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My Very Personal Maid Part I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"I want you two to continue, and I shall watch. I wish to see what it is two women do to each other. Bring me a chair, and place it her." I said sternly.

At this point the two would have done anything I asked. Daisy sat a chair down. I pointed to the bed. They moved to it, uncertainly.

"Now, pretend that I am not here. You are alone together. Start as if you had just gotten into bed. Commence!" I said sitting down.

The two looked at each other. Daisy leaned over and kissed Betsy softly, reached and brought her hand to Betsy's breast. Her breasts were as beautiful as Daisy's full and round, with no hint of sag. Her nipples were dark points, the aureoles huge brown rings. Her cunny hair was black and glossy, like her hair. Betsy looked at me.

"Do not look at me! I am not here. Kiss her back! Your actions dictate my decision toward you two." I said coolly.

Betsy began to kiss Daisy, and I saw her tongue slip into Daisy's mouth. She closed her eyes and began to stroke and caress her breasts. I looked at the two and my cunny began to tingle. Knowing that the two had been lovers for years made it still more exciting, and this was the first time I had ever seen two beautiful women make love. They seemed to quickly forget that I was there as their passions arose.

I watched as their nipples became swollen and jutted out. Betsy leaned down and took Daisy's nipples between he lips and sucked them hard. She caught one nipple between her teeth and pulled it. I felt a twinge run through me at the lovely hurt I imagined she was imparting to her lover. Daisy groaned her approval, and thrust her breast out. "Yesss," she hissed. "Again, harder, Love!"

Betsy moved from breast to breast nipping and pulling the nipples with her teeth. Daisy loved it. I had heard some lovers liked pain. She had never told me that she did. Betsy leaned back and took a nipple between each thumb and middle finger and pulled them, stretching them till I thought she would pull them off. Daisy's eyes were closed and I could tell she enjoyed it immensely. Betsy began to pull the nipples from side to side and up and down making Daisy's breasts bob and jump. She was stretching the nipples further than I thought possible. I was fascinated.

"Oh, God. That feels so good. Yes, Dearest. Harder!" Daisy moaned through clinched teeth. Betsy pulled and jiggled her breasts harder and faster.
"Oh, I'm on fire. Eat my cunny, it's on fire again. Please, Dearest!"

Betsy released her hold and Daisy fell back, thighs spread and Betsy slipped between her thighs and thrust her face down, and began to lick the wide spread cunny of her friend. I leaned closer to watch. Daisy turned her head toward me and he eyes were glazed with passion. I made myself remain still. I wanted with all my heart to lean over and kiss this sweet woman, but knew I must wait.

Betsy's fingers moved up and pulled upward and I saw Daisy's clitty, pink and swollen. As I watched Betsy began to lick and suck it. One hand moved down and she slid two, then three fingers into Betsy's slit. She pumped her hand in and out, wrist turning. I imagined what it felt like to Daisy. I could feel my own cunny juices flow.

Betsy began to move her tongue faster and faster, up and down till it seemed to vibrate. I had never seen anything like it. It must have felt unbelievable. With her tongue flicking madly, and her fingers plunging in and our of Betsy, it didn't take any time for her to cum. Daisy's hand was wet with juices. She pushed he friends hand away, and lay gasping. I sat very still, though my breathing was fast, and my passion high.

They looked at me a moment but I gave no sign to them. Daisy took Betsy's fingers and licked the juices from them.

"Now Dearest, it's my turn." Daisy said kissing her friend. They kissed for a long time, tongues fencing, hands stroking soft flesh. Daisy moved over her friend straddling her body. She rubbed her swollen nipples across Betsy's, then moved down to kiss them. Betsy's aureoles were large, fully as wide as three of my fingers, and dark chocolate color. Daisy licked and sucked them and till the nipples thrust up erect.

My mouth watered at the sight. " Steady on", I told myself. I wanted to suck them. Daisy licked the full globes till they gleamed with her saliva. She kissed and licked the underside, the way she had taught me. Finally she moved down to Betsy's soft rounded stomach and finally, to her thighs. As Betsy spread he thighs, I leaned over to look closer.

Her cunny hair was dark and abundant, and when she spread her thighs wide her cunny lips opened like a dark flower. Her outer lips were dark brown, and swollen. Betsy kissed and licked her thighs teasing her. Finally Betsy could stand it no more and begged her to lick her cunny.

