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by Fever

It was a tradition everyone knew about, but we didn't talk about openly. Each year the "Most Valuable Player" for the football team would get to shower with the Senior Varsity cheerleaders after the last game of the season. I had worked my ass off this year and had just been told I was the MVP!!! Just the thought of seeing the four Seniors on the squad naked was enough to get me going, but in two days the season would be over and I would be in the showers with Lauren, Tricia, Karen, and Gina.

Friday came and the game was great, we beat our cross town rival Central, and after the game I was announced to the crowd as MVP. All I could think of was that shower. All through the game I kept glancing at the cheerleaders just to see what I would be enjoying later, I could hardly keep from having my cock bust out of my cup all night. After all the ceremonies were over the coach looked at me and with a knowing smile barked "hit the showers".

The squad had beat me to the girls locker room, and I could hear their laughter over the sound of the showers running. One look told me this was a night I wouldn't forget soon. All four girls were in the shower. Lauren was soaping her breasts, which were the biggest on the squad. She had to be a 38 easy. She was rubbing them with her soapy hands and letting her nipples slip from between her fingers, she seemed to be enjoying herself. Tricia was at a shower head next to her and had her hands on her ass.

As she washed herself, the water ran down over her ass cheeks and between them, her fingers disappeared in her crack as she cleaned herself. Tricia had a beautiful butt, very high, hard little cheeks, and spread just enough at the bottom so you could see her cunt lips from behind. Next to her was Karen, probably the prettiest of all of them, she had long brown hair which she was now washing. Her head was thrown back, and her arms over her head, so that her tits were high up in the air and her hips thrown forward. Her pussy was covered with soft brown hair, and her tan lines left no doubt that she didn't wear much when at the beach.

Finally there was Gina. She was the smallest, only about 5'3", 100 pounds, but she was firmly packed. You could tell by looking, her ass was very tight, her tits stuck straight out, the nipples surrounded by bright pink areolas. As an added bonus Gina shaved her pubic area, probably because she wore very skimpy uniforms when working out in the gym. Her cunt lips were bare and smooth, there was a tiny patch of dark hair above her clit that marked the spot I wanted to be.

When the girls saw me standing there in my jersey and football pants Lauren and Tricia started walking towards me. Lauren walked up to me and put her arms around me, I put my hands on her wet body and let them slip to her ass. Her lips closed on mine and she let her tongue slip into my mouth slowly. My cock was rock hard now and my hands were busy squeezing Lauren's tight little butt, pulling her to me, her wet breasts soaked my jersey. Lauren began pulling my jersey over my head while she kissed my chest and licked at my nipples.

Meanwhile Tricia was on her knees behind me and had reached around to undo my pants, she had me step out of them and then hooked her thumbs in my jock strap. Tricia pulled that down freeing my cock and allowing it to jump free and point straight up it's full 8 inches.

Tricia began stroking my dick, while her lips left kisses on my bare ass. Lauren meanwhile rubbed her pussy against my dick whenever Tricia would let her, I could feel her soft pussy hair, her hard nipples against my chest made me ready to cum. When I looked in the shower, I did just that. There in the shower were Karen and Gina fingering each other under the steamy water. I shot a load of cum on Lauren's stomach, she reached down and rubbed it in her skin and down into her cunt lips, then her and Tricia took me by the hand and walked toward the shower where Karen and Gina waited with open legs.

As we walked, Lauren and Tricia slapped my ass playfully saying "good game, way to go, you the man" My cock was enjoying the light spanking and was starting to grow again.

Karen and Gina greeted me as the other two girls had, wrapping their arms around me, and French kissing me deeply. "You get to do whatever you like to us for the rest of the night", Lauren told me, "but first we have to clean you up." Each of them took a bar of soap and began to wash my body. One set of hands washed my shoulders and back, another worked on my chest and abs, still another soaped up my ass and fingered my crack, and the final pair washed my legs and concentrated on my balls and cock. I was in heaven, each part of my body was being touched by a girl I had only dreamed about.

Lauren was washing my cock, she rinsed it off and began to kiss it and run her tongue up and down the shaft, she took my balls into her mouth and sucked on them while her hand stroked my cock. Lauren let my balls pop out of her mouth and took the head of my cock into her lips. Her head bobbed up and down slowly on my hard shaft while her hands massaged my balls. Lauren was an expert at this, my cock had never felt like this before.

While Lauren sucked on my rod, Karen continued to wash my butt cheeks and ass crack. One of her fingers found my ass hole and she started to insert it slowly in me. It was smoother than I thought because of the soap, but once she had it in there she began to move it in and out, she was fucking me with her finger!

