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My Thoughts of You
by JJ

I have this insatiable need for you. I find myself thinking of you at the oddest moments. My memory creates a vivid picture. I could be standing in front of a group of people speaking and suddenly my voice will trail off and my eyes will stop focusing. I might be picturing the way you looked as I was on top of you, riding your dick, thrusting my hips to a vocal rhythm. Your eyes watching mine, half closed, as you bite your lip and give a soft moan. I will bring myself back to reality and continue the lecture... wondering if the men in the room can smell my heat, or see that my nipples are hard beneath my bra.

Perhaps I might be in a meeting, listening to one of the managers discuss the business issues we are dealing with, when suddenly his voice will become a buzzing distraction, and my mind's eye will not see the boardroom, but the bedroom. I will see you as you are above me, pounding into me, thrusting your hips at me, my legs in the air behind you, your face dripping sweat as you try to go deeper, faster and harder, making me moan, making me scream, making me cum. I will see your face, eyes closed, while you are concentrating on feeling the wet depths you are pumping your dick into. I will feel you, my hands wrapped around your biceps, your mouth leaning down to suck and bite on my nipples, your hips pushing against mine, your thick cock in me, making me crazy for more. Only crossing my legs under the table will awaken me to what is going on around me... making me wonder if the men in the room knew what I was thinking about as they looked at me questioningly. I was even asked if I was feeling all right. If they only knew just how "all right" I was feeling.

I will await the nightly phone calls, and even if they do not get suggestive, the sound of your voice makes me remember the way you would talk to me when we were in bed. How you would say to me, "Do you feel that, baby? I feel how wet you are. Ride me, baby. Take my dick in that pussy." I would remember how the words alone would bring me to the edge. So close... where I only had to rub my clit down on you and I would explode... cumming so long and hard it felt as if I was floating.

I will await your visits, knowing that when you enter the door and kiss me hello, I fight myself not to pull you down onto the floor and screw your brains out right then and there. It is almost as if I cannot help myself. I hear you and I want you, I talk to you and I want you, I see you and I want you, I think about you... and I want you.

I will remember the time where I was on my side, my leg in the air, you pumping into me. How you slowed-down to tease me, and then suddenly slammed into me, practically forcing the sounds out of my throat, smacking my ass at the same time, hard, almost painfully, and how my pussy clenched as you did it. Or I will remember the time in the bathroom, after that wonderful shower together, where the wetness of the water could not compare to the wetness between my legs. When I kneeled down in front of you and took your beautiful cock in my mouth, and how your legs trembled because of how I made you feel.

I remember when I stood before you, my back to your chest, and you kissed my neck, knowing it drove me nuts and then acted surprised when I put your hands on my breasts and told you to "FUCK ME NOW!" And my favorite... that night you called me. I could hear in your voice how much you wanted me, how much you wanted to be making love to me right then. I will smile when I remember how you moaned when I told you what I was doing to my pussy with my fingers, how I had been thinking of you when you called and was touching myself wishing it was you. I started to say things... nasty things, turning you and myself on even more. You started breathing heavily on the other end of the receiver, and I could hear the sounds in the background, the sounds of you jerking off. My nipples got so hard, and my body got so wet right then. When I started using the vibrator I keep under my bed and you heard the noise it made, you went crazy. I could hear the noises and groans you make as you cum... and I exploded with the vision of your cum splashing on your belly, wishing I could be there to lick you off.

My memories sustain me until the times we are together, when my dreams become reality, and we create more memories for me to lose myself in.

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