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My Very Personal Maid Part III
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, Daisy, fuck my with it. That feels so good. I see what you mean when you say it feels different from having you or Betsy lick my clitty. Mnn, fuck me harder. Slide it in hard and fast into my pussy. Yes. Harder. Oh. Oh. Squeeze my breasts, Darling Betsy. Pull my nipples. Yes. Like that. Ohhh." I moaned as Daisy pumped the dildo in and out and bent forward and her lips sucked my swollen and aching cliltty.

Her tongue found the under side and I climaxed. I had to put my hand in my mouth and bite down on it to keep from screaming out. With the two wonderful women making love to me I climaxed violently, My hips thrust upward and Daisy had a hard time keeping her lips on my clitty. I came twice before I could grab Daisy's hand to stop her. They kissed me, and Daisy slid the dildo out, and licked my wet core. Betsy kissed my lips softly, and stroked my face.

"I think you liked that Mistress!" Daisy laughed, looking up from between my thighs. "You called it your 'pussy.'" She laughed. "I never heard you use that name for it."

"The French ladies used that term. I liked it. We English use 'cunny' all the time. Adds a little variety to our language, oui Mamselle?" I laughed reaching down and stroking her long red hair. She nodded and licked my spread pussy again softly.

"Your 'pussy', was so open when I slipped out the dildo. I could see far up inside you. It's so pink inside. It looks like a beautiful flower." Daisy said.

"You had a good cum, Mum." Betsy said stroking my breast lightly. "I've had a cock inside me several times, but never had a cum like that. I wonder if having two women making love to you at the same time helped make it better?'

"I'm sure it did. You were fondling my breasts and pulling on my nipples, while Daisy was fucking me with the dildo, and she was licking my aching clitty at the same time. If you left out the dildo, I probably would have cum anyway. It filled my pussy up and stimulated the inside at the same time. I think I would have to have been made of stone to resist those wonderful sensations. It, and you two wonderful sirens, sent me on a wonderful journey. Thank you. I truly love you both." I said pulling them close and kissing them back and forth.

We kissing for a while. We told Daisy of our adventures in Paris, and described in more detail the dancers performance. Telling our erotic adventures served to heat all of our passions. Fingers slipped to wet pussies and we were soon all ready for love making.

"I have an idea!" Betsy said. "We have the two sets of dildos." I have always wondered if two cocks could fuck my two holes. There's one small slender one and the one Daisy used on you. Would you two do it to me at the same time?"

Daisy and I quickly agreed. We got the two leather harnesses out of the box and inserted a dildo in each. It took some time till we found out how to slip into, and adjust the harnesses. There was a lot of giggling as we looked at the dildos jutting out from our bodies. Daisy put on the larger dildo, and I the smaller one.

"Daisy, you lie on your back, and Betsy will straddle you. Yes, like that. Now I'll lubricate this dildo, and Betsy move back a little. Now slide down, and Daisy you press inward. Good." I said as I guided the dildo into Betsy's sweet cunny.. I waited until Daisy had slid almost all of the dildo inside her. I moved behind her and lubricating the smaller dildo and placed a dollop on her anus. I placed it against her little brown hole, and pressed my hips forward slowly.

"Tell me if it hurts, Love." I said. I felt a little resistance, then the knob slipped in and she moaned her pleasure.

"Oh, Mum, that feels so good. Slowly, slip it in deeper. Oh, slowly. Yes, like that, yes!" She moaned as I slowly slid the dildo into her back passage.

It felt so wonderful to be doing this. I could look down and see the larger dildo slide in and out of her sweet cunny. As it slid out, her cunny lips were stretched out, then pressed back in as she and Daisy worked together. I moved my hips in the unfamiliar thrust movements as I slid it deeper into her. Finally my hips met her buttocks, and the dildo was all the way into her sweet back passage. It took a few minutes for all three of us to adjust our movements until we were in synchronization.

Daisy, on the bottom thrust upward, Betsy moved her hips back and forth while I thrust against her. I could see Daisy's fingers move, rubbing her friends clitty as we all three moved. I reached around and caught her swollen breasts and squeezed them and pulled and rolled her hard nipples. I wondered how a man felt, and what sensations he felt as his cock slid in and out of a pussy, or tight anus. With the triple sensations we were giving Betsy she soon began to moan and sob her pleasure.

Daisy pulled her head down and kissed her slipping her tongue into her mouth, I'm sure. It helped muffle her cries somewhat. Daisy and I both speeded up our thrusts, and her fingers slid over Betsy's clitty, rolling it round and round, till Betsy sobbed out, her body went rigid and trembled as she climaxed. We drove her to two gasping climaxes, one quickly following the other.

We rested for a while. Daisy had not had a 'cum' so we asked her how she wanted to have it. "I would like for Betsy to try that biggest dildo in me. I have always wondered how it would feel to have her fuck me with big cock. She's used a cucumber and banana on me, but I wondered what it would feel like if she had a real cock and could fuck me proper."

