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My Very Personal Maid Part I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She moved over me and straddled my body. She kissed my lips and stroked my breasts. I reached up and caught a breast in each hand cupping them, feeling their weight. Slowly she moved down my body, her lips and fingers like little butterflies against my skin. Her long red hair tickled my skin delightfully. She lay down between by thighs and spread them further as her lips kissed my tummy and moved lower. I felt the cool air on my cunny as she spread my thighs.

Her long red hair concealed her face, I moved it aside so I could watch. Her fingers moved to my cunny and spread my lips open. I cried out as she touched my cunny with her spread tongue. She licked up and down slowly. I'd never felt anything like it. I wondered for a moment why I had never imagined this before.

A wonderful slippery tongue, sliding up and down my spread cunny! She slid her tongue into my core and I moaned aloud. I was glad no one was in this end of the house. Her tongue slid in and probed. I wondered what my cunny juice tasted like to her. I had tasted it experimentally many times. She moved her fingers upward and pulled outward and upward. Her tongue flicked against my now exposed clitty and I cried out in passion. It sent a jolt of joy through my whole body. She reached up and grasped a pillow and slipped it gently against my face. I plunged my face in it to muffle my cries.

What she did to me for the next eternity was something I never dreamed could happen to me. My body exploded again and again. Her tongue flicked my clitty, her lips sucked and pulled on the nubbin, sending uncontrolled joy and passion through me again and again. I don't know how many times I 'came'. It was an experience I shall never forget. Finally I could stand it no more and pushed her away before she could start me up the slope of joy again. I lay weak as a kitten.

I gasping for air. She moved up beside me and kissed my face softly. She got up for a moment and brought a cool wash cloth and bathed my brow. My skin had a soft sheen of perspiration on it. When she leaned down and kissed me softly, I tasted my cunny juice all over her face. I pulled her to me and licked her face, tasting my juices. I wanted her to know how I felt, how I loved her for kissing me so deeply and so intimately.

Finally, we lay close kissing softly. I stroked her satin skin and told her how much it meant to me. When I had regained my strength, I moved over her. "Oh, sweet Daisy, let me make love to you! That was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I want to give you as much pleasure as you gave me."

"Oh, Misses Diana. You don't have to. It was so wonderful to be able to make you happy. You don't have to do it to me." She said smiling up at me earnestly. I knew she meant it sincerely.

"Sweet Daisy, I want to. I've never done this and I really want to. You are the most wonderful woman in the world and I want us to be dear friends. Please let me. Teach me how! I want to learn to kiss your sweet cunny!" She relaxed and lay back.

I began with her breasts, kissing and sucking her magnificent nipples. I sucked them till they stood up hard and erect, the aureole crinkled. I licked her breasts till they were wet She coached me quietly to cup and knead them till they were firm and hard, and she said they ached wonderfully.

At her coaching I kissed and licked my way down. I kissed her soft stomach and slipped my tongue into her navel. She spread her thighs and she had me kiss and lick her thighs till she squirmed and I was salivating, my face so close to her sweet spread cunny. The scent of her sex was wonderful, so exciting to me.

In the soft light her cunny looked like a pink flower, spread open. Her curly red cunny hair framed her rosy core. It was open and gleamed wet from her juices. A drop of her juices ran down to wet her anus. I could wait no longer and gently slid my tongue out and licked my very first cunny. Her juices were slightly salty and delicious. I licked again and again. She coached me to lick it with my tongue flat, then pointed, to slip into her core.

Her juices seemed to flow more and more as I licked. I slid my tongue out and slipped it pointed, spearing into her center, bringing my lips down onto her core. I sucked gently, then harder. I tasted her sweet juices. I heard her moan and her hips thrust upward. I slid my tongue as far as I could into her, wishing it were twice, no three times longer. She moaned softly as I sucked and pressed my face down against her sex. I pressed down, trying to enter her core.

Far in a distance, I heard her, "Gently, Mistress Dearest, Gently. Now, move up and find my clitty. Place your fingers at the top and pull upward, then outward, , and my 'little man in the boat' will slide out. He loves to peep out."

I did as she said and was amazed as her pale pink clitty slid in view. Mine is small like a pea, hers was much bigger, more like a large pink bean. I moved close and stared at it. Tentatively I reached out with my tongue and licked it. Daisy moaned softly.

