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My Very Personal Maid Part IV
by Tawny T

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"I have tried my best. I have studied some of Diana's textbooks at night to gain more understanding of the banking business. Diana has tutored me and helped me understand the banking field. Your husband is kind. You must be proud of him." Betsy had told Sue, knowing that there was trouble between the two.

Sue had begun to cry, and Betsy went and sat beside her, holding her. "He isn't kind now. I don't know what has come over him. I believe he has a mistress. He is gone at night when he should be home. He gets messages he reads and burns. He takes many business trips that are unnecessary. I don't know what to do." Sue said sobbing. Betsy held her close and stroked her hair, telling her she was sorry.

"Then she turned and looked up at me again the way she had done before. I saw the pain in her eyes and I kissed her softly. She kissed me back and held me close. I did not pull back. I let her kiss me just returning the pressure. She slid her tongue out and lightly grazed my lips. I let my lips slip apart and she gently slid her tongue further out. I let it slide into my mouth. She is a wonderful kisser and it didn't take much before I let my tongue stroke hers ever so lightly.

"I had decided not to be the first to initiate an sexual move, and continued to kiss and tongue her. Then I felt her hand move to cup my breast. I let it stay, but didn't react to it She became bolder and slid her hand up and onto the bare skin above my bodice. I pressed against her and covered her hand with mine to let her know I approved. She stroked my skin for several moments then pulled back. Her eyes were shining and she kissed me lightly again.

"I hope you are not offended, Betsy. When I kissed you the other day, I sensed you liked it. Was I too bold?" She asked me. I told her I was not, that I enjoyed it.

"I had hoped you would." She said. "You are a very attractive woman, and I find you very desirable. I do not want to ruin our good relations. Do you like me also?" I said I did and found her a very desirable women also. She seemed very relieved.

"We cannot go any further in this house. The servants are loyal to my husband and would report anything we might do, to him. I wish there was a place we could go to be alone. Would you like that?" I told her I would like that very much. I also told her that she might come to our flat when you were out.

"Do you think you could manage to leave the flat for a while so that two beautiful women could come here and make love, in this very bed." Betsy asked me finishing her story. We had gotten on the bed and undressed as she told her story. Our hands slid downward to stroke our now wet cunnies. We teased our clitties knowing that we would make love shortly.

"Oh, I'm sure of it. I might be persuaded to hide in the closet and watch through the louvers in the door. Perhaps after several visits, I might just happen to come home at the wrong time and find you two in an improper embrace. And with a little persuasion, join you two in bed." With that, Betsy leaned over and pushed me back, and her lips found my hard nipples and sucked them to harder points.

"Oh, Love, you don't know how much I wanted to make love to her tonight. My cunny was positively wet. When I got in her coach, I slipped my hand down and my knickers were wet at the crotch. I could hardly stand it till I could be here with you. I'm going to lick you to one explosive cum, then you can do me. She's such a wonderful sensual women. I can hardly wait till I have her in this bed. I want to lick her cunny while you watch. I'm sure she is a beauty when she is naked." She mumbled the last as her lips covered my cunny lips and her tongue slid into me. We had a very enthusiastic and feverish bout of love making.

The next evening Betsy was ecstatic. "We kissed in the office. No one will come in without knocking, and we were in the filing room in back, where even if they came in we would have time to cover what we were doing. She is a very good kisser. I let her fondle my breasts, and she kissed them on the upper part. I felt of her breasts and they are firm and nice. I can hardly wait to see them naked.

"She asked when she could come over when you would not be here. I told her you were going out tomorrow night and would not be back for at least three hours. She's coming over at seven o'clock. You can watch from behind the door, and I'll give you plenty of time to hide in the closet. I'm so excited. I really like her, and I think you will too! You are not jealous of her are you?" She asked moving close to me.

"Of course not, My Love." I reassured her holding her close. "There has not been any jealousy between you, Daisy and me. I hope we can both love this lovely women. I was attracted to her from the first day I met her, though not sexually. If I am any judge of character, I think she was attracted to me too. I caught her looking at me in a more than friendly way several times. I have known her and her husband for several years, and been in their house many times." I told my dear love. I believed she was bringing a new love into our lives.

