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My Very Personal Maid Part II
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She agreed, when I pointed out that she would not have to go into town for fittings, and Betsy could make sure every detail was perfect. I also pointed out, that Betsy was one of Madame DeVille's best seamstresses. She would be my personal maid, and our personal seamstress at the same time. I also told her my agreement that I would furnish material for her and Daisy and she could sew dresses for them.

"Diana, I always said you had the best business head in the family, next to mine, that is." Auntie said.

Coming from her that was a great complement, for she was a woman extraordinaire when it came to business deals. That was why we still had the huge estate, when others were selling theirs off, because they could not afford the expenses.

My money had come from my parents, who had been killed in a shipwreck off the Scottish coast. I was well provided for. I had a more than ample monthly allowance, plus with Auntie's approval I could withdraw from my banking account. When I reached 21, I would be a very wealthy woman.

I did not go up to Daisy's room that night. When she came in I told her about my talk with Auntie, and that she would get the raise. She was overjoyed. I warned her that she knew nothing about this, and to act very surprised. She kissed me and thanked me deeply. She held me, and hugged me for a long time. When she started out the door, I saw tears of gratitude in her eyes.

I slept with a smile on my face, I know. I was so happy, I had helped two wonderful women, who really needed it. 'Do not gloat', I cautioned myself. I would have two very grateful lovers, very close at hand.

The next morning Betsy showed up on time. She had on the new dress I had bought her and had a valise with her belongings. I introduced her to Auntie who took an instant shine to the lovely dark hared women. She asked if Madame DeVille had objected to her leaving.

"Oh. No, Mum. I gave her Mistress Diana's letter, and first she went red as a beet, then white as a sheet. She gave me my back wages she owed me, my current wages, and a very nice bonus. I did as you said, Mum." Nodding to me, "and said not a single word."

"Good Lord, what did you say in that letter, child?" Auntie asked me, eyebrows raised. .

"I just reminded her to pay Betsy her back wages, and what was owed to her, and said it would be a nice idea to give her a substantial bonus for her very good work. I happened to mention in passing that she was very late on the payments to you on the building, and you should be very unhappy if you had to foreclose, and indenture her for the debt. I bid her to have a good day." I said with a straight face.

Auntie burst into a loud cackle and clapped her hands. "I would dearly love to have been there. First red, then white, you say, child? Niece, you are truly a marvel! Betsy, welcome to the household, but watch out for your mistress Diana. She's a raging tiger when crossed, but a lamb most of the time. She will treat you right, have no fear."

We left Auntie, and I took Betsy to her room. The other servants had cleaned the room, aired it out, put flowers in it, and laid out towels, fresh linen, and made sure her room was ready for her. Having visited Daisy, she knew where the bathrooms were. I called Daisy and told he to help get Betsy situated. With a wink, I whispered not to be too long.

A few minutes later Betsy came to my room, knocked and came in. We went over her duties, and what was expected of her. She seemed pleased to be working for me.

Later in the day, she and I went to town to select a new sewing machine of her choice, and I told her she was not to skimp. She looked at several models before selecting one that she said would do many kinds of sewing. We got all the supplies she thought she would need. We bought material, for me, Auntie, and for she and Daisy. We came back and she was beside herself. I had told her that in six months when I reviewed her performance, and if her work was satisfactory, the sewing machine would be hers to keep. She was ecstatic, for the machine we had selected amounted to probably a years wages.

Later in the day she came to my room to draw my bath. It is off my bedroom, and has a rather large bath tub. She filled it with hot water, and at my direction placed scented oils in it. She helped me undress and I slipped into the wonderfully hot water. As I lay back, and is my custom, I placed a hot wash cloth over my face to steam and soften my skin. The cloth covered my face except for my nostrils.

I heard Betsy moving around the room quietly. I felt her touch on my arm and she gently took it and I felt my sponge run up and down my arm. I surrendered my arm to her and she washed it gently, then soaped my hand and washed each finger. I felt her take my other arm and wash it too. I was not accustomed to having a maid attend me in my bath, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even Auntie did not require Daisy to wash her, except her back occasionally.

