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My Very Personal Maid Part I
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I carefully hung my clothes in my clothes closet and had just closed the door when there was a knock on my door. I had just put on my night gown. "Come in, Daisy." I called.

The door opened and Daisy, Auntie's maid came in. As usual, at this time of the evening, she was also dressed in her night gown. She had been putting Auntie to bed, and came in to turn down my bed and see if I needed anything.

She bustled around the room, a lovely girl two years my senior. Her long red hair was braided and hung down past her waist. As a good servant, she seldom looked me in the eye, when she did she quickly looked down. She had a lovely flawless complexion with no freckles, so rare among redheads. As she moved I could see her full breasts under her gown, unfettered by an under brassiere, jiggle and sway. I envied her full breasts. Mine were smaller and pointed and I have wished many times mine were larger, fuller. Like Daisy's breasts, as I imagined they looked nude.

I usually wear my long hair in a French bun. It makes me look older, more sophisticated. I let my hair down and sat at my dresser and began to comb it as I usually did before retiring. Daisy came up behind me.

"Would you like me to comb your hair, Mum?" I nodded. She took my brush and began to brush my hair in long slow strokes. It felt very sensual. In the mirror I watched her image. She blushed prettily when she say me watching her. Her breasts continued to sway as she stroked down with the brush. For some reason this caused my desire to rise.

"Will there be anything else, Misses," she asked as she finished.

My brow furrowed. I stood up and turned. "Yes, Daisy. Come closer."

She moved in front of me and stood expectantly. "Take down your hair." With no hesitation she reached back and pulled her hair around, untied the ribbon on the end and quickly combed her hair out with her fingers. It fell shining, full and long behind her.

"Brush it out." I said handing her the brush. She brushed it in long strokes. I watched as she did. Her hair shone a reddish stream. What a beautiful young woman. She laid the brush aside. A thought grew full blown in my mind, why, I'll never know. "Now, unbutton your gown." I told her.

"Mum?" She asked puzzled.

"Unbutton your gown!" I said firmly. Here eyes dropped and she slowly unbuttoned her gown. "Now slip it down to your waist." She hesitated. "Do you want me to get a cane and thrash you?" I would never ever do that, but she did not know that.

"Oh no Mum, please don't. It's just..."

"Do It!" I said, making my voice hard. "Now, Daisy!"

She slid her gown down, revealing the swells of her upper snowy bosom. She hesitated a moment then slid it lower revealing perfect nipples. Her breasts were full and round, her skin flawless. My eyes popped wide. They were the most beautiful I had ever seen. The nipples were small knobs set on the larger pink aureole, which was smooth and a swollen cone shaped. Pale blue veins ran under the skin of her bosom. There was no droop to her lovely full breasts.

"You have the loveliest breasts I have ever seen, Daisy. They are so full, and round, and the nipples swollen."

"Thank you, Mum." She said smiling shyly. "Will that be all?" She was anxious to leave.

I felt a flutter in my stomach. What was I going to really do? "No, slip your gown all the way off." I said firmly, leaving no room for doubt.

She slid the gown down and stepped out of it, putting it aside. She stood barefooted, clad in only plain white cotton pantaloons that reached to her ankles.

"Now the pantaloons." Again she hesitated. "Now Daisy!"

Slowly she slid them down, revealing her slightly rounded stomach and lower till they revealed her abundant curly, reddish bush covering her cunny. She slid them further down and stepped out of them but put them in front to hide her cunny.

"Put them down. I want to see you naked." I said somewhat softer. She dropped them at her feet. "Stand up straight. You have a beautiful body. Be proud of it!" I walked around her. She was superb. I felt a strange heat flow through me. Perhaps it was the power I held over her.

She had worked for Auntie for eight years, since she was twelve. She knew I had the power to have her fired. She helped support her widowed mother and younger sisters. Auntie paid her well and she knew if she was fired she would have a hard time getting another job paying as well. Her buttocks were round and lovely, her legs shapely.

I moved in front of her. I saw a tear in her eye. "Don't cry Daisy, I won't hurt you. You are so beautiful. I envy you your body." I stepped back and caught the hem of my gown and whisked it off over my head. I stood naked before her. She averted her eyes. I took her hand and led her to the huge mirror on my clothes closet. We stood side by side, naked.

"I wish I had as lovely a body as you." I said softly. "Look at us in the mirror."
Her eyes ran up and down my image in the mirror. They dwelled at my breasts and blonde covered cunny.

"Oh Mum, you have a beautiful body. Yours is much prettier than mine. I'm so big. My breasts are too large. Soon they will droop and yours will always be firm and stick out."

