen into my asshole. As you ejaculate you tell me, "You are the best fucking slut I could ever have found, Misty. You are made to accept my seed. You are made to be my special slave here just for my use. You are a fucking slut."

My needs are met also even though you are in my asshole where no one has ever been, my body rockets to yet another orgasm. I rock my ass up to meet your thrusts as we share our climax. "Oh you are so great. I love the feel of you in my ass, I do, I do!" I whisper, still a little embarrassed at my circumstances. You push in and hold firm as you cum deep in my bowels, finally falling forward to rest between my suspended tits. The movement makes them hurt terribly. I wish I could take your head in my hands at this moment and hold you to me. We rest spent, you on my bosom, your softening cock still encased in my asshole. With obvious regret you finally pull out. As you pull out, "Now Misty, you are truly mine forever."

You stand and walk around the west tree and untie my legs. My legs flop down hitting our mattress of leaves hard as they fall. "Oh, my goodness that feels good, but nothing will ever feel as good as the last hour. Thank you, Master." Actually that does feel good, like my spine has been stretched, which of course it has been. "I know that this is all we will ever have and there is certainly enough memories to last me."

"That's the way it has to be and you know it." You step over my outstretched arms and take first one weight and toss it back over the branch and deftly catch it, then the other. You are careful not to let them fall on me, but specks of bark fall onto my face, I close my eyes just in time to avoid it falling into them, but it dots my face. I blow out trying to blow them off afraid to open my eyes. You kneel on my left side with the weights still over your left arm and you lean in very close to my face and blow hard making sure you blow all over my face. "There, now you can open your eyes." I tentatively open them. It's OK. I smile at you blinking in the bright sunlight; a ray is coming right through the canopy straight into my eyes.

"Thanks." I say as you trace my lips and tweak my nose.

Then you busy yourself with my nipple clamps. "You ready, it is going to hurt like crazy when the blood starts to rush back in. Ready." I nod. You take clamp in each hand and release them. I give a great big smile that says, 'See how tough I am, it doesn't hurt a bit.' The smile dies on my face and my face changes into a grimace I bite my bottom lip and close my eyes as the pain washes over me. I have handled the pain, the humiliation, the torment as a trooper, but this is real pain. It just plain hurts, really hurts. I groan, as it washes over me. The Dom side in you makes you enjoy my pain and to accentuate it you cannot resist in reaching out and twisting my bullet-hard nipples to the point where I can no longer just groan. My scream echoes around us coming back from a hundred different directions. The scream dies in a mouthful of four letter epitaphs all directed at your parentage. "You fucking bastard! What a motherfucker are! You hurt me. Stop it! YOU PRICK!" I shriek at you, "If my hands were free I would ripe your eyes out." If looks could kill you are dead. "I want you to take this collar off me and let me go, right now. I demand that you release me and I never want to see you again." At this moment I hate you, I hate what you have done to me and worse I hate what I have allowed you to do to me. I loathe the whole situation. I struggle to get loose my feet kicking up to hit you since my bound arms are held tight. "I hate you." I say in a quiet tone as my pain is lessening and your massaging is having the desired effect. All you do is laugh at me. You let me just verbally abuse he and let it roll off you as if I was complementing you.

You busy yourself with my ankle cuffs, once off you massage my ankles, feet and legs. You quietly murmur, "You are all right, you know. You know that it is my right to hurt you, but you also know that I will never do you any permanent harm, don't you, Misty. Now if you are calm, I will undo your wrists. I won't if are going to be bad and hit me. Your choice?" My breathing that only a few minutes ago had been ragged is now normal. I nod and give you a smile. I want to be loose but I am still angry with you.

As if you know this you lean over me, kneeling over on all fours and lower your mouth to mine. Your lips take possession of my mouth yet again. For just a second, I try to resist you but I can't. I eagerly accept your tongue into my mouth. My tirade is forgotten, now I only want my arms free to hug you to me. Some how you are able to reach the quick release on my wrist restraints and my arms are free. They are slow to respond. They do though and I hug my Master to me. You arms come under me in an encircling movement and lift me to you as you settle on your haunches. My arms stiff from their stretching awkwardly come up behind your head. We moan together alternately sucking the other's tongues into our mouths, living just for this moment. Your hair feels so nice in my fingers; I don't think I will ever let you go. Slowly our passion recedes and we part. Funny we both do the same thing, as we pull back our fingers trail down the other's cheek. The movement is laced with regret. Our time is coming to a close; the shadows are getting longer.