When she had finished, she moved down and reached under the water, and took my ankle. She pulled it up, holding it, and washed my foot, soaping each toe individually, then my ankle, and as far as she could with my thigh under water. She repeated this with the other leg. It felt so wonderful to be pampered. Totally relaxed by the hot water, I sat up. Betsy moved behind me and asked if she should wash my back. I pulled the wash cloth off my face told her 'yes' and bent forward.

"Mum, would you please slip toward the center of the tub." She said. I did as she asked. Then behind me, she slipped into the tub. I looked around to see what she was doing. Gloriously naked, she squatted in the water behind me.

I laughed, "You are going to give a new meaning to 'personal maid', Betsy!"

"Does the Queen wish otherwise?" She giggled, her soapy hand moving over my back.

"No Slave, I think this will do splendidly. Now, be very thorough, wash every inch of my majestic body." I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of her hands stroking my body. When she had finished the back, she stepped out of the tub and moved in front of me, slipping back into the tub. She sat between my legs and soaped my shoulders, neck, then down to my breasts. Her soapy hands cupped and squeezed them, her fingers pulling gently at my nipples. She washed my chest as low as the water would allow. .

"If my Queen will stand, I shall finish washing her superb body." She said a twinkle in her eye. She reached around, and pulled the stopper, to allow some of the water to drain out. I stood up and she soaped my body down, having me turn around. She soaped my thighs. She stopped the water from running out completely.

"Slave, you have been negligent in your duties!" I said harshly.

"Oh, No, Your Royal Highness. I saved the best parts of your royal body for the last." She said looking up at me. I laughed aloud and caught her head and pulled it forward against my body. I spread my legs as far as the tub would allow and she soaped my pubic hair, then slid her soapy fingers into my cunny slit, and rubbed them back and forth. She slipped a soapy finger up inside me several times. Her gentle fingers reached every crevice, and she paid particular attention to my now hard clitty.

"Please turn, My Queen. So that I may attend to thine splendid, and sublime arse." She said smiling up at me.

"Watch your language, the correct phrase is 'thy splendid and sublime arse', not 'thine'!" I said sternly. She broke into laughter, as did I. I turned my back.

She soaped my thighs, and buttocks, then asked me to slip my legs apart, and bend forward. I did as she asked, and leaned forward, and put my hands on the rear of the tub, giving her free reign to my backside and cunny. She soaped them slowly, slipping her fingers around and around my nether hole before slipping a soapy finger inside. It felt so good.

She continued to do it for a while, then soaped her hand and did something she had not done before. She took her knuckles and began to run them back and forth against my spread cunny. They rubbed lightly against my clitty, giving me a new delightful sensation. My knees went weak at the wonderful feeling. I pushed her hands away. I stood up and she caught handfuls of water and rinsed me off. I stepped out and she toweled me off. She looked so beautiful, naked before me.

"If my Queen will lie on the bed, this unworthy Slave will satisfy her desires."
Betsy said looking up at me. The vixen, she knew that she had stoked my internal fires. I could only nod. She held my hand as I walked weak kneed to the bed. I lay back and she slipped a pillow under my head.

She kneeled between my thighs and began to kiss and lick my hot cunny. She slipped two fingers up inside me sliding them in and out. She had heated my passion so, with her ministrations in the bath, that it only took a short time for her magic flicking tongue, and rotating fingers to drive me to a gasping climax. Her flicking tongue would not let me relax a moment, and sent me to another climax. I pushed her lovely face away. I lay gasping while she slowly licked my spread cunny. She slipped off the bed and pulled the covers over me.

"Would you like for me to make love to you, Betsy, Dearest?" I asked weakly.

"Oh, no Mum. You rest. I'll wait till tonight and tell Daisy how I became your very personal servant, and Slave." She said leaning over to kiss me lightly on my lips.
I closed my eyes and heard her enter the bath. I fell asleep.

When I awoke perhaps a half hour later, she was sitting by the window, dressed, watching me. When I went into the bath, it was spotless, new towels out, and the dirty linen gone. I told her the rest of the afternoon was hers. She thanked me and kissed my cheek.

