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My Very Personal Maid Part III
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Betsy and I were enthralled with the two. We both glanced to Renée and Jeanne from time to time, as the two were caressing and kissing each other as they watched. We were both stimulating each other also. I had a finger buried into Betsy's sweet cunny, which I brought up to stroke her swollen clitty from time to time. She reached back to do the same to me.

The music ended, and the athletic lady did a cartwheel to the Victrola, and changed the record. This one was more intense, with a heavy drum beat behind it. Her partner had disappeared for a moment, and when she returned, Betsy and I gasped. She had black straps around her waist, that went down between her thighs, but what we gasped at, was the large pink cock that jutted from her body. In the light, it looked very real. I had heard of dildos, but never seen one. I knew they were almost as old as man. They had been found in Egypt, Greece, China, and Rome. This was my first time to really see one.

"What is it?" Betsy asked in my ear. I told her.

The dancers now became male and female. The athletic one, with her breasts connected by the chain and rings in her cunny lips, played the coy one. The other became the man, strutting with his large cock before him. They moved and danced, till finally the 'male' caught the 'female' and pulled 'her' to 'him'. She grasped his 'cock' and slid down to lick and suck it till it gleamed. She turned away, bent forward and with a suggestive wiggle, presented her pert buttocks to her lover.

She reached back and took the dildo in her hand and guided it to her cunny, sliding it up and down her wet slit. Her partner caught her hips, and turning her so we all could see, she slowly began to slip the dildo into her love partner. Their actions were so like Daisy and her beau, but now it was two beautiful women fucking.

The dildo was almost as long as Johnny's cock, but not quite so large around. Slowly is slipped into her clean shaven cunny. For the next ten minutes the two moved this way and that, changing positions as they fucked. The woman being fucked had at least two climaxes. Betsy and I talked later, and we did not think her climaxed were simulated, but real. She had all the symptoms of a genuine climax. The music died down and the two parted.

A new record was put on, and this time the two came out and danced around. They had a long slender box they carried, and with much fanfare, opened it. They brought out a very long fat dildo, that was double ended, a large glens on each end. I guessed it to be a foot and a half long. They took a small jar out the box, and it was soon apparent that it contained a lubricant.

They both slipped their hands up and down the dildo after they had put them in the jar. They stroked the dildo from end to end sensuously as if stroking the real thing. They lay down and positioned themselves slightly apart, hip to hip. They took the shining dildo, and each placed one end against their spread cunnies.

We all watched fascinated, as they slid the dildo up and down their cunnies to lubricate them, then slid it inside themselves. They moved together impaling themselves on the long thick dildo. Like Daisy, we wondered if they could take all of it inside. They moved back and forth, slowly getting closer. The dildo seemed to move into one more than the other, I imagined they had wonderful control of their cunny muscles, then in turn, it would slide further into the other lover.

With a final wiggle the monster dildo slipped the last inch, and the two lover's bodies met. They rolled slowly, moving so they were both on hands and knees, facing away from each other, joined by the long dildo in their cunnies. They began to thrust and press back and forth. We watched fascinated as they rocked and thrust, the dildo appearing and disappearing in and out of their pink cunnies. They each reached down and placed a hand on their cunnies and stroked their clitties. Their hands stroked faster, and hips thrust.

Their actions affected all of us watching, for I looked over and Renée and Jeanne, who were watching raptly, hands moving between spread thighs. Betsy and I too, were fingering each other at a frantic pace. Sighs and moans filled the room as the two brought themselves, and each other off, as did the four watching..

The dancers got up and placed still another record on the Victrola. They danced gracefully around the room.. The music was sensuous, as were the dancers. They danced close, bodies brushing, breasts caressing backs, or face to face breast to breast. They stroked each other's bodies. This time they lay on the floor and went into a soixante neuf, writhing on the floor.

When they became fully excited, they turned and one slid between the other's thighs. They pressed cunny to cunny, hips thrusting first one way, then the other. We could all see their excitement, when finally they moved to place their cunnies together as their legs scissored apart. Soft open wet flesh slid against widespread slick pink flesh.

I wondered why we had never thought to try this. They held hands to help press their cunnies harder together. Nimble hips thrust and shifted to give and receive the most pleasure. We could hear the wet sounds as the two tried to bring themselves, and their lover, to a climax. Again, we four spectators were very excited by the actions and each tried to bring our partners to a climax as we watched. We joined them as they cried out their orgasmic passion as they came. Betsy and I joined our cries with the others.

The two dancers arose, and we got up to hug them, and praise them for their performance. They dressed, while Betsy and I admired their splendid bodies from a closer view. They smiled their approval and told us they had enjoyed watching us also.