"Do you have a beau?" I asked as I looked at us side by side. My body was smaller than hers, shapely. I wished it were full and voluptuous like hers.

"Yes, Mum. He's a farrier. He shoes horses. He's tall and strong."

"Has he seen you like this? Naked?" I asked looking at her in the mirror.

She blushed. "Yes Mum."

"Has he made love to you?"

"Mum!" She said abashed.

"Has he?" I asked firmly.

"Yes Mum" She blushed prettily.

I imagined her lying back, thighs spread, her beau between them thrusting lustily. . My cunny tingled. I moved in front of her. I reached out and touched her breasts, stroking her velvet skin. It was warm and so soft. Her eyes closed. I cupped her breasts and ran my thumbs over her nipples. She sighed.

"Oh, please Missies Diana." She protested softly.

"Does he stroke them like this?" I said as I weighed them in my hands, slid my hands over her smooth soft skin. Her breath trembled.

"Yes, Mum." She said softly, opening her eyes and watching my hands move over her breasts.

I took her swollen nipples between my fingers and pulled slightly then rolled them a little as I did when I excited myself in bed. "Does that feel good, Daisy?" I asked softly.

"Oh, yes, Mum. Please stop!"

"Why Daisy? Why should I stop?" I continued to pull gently on her nipples.

She hesitated, and blushed again. "Mum, it's not right. It's getting me excited."

I moved behind her and slid my body up against hers. Her skin was hot and smooth. I reached around and cupped her breasts lifting and stroking them. I felt her nipples harden and grow firm. I peeped over her shoulder at the image in the mirror. It was so erotic. I became bolder. I slid a hand lower to strok her softly rounded stomach, and then lower to cup her reddish cunny. Her pubic mound was firm, prominent. Our image in the mirror was very erotic. She watched, eyes wide.

"Don't tell me you have never made love with another girl? You have, haven't you? Tell the truth!" I whispered in her ear, burying my face in her red hair, nuzzling her ear. Her hair smelled of a violet soap, clean and sweet smelling.

She moaned as I teased her, slipping a finger inward into her prominent cleft. She gasped. A little pressure and I felt her hot wetness. Her firm buttocks pressed back against mine and her hand moved atop mine pressing my hand harder against her liquid cunny.

"You have, haven't you, Daisy?" My voice was husky with desire. I moved my finger slightly feeling it slide against her slippery wet flesh. "Tell me."

"Oh yes, Mum. I have a very good friend, Betsy, you've seen her come here often." Her head pressed back against mine. "We grew up very close and we have made love many times."

I moved my arms and turned her to me. I pulled her close, felt her body melt into mine. Her breasts pressed and seemed to flow over mine, her nipples hard points. Her hips pressed forward and she sighed softly. Her softly rounded stomach pressed warmly against mine. I pressed my pubic mound against hers. We kissed, softly and slowly. Her tongue slid out tentatively and I opened my lips, letting her slip her tongue into my mouth. I gave a shudder of delight as it probed gently inside my mouth. Her hands moved to my buttocks, pulling me hard against her.

I pulled her harder against me gasping. "Oh, Daisy, that was so wonderful. Will you make love to me? Teach me how to make love, please?"

"Are you sure, Mum? If your Aunt should find out --." She whispered against my lips. Our bodies moved, pressing, swaying. I had to know how it felt to make love with a women. I had wondered for several years since I heard women did such things.

"Not to fear. Your room is over mine, and Auntie stays in her wing. She never comes to this wing of the house at night. I can come up to your room. You have a bell, if she wants you, don't you?" I asked thrusting my hips against hers.

"She almost never rings me at night. She sleeps so soundly. She only rings for her medicine. I already gave it to her earlier" Her hips thrust back.

"Good, go to your room, I'll be up in a moment. None of the other servants will come to this wing tonight. Will they?" She shook her head. We pulled back.

She and I were the only ones in this wing of the large mansion. The other servants slept upstairs in lofts in other parts of Auntie's huge mansion. We wouldn't be bothered. Daisy slipped her gown and pantaloons on and blushed prettily as she slipped out of the room.

I stood looking at my naked body in the mirror. A lovely, shapely young woman looked back at me. I was just 'blooming' as Auntie says and the image pleased me. My breasts are smaller than Daisy's but rounded cones, with small pink aureoles, and small, though prominent nipples. I slid a hand to cup my cunny, and slipped a finger down through my blonde hair and an inward. I was wet. I stroked my wet slit for a moment, closing my eyes, then upward to lightly stroke my swollen clitty. The same finger that had felt Daisy's wet slit. It felt so good. Quickly I went to the bath, ran water into the wash basin, and soaped my cunny and behind. I rinsed off and put a touch of my best perfume between my thighs. I brushed my teeth quickly. A thrill of excitement ran through me as I thought of what I was about to do.