When Daisy came that evening to turn my bed down, she was grinning from ear to ear. Before I could ask, she told me that Betsy had told her that she was my very personal maid, and that she wished she could have been there to watch. I kissed her and told her, that I might invite her in some day. She left smiling, and I knew that the two would spend part of the night making love. I decided to give the two friends time to themselves. I was sure they would be discrete.

Daisy became a superb maid. She quickly learned my habits and desires, and soon anticipated my wishes. With a little coaching, she knew what clothes to lay out for me, and kept them freshly cleaned and pressed. We picked patterns out in town and she began to sew for me. She was very quick, and it took what seemed no time for her to finish a gown for me.

The gown fitted superbly, and her suggestions as to details was impeccable. She was able to hand sew fine material, and fashioned me several naughty corselets, merry widows, and sheer underpants that you could see my nipples and cunny hair through. I wore them under my gown when I slipped up the stairs to their rooms. She also made them for herself and Daisy.

Betsy sewed a superb gown for Auntie. Auntie had shown her a drawing of a gown, and asked her if she could duplicate it for her. Betsy made some suggestions, sketched a change here and there, and suggested that the lace collar be adorned with pearls, the rage that year. The two worked together and in two weeks the gown was finished.

Betsy came to me, eyes sparkling and asked me to come see Auntie in her new dress. She had me close my eyes and led me into the grand salon. When I opened my eyes I was awe struck. Auntie stood before the huge fire place, resplendent in her new gown. The light from the windows brought out the softness and rich colors of her gown. The lace color framed her lovely face and the pearls glowed against her skin. It was truly a breathtaking vision. I clapped, then bowed and curtseyed, as I would to the Queen. I went to Betsy and held her by her arms, hugged her and told her that she had outdone herself I wanted to kiss her, but knew Auntie would think that totally out of character.

"Auntie, that dress makes you look like a Queen, instead of a Duchess. It is the most stunning dress I have seen outside the royal court. I told you Betsy was a gem." I said shaking my head in wonder.

"And so she is. Betsy, I can well imagine what Madame DeVille would charge me for this dress, and it would not have come out half as stunning. I agreed to pay you what Madame DeVille would charge me. I refuse. I shan't pay it. I will renege on my promise." She said sternly. She paused.

Betsy's face fell. I hid a grin, for I knew what the old reprobate was doing.

"I shan't pay Madame DeVille price. For this splendid, incomparable dress, I shall pay double! I have never seen a finer example of the seamstress's art. It fits to perfection and the look! Oh! I shall have half a dozen proposals of marriage the first time I wear it. You make this old heart sing when I look in the mirror. Come here, Child, She pulled Betsy to her and hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. Auntie glowed with pride. She moved around the house for fully two hours before she would take the dress off. She had to show it to every servant. Their praises made her glow still more, if possible, with loveliness. I had never seen her happier.

Betsy came to my room later, and showed me the bank draft Auntie had given her. She was aghast at the amount. It was more money than she had ever had in her entire life. More money then she could have made in a year working for Madame DeVille. I was so pleased for her. I cautioned her about the money, and advised her to open an account in my bank, and that I would help her invest it so that it could make money for her. The wages I paid her were more than enough for her to live on, and putting some away in an account would also draw interest

We talked for a while, and she saw the reasoning behind my advice. She asked if I would teach her the hows and whys of investing. I told her I would be happy to, Then I kissed her the way I wanted to before. I told her I was so pleased with her work, and the way she had pleased Auntie meant a very great deal to me, as well as Auntie. We lay on the bed and kissed until both our passions arose.

We shed our clothes, lay on the bed, and slipped into a wonderfully satisfying 69. We made slow, deep, wonderful love to each other. We each reached two climaxes together. When we had finished, Betsy suggested that she run my bath. I lay in bed luxuriating till she came and kissed me and told me the bath was ready. I made her get into the tub first, and I got in behind her, and it was my turn to bathe her.

I played her servant today and carefully washed every square inch of her body. She was delighted in the change of rolls. I slipped naughty fingers into both her orifices, and brought her near to a climax. I quickly washed off and we fell into bed still moist from the bath. I laid her back and preceded to cover her body with kisses, and caresses, till I moved down and sucked and licked her sweet cunny to three moaning orgasms.