"Lick the underside of it softly. It's most sensitive there." She moaned as I licked it softly. "Yes, like that. Oh, Dearest. Yes! That's so wonderful. Again, again!" I continued to slowly lick her erect clitty. It seemed to get firmer and slightly longer. From playing with my own clitty, I knew if I put a finger on either side, up higher, it would stimulate the hidden shaft. I moved fingers on either side and slid them up and down, I could feel the erect shaft beneath her skin. She moaned louder.

"Oh, yes, yes! Now suck it in and out of your lips, in and out. Yes, like that. Oh Dearest Love, I'm going to cum. Oh yes, yes." She covered her mouth with her hand, and her body bowed upward, thrusting upward against my mouth. Her legs became rigid as she came. I sucked and licked her sweet clitty till she came at least three times. I almost came at the same time. I could feel my own cunny juices flow, and my clitty ached as it was so hard. She finally went limp.

"Oh Mistress, Dearest, that was so wonderful. You made love to me so wonderfully. Now move down a little and softly use your tongue to lick my spread cunny, Don't lick my clitty, it's too sensitive still. Just lick slowly from bottom to top. My cunny is so wet and needs your tongue to lap up my juices. Taste me. Taste my love juices!" Her hips slowly pushed upward toward my tongue.

I lay between her snowy thighs, staring at her pink flower, and licked her. Her juices tasted so wonderful, and I drank them down willingly. I spent a long time there, till her hips began to thrust upward gently at first, then urgently.

"Oh yes, you are so good. Now slip two fingers up into my wet cunny, gently."

I had slid my own fingers inside myself many times. Her cunny was so wet I needed no lubrication. I sucked her clitty, and slid first one, then a second finger up into her hot wet opening. She moaned.

"Now cross your fingers inside me, and as you push them in and out, rotate your hand. It makes it feel so much better. Yes, yes. Like that, rotate them. Now deeper. Yes! Oh, Mum, finger fuck me. Fuck my cunny, while you suck my clitty. Oh, I'm dying, Yes. Oh God, yes." She cried out as I thrust my fingers deep inside her sweet body.

I never knew it felt so wonderful to make another person 'cum' I redoubled my efforts and Daisy went wild. Her juices flowed over my fingers, making squishy sounds as they moved in and out. When she came her cunny squeezed down on my fingers and more juices flowed out of her. Finally she grasped my hand and pulled it out of her cunny.

Her whole body was covered with a sheen of fine sweat. I moved up beside her and kissed her cheek as she lay gasping for air. Her fine breasts gleamed, her nipples two jutting knobs. I bent over and sucked first one then the other. I licked the fine salty sweat from her breast.

I marveled for a moment at what I had just done. When she had regained her breath we kissed. "Oh, Daisy, Dearest, you don't know how wonderful it felt to make you 'cum'. I felt so thrilled to kiss your sweet cunny, and 'finger fuck' you. It made me feel like a queen, to know that I was thrilling you. Do you feel like that when you are making love to another woman, or to your beau?"

"Oh, yes, yes! That's the what makes it all so wonderful. To give pleasure to someone, and watch them, feel them, hear them, enjoy it I hope we can do this together again. We can, can't we, Mum?" She looked almost distressed at the thought that I might say 'no'.

"Yes, sweet Daisy, Dearest Daisy. I want to be your friend. We will have to watch how we meet, and I can not, must not, show my deep affection and desire for you around others. You understand don't you?" I asked softly.

"Oh, yes, Mum. I understand. It will have to be our secret. Your aunt would dismiss me in a moment if she even suspected. I shall be your obedient servant, Mum." She grinned and kissed me, her tongue slipping quickly into my mouth. Her hand moved down to cup my cunny softly. "And secret lover!"

I looked at the clock beside her bed. It was after eleven O'clock. I knew she had to be up very early to be ready when Auntie awoke.

"I hate to leave, Daisy, and you must get up early. This has been a night I will remember as long as I live. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me." I said kissing her sweet lips softly. My hand slipping to lightly cup her damp cunny "There will be many more nights like this, won't there? There are so many more things you can teach me."

"Oh, Mum, I wish this night of love would never end, too!" She whispered softly, a tear in her eye. "We will most certainly make love again soon." I slipped out of bed, put on my robe and slippers and kissed her one last time.

In my bed, my finger slipped down and found my clitty still firm and excited, I closed my eyes and envisioned Daisy's sweet cunny, the smell of her excitement, and swift moments later my sighs filled the room as I came strongly.

The next day went uneventfully. I treated Daisy with warm indifference when ever I saw her when anyone else was around. Once in the hall, alone, I gave her a smile, rolled my eyes in mock horror and winked at her. I heard her soft giggle as we passed.

