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Mom Visits Ashley
by Ashley

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Ashley is your atypical 19-year old girl. She was starting college and knew exactly what she wanted to do in life, and has for years. She always had a fascination for aquatic life, so being a marine biologist was always tops on her career list. Her shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes adds perfection to her already blessed body. In high school, she always attracted schools of testosterone-driven boys like a magnet. After looking at her athletic, large-breasted body, it wasn't hard to understand why. She could have had anyone she wanted, but she didn't. She wasn't a whore by any stretch of the imagination. Her parents thought they had the perfect daughter, one bathed in looks, intelligence and character. But like everyone, she had her dark side.

Ashley might not have had many sex partners by choice, but when she does choose to have sex, she would rather "fuck" than "make love." She loves to roleplay with her partners, the kinkier and hotter the better. She also loves being in control, so B&D is a natural fit for her. In front of open doors, her parents see her as a timid girl with direction, but behind closed doors, she's nothing like the girl she projects to them. If they only knew.

It was a brisk January weekend in Tennessee. Ashley was home on winter break from the University of Tennessee for a few weeks and had plans to melt some of the accumulating snow. Her parents, David and Casey, had left for the airport where they were flying to Jackson, Mississippi for the weekend to enjoy a belated Christmas with David's parents. That left the house to Ashley to have her fun. She's been dating a guy named Brad that she met at UT for a few weeks, but they've yet to have sex, and that's exactly why Ashley invited him down for the weekend. She wanted it to be void of inhibitions, awkwardness, or tip-toeing around suggestions. She didn't want to play that frustrating game that usually exemplifies the "first time" with a new lover.

Ashley already had her solution. After Brad called to let her know that he was on his way, she set her plan into action. It would take about an hour for him to drive, so she had time to make sure everything was set. She went through her box of accessories, pulling out everything she wanted for the evening ... mainly sexy black lingerie, stockings, heels, oil, and silk scarves that she liked to use as restraints. She even had a small strap-on dildo for special occasions, like when her lovers had to be severely punished. She loved fucking disobedient guys up the ass if they really deserved it.

The final piece of the puzzle was a form of Spanish Fly that she ordered through a magazine. According to the literature that came with the bottle, just a little of this sexual elixir will get anyone's blood pressure boiling. Ashley pored a glass of white wine, then liberally added the sexual solution, much more than recommended. "Mmmmmm, baby, I want you on fire," she moaned with an evil grin on her face. She left the glass on the table with a note reading, "This is for you, I'll be down in a minute," then went upstairs to get ready.

While she was taking a long shower, thoughts of Brad entered her mind as she leaned back against the cold tile and closed her eyes, letting her hands glide over her ample breasts, and down her flat stomach. As her fingers began slowly grazing through her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, she heard the sound of the door downstairs. She was excited that Brad finally arrived, so she quickly finished her shower. She slid into her black body stocking that hugged her body like an extra layer of skin. Over that, she put on a black teddy which tied down the middle in cross laces and button-closed in the crotch. A pair of thigh highs would have gone better with the teddy, but Ashley wanted to take full advantage of Brad's nylon fetish. Concealing the visual heart attack was a black silk nightie that extended down to about mid thigh level. She was taking her sweet little seductive time, giving Brad plenty of time to drink the wine and for it to take effect. After one last check in the mirror, and making sure all of her other accessories were handy, she slipped into her heels and started downstairs.

Without a sound, she slowly walked down the carpeted stairs and heard soft music playing on the radio. As she stealthily made her way down the winding stairs, she noticed the empty glass that once contained the wine, and smiled in acceptance. With Brad's sex drive being intensely enhanced, along with her irresistible clothing, she knew she was in for a very hot night. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she heard some noise coming from the kitchen, so she decided to wait on the couch, covering herself up in a blanket and waiting for the inevitable.

She heard Brad's footsteps approaching from behind the couch, and flashed a seductive smile in his direction as he circled around the side of the couch. "MOM!?" Ashley stammered, as her smile turned to utter shock in the blink of an eye.

"Yes, honey, it's me," she replied.

"Ashley, you look like you've just seen a ghost." Casey was 41, and stood around 5'8" tall, about the same height as her daughter, and it wasn't difficult to see where Ashley got her 38DD breasts from. Her short brown hair only enhanced her figure, which was still very sexy. Ashley looked around nervously, over at her mother, then to the empty glass, then back to her mother. "You didn't drink that wine, did you? Please tell me that you didn't ... please!" she asked.

"Of course I did, Ash. Your note said it was for me, and thank you, it was just what I needed. But why didn't you want me to drink it? I assumed you left it for me after you got my message."