This would actually be the second person I had made love to, the first was Bettye last year at boarding school. We were roommates, and one night as we huddled together in bed, we began kissing. We had not done it before and tried to make love. We tried it several times but were both too timid to really be good at it. We fingered each other rather inexpertly. We finally wound up fingering ourselves to a climax. We would kiss from time to time, but never went further than that. At the most daring, we would both finger ourselves to a climax while watching the other. I imagine we were too prudish.

I slipped on my gown and slippers, and quietly as I could, eased up the stairs to Daisy's room. I heard the downstairs clock chime nine o'clock. Everyone was in bed, the house quiet. Her door was ajar slightly.

I opened the door and entered her small neat room. She had trimmed the lamp so the room was dimly lit, and turned down the bed.. I closed the door softly. Even though I knew no one was around, I couldn't help being very quiet. She stood by her bed. I took my gown and slid it off. She did the same a moment later. She had left off her pantaloons. She was so beautifully naked in the soft light..

I moved to her and we slipped together, kissing. Our hands moved up and down touching, feeling, exploring. God, it felt so good. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She tasted so good. I guessed she had just brushed her teeth too. I was on fire. We swayed together, our breathing coming quick. She pushed me back, then turning, pulled me on to the bed very gently.

"Oh, Missies Diana, you are so beautiful! I never dreamed that I would see you like this. I've seen you in you underclothes, and wished I could see you naked, but I never thought I would. I wanted to ask if I could help you in your bath, so I could see you naked. I just could not be that forward." She slid further into the bed and stroked my body. "Have you ever made love to another woman?" She asked smiling down at me.

"Woman, no. Another girl and I made love, or tried to last year in school. We were just too timid and inexperienced. It felt nice but we finally quit. We just felt too guilty, I guess." I said as her hand stroked my breast. It felt so knowing, so wonderful.

"Betsy and I have made love for a while. She sleeps over at my house quite a bit, and your Aunt lets her visit me on weekends." She giggled. "She would have a kitten if she knew Betsy and I have made love in this bed many times. We have tried lots of things."

"Such as?" I asked as her fingers pulled at my nipples. "Oh yes, that feels so good."

"I slipped cucumbers up here and we put them inside each other. Bananas when we have them. After we use them I slip them back into the pantry and no one ever knows. One night I caught Cook slipping a huge one out of the kitchen. She made me swear I'd never tell a soul. She had a really large cucumber. She didn't know I was there to slip one out too!" We giggled at the thought of Cook and a huge cucumber.

"How do I make love to you?" I asked.

"Think of it this way, Mum. Think where else that tongue might slip. What other lips might like to have a tongue slide up and down, and inside." She slipped her tongue deep inside my mouth, darting, probing. and I gasped at the thought. Bettye and I had just used just our fingers on each other beside tongue kissing. She pulled back.

"You mean kissing each other's cunnies!" I giggled, and I knew I was blushing again. How delightfully naughty!

"Yes, Mum. Think of them as another pair of very sensitive and desirable lips. Rest assured you will enjoy it. Sometimes I think it feels more wonderful then having a cock pushing in and out. It's a different kind of feeling. Do you know about your 'little man in the boat'?" She asked.

"My clitty?" I giggled. "I discovered it years ago."

"You have not felt anything till you feel an experienced tongue, and lips, suck and lick your clitty. If I tell you something will you swear never to tell a soul?"

"I swear!" I said. My interest peaked.

"My boyfriend loves to kiss my cunny. He licks and kisses it, and sticks his tongue deep in me. I get so excited. He can make me 'cum' several times before he sticks his cock inside me. If any of the other men knew he did it they would make fun of him. It tisn't 'manly.' Men make fun of 'cunt lappers!' He does that to me till I 'cum' several times, then I take his cock in my mouth and get him real hard and erect. Then we do 'it' real hard and long, and I 'cum' several times more before he shoots off. We always use a lambskin sheath so I won't get pregnant"

I squirmed at the thought. My thighs moved apart. I had sneaked to the stables several times, and seen the stallions with their immense long red cocks mount the mares. No 'proper lady' watched such!

"Would you like for me to kiss your cunny." Daisy asked, her voice hoarse with passion.

"Oh yes, please! dear Daisy. Please!" A thrill ran through my body, I felt goose bumps form on my skin.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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