"You have done excellent, Misty. I mean that all day, you have been very responsive to my special love, my possession of you. I am proud to call you my slave, my pleasure slave and that is what you have given me is pleasure. Thank you, Bitch." I smile at you. No. It is not just a smile I radiate happiness with your praise of my obedience.

"Come on now, you need to get washed and I will clean up here. You did remember to bring soap and towels, didn't you?"

Getting up I say, "Yes, I brought everything as you suggested; all my normal soaps and cosmetics. I will walk down stream somewhat." I am digging through my backpack and way at the bottom I find what I need.

"No, you may walk down to the creek right here in front. I want to be able to watch you. I am sorry that you have to wash every trace of me off. I would like you leave it on and in you. But that is not possible, so get on with it." I look at you sadly. You are right. I walk down stepping carefully over the twigs, something on the other side of the creek furtively scampers away as I get there.

Opening my case, I remove, washcloth, small towel, soap and a douche. I sit there on my haunches wondering if I dare leave you seed in my asshole. I toy with the idea; I hate to wash you out. "Do it, Misty. We talked all about this when we did the contract, you agreed and take that diaphragm out too. You know that you don't use one of those at home and that will cause all kinds of problems, so get on with it." I look over my shoulder at you. You are standing leaning against the eastern tree with your arms crossed, just watching. I reach deep into me and pull out the diaphragm; I drop in onto the leaves. I busy myself with the unpacking of the vinegar douche and attaching the slotted tube. I adjust my feet, this is not going to be as easy as it is at home, but it is doable. Just as I start to insert the tube into my cunt, you beller at me, scaring me, I drop the douche. "Turn around, I want to watch, hurry pick it up." You order. I snatch it up and turn towards you, again crouching down, my legs wide apart, I insert the tube into my hole, deeper and deeper and start to squeeze the cool liquid into my hot swollen pussy. The coolness of it makes me shiver. I roll the soft pliable plastic bottle up using every drop. The tube comes out and the resulting exit of this is a flood of our cums and the vinegar. I can't help but feel sad.

If only things had been different in our lives. I involuntarily shrug. I look at you and you have the same sad look on your face as I must have. Our eyes lock reading each other's minds and you shake your head, no. "Get on with it."

I put the empty douche tube and bottle with the diaphragm and take the soap and cloth to the side of the creek. The water is frigid I would love to have some warm water; I make do. I sponge bathe concentrating on areas where there may be traces of your cum. I rinse off, and hold the cool wet cloth to my swollen, labia, vulva and nipples. 'It feels so good. How swollen can I be? How long will it take for the swelling to go down?' I stand and dry myself off, patting my sore pussy dry. I put the soap and wet cloth in a plastic bag and the diaphragm and empty douche in a smaller one that will be disposed of on the way home. Quickly I apply deodorant and my clothes washed otherwise it won't do to have you arrive home smelling of my perfume. I gather everything up and walk back to you, no longer the least self conscious about my nudity. The only strange thing is the feel of my collar and the lead bouncing on my ass. 'I am so proud to belong to you, Master.'

You have most of your stuff gathered up and repacked. I offer you the soap and towel. You shake your head, no. "I want to leave the smell of he on me as long as possible." I quickly pack up everything and sit on the blanket and fix my make up. You watch fascinated. I can only guess you are storing everything in your memory bank for the long stretch we face without each other. The final stroke is the application of my bright red lipstick on and then I careful and thoroughly blots off the excess. I look up, seeking your approval. "This is the first time I have ever cared about my appearance back here in the bush."

You quickly dress. You put your hands out to help me up and I take them and then shove the makeup bag in the front pocket of my pack. I turn to see you with my clothes in your hands; I reach for them expecting you to give them to me. Instead you give me a 'come here' sign and I step to you. You give me a hug, very tight and a lovely gentle kiss. "I want to dress you."

I nod. You hold out my shorts. I look for my panties, "No not this time. You will arrive home like the slut you are, no panties and no bra." My eyes pop wide open, but I know better than to question you. I lift my legs, first one then the other as you pull them up on me. Then you pull my knitted top over my head and hold it so I can push my arms through. You pull my lead out. Your hands possessive run around my collar and you lean in and give me a quick kiss. I put my hand out for my bra, but you shake your head. "These are my trophies."

'How often do have I to explain you will arrive home with no panties and bra?' I might get away without the panties but the bra I doubt it. My face clouds as I muse over my options and they aren't many. 'I hope hubby is asleep when I arrive home.' You shake out the blanket and fold it, putting it in your pack. "Come on, we must leave. I know I wish I could stay. I wish we had more time. Next time Misty, you must arrange to have a minimum of 48 hours under my control and there will be a next time."