A soft kiss on our cheeks, and they were gone. We sat and talked to Renée and Jeanne, all of us still unabashedly nude. We thanked them for making the show possible. I asked if I could help pay for the performance, for I knew that they in all probably had to pay the two lovely women.

"No, it was our pleasure. I asked you to bring 25 pounds for a different reason. I have a present for you. I request that you do not open it till you are back in England. I am not sure if the English customs will search your luggage, but this will pass through better if it is a gift. I am sure you will both like it's contents." Jeanne said an impish smile on her lovely face.

Renée disappeared in the kitchen and came back with petite sandwiches she had made. We sat on the floor, still naked, and ate and drank wonderful French wine. .I asked about the dildos and they told me where they were made and how.

We were all completely relaxed after watching the dancers, and our reactions to them. I found it stimulating to watch the two beautiful women sitting legs crossed at the ankles, their cunnies exposed to our gaze. Their lovely cunnies were deep pink and gleaming from the excitement, the manual stimulation, and their orgasms.

Renée saw my gaze and laughed. "I think they find our pussies interesting, no? She said glancing over at Jeanne. She reached down and put a finger on each side of her pussy and pulled upward, Her rather large, still swollen clitty, peeped out momentarily.

Jeanne laughed. "Yes, I believe they do. Why do you not spread your legs apart and loose some of your English puritanical modesty. We watched you, and saw that you too have very lovely 'pussies', as we French say. Women's sex organs vary greatly, and I personally find them almost all very attractive, and," she laughed, "exciting.. Did you find the shaved pussies of the lovely ladies attractive? I most certainly did!"

"Yes, I did. I had never seen any woman with a shaved cunny, or pussy, as you say. They were very beautiful. I actually found myself salivating." I said consciously letting my thighs spread apart. I crossed my legs at the ankles and felt my cunny lips part, and knew my sex was wet with my juices, and probably still deep pink from the rubbing Betsy had done to it.

Betsy giggled beside me and spread her thighs apart. "This had been a night I will never forget. I learned quite a bit. Thank you for it. You have been most gracious hosts. You are truly beautiful ladies, in body and spirit. And you both have very lovely pussies too!" she said looking down at the two displayed cunnies.

"I think Betsy has had a little too much wine, but what she says is true, every word. We shall be in Paris for another week. Jeanne, may we reserve your services for the full time? You can show us Paris, and the surrounding countryside. Please say yes. " I said earnestly.

"I think I can. I have no pressing engagements. I shall take you to my home tomorrow to meet my husband. That will reassure him that I am not off for a week with some man. It will be my pleasure to show you my France. I can not think of two lovelier women to show around. Can you Renée?" She asked her lover.

"Certainly not, I envy you. Promise you will not steal my wonderful lover from me!" She said with a naughty smile. We promised.

Renée called the young girl after we had all dressed. We kissed good bye. Jeanne gave us a package tied with ribbon, wrapped in gay paper. The young girl, who we found was Renée's daughter, took us back to the hotel. We slipped up the back stairs again. We went into the room and the girl told us to give the clothes to Jeanne when we saw her. I tried to hand her some money for her trouble, but she graciously refused and left.

We slipped into the shower and bathed each other. We were so satiated, we did not try to arouse each other. We fell into bed naked, cuddled close and were quickly asleep.

I awoke drifting up from a wonderful dream. I was floating high above the city, looking down on the Eiffel tower from high above. I opened my eyes and realized that Betsy was between my spread thighs, her wonderful tongue slipping up and down my wet cunny. I reached down and stroked her soft hair.

"What a wonderful way to start the day in the City of Love." I murmured.

"I could not resist. Now lay back, and enjoy your wake up call from your adoring 'companion'!"

"How can I resist such a wonderful suggestion." I closed my eyes, and let the erotic visions of the previous night fill my mind. Betsy's talented tongue and lips quickly brought me to a moaning, sobbing climax. When I had caught my breath I pulled her up to me and tried to repay her wonderful 'wake up call'.

"I awoke an hour ago. I have already had a 'cum'. In fact several ! You'll never guess how." She said sitting up, a mischievous smile on her face.. I guessed several obvious ways. She shook her lovely head at each.

"No, it's something that I have found only in Paris, more particularly in this hotel." My puzzled look caused her to laugh. "The bidet. I went to the bathroom to pee, and decided to try it. I found that if I sat forward the water gushed out against my cunny. It felt so good. I experimented with it, and you can make the water nice and warm. You control the flow, and as it hits your clitty it gives a wonderful cum. I think I went off three times. I made so much noise, I am surprised I did not awaken you. You'll have to try it. I love Paris!" she said with such enthusiasm I grabbed her and hugged her, rolling with her on the bed. "Do you think you might have one installed in your bathroom in your Aunt's house?"