The next day seemed endless. Classes were dull and each seemed to last for hours. I'm afraid I did not pay the attention I should to the professors. My mind keep thinking of the lovely Sue in Betsy's arms. I squirmed in my chair, very unladylike, my cunny itching to be stroked.

Betsy and I had a light dinner, and set the stage for the evening's love feast. I moved clothes aside in the closet, and put a stool there. The slatted shutters gave me a grand view looking down on the bed which was close beside it. We placed the light to throw it's illumination on the bed, and the shutters in the dark. We didn't want Sue to be able to see me watching them.

Sue was right on time. She and Betsy sat in the parlor, and drank wine and talked. I was in the bedroom naked, watching. Sue moved beside Betsy and they began to kiss. I enjoyed watching them. Betsy played the role of the semi-innocent, coy but enjoying the older women's attentions.

Sue was very gentle and kissed Betsy's throat and upper bosom for a long time, before she started to unbutton Betsy's blouse. I watched through the crack in the door, and fingered my clitty slowly, teasing it. Sue skillfully slipped Betsy's blouse off and held her close, reaching around to unfasten her brassiere. She slipped it off.

"Oh, you have the most beautiful breasts. They are perfect. So full and round. What lovely large brown nipples, they seem to ask for lips to suck them. May I?" Sue asked softly looking up at Betsy. Betsy nodded, and turned her head aside slightly.

Sue, I imagine, truly thought this was the first time Betsy had been with another women. She took her time kissing Betsy's sweet and truly lovely breasts, licking and kissing her nipples to twin peaks of desire. She fondled them expertly. This was no innocent women where women was concerned, of that I was sure. My mouth watered at the prospect of making love to her. Sue spent a very long time kissing Betsy's breasts and Betsy was moaning her pleasure.

"Oh, Mam, you have made me so excited. I have never felt like this before. Are you sure this is right, between us?" She asked, a worried look on her lovely face.

"Oh yes. This feels so right. It can get even better. Who but a women knows where and how another women wants to be touched and kissed. Have you ever been with another women, My Dear?" Sue asked looking up at Betsy's face.

"Only when I was a younger, my friend and I looked at each others cunnies and fingered ourselves. She bent down and kissed me on my bare cunnie once or twice." Betsy replied softly and shyly. I smiled at her acting ability.

"Did you enjoy it?' Sue asked.

"Yes, it felt good. I wished a little that she had gone further." Sue replied.

"Would you like me to go further, kiss your bare cunny?"

"Yes, I think I would like that. Are you sure it's all right?" 'Innocent Betsy' asked.

"My Love, I guarantee you will like it." Sue said, her face lighting up.

"Can we go into the bedroom? We have a large bed, and it will be so much more comfortable than here on the couch." Betsy asked. They got up and she pulled Sue to her and they kissed. That was my signal to slip into the closet. I sat on the high stool, which I had placed a cushion on to make it a little softer on my bare buttocks. A minute or two later they came into the room.

"What a lovely bedroom, do you and Diana sleep in the same bed." Sue asked.

"Oh yes, we are good friends, and the bed is very large. We don't bother each other at night. I'm so fortunate to have her for a friend." They moved to the bed and sat down. They kissed.

"Please take off your blouse. I feel uncomfortable with just mine off." Betsy asked Sue. She stood up and slipped hers off, revealing a lovely lace slip, which she pulled down. Her brassiere was very lacy too and obviously expensive. She turned to Betsy.

"You take it off for me. Slip off the shoulder straps, Yes, now slowly slip it down off my breasts. Yes, like that. See how my nipples are hard. Why don't you kiss them?" She asked. Betsy hesitated for a moment, and looked into Sue's eyes.

She bent forward, and hesitated again just the right amount of time. She leaned forward and kissed her nipple quickly then pulled back. She continued to look at it till Sue leaned forward and brushed her nipple against Betsy's lips. Betsy kissed it again and this time sucked the nipple running her lips across it several times.

"Oh yes, that feels so good. Suck it a little harder, take it into your mouth, yes, like that. Now use your tongue to run around it. Oh yes, you do that so wonderfully. Now cup it from below with your hand, gently stroke it. Yes. Oh, that feels so good."