Fascinated, I watched as Daisy slowly caught the lips with her fingers and pulled them apart. Her core was deep pink, almost red, and gleaming with her juices. I could stand it no longer. The time had come. Slowly I spread my legs and placed my feet on the edge of the bed, pulled my gown slowly upward, and slid my hand to my own dripping cunny.

Betsy saw the movement, and even in her aroused state turned to look at me. I pretended not to notice. I leaned a little forward to watch, while my finger found my swollen clitty. I slipped my finger down to coat it with my juices and slowly rubbed it around in circles. Betsy could see my spread cunny clearly from her position. My intent!

If Daisy saw me, she gave no hint. She slid her experienced tongue out and began to lap at the spread feast. Her tongue ran up and down her lover's cunny, over and over. I could see the juices ooze out. I wondered if they would taste as sweet as Daisy's sweet cunny juice. She caught the skin at the top and pulled upward exposing Betsy's swollen clit. It was at least as large as Daisy's and perhaps a little larger, deeper pink and very lovely. Unconsciously I licked my lips.

Daisy moved slightly upward and licked Betsy's pink clitty. Betsy moaned, her face looking up at mine. I turned slightly and looked back at her. Her face glowed with passion. She looked over at my spread sex, and I spread my thighs a little wider, and angled my hips more toward her. Looking into her eyes, I slid a finger into my cunny while the other hand continued to roll and stroke my clitty. Her eyes watched fascinated. Her eyes closed a moment later as Daisy's slid two fingers up inside her and stroked in and out. It was all I could do to keep from letting my passion rule my body and bring myself to a shuddering climax.

I looked at Daisy. Her head bobbed and moved as she alternately sucked Betsy's spread cunny and licked her clitty, all the while thrusting and rotating her fingers inside her. Betsy threshed on the bed, and her hand touched my ankle then grasped it. The shock of her touch almost make me cum. I didn't move it away.

She put her hand in her mouth to stifle her cries of ecstasy. Her hips bowed upward toward Daisy's devouring mouth and her grip on my ankle tightened almost painfully. Her orgasm went on for what seemed like minutes, then she sighed and lay panting.

I continued to look at her spread cunny as Daisy moved away. I gazed steadily at it as she lay there. When I saw, out of the corner of my eye she had recovered, I closed my eyes and stroked my own wide spread cunny. I felt Daisy move beside me and lean down and kiss my partly open lips. I moaned softly and kissed her back. Her hand went to my breast and stroked it. A moment later her fingers unbuttoned the front and bared my swollen breasts, the nipples erect. Her hands gently kneaded my breasts and I moaned in her mouth.

Then I felt warm hands stroke my thighs and I knew Betsy had joined us. Her hands gently pulled my hands away and replaced them. I heard her move on the bed and then felt her kisses on my thighs. Her hands went under my thighs and I cried out as her mouth found my cunny. Daisy tilted the chair back a little to give her better access to my cunny. My hands went to her head and pulled it harder against my spread cunny. She slipped her tongue inside me and it felt so wonderful.

She was as talented, or more so, then Daisy. Perhaps it was that this was my first time to have her lick my cunny. Her sweet tongue probed and excited nerves I did not know I possessed. I let myself go and a tremendous thrill ran through my body. I had held myself back for so long it intensified the sensations a hundred fold when my climax came. Daisy's mouth helped to stifle my moans, or I would have awakened the whole household. I almost fainted the pleasure was so intense.

Then my body went limp and Daisy pulled back to give me air. Betsy moved off the bed and put her arms around me and hugged me. She kissed me gently and I tasted my cunny juices on her lips. I kissed her back.

The two of them almost picked me up from the chair and laid me in bed, then lay down on either side, put their arms around me and held me close. They took turns kissing me lips. It was a warm wonderful feeling to be between their two soft bodies. I felt so protected and loved.

When I had recovered my breath, Daisy whispered, "Well, Mistress, now do you think you will ask your Auntie to dismiss me?"

I looked over at her, then back to Betsy. Weakly I replied. "I shan't tell anyone, if you promise not to." They giggled and both kissed me at the same time.

"There is one thing you must do. Both of you." I said trying to be firm, but in my emotionally spent condition, it came out so pitifully weak they giggled. "When I mange to recover my strength, you both have to make love to me at the same time."