We thought that was a wonderful idea. The largest dildo was as large as Johnny's cock. Betsy slipped on with help from Daisy, replacing the one used on her. I got behind Daisy and licked her sweet cunny till she was squirming. Betsy got behind her, and I lubricated the large dildo, and positioned it against her cunny. Betsy took it and slid it up and down her slit, pushing in a little.

"Oh, that feels good, Love. Now slip it in slowly. I have to let my cunny get used to it. I think it's a little larger then Johnny's. Easy, now push just a little. Yes, a little more. Ohh, Yes!" She sighed as the huge bulbous head slipped into her stretched cunny. "Now slide it in me. Deeper, it fills me up. Oh, my cunny is so full. Do it slow, Love. Now pull it almost all the way out and then slide it back in. Yesss, Oh!" She gasped as it slipped further inside her.

Betsy did an admirable job of fucking her lovely friend. She mover her hips slowly, slipping the dildo further and further. She had almost all of it inside her lover, when Daisy put her hand back.

"Now hold it there. It's against the top of my cunny. Press lightly and hold it. There! Oh, it feels so good. Now a little more. Yes, there. How much more of that magnificent cock is there?" She asked looking back at me.

"Just a little more. Daisy Dearest. You can take it all. Let Betsy fuck your sweet pussy. Just a little more." I said reaching over and stroking her buttocks. Betsy moved her hips back and forth slowly, allowing her friend to become accustomed to the huge invader. Slowly with each slow thrust, it disappeared inside her friend. Then with a slow even thrust, her thighs met Daisy's buttocks and the monster dildo was completely inside her cunny.

"Oh, that fills me up. It's even bigger and longer than Johnny, It so fills my cunny up. Oh, Love, fuck me slowly. I've wanted to know how it would be to have you really fuck me. Reach under and pull my nipples like you do. Pull them hard. And fuck me, long slow strokes. Yes, like that. Long slow fucks." Daisy whispered, eyes closed.

Betsy reached around and began to twist and pull Daisy's nipples. I had to do something. I moved to one side of Daisy, and lay on my back. I slid under her and twisted my head so my face was under her cunny. I raised up and was able to tongued her sweet clitty, and her cunny, where the monster dildo slid in and out of her. She moaned her pleasure as Betsy and I both gave her pleasure.

As her cunny stretched to accustomed to the large dildo, she urged Betsy to push it harder and faster inside her cunny. Betsy soon learned how to thrust her hips forward, something women do not do instinctively, like men. She caught the rhythm, and began to experiment with her thrusts. She remembered how Johnny had fucked her friend, and she moved her hips down, so the dildo rode upward, against Betsy's sensitive spot. It was apparent the moment she hit it for Daisy moaned, dropped her head and cried out.

Oh, yes, yes, yes! There, there!" like that, Love. It drives me wild when you do it there. Yes. Yes." She moaned. "Suck my clitty, please Mum, Yes, harder. Pull my nipples. Oh, Yes! Fuck me Love, fuck me, Dearest!" She cried out as Betsy and I drove her over the top and she came in a series of body wracking 'cums'. She must have had four or five in rapid succession as we worked on her sweet body. Then she gasped a "no more." I certainly hoped no one heard her cries.

Betsy slowly pulled the dildo from her red cunny. I slipped my head behind her, and as it slipped out, her cunny closed slowly. I could see deep inside her wet pink vaginal opening. Her inner lips closed like a flower, and I slowly licked her sweet cunny juices for several moments. I slid out from under her and she rolled on to her side. Betsy and I both kissed her softly.

"Oh, that was really a wonderful fuck, Love. I always wondered how it would feel having you fuck me. Thank you, and thank you Mum, for licking my clitty. That really sent me over the top. You are the best friends I have ever had. I'm so glad you went to France. We'll have to try the one with double ends next, but not tonight. You two wore me out. " She said kissing us in turn.

It was late and I slipped down the stairs to my room. I took the dildos into the bathroom and washed them off, locked the case. They had been a success tonight. I slipped into bed and lay awake for a while thinking how lucky I was to have two such friends.

The next night I was in Betsy's room, with Daisy there too. They wanted to try out the double dildo on each other. I was more than willing for them to try it out. We got on the bed and kissed and caressed until the two were aroused, and ready to try the long dildo. It was a little crowded for them as the lay down facing each other. I took the dildo, and liberally coated it's entire length with lubricant. I placed one end against Daisy, and slid it into her sweet pussy for four or five inches. Next I placed the other end against Betsy and slid it into her tight cunny. It slid in some four inches inside her. They giggled as they worked their bodies toward each other, and it slid inside their cunnies.

I suggested they hold hands and that way they could slip closer together slowly. It was fascinating as they moved together, and the long dildo slid further inside them. I had measured it and found it to be 19 inches long. I didn't think they could get it all in, and I was right. Betsy was the first to say that she could not take any more inside her, then a minute later Daisy said the same thing. There was a portion still left.