In the closet I watched the stellar performance Betsy was doing. Sue was a truly beautiful women. Her breasts were perfect. They were wonderfully shaped, rounded cones, set off by swollen, rounded, cone shaped aureoles, and tipped by lovely firm nipples. They were exotic and I could hardly wait to kiss and suck them. I found my mouth watering at the sight of them. Betsy moved from one breast to the other, slowly as if unsure of herself.

"Now, Love, stand up and let me undress you, I want to see the rest of your lovely body. If it is as lovely as your face and breasts, I'm sure you are a true beauty. Sue said.

Betsy stood and Sue slowly undressed her, admiring and kissing her as she slipped her clothes off till she was gloriously naked. I looked at her from behind the door and she was truly a lovely woman, full and rich bodied. I knew every inch of her body, and still thought what a splendid women she was.

Sue had her turn and her hands slid up and down Betsy's body. "My God, you truly are a beautiful women. You make me weak in the knees looking at you. Your cunny hair is so black and glossy. I can hardly wait to spread it apart and see what it conceals. " Sue marveled.

She stood up and pulled Betsy against her and they kissed and stroked. "Would you undress me?" She asked Betsy. Betsy nodded shyly. She undid Sue's skirt, slipped it down, then her underpants which were thin and lacy. Sue had on long hose held up by a suspender belt. Betsy knelt and undid the fastenings, and slid the hose off carefully.

Sue stood gloriously naked before us. Betsy caught her breath as did I. Sue was a truly lovely woman, tall and elegant. Her waist was small, her hips slender, her small belly slightly rounded. Her pubic hair was golden blonde, and her legs long and graceful. With her beautiful breasts, and lovely face, she was a truly stunning women.

She turned her back to Betsy. "Take down my hair, Love, please." She wore her golden hair up in a beautiful French roll. Betsy took the pins out and it cascaded down over her lovely shoulders. She turned slowly, to give Betsy a full look at her body. We both caught our breaths at how truly beautiful she was.

"Now, Love, lie back on the bed and let me kiss your lovely body from top to bottom. I know you will like this."

Betsy laid back on the bed and put one hand over her eyes. Sue moved beside her and began to make love to my beautiful lover. Sue took her time kissing Betsy's firm, full breasts commenting on them and how she loved her large brown aureoles, and swollen nipples. She worked her way down, and parted Betsy's soft rounded thighs.

"Oh, you have such a lovely cunny. Your hair is so dark and glossy. It's such a contrast to your white thighs and skin. Let me part it and see your lovely cunny. I'll part it with my tongue and let you feel my tongue slide into you. Mnnn, you taste delicious. I knew you would have a sweet and tasty pussy. " Sue whispered. Her fingers pulled out and up and she sighed. "Oh, you have the most beautiful clitoris, I have never seen one as lovely. It's so firm and large. I want to lick and suck it till you scream with pleasure. "

I sat only feet away while this beautiful woman kissed, licked, and stroked Betsy to several moaning climaxes. I had several climaxes also, being careful not to make any noise as I did. Sue moved up and kissed Betsy for a long time. She was in no hurry for her next move. "Now, Love, would you like to make love to me, the way I did to you?"

"Oh, yes, that was so wonderful. I never knew how it would be to have a woman make love to me. Do I do what you did to me?" She asked innocently.

Sue assured this skillful lover that that was true. Betsy moved beside her and began to make love to this body that must have driven many a man and woman wild with desire at the sight of it. She did a superb job of not knowing what to do. Sue coached her from time to time. She hesitated for a while when she placed her face between Sue's superb thighs.

Sue took her head and gently guided her to her spread cunny and pressed it against her pink flesh. Then Betsy began to lick and suck her cunny. Sue guided her upward to her clitty and moaned aloud as Betsy's tongued lapped her sensitive clitty. She 'guided' Betsy's fingers into her cunny to finger fuck her. Betsy needed no further advice when she drove her lovely employer to several moaning, explosive orgasms. I joined Sue in two orgasms, watching from the closet and fingering myself frantically. The view was wonderful and excitingly erotic.

The two beautiful women kissed and softly caressed lying on the bed. Sue told Betsy how much she had enjoyed their evening, and asked if she could come again when I would not be there. Betsy of course told her she wanted her to come back soon.