"Yes, Mum, I think we can do that." She looked over at Betsy.

"Oh yes, Mum, you are so beautiful, and you do have a very delicious cunny. I want to kiss and lick it much more. I have seen you from a distance, but did not know just how beautiful you were. Daisy has told me about how lovely you were, and I was almost jealous of you. I am so glad that you discovered us together. I did try to protect her for she is the dearest friend I have ever had and love her more then my own life. We will never reveal to a soul what we did." Betsy said with such sincerity it brought a tear to my eye. I kissed her softly.

"This calls for a celebration. Wait here and I shall be back in a moment." I said, getting out of bed. I quickly slipped my robe on and slipped silently back to my room. In the bottom of a drawer, hidden far in the back under clothes, I pulled a bottle. I hurried up to their room and closed the door. I held it out to them.

"This will be our secret. It's a bottle of French champagne that I slipped out of the wine cellar a long time ago. I was going to drink it some evening by myself. I can't think of a better time than now to drink it. Can you?" I asked my new found lovers.

"Oh, no Mum!" Daisy and Betsy chorused together. Daisy went to a drawer and produced a corkscrew. Just what she was doing with it in her room, I didn't ask. She took a towel and wound around the cork as she pulled it. There was a muffled pop as the cork popped out. Daisy didn't have any glasses, and I was not about to risk having her go to the kitchen to bring any. They would be very hard for her to explain.

"Have you had champagne before?" I asked.

"No, Mum. It's just too expensive. We've had lots of wine, and tried Scotch whiskey, but neither of us liked the taste of it. Begging your pardon, Mum, but champagne is a rich folks drink." Daisy said.

"Well, this is supposed to be a very fine French vintage. It's too bad we have to drink it from the bottle. It is supposed to be chilled also. Now, a lesson in fine wine, sip a little at a time, and savor the taste. You first Daisy." I handed the bottle to her.

Daisy put the bottle to her lips and took a small sip. Her eyes lilt up. She took another sip and smiled. "It's very good Mum. I like the bubbles. Here Betsy, try a little sip."

We passed the bottle back and forth, sipping from the bottle. I had tasted champagne before but this was the first time I had ever had much. The bubbly liquid tasted so good. Soon were all laughing and giggling. Too soon, the bottle was empty.

Daisy took the empty bottle and turned it up but only a drop came out. "I know what I can do with the bottle." She giggled. She pushed Betsy back and took the bottle and slipped it between her thighs. "Let me frig you with it, Love."

Betsy giggled and spread her cunny lips with her fingers. Daisy put the bottle end against her cunny and pushed it in a little. She moved it in and out, slipping it in further slowly. I moved closer to get a good look and before I knew it Betsy had slid a finger up inside my wet cunny. I watched fascinated as Daisy pushed the bottle deeper and deeper inside her friend. I wondered how it felt to have that object pushed inside. As the neck got larger, the deeper it went, Betsy's cunny expanded to take it. Her juices kept it lubricated as Daisy pushed it in and out a little at a time.

Finally Betsy moaned. "That's deep enough, Love. My cunny l'not take any more.
Just move it in and out. Oh, Mum, play with my clitty, please." She said looking up at me. I wet a finger and reached out to quickly found her erect clitty. I rolled it around and around, the way I liked to play with my own. I had remembered Betsy's advice on how to make love to a woman. She moaned her approval. I bent forward and took her nipple and began to suck it. Her flesh tasted so good. Her hand went to my hair and stroked it. I felt her kiss my shoulder.

I continued to suck her nipple then I kissed downward over her soft stomach till I got to her thick pubic hair. I nuzzled it and felt her hips lift up. I replaced my finger with my tongue and tasted her sweet cunny for the first time. Her womanly fragrance was so wonderful. Clean and exciting, like Daisy's but still different. Her sweet cunny tasted wonderful too. I licked up and down, my tongue coming in contact with the bottle, warmed by her sweet cunny. Her nubbin was hard and I put my lips around it and sucked the way Daisy had taught me. With both of us making love to her, Betsy didn't take long to 'cum'. She moaned and cried out. When she lay spent, we kissed her softly. I was feeling so wonderful. I didn't realize it, but I was drunk.

"I want you both to make love to me at the same time. I want you to frig me with your fingers, lick my cunny, and suck my clitty. Do all sorts of things to me. I want to learn what it feels like to have two beautiful, lovely, wonderful, women make love to me. Please?" I giggled.