Ashley thought, "Message?" as she looked over and noticed the light flashing on the machine. When Casey went back into the kitchen, Ashley walked over and pushed the play button. "Ashley, hi, it's mom. Big surprise, your father got a call on the way to the airport and he has to go to Atlanta to oversee a corporate merger or something, but what else is new. Anyway, I'll be home in a little bit, but do me a favor and get my favorite wine from the cellar and pore a cold glass for me. I could really use a drink when I get home. See you soon." Ashley sat back down in disbelief, not even remembering the phone ringing.

Her thoughts quickly shifted to Brad, who was due any moment, but her mother answered that question. "Were you expecting company tonight?" she asked, as she walked back into the room sitting in the chair.

Ashley hesitated, then nodded, still in shock of everything that's happened. "Ohhhhh. I met a young man in the driveway when I was pulling in. I told him that you weren't home, so he left. I'm sorry, honey, but I just called from the airport and you didn't answer, so I just assumed you went out. I'm really sorry." Ashley had bigger concerns on her mind to answer.

She checked the clock and realized that nothing seemed unusual with her mother, so she began to relax a little more, thinking that she was never so glad to be scammed by a magazine ad in her life. She tried to excuse herself to her room, but her mom wanted to talk a little first about how her first semester at UT went, since they never really had a chance to. While Ashley was telling her about her biology class, Casey appeared like she was about to pass out, but quickly collected herself. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"I don't know... I'm just getting... ohhhhh... this headache. Mmmm, probably the wine." She rubbed her temples then opened her eyes. "What were you saying, dear?" Ashley hesitantly continued, but was concerned for her mother. Maybe whatever that drug was had a bad reaction with the alcohol. Casey was attentive for a few more seconds, then she leaned her head back on the top of the chair, clenching her eyes closed and began breathing very heavily. Her hands were gripping her jeans as her breathing got even heavier. Ashley didn't know what to do. She thought her mother was having a bad reaction to the mixture and nearly began to panic. "Mom... MOM!! Are you all right!? Do you want me to call an ambulance!?"

Casey's breathing slowed to a normal level, and her hands loosened from her jeans, which she had gripped so hard that it maintained the shape it would have after being clenched in a fist. She lifted her hands to her forehead and wiped away the sweat. "Mmmmmm Ashley.. no.. I'm fine. I'm soooo fine." When she opened her eyes they appeared glazed over, which made Ashley lose all expression on her face. She looked like a different woman. Casey then slid her hands down her face and over her blouse, cupping her large breasts. The moans she was letting out would make you think that every inch of her body was a G-spot. She pinched her nipples through the blouse, pulling out on them, working them into hard sharp points that were clearly visible through both her bra and her blouse. Ashley was still sitting there, with the blanket over her, petrified, watching her mother in the leather chair across from the couch work herself into a lustful display.

Casey's hands drifted down to her jeans and firmly over the material. She spread her legs wide, dangling each leg over the arms of the chair, and proceeded to rub her pussy through her jeans, moaning louder by the second. Her breathing picked up as she slid her hands back up and ripped her blouse open with such force that several buttons tore off and were sent flying. Ashley was still trying to come to grips with what was going on. She was scared as hell seeing her mother like this. Through this time, Casey seemed oblivious to anything and anyone around her, so Ashley got up slowly to try to walk by her mother and up the stairs to her room. As Ashley got slightly past her mom, she felt a hand tightly wrap around her wrist. "Where do you think you're going," Casey panted. "Sit your ass back down.. NOW!" Ashley took a seat again back on the couch.

Casey then tore her bra off, leaving faint crease marks on her shoulders from the violent act, then quickly worked her jeans off of her as if they were on fire. She reached down for the waist band of her navy blue panties and pulled up on them, harder and harder. Her wet pussy lips came into clear view as her panties were pulled up so high that they now looked like a thong on her. She was moaning loudly and sucking on her right nipple as her panties finally snapped at the waist band.

She slouched down in the chair and dove 3 fingers into her steaming pussy. Ashley had enough of this, and needed to get out of there. Seeing her normally gentle mother full of such strength and passion scared her to death. So she got up again, and tried to get back upstairs, but her attempt again failed. As she was quickly walking by, her mother grabbed her blanket, which turned into a tug of war since there was no way Ashley wanted to lose her cover. Casey got to her feet and grabbed Ashley by both hands. Ashley is a fairly strong girl, but her strength didn't compare to her mothers' at this point. "I said sit your ass down, bitch!" her mother demanded. Ashley fought to break the hold and get the hell upstairs, but it was no use. During the struggle, she lost her grip on the blanket and it fell to the ground. "Oh baby you're just full of surprises tonight," hissed her mother, admiring Ashley in her black nightie.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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