"Is Diana lovely when she is nude?" Sue asked.

"Oh, yes, she has the most beautiful body. I have seen her nude many times while we were dressing and in the bath. I never stared, but she has the most beautiful body." Betsy lied shyly.

"Have you ever had her look at you intently while you were naked? Did she stare at you?" Sue asked.

I know Betsy had to suppress a smile at the questions. She and I both knew what Sue was implying. 'Did I like women?'

"Oh, no. I'm sure she would be horrified if she knew what you and I had just done. She is so sweet and innocent. I'm sure the thought never crossed her mind." Betsy insisted .

"I wonder. I have known her for several years and thought she might entertain ideas of love with an other women. I thought I caught her looking at me, well, with more than a little interest." Sue said.

I had looked at her as a beautiful woman, no more. Of course only recently had my eyes been opened to the opportunities and joys of Sapphitic love.

They kissed and caresses softly and Sue got Betsy to describe in detail how I looked naked. Betsy did a credible job of describing my body, with Sue dragging every detail out of the 'reluctant' women. They made love again slowly and gently, one last time, then Betsy helped Sue dress and she left before it was time for me to 'return'.

When the door was closed, we watched discretely from behind the curtain as Sue entered her coach. We both burst into laughter. "My Love, you are an actress that should be on the stage. You gave a stellar performance. You were the picture of innocence. Did you enjoy your own performance?" I asked after we had quit laughing.

She kissed me, and slipped off her robe. She pulled me close and her soft warm body pressed eagerly against mine. "Oh Diana, I was so excited, I could hardly keep from leaping on her and devouring her. She is fantastic. What a beautiful woman. Her body is divine as you well saw. I don't believe for a moment that this is her first encounter with a woman. She is a very talented lover. Were you jealous?"

"Yes, I was jealous. I wanted to be in bed with you two. She is fantastic. I brought myself off at least four or five times while I watched. My cunny will probably be sore tomorrow. You are a jewel. I am sure she had no inkling you are an accomplished lover of women. God, you were the epitome of innocence. She had to lead you every step of the way. I can hardly wait till I join you two." I kissed her and we ran into the bedroom. Despite the fact that we both had had a number of climaxes. We fell in bed and slipped into a 69 and licked and sucked each other to two more climaxes.

We fell asleep pressed together sexually satiated. As I suspected, the next morning my clitty was slightly sore from all the rubbing I had done. Betsy insisted she be allowed to put some soothing salve on it. I refused to let her rub it in well, which she wanted to do mischievously.

She came home the next evening aglow. Sue had insisted she receive a raise in pay. "She insisted the raise had nothing to do with the previous nights encounter. She did kiss me several times in the office when we were alone, and told me how much she liked making love to me. I wanted to slip under her skirt and lick her delicious cunny. She wanted to know when we could meet here again. I told her I would let her know when you would be out of the flat again. "

"I think we should make her wait a few days. That is if I can stand it." I laughed.

"Oh God, she is lovely. My knickers were wet all day just being around her, and when she kissed me, I almost had a 'cum'. This is almost as bad as when you and I first made love. I was wet every time I thought about you. I never told you, but I brought myself off a number of times while I was away from you and Daisy. I always thought of your lovely body, and I could have a cum in moments. I am so hot now, my cunny is wet. Will you get the dildo and fuck my cunny with it, please?" Betsy asked pressing against me.

Clothes dropped as we made our way into the bedroom. I brought out the box, and Betsy helped me slip into the harness and attached one of the larger dildos to it. There was no preliminaries. I got behind her in bed, and she bent forward on all fours, reached back and guided the head to her spread and wet cunny. I pushed inward, and it slipped effortlessly into her body.

At her urging I fucked her hard and fast, reaching around to hold and squeeze her bobbing and jiggling breasts. I pulled her nipples hard, and rolled them hard between my fingers. She cried out her approval and thrust back against me. I had seldom seen her so excited. She reached back and rubbed her clitty and came several times.

When she had finished, she turned on me and took the dildo and while she licked my clitty, she plunged the dildo, still wet with her juices, in and out till I came violently, caught up in her passion. Spent, we lay laughing at our burst of passion. We both agreed that the sooner we had the delectable Sue in our collective bed the better. She was a sure aphrodisiac for both of us.