I lost track of Gina and Tricia but it didn't matter, my cock was ready to explode, Lauren's hands worked my balls and cock to a frenzy while Karen finger fucked me from behind. I felt my ass tighten up on Karen's finger just as my cock let go of a huge stream of cum into Lauren's warm mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, and let the rest drip to her chest, where she rubbed it into her nipples. Karen took me by the hand now and headed for the room where the wrestlers practiced. The floor was covered with mats, there were benches along one wall for bench pressing weights, leather weight belts hung on one wall and there were climbing pegs on another wall.

There in the middle of the floor were Gina and Tricia. Tricia was on her hands and knees with her gorgeous ass high in the air, Gina lay next to her with her knees up and a finger buried deep in her cunt. Gina sat up as I entered "would you like us both, or one at a time, no holds barred?" "I'll try both" I smiled. I walked toward them expecting cooperation, Gina got to her feet though and met me halfway. Before I knew what happened she had thrown me to the mat, I told you she worked out.

I didn't have a chance to react, I was face down on the mat, Gina was sitting on my neck. I could feel her sticky, wet pussy holding me down. Tricia was now sitting on the back of my knees, I couldn't raise myself up yet. "When I said no holds barred, I meant it" Gina purred in my ear "if you want to fuck us you have to earn it, we like it rough." With that Tricia started slapping my ass hard, and with one hand reached between my legs and grabbed my cock roughly. Gina was moving back and forth on my neck rubbing her sticky cunt lips on me. I had never been spanked like this before and I could feel myself getting excited, but Tricia kept her hand wrapped tightly around my rod making it struggle to grow.

"Fuck this," I thought to myself. "I can take these bitches, if they want to play rough, fine we'll play rough." I let myself relax just enough to make them think I was giving in and getting ready to enjoy the spanking, then when I felt Gina slow down I jerked my back up throwing her off my neck and sending Tricia sprawling flat on her ass about five feet away.

Gina was closest so jumped on her first, holding her arms high above her head and forcing my cock into her already wet hole. She tried to stop me but once I was in there was no coming out. She bucked up and down trying to get away but that just made my cock push deeper into her tight twat.

"I can play rough too," I told her, and slammed my cock deep into her, raising her ass off the floor, I bent my head down and bit into her nipple at the same time. She screamed, but at the same time her hips thrust up to meet my cock. I wrapped my arms around her slight frame and got to my knees, then stood up, holding her around her waist. Her weight forced her down on me and my cock completely disappeared in her wet little crotch. Tricia watched from the mats as I bounced up and down with Gina impaled on my dick. Every time my cock slammed into her she gave out a loud "ungh".

I carried her over to the wall and told her to "grab on to those climbing pegs, and don't let go." Gina was now hanging from the wall, her feet dangling above the floor. I took two of the pegs and set them in the wall so that her legs were spread wide, then I forced my cock into her once again. Her body hung from the wall and she strained to keep herself there rather than fall. My hands grabbed at her small tits and pinched her nipples, my mouth bit down on them leaving bright red marks. I pounded into her soaking cunt until I felt myself cum again, shooting jism deep into her hole, her body tensed up and she had an incredible orgasm while hanging there, her own cunt juices dripped from between her legs and left a wet spot on the mats.

I hadn't forgotten about Tricia, she was the one who spanked me, and she was about to pay. I went over to where she sat and picked her up roughly. "You said no holds barred, so that's how you'll get it now," I told her as I pushed her toward one of the benches against the wall. I shoved her so that she fell onto the bench, her head and tits hanging over one side her legs dangling above the floor, with her ass completely exposed.

"Get over here and lick this ass, Gina. I want it nice and wet with your saliva, and if you don't do a good job you won't get fucked again," Gina crawled over to us and began to lick Tricia's ass cheeks. "Not the asshole, I want her to beg," I told her.

While Gina licked Tricia's cheeks like a dog lapping up water, I got one of the leather belts from the wall. I pushed Gina away and took a swift swing at the white fleshy ass before me. "Whack" could be heard bouncing off the walls, the wet buns felt a sting. Again "whack" only harder this time, Tricia cried out, while on her ass red marks started to appear. I slapped her hard at least twenty times, until her tight little ass was covered with a nice pink blush, then I got to my knees and rammed my cock into her puckered asshole.

Tricia screamed this time. "Scream again and I'll smack your ass some more." I yelled at her. I forced my cock deep into her ass while pinching her ass and rubbing the sore spots. Tricia continued to whine and moan but soon she started to push back on my cock thrusts. Her anus was cooperating now taking all of my dick and pulling on it, while my balls slapped her cunt lips. I could feel myself ready to cum again and as I did I smacked her ass hard with my hand with each shot of cum. I collapsed on the mats and told Gina and Tricia to "lick me clean, and do a good job, or no more fucking. Then I want you to pull a 69 for me while I relax, eat each other's pussies and assholes until you both cum." I needed a break.


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