I didn't try the bidet then. We dressed and went down to the restaurant and ate a hearty breakfast Jeanne came up to the room later. I had to tell her of Betsy's discovery. We all three laughed, and Betsy seemed not to be embarrassed in the least. I think she enjoyed sharing it with Jeanne.

"Yes, it does give one something beside a clean bottom and pussy. You do not have them in your house?" She asked me.

"No I live with my Aunt. Her house is a huge old mansion. We do have bath tubs, and I found out years ago that the water from the tub faucet gushing out can stimulate your clitty wonderfully. Auntie said I used too much hot water. If she knew!" I said laughing. "Betsy had just suggested that I have a bidet installed in our mutual bathroom. I'm afraid Auntie wouldn't hear of it. She's rather old fashioned, and very frugal."

"Tell my about your lover, Daisy." Jeanne asked Betsy as we left the room. Betsy told her as we rode away from the hotel. I caught the coachman leaning down to hear and motioned to Betsy. She stopped but Jeanne motioned for her to keep on, signaling her to talk a little louder. We suppressed our laughter as the coachman almost fell off the top trying to listen to the juicy details, Jeanne kept asking her to elaborate on. Betsy enjoyed telling it, elaborating on every juicy detail. I found it wonderful that she could bring her love out in the open telling Jeanne about her female lover.

We stopped by Jeanne's beautiful house, and met her handsome husband. She had not told him we were lovers, and he was a very gracious host, though he flirted outrageously with Betsy and me. Jeanne even encouraged him. Later, we left to start our tour.

With our lovely guide we toured Paris, then the surrounding countryside. The next day we took the train further from Paris, and saw rural France as we would never have seen it. We stayed the night in country inns, and ate at local restaurants that Jeanne's winning way won over both us, and the locals.

At night Betsy and I slept together, and Jeanne slept in another bed. We made love often, and Jeanne sometimes watched us and stroked her lovely cunny as we made love. We three showered together unashamedly. We both admired her lovely body and freely told her so.

The two weeks seemed to go by all too soon. We had enjoyed a wonderful visit and we both kissed Jeanne goodbye with tears in our eyes. She promised to visit us in England, and we promised to return to France again soon. I gave her a gift before we left, a beautiful opal ring I had spotted in a store. I had surreptitiously, taken her ring and measured it for her size when she had it off one night. Tears came to her eyes too. We had made a wonderful friend.

The trip home was uneventful. The channel crossing was unusually smooth and the day clear. We arrived home tired but happy. Auntie was happy with my handling of her affairs. She had received a post from Paris before we returned, filled with praise for my astute business acumen.

Daisy came to my room early in the evening to hear how our trip had gone. I told her some of the things we had done. I told her I would be up later to tell her more. She hugged and kissed me, telling me she was glad I was back, that she had really missed both Betsy and me.

Later Betsy was cleaning the steamer trunk out, taking our clothes out and sorting the ones that needed washing.. "Oh, Mum, here is the gift that Jeanne gave you. You put it in the bottom." She handed me the gift wrapped package.

I cut the ribbon, and slit the paper, pealing it off. A very beautiful presentation box was enclosed. It was of inlaid wood, polished and varnished. Woodland nymphs adorned the cover. It had a tiny lock, and two keys was enclosed in a velvet pouch. There was also an envelope from Jeanne. When I opened it, there was a lovely note, telling us that she hoped we enjoyed the enclosed gifts as much as she and Renée had with their set. I fitted a key in the lock and opened the box. There was a layer of tissue paper on top, and I pulled it off, not knowing what to expect. Both Betsy and I gasped, then broke into gales of laughter when we saw the contents.

The inside of the box was lined with red velvet. There was a complete set of dildos from small and thin, to large long, thick ones, plus one of the large, long double ended dildos curved inside the box, that the dancers had used on each other. Neatly coiled at each end were two leather harness that the bases of the regular dildos fit into. I locked the bedroom door and we took them out and felt of them. I knew from what Renée and Jeanne had said, that they were made of India rubber. She said that they were made in France. That was what the 25 pounds that I had given Renée's daughter was for. We laughed and laughed as we held them in our hands and fondled them.

"Wait until tonight and Betsy sees these. We will have to try them out." I laughed fondling one monster. "Take them in the bathroom and wash them carefully with soap and water. We don't know where they have been. But we certainly know where they are going! I can not wait to try them out, can you, Dearest Betsy?"