Evening came much too slowly, and when she came to my room to turn down my bed, I was very excited sexually. I closed the door, the moment she was in the room and threw my arms around her kissing her passionately. She was startled momentarily, but soon kissed me back.

"My cunny has been on fire all day, thinking of you, and last night" I said between passionate kisses. We were two passionate lovers again.

We broke and she turned down my bed. Quickly we tiptoed up the stairs separately, minutes apart, to her bedroom. She was naked when I opened the door. My night gowns vanished, the moment the door was closed. I was naked underneath, and we raced to the bed.

As we lay kissing, fingers and hands exploring, our passions rose quickly. She pushed me away momentarily. "I have a surprise for you. Close you eyes. I think you will like it terribly." I closed my eyes and heard soft rustlings as she moved. "Now open them."

She had turned in the bed and lay inches from me, but now we were head to foot, her sweet furry cunny inches from my face, her thigh spread. I squealed in delight. I reached out, took her hips in my hands and buried my face between her soft thighs. I remembered reading in a naughty novel smuggled into school, that the French called this a soixante nuef or 69, after the mathematical resemblance to the body positions.

We were quickly lost in each other as her sweet lips and tongue feasted on my cunny, and I reciprocated, reveling again in giving her pleasure. Soon our moans of pleasure filled the room. She took me again and again to the height of passion with her skilled love making. My own cunny spasmed again and again. Her sweet juices flowed out and my face was gloriously wet with them. I tried to out do the previous evenings erotic adventures, and think I succeeded for we both came time and again.

Finally spent and gasping we rolled apart. Turning, we lay kissing. " I had read about the French '69', but never thought of just how it was done. I wonder what else the French do! Perhaps I could get Auntie to send me on a trip. Think what I could learn!" We both giggled.

"There is so much more I can teach you, Mistress" We have so many nights ahead." We kissed, and they turned passionate quickly and this time it was I, who turned in the bed, lay atop Daisy and initiated the love kisses to her sweet cunny. Her thighs spread and I dropped my head down. This time I used my two fingers to 'finger fuck" her. I gasped as she slid one careful finger into me then the other. Soon we were in the throes of passion again. Our sighs and moans muffled against soft wet flesh.

I gasped as I felt a slippery finger leave my cunny, and roll around my anus, then carefully slip inward. I had done this to myself several times guiltily. I was so thrilled as my new lover slid her finger in and out of my rear in time to her lips sucking my swollen, aching clitty. It did not take long for her to bring my excited body to a climax. We made long passionate love, seeming not to be able to get enough of each other. Finally I slipped reluctantly from her bed and went down to mine to fall asleep exhausted.

Each night I crept up the stairs into her bed and soon grew knowledgeable of her sweet lush body and the joys of love and became an adept lover - according to Daisy. One Friday evening she told me that she had asked Auntie if Betsy could come for the weekend.

"I'm afraid you shant be able to come up for the next few nights." Daisy said

"Oh, and just who is mistress, here?" I said sternly hiding a smile. Daisy took me seriously. Her face fell and she looked down crestfallen. It was difficult to keep a stern edge to my voice. "You and I have been lovers, and you want to make me stand in the wings, while you have a roll in bed with another woman? Is this true?"

"Oh, Mum, I'm so sorry. I did not think. Of course, I shall tell Betsy not to come." She turned to go.

"And who told you to leave?" Again the stern tone. She turned back, head bowed. I reached and held her firmly by both arms. "Betsy, your friend, is she to be trusted? You haven't told her about us have you?"

"Oh no Mum, of course not, Mistress. Even if I did, which I never shall do, she would never betray me. We are closer than sisters. She would die for me, and I for her." She looked up at me fearfully.

"Good, then I shall find out what it is like to have two women make love to me at the same time, shant I?." I broke into a grin. "That is if you think she would like two women to make love to her."

It took a moment for Daisy to realize the implications of what I had just said, and that I was serious. Her face lit up with a smile so wide, and she threw her arms around me and kissed me, her body squirming with joy.

"Oh, yes. I hardly dared hope. She is truly a friend, so clean and so kind. I am sure she will agree and never, never betray you or me! Oh, Mum, you will never regret this, never. We had talked, and wondered about if we could ever have a third woman with us, but never really trusted anyone not to betray us."

"Wonderful! But! I don't want you to tell her, or even hint" I said, a plan forming. I had to be very careful. I couldn't have a hint of suspicion, particularly coming from two women. Daisy's assurances of Betsy's loyalty aside, I must be very careful.