I suggested that they slide apart a little and I would move it back and forth. They agreed and slipped apart a little. I grasped the center part, and began to move it back and forth, sliding it first deeper into one, then the other. They said it felt very good, going in and out. I used my free hand to rub one clitty, then the other. They began to thrust their hips forward to meet each thrust, and then they reached down and began to stroke their own clitties. They soon were breathing heavily, and Betsy was the first to cum.

Her hips lifted off the bed, and her fingers flew over her swollen clitty. Daisy was not far behind her and she too moaned, and her hips rotated and thrust as she too climaxed. I let them recover, then began slowly moving the dildo back and forth again. It was an experience for me as I was giving both lovely women pleasure at the same time. I moved it slowly for a long, time until they began to respond to the stimulation. This time I bent forward and licked Betsy's clitty while I circled Daisy's with my free hand. They responded quickly and had another panting groaning climax. They said that was enough for a while.

We three lay on the bed and kissed. They moved around and got me in the middle. Their talented tongues and hands soon had me eager and panting. They said they thought it was time that they both fucked me. I was a little apprehensive at first, but knew they would never hurt me.

They took turns kissing me, while the other slipped on the harness and dildo. They used a smaller dildo for my cunny, and the smallest one for my rear. Betsy had on the larger, and she lay on her back. I lay on top of her, and spreading my thighs, slid over her body. Daisy lubricated the dildo, and licked my cunny to get it wet. She guided it to my cunny, and I pressed back against the invader. It met a momentary resistance then slipped past my inner lips to slide up inside me.

It felt quite good. We worked together for several minutes till it was all the way inside me. Then I felt Daisy slipped a well lubricated finger first around, then inside my back passage, and a moment later I felt the smaller dildo press against my anus. The head pressed against it. There was a little discomfort, then it slipped past the tight opening, and into my bowels. I had put my finger there several times, but now this intruder slid deeper inside me. It felt strange but pleasant.

"That feels, different. Now, Loves, slowly. Fuck your Mistress. I've heard servants wait and yearn for this moment for years. Now you two have a rare privilege. You can literally fuck your mistress, and up the arse too!" I said. It elicited giggles from both lovely ladies.

Betsy looked up at me and leaned up and kissed me. "Mistress, we would never say that about you, we love you too much."

"I don't know, I think I rather like fucking my Mistress in the arse." Daisy said from behind with a wiggle of her hips that slid the dildo further up my rear. It was my turn to giggle.

Daisy leaned forward and slid her hand under me and began to finger my clitty with one hand. Betsy caught a breast in each hand and squeezed and fondled them, pulling at my taut nipples. They slowly moved their hips in unison slipping both of the dildos inward till they had them fully inside my body. I began to rock my hips back against their movements, and in a few minutes had set a rhythm that was so nice. The two dildos stroked in my pussy and arse, sending waves of pleasure through my body. The two hands on my breasts, and hand on my clitty added to the pleasure. Daisy's breasts rubbed sensuously against my back, and I moved down a little and let my breasts rub against Betsy's. She and I kissed, tongues fencing and thrusting.

I closed my eyes and just let my body feel all the sensations that flowed through my body. It was incredible. I had two lovely women, making love to me, in ways I never imagined. Their hands, lips, bodies, and the two dildos they wielded, were sending unimagined sensations through my body. I do not know how I could have been stimulated more. I began to moan my pleasure and thrust my hips back against their hips.

"Oh, that feels so wonderful, you two are killing me with your kisses, caresses, and the two cocks you are thrusting in my pussy and arse. They feel so wonderful. Your bodies feel so wonderful against me. Oh, I've never felt anything like it my life. God, I love it. Fuck my harder. Rub my clitty harder. Pull my nipples! Hard, like you want us to do to you Daisy. Yes, Yes. Ohhh!" I cried out as I came.

Both women thrust harder against my body. Daisy pulled my nipples hard, twisting and pulling them. The pain intensified my orgasm and I cried out. Betsy pulled my mouth down to hers and covered my mouth with hers so cover my cries of passion. My pussy spasmed over and over as they continued to thrust into my body. I went from one orgasm to another.

They wouldn't let me stop. They said that I had four climaxes one after the other. They slowed and I shuddered as I had one more small climax. I begged them to stop. Daisy slowly slipped out of my arse, and then Betsy slid the dildo out of my cunny. I fell over on my side, and lay gasping beside Betsy. Daisy slid down and slowly lapped my pussy, which she said was very red, and very wet with my juices. It felt so nice to end our love session like that.

I kissed the two and told them how much I loved them, and how much they meant to me. They told me they felt the same about me also. I gathered our toys, and slipped down the stairs in the quiet house. I washed the toys, put them safely away, then slid into bed spent and exhausted. I didn't awaken till morning.

Daisy, Betsy and I made love often. Betsy and I could make love in my room, or the bathroom just about any time we chose. We took baths together, and most of the time wound up making love. We used the dildos quite often. Daisy and Betsy encouraged me to use larger and larger dildos until I had stretched my cunny till I could take all but the largest. They used some of the larger in our arses. We did the same to Betsy. She and I frequently used the double dildo, in the tub, which usually wound up with water all over the floor, but two spent and very happy women.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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