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Making Up
by Ed0613

He knew that she was blue. The lack of expression on her face and in her actions was only a small part of the overall picture. The dejected slope of her shoulders as she sat demurely with her hands in her lap and her head slightly bowed completed the vision of a very sad person. The dozen long stemmed roses that he had brought to her lay forgotten on the table nearby. He removed his coat and kneeled on the floor in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I know you were right. I never should have left in a huff this morning. I've been thinking about you all day."

With a wan smile she took his face between her hands and kissed him. As she withdrew her lips she could see there was a tear in his eye.

"I love you very much" he said.

Her smile widened as she kissed him again, this time with lips open to invite his tongue. Still kneeling on the floor he greedily accepted her challenge and tasted the sweetness of her mouth. The kiss was long and erotic, their tongues dancing. With a sudden movement he scooped her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her down and knelt on the bed beside her, kissing her lips, her face, her neck, her ears. He kissed her again and began to fumble with the buttons on her blouse. She pushed him away and began to undo the buttons herself, so he took off his tie and shirt. She removed the rest of her clothes and he did the same. In just a few seconds they were both totally nude. She couldn't help but notice that his penis was totally erect.

He again knelt down beside her and resumed the exploration of her mouth with his tongue. While he kissed her his right hand was on an exploration trip of its own. It carefully traced a path from her soft smooth stomach up to the wondrous swelling that was her breasts. He slowly caressed and fondled the satin-like surface until he came to the hard button that was her nipple. Gently, he kissed his way down to suckle on the treasure that his hand had found. With nothing else to do, his hand continued its downward journey until it found the little V shaped patch of hair that designated the beginning of her nest of happiness. His hand continued beyond and below this spot and soon he found the dampness that told him he was welcome.

His mouth abandoned the nipple and began to follow the trail blazed by his hand in search of the nectar he knew he would find there. When his tongue encountered her little knot of pleasure she gave an audible gasp and then a contented sigh. As he licked and sucked he was rewarded with the wonderful liquid he was searching. The taste of her was sweet and salty, musty and rich, but most of all, uniquely her. The writhing and thrashing of her body told him that he was close to accomplishing his goal. He continued his administrations until finally with a loud moan she released the thickest and sweetest of her juices. Her body was shaking from the intentness of her passion as he slowly moved up to lay down beside her.

He lay flat on his back and with the smallest of whimpers she turned on her side to nuzzle her face in the crook of his neck. Her hand on his chest began its own journey, in an ever widening circle, first to his breast and then down towards his throbbing manhood. When it encountered his blood gorged member she was surprised by the heat it radiated.

As delicate as a fawn she straddled him and lowered herself onto his erect pole. Slowly and with the grace only a woman possesses she began the up-and-down ride that would lead them both to ecstasy. With her hands on his chest, eyes closed and her head back she glorified in the feeling that was about to over take her. Soon he was approaching his own climax. his back arched and he pushed his imbedded cock upward to meet her downward thrust. His hands were out stretched, fondling her breasts, rubbing and lightly pinching the nipples. Slowly she increased the rhythmic cadence until she was plunging up-and-down like someone riding a wild horse. He could feel the cum originating in his balls and rising in his cock. Unable to control it any longer he could feel it spurting into her pussy, load after load. It was the trigger she needed and with an animal like cry she began her own climax. He was so sensitive that the slightest movement on her part made him shudder and quiver.

She finally collapsed on top of him and spoke for the first time since he came home, "I love you so much. It was foolish to argue over which shoes you should wear with a blue suit."

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