"Then we will do it, but we shall do it this way, and for this reason." I sat her down on the bed and explained to what we were to do. She quickly saw my reasons and agreed. It was our secret pact.

We made love that night slowly, savoring our soft kisses and caresses. We talked of Betsy's joining us. She described how lovely Betsy's body was and how I would like her. The thought of having the three of us together was so exciting.

The next evening Daisy brought Betsy by my room to introduce her. I had seen her several times before at a distance. She had visited the mansion before.
Auntie sometimes allowed certain servants to bring guests, of the same sex, in for visits on the weekends when they weren't too busy, and when it didn't interfere with their regular duties.

Betsy was a lovely girl, a year younger than Daisy, small and dainty, with a beautiful face, framed by shining black hair that she wore in bangs and fell to collar length .on the sides and back. I was impressed by her bubbling personality, and the sparkle in her pale blue eyes. She wore a simple shift cut to tastefully show off her ample bosom. She curtsied and smiled prettily. I greeted her pleasantly, as one should when being introduced to a servant's friend.
As Daisy left the room, she turned and winked at me. I winked back.

After dinner I went to my room and bathed. I slipped into my gown and waited for Daisy to make her nightly rounds. After tending to Auntie, she came to my room, to turn down the bed. We kissed and agreed that I should come up in five minutes. The minutes ticked slowly. I knew that upstairs the two were undressed now, and in bed. My cunny ached, and my nipples stood erect at what was going to happen. Daisy and I had planned it the night before. Finally the clock ticked the last minute and I crept up the stairs. The house was quiet as usual.

I stood outside her door several moments, and heard a loud moan from Daisy, my signal. Quietly I turned the handle, making no noise and pushed the door open and slipped inside. The light was low and Daisy and Betsy were entwined on the bed. Daisy lay on her back, thighs spread, knees raised to block Betsy's view. Between them was Betsy, her face buried in Daisy's cunny. Daisy looked over at me and smiled. I nodded. She jumped, as if startled. Her hand went to he mouth.

"What is going on here?" I asked firmly, my face in a scowl. They jumped, and rolled apart. Betsy blushed and her face was a mask of astonishment. They both pulled the bed sheets up over their naked bodies.

"Oh Mistress Diana, I'm so sorry. I - I" Daisy stuttered. I had to give her high marks for acting. She appeared to be caught totally off guard, and very guilty.

"I never! I heard strange noises in here. Just what do you think you are doing? How disgraceful! How tawdry! You both should be ashamed. Daisy, you will have to be dismissed immediately! We just cannot have such vile goings on under this roof!" I turned to go. "Pack your bags and take this woman with you!"

"Oh, please Mistress Diana, please don't. Think of my poor mother, and sisters." Daisy begged getting out of bed. She got on her knees before me. She looked up and it we all we could both do to keep to our parts. "I will do anything you ask, anything! Just don't dismiss me. Please, Mistress, please." She bowed her head pitifully.

I looked over at the bed. "And you, what do you have to say? Betsy, is it?"
I pointed to the floor beside Daisy. "Come here, instantly." She threw back the covers and shot out of bed to stand beside Daisy. "Stand up Daisy."

Daisy arose. "Should I dismiss Daisy?" I asked Betsy.

"Oh, no Mam, please don't. It was all my fault. I pushed myself on her. She is an innocent girl. She would never have done it if I hadn't made her. She's an good girl. Honest, Mam!" Betsy begged convincingly.

I bit my tongue hard to keep from laughing. 'Innocent?' 'First time?' Daisy kept a straight face. "Let me think." I stood looking at the two for a minute or two, letting Betsy squirm. I looked at their naked bodies. Both stood with hands covering their privates. "Stand up straight, hands at your sides." They obeyed. I walked around them.

"I find it hard to believe that this is your first time. Daisy, the truth. Have you two done this before? " I said sternly, stopping before Daisy, looking her square in the face. "I will know a lie." I warned.

Her head bowed slightly. "No, Mistress, we have done it before."

"Many tines?" I asked. She nodded. I looked at Betsy. She nodded.

"So your friend is trying to save your job, is this correct?"

"Yes, Mistress. She is truly a good friend. She meant no disrespect." Daisy said slowly, a pleading tone. She was playing her part well.

"All right, I will take this into consideration. I am curious though. I have heard of women loving women. Perhaps I will, - no." I said undecided.

"Oh what Mistress Diana, we will do anything you ask, oh please? What can we do?" Daisy begged convincingly.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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