They realized I was drunk and decided that now was their chance. Of course Betsy didn't realize that Daisy and I had already make love many times, but that was our plan. They nodded and moved to me. Daisy motioned for Betsy to go first. She moved beside me and lying on her side, pulled me against her. Our bodies moved together. She kissed her way down my body till she got to my cunny, and at that time Daisy began to kiss me.

Her experienced hands fondled my breasts and pulled at my nipples. I felt Betsy shift in the bed and then they rolled me over. Suddenly I was lying atop Betsy and she had reversed in bed. She spread my thighs and her face pressed into my spread cunny.

Daisy reached under my face, and parted her friends dark fringed cunny, and I willingly thrust my lips against her deep pink core, and slid my tongue into her dripping, velvet hole. She tasted delicious. I ran my tongue as far as I could into her and wiggled it around. She moaned in response.

Betsy was not idle, and I felt her hands stroke my buttocks, and a wet finger play with my exposed anus. I moaned into Betsy's cunny as I felt her tongue begin to vibrate against my aching clitty. At that moment Daisy slid her finger into my anus, and began to slide it deeply in and out. Betsy joined a moment later by sliding first one then two fingers inside my cunny, sawing in and out. She curved her fingers and I cried out as they hit and rubbed a spot inside my cunny that had never been touched before. It sent a new thrill through me. I felt like I had to pee, but in a wonderful way.

Betsy kissed my buttocks, while her hand continued to slip her long finger up inside me. The two caught a rhythm, and a finger slid in my anus, while two fingers slipped in and out of my cunny. Betsy was driving me crazy with her wonderful tongue that flicked and vibrated against my clitty, while her fingers slid in and out, then curved to hit that spot again. I cried out against Betsy's pussy as the two skilled lovers drove me over the top, and my body exploded.

I pressed my face into Betsy's cunny, shaking my head against her wet opening. My body went rigid as the two worked faster on my body. I don't know how many times I exploded as they made love to me.

Finally I could stand it no longer, and weakly pushed away. They kissed me softly and I lay back exhausted. I must have drifted off to sleep. I awoke later, it turned out to be an hour, to find the two in a 69, side by side, faces buried in each other's cunnies.

I watched the two beautiful women making love. My cunny tingled, and as I watched, I stroked my swollen, slightly sore clitty. When they began to moan and sob, I moved close and watched Betsy's tongue sliding in and out of Daisy. I bent over and placed my face against Betsy's, and tongued Daisy's cunny as Betsy moved slightly and continued flicked her clitty.

My fingers flew over my own clitty, and the three of us climaxed at almost the same time. I was totally spent. It was very late, we kissed and I slipped back to my bed. I was asleep almost immediately.

Autie gave Daisy the afternoon off, and I told her I would meet them in town. I made an excuse, and had a servant take me into town, to pick me up later.

I met Daisy and Betsy and the three of us went to a discrete shop I knew. I knew that both of the girls needed new clothes, and had the proprietress outfit them with new clothes, nothing showy, but nice new dresses, shoes and underclothes. The three of us had the best fun in the back of the store, as they tried on various of the plain, but lovely brassieres, and lovely knickers with just a touch of lace. I even got them new hose. There was much giggling, and feeling of breasts, as they tried on various wares, the proprietress, naturally being in the front of the shop. I paid for our purchases with my own money, and then we left the shop in a very gay mood.

On the street, the girls fell a step behind me in case we saw any one who knew me, or Daisy. I took them to a tea room and we had tea together. I cautioned the two, that if anyone asked about the new clothes, that they bought them themselves from a surprise stipend to Daisy from Auntie. I wished I could do more for them, but under the circumstances, it was impossible. I have a money account of my own, that is quite considerable and silently vowed to help the two further, if possible.

My carriage picked me up later, and I awaited bedtime, and another delightful night with my two female lovers. Once again I slipped up to Daisy's room. The two were in bed awaiting me. They had put on their new brassieres and knickers, and looked quite fetching. I held two small packages behind my back and had them close their eyes, and slipped the packages into their hands. They hurriedly opened them, and they held sheer silk brassieres, and the latest fashion skimpy underpants from France. They were delighted and lost no time in slipping into them. They fit perfectly, for while they were trying on clothes I asked the proprietress to pick them out for me and wrap them.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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