We lay together, arms around each other for a long while. We dressed and went about our usual business, maid and mistress, prim and proper.

Many nights I slipped up the stairs and went into Daisy, or Betsy's room to make love to one or the other, or both of the lovely women Betsy and I made love in my room, or in the bath, enjoying wet soapy skin sliding together. We just could not get enough of each others erotic kisses and caresses.

Sometimes it seemed to me to be a wonderful erotic addiction to the two beautiful and sensual women. There were no jealousies between Betsy and Daisy. Betsy shared part of her new wealth with her friend. The two soon had a sizable and stylish wardrobe. We were true friends and we all shared a deep love.

"Betsy, I shall have to leave for two weeks. I am going to Paris." I said as she was soaping my back, naturally with her bare hands.

"Oh, Mistress Diana, what shall I do? I shall miss you terribly.!" She said softly.

"What shall you do? Why, you silly thing, you shall go with me! I could not do without you, now could I?" I asked turning. She threw her arms around me and hugged me kissing me over and over.

"I am taking some of Auntie's business papers to hand deliver. She says that you will have to go with me, as I am at such a 'tender age'. I shall be nineteen in the fall. When will she see me as an adult? I have friends that are married with children. Just because I have not decided to pick a beau." I lowered my voice. "I may never, with such wonderful lovers as you and Daisy."

"Oh, Mum, you shall find some handsome man who will win your hand and be a good husband and lover. You are so beautiful, talented and smart, you should have no end of men who will wish your hand." Betsy said as her soapy hands reached around and slid sensually over my breasts.

"How am I to know if they are good lovers? Go to bed with them all, one at a time until I find one who suits me? Am I to become another Madame Bovary, or a courtesan?" I said eyes closed, enjoying her sensual hands.

"I hear, that more than one 'virtuous lady' of this town, has tasted the forbidden fruits of love with men other than the man she married." Betsy giggled, her fingers pulling at my now hard nipples.

"Oh, tell me more. Tell me the latest gossip. Complete with all the sensuous, naughty details." I begged, leaning back against her soft slick body.

She regaled me with the latest gossip that the servants passed between themselves while they shopped, or met. My eyebrows went up several times as I recognized the names of some of the most 'virtuous ladies', some I personally knew, and some my own age, now married.

As she talked, she pulled me back against her, reached around, and her naughty fingers slipped beneath the water to play with me cunny. Some of her tales were of servants accidentally overhearing love trysts, some had helped orchestrate and cover up liaisons, and some had actually been a third party in an erotic trio.

Her stories, sometimes richly embellished with vivid details, and her magic hands soon had me in a fever pitch and she fingered me to a gasping climax. After she had washed my body, I insisted that I be allowed to bring her to a climax also. I moved in around in the tub and had her lay back. I pulled her feet and legs over mine, so I could get close to her and it was my turn to bathe her breasts, and stomach, then down to her dark haired cunny.

My slippery fingers slid inside her. With the hot soapy water, and her relaxing, I was able to slip two , then three fingers inside her, stretching her firm cunny. I used my other hand to roll my finger around on her pink exposed clitty. It did not take long for her to have a sobbing climax.

I wondered if any of the servants had heard us. The possibility was slim, as Betsy was my personal maid, and my bath was off my bedroom, and we always closed both doors. We washed each others hair, and took turns toweling the other off. We kissed and hugged, damp body against damp sensuous body.

"Betsy, I really think you are a very special 'personal maid'. I am glad I have you." I said holding her close.

"Oh, Mistress, I am so fortunate to have you also. I can not tell you how much I love you. You have been so kind and wonderful to me. I hear some of the other servants who are treated terribly, even abused , by their mistresses and masters. If they complain, they are dismissed, and then falsely accused of stealing, or worse. Daisy and I are so fortunate!" She said hugging me and kissing my cheek.

I knew I was fortunate to have two such wonderful women in the house. That they both were my lovers, was an added bonus.

To Be Continued...

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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