"No, this largest one is equal to Johnny's thick cock. The very slender one, I think, beside being for a virgin, is probable to go up your arse." She said laughing, going into the bathroom. She came out minutes later with them on a towel, and we dried them off and replaced them in the velvet lined box.

"We shall need some lubricant. I have a jar of petroleum jelly, I use on my skin. It will not hurt our cunnies I used it several times on a cucumber that was a little tight fit in my cunny. It slipped into Daisy fairly easily." Betsy volunteered.

"I've used it too on my cunny. It lubricates when I have trouble getting excited, and my cunny does not get juicy quickly. That was before you two lovelies came into my life. Now I just think about you two, and my cunny drips." I said, leaning over to kiss Betsy on her smooth neck.

"I get excited too, just being around you and Daisy. Sometimes I almost want to scream, when you or Daisy are close, and I can see you and smell your perfume, and someone else is with us. Have you seen me cross my legs? I can squeeze my legs, and thigh muscles and it feels so good. If I do it too much I can cum, but when I do, you can tell what I'm doing by my face." Betsy said turning and kissing me back.

"We better stop, or we'll wind up making love right now. I want us both to wait till tonight when Daisy is with us. It's been two weeks since we made love with her. Of course she's had her Johnny on the weekends." I said softly, cupping Betsy's lovely face with my hands. I kissed her lips lightly then pulled back. We locked the dildo box and placed it on top my dresser. It was so handsomely made it looked like an overly large jewelry case.

Daisy came to turn down my bed, and I hugged and kissed her. Her soft body felt so good against mine again. It felt so good to be back. I told he to go up to her room, and I would be up in a moment. I had bought her several gifts in Paris, and I got them out. I took the dildo case and put it under my arm. Checking the hallway, I silently climbed the staircase.

I opened Daisy door, closed and locked it behind me. Betsy and Daisy were on the bed kissing. Daisy noticed the packages and sat up. I got on the bed and kissed the two lovely women. We all agreed that we had missed each other. I handed Daisy one of the packages. She squealed when she saw it was an cameo broach. Her other presents were a truly lovely blouse with French lace on it. She was ecstatic over several pure silk scarves imported from the Orient, I had also gotten her several pairs of the latest style French 'panties' as they were called.

Sheer and cut so they covered only the buttocks and stomach to a little above the navel. Very revealing for we prudish English. I had also gotten myself several pair also, as had Betsy. I told her to wear them the next time she and Johnny met. She thanked me profusely and kissed me over and over. She eyed the large box.

"This is something we picked up in Paris, it's not called the City of Love without a reason. I ceremoniously took the key and unlocked it, then slowly opened it. Her reaction was the same as ours. She gasped then broke into laughter.

"My God, cocks, all sizes of cocks. I did not know you could buy such. Trust the French to come up with something like this. I have to feel that big one. It looks just like Johnny's beautiful cock." She picked it up and fondled it. I told her they were called dildos and a brief history of them.

"Ohhh, what's this monster for?" She asked slipping out the long thick double ended dildo. Betsy took it and pointed one end toward her, the other toward herself.

"Guess, Silly. One end goes in you, and the other end goes in me." Then we both told her about the dancers and how they had used them. We had to tell her all about the dancers. She was incredulous at what they had done, and that they would shave their cunnies bald.

"Can we try them out, Mum?" Daisy said expectantly holding up one of the dildos.

"Well, I think that would be a splendid idea. I certainly want to try one in my cunny. Maybe one of you two lovely ladies might help me out. Any volunteers for this odious job." I asked. They both squealed and grasped one of the dildos.

I picked one that I thought would fit my cunny without too much trouble, and lay back. Betsy motioned Daisy to try it out on me. She had brought her jar of lubricant, and she greased it up for Daisy. I spread my thighs, and lovely Daisy slid between them to spread my cunny lips.

She bent and licked up and down slowly, She placed the dildo head against me and pushed gently. The bulging head forced my cunny lips apart, then with a little wiggle on the end from Daisy, it slid inside me. I had never had a cock inside me. Technically I was still a virgin, but in name only. I had used my fingers and other smooth objects inside myself. My maidenhead was long ago disposed of.

"Oh, that feels so good. Slip it in slowly, Daisy. Yes, like that. This is the first time I've had anything like that inside me. Pull it all the way out and slide it in again, Dearest Betsy. That is so good. Now slide it in deeper. Mnnn, Yes. Like that." I moaned.

Betsy was beside me, and she cupped my breasts and watched intently as Daisy slid the dildo into me. She worked it deeper and deeper till I felt it hit my cervix and it gave me a jolt. The base pressed against my cunny and she began to slide it and out slowly.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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