"I thought we agreed that it would only be this once, that was all we could risk." I say hefting my pack on. You step in do up the straps. It feels so funny with no under clothes on.

You are standing so close and you pick up my chin with your right hand. "Really. Is that what you want? Huh." I hesitate for all of half a second and then nod no.

'How can I stop seeing you?' You start off taking my hand and giving me a pull back towards the car. I follow for about ten feet then stop, turn to have a last look at our fort; with a sigh I then I resume following you. You decide to follow the creek west out of the bush and then walk up the lane. 'Why didn't I think of doing that?' You can see the edge of the bush from here. Where once there had been a strong, if mended fence, there is no fence here at the creek, it has been taken out but the ice and debris at some point it is stacked against the northern post. You lead the way out unto some perfectly placed stepping-stones holding on to me tightly. The steep hill, here on the lane has been cut back to allow for easier transport. The walking is much easier and faster. We walk in silence for some distance, each lost in our own reverie.

You break it with "There is your dreaming rock. Lets take a break here." This time we leave our packs on as we sit side by side, watching the sun start sinking. "Misty, you are really something. I could not have ever believed that could be this wonderful, so responsive and really so willing to become mine. You have been like my fantasy coming true. Thank you, little one. You realize you will never be quite the same again. You have learned what it is to give you self totally to me and to serve me, as I demand today. Do you understand that today is only the beginning of you being mine? You understand that my control over you will reach the miles from you to me daily, as if I am right here. Misty, you are mine." You say ending very quietly.

"I know, Master, it is how it is supposed to be. From the first time we chatted, I think I knew I belonged to you. Today was just the formalization of what was started a long time ago, wasn't it?" I smile at you; absolutely radiant in the joy and love that today has given me. You give me a long slow kiss that is urgent and hungry but also there is finality to it and therefore sadness. I cling to my master.

You disengage my arms and stand taking my lead not my hand. "Come, I have a plane to catch. Let me tell you about where we will next meet........" We walk to the car now sitting in the late day sun.

I flip the left hand signal on to enter the airport and a sigh of resignation escapes me. You touch my collar. "Remember, you are to carry this with you all the time and when I call or we chat you will put it on for me unless I give you specific instruction otherwise.

"Can you remove it, please we are nearly there, people will see?" I reach up to undo to it. Your hand stays mine.

"Not yet, as soon as we stop. I will undo it for you, don't panic, sweets."


I pull into the departure short term stopping just behind the last car. A wife accompanied by two blonde children is seeing husband and daddy off just ahead. The adults are engrossed with each other, the little ones turn and watch the newcomers, us. Good to your word you immediately reach up and undo my collar and pull it off my neck. The children are starring at us, at me, at my collar. I can feel my face go hot, very hot. You chuckle at my gasp of being discovered. So people do notice. My neck feels cold without my collar, as if something that belongs me has been removed. My hands go to my bare neck as you fold my collar and lead and place them in my lap. The kids are excitingly telling mommy and daddy about the lady with the dog collar. The adults look down at them indulging them, letting them know they are important and giving them the proverbially pat on the head and return to each other without looking at us at all.

"See, no sweat. Now I must go. I wish I could spend more time with you, Misty. You made this day very special and I am glad we met, but I have an important early morning breakfast meeting so I better catch this flight or I will have a very long walk." You take my chin and turn my head towards you. "If I could I would take you with me as my permanent in-live slave but I have a wife and family to think of and so do he, so we make do with what we have, today." You lean across the console and give me a soft warm kiss. I ache to reach out and hold you, but we have agreed that a chaste kiss is all that we dare share in this very public place. I have such lump in my throat I cannot say anything. "Pop the trunk." I just sit there. "Pop the trunk!" I react and it flies open on its strong spring, with a final squeeze of my hand you turn open the door and retrieve your backpack. You step back to the door and lean down, Déjà vu overtakes me for a moment. "Bye, Misty." You turn and quickly walk into the terminal never looking back. My "Bye," is to the closed door.


It is dark, the house is quiet, and all except me are sleeping soundly. I quietly unpack my backpack and all traces of our lunch are tossed in the garbage; the glasses are washed and put it away. I sit there in the dark and with shaking hands I reach in and take out the last thing, your collar or is it mine. I can feel my body respond as if you are here still controlling me. In the quiet of my home you still control me, I put your collar around my neck and await your page.


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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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