Over breakfast the next day we decided that this was the day for us to bring Sue into our fold. Betsy would invite her over, and after they were in bed, I would walk in 'unexpectedly'. I would be in the flat all the time, but would appear unexpectedly at the opportune moment.

I 'happened' by the bank where Betsy and Sue worked, around noon. Sue greeted me warmly, and her eyes moved over me slowly. I paid no attention. I informed Betsy that I had a meeting after school and would not be home till late and that she should dine without me.

"Not to worry, I shall take Betsy out to dinner with me and take her home after. My husband is out of town, and I shall take good care of my prize employee." Sue said, slipping her arm about Betsy paternally.

"I surely hope so, she is my dearest friend. I am so glad you two get along so well." I said as I kissed Betsy on the cheek and left.

Classes seemed to fly by. I was alive at the prospect of the evening with the enchanting Sue. Today my knickers were wet from anticipation. My last class was finally over and I rushed back to the flat and took a leisurely bath. I dabbed perfume between my breasts and thighs. I slipped into my most flattering under clothes. I ate a light dinner and cleaned up the dishes. When I heard the key in the door, I slipped into the kitchen, and peeped through the crack in the door.

"I am so glad that Diana had a meeting tonight." Sue said to Betsy as they came in. They were just inside the closed door when Sue pulled Betsy to her and kissed her. "Oh, Love, you don't know how hard it was not to kiss you deeply and make love to your fantastic body at work. You are so beautiful and I want to make love to you. Did you enjoy our last lovemaking? I do not want it to be just because I am your employer and you do it out of fear or duty. Did you like it?" Sue asked as they moved into the room.

"Oh yes, it was so wonderful. I just wish that Diana and I had the same relationship. She truly has a beautiful body and is such a wonderful person. I guess I have wished we could be lovers. I never knew till now what having a woman make love to me could be like. You are such a wonderful teacher." Betsy gushed, kissing Sue.

"She is a stunningly beautiful young women. Is she a virgin?"

"I think she is, I have never heard her say she has been with a man, or women for that matter. " Betsy lied convincingly. "Have you made love with many women?"

"Only with several of my closest lady friends. My aunt, who is my age, seduced me just before I married. I have enjoyed several of my friends. I always choose carefully, In my position I cannot be too careful My husband does not know of my dallying with my own sex.

"Enough talk, lets have a glass of wine, then I will teach you some more of the joys of having a woman loving you." Sue said.

Betsy came into the kitchen to get the wine glasses, and we kissed briefly and smiled at thoughts of our coming plan. She poured glasses of wine and they sat on the sofa and drank and kissed for a while. Betsy was the initiator tonight, kissing and caressing Sue.

"Ah, you are an eager lover. I like that. Slow down, My Little Pigeon, savor the moment. There is a time for eagerness. For now let us move slowly." Sue coached.

"I am sorry, it's just that being around you all day had me so enflamed. I am hot just being around you, smelling you perfume, it makes me think of you in bed." Betsy lowered her head demurely. "My knickers have been wet the past two days. I had to come home yesterday and rush into the bathroom and bring myself off quickly."

"Oh, you dear wonderful woman. You have had the same effect on me. I did the same thing yesterday. Wasn't I naughty?" Sue replied. "Slowly, now, My love."

They stayed on the sofa and kissed and caressed what seemed an eternity. Then they laid the wine aside and moved into the bedroom. Betsy pulled the door almost closed, but left it slightly cracked so I could see inside.

They undressed slowly and lay down on the bed and began to caress and kiss. I was on fire watching, and had to make myself not finger my burning clitty.

"Let me show you my favorite position. It's called a soixante neuf or 69 in French." Sue told her star pupil. She coached Betsy into position. They slid together on their sides and began to slowly lick and suck. I let them advance until they were both breathing heavily and intent on pleasing each other.

I picked up my purse and slung it over my shoulder. As I got to the doom I called out, "Betsy dear, I'm home." And thrust open the door. "The meeting broke ear-ly!." I see them on the bed as I come "unexpectedly" into the room. "Oh! My God! What's going on here??". I asked in my most shocked tone of voice.

To Be Continued...


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