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My Very Personal Maid Part V
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Betsy and I looked at each other, and began to laugh. Sue joined us. The room rang with our unrestrained laughter.

"Yes, we planned it. When Betsy came home and told me you had kissed her, we decided to let you play out your seduction. Night before last I watched from inside the closet. I could see through the louvers. I was nude and I fingered myself to four of five wonderful climaxes. It is a wonder you did not hear me. 'We had planned on letting you and Betsy continue for several days before I 'accidentally' came in and caught you two in a compromising position. Betsy is a real actress isn't she? She was superb as the 'innocent'."

Sue kissed Betsy. "Yes, she is a superb actress, and I thought a very quick study. Betsy, you had me completely fooled." She turned to me. "You said you intended to wait a few days. Why did you move the 'accidental' arrival up to tonight."

" Because," I said kissing her lips softly, and letting my hand drop to caress her warm soft breast. "I watched you two last night and could not wait another day, or night, to make love to one of the most beautiful and desirable women I have ever seen in my life.

"Today I was wet all day thinking about what would happen tonight. When I was in your office I wanted to kiss you then and there. I was frantic to make love to you. That is why my knickers were so wet, and I had changed them after I came home and had a bath. I had thought of nothing but you all day."

Sue pulled both of us close and looked from one to the other. "That is the sweetest, most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me. Diana, I have wanted you from the first time I saw you. You were a beautiful young girl of fifteen at the time your aunt brought you to our house. I wanted you so much I could hardly keep my hands or eyes off of you.

"You, my dear, are one of the loveliest women I have ever known. I had to make myself not look at you too much. Thank you two for these two very special nights! There will be many more won't there?" She said looking deep in my eyes.

"I certainly hope so. I would be devastated if I thought otherwise. " I said.

"Oh, yes. I too hope there are many more nights. I meant what I said about wanting you in the office." Betsy said kissing Sue.

"I am sorry that I deceived you." I said to Sue. "I am sure you realize the importance of discretion. That was the reason for the charade of discovering you in a compromising position. My credo is to never enter into a compromising condition with anyone who does not have as much, or more to loose, as you do by discovery."

"God, how true.'" She turned to Betsy. "So, Miss Innocencente. You two have been making love for how long?". Betsy told her of her long relationship with Daisy, and finally of how I had discovered them together.

I got up and refilled our wine glasses and told them both the true story of my intrigue that started when Daisy and I first made love, and how she and I tricked Betsy. Betsy looked at me eyes wide, then began to laugh realizing for the first time that I had tricked her also, by pulling the same 'discovery' trick on her with Daisy.

"And all this time I thought you had truly come into her room by accident. When we planned this 'discovery' there was a moment when I wondered about the night when you came in when Daisy and I were making love. I dismissed it from my mind. Daisy did such a splendid bit of acting. I never thought my best friend would do that to me.

"I can see your position, Diana. Betsy had me believing it truly happened the way you two vixens planned it. Just wait till I see Daisy, I will give her a proper caning. She loves a little pain. I plan on giving her a little more than she is used to. Will you help me Diana? I guarantee it will set her cunny on fire." Betsy laughed, kissing me, all forgiven. We regaled Sue with lurid details of our exploits at Auntie's mansion and our erotic trips to Paris. Before we realized it, it was almost midnight and Sue had to return home. We helped her dress, with many kisses to her lovely body and face. Betsy and I also dressed and walked her to her carriage, to show an act of propriety, as she was sure the coachman would report the visit to her husband. A report of a visit to her office help, and her roommate would not be thought amiss by her husband. Her poor coachman had been waiting outside for several hours. She promised to come back the next night. We looked forward to it.

As there was no pretense, Sue and Betsy arrived together. I had a meal cooked and ready. We ate and Sue filled us in on her Sapphitic life. "My Aunt Gloria is my age. We grew up together and one night we were talking about boys kissing girls. I had no experience at that time. She said she had kissed boys. and would I like her to be the 'boy' and she would kiss me. I agreed. We kissed and both of us liked it very much. She knew how to use her tongue very well. She is very lovely, and had beautiful breasts at the time.

"That night she slipped into my bed and we kissed some more. She asked if I would like her to kiss my breasts. They had developed and were very sensitive. She kissed my breasts and I got very sexually excited. She told me that boys kissed girls on their cunnies, and asked if we should try it. I agreed readily. She kissed my cunny sliding her tongue inside me and I came quickly. It was only fair that I kiss her, and she tasted so sweet. I love the taste of a woman's sex.

"When ever we could, we would slip off and make love. We still do. She lives in London, and she and I arrange a meeting where we can safely make love. She is a wonderful woman. She has two children and her husband knows nothing about her, our, sexual appetites. She too has a couple of very close lady friends."

"What of your other lady friends? You told me you had other women lovers." Betsy asked.

"Yes, a small group of exclusive ladies. They must have as you said Diana, 'as much to loose as I by discovery'. Several had indicated that their husbands were less than adequate in bed. Some are older than their wives, or have mistresses and have lost their interest in their wives. The wives still have a strong sexual drive, and seek outlets. Affairs with men are complicated. By subtle hints, several of us have found others who we inducted into the sisterhood of Sappho.

"The ironclad rule it they must have much to loose by discovery. There are seven of us, all lovely ladies, trim and fit. We have meetings at certain houses that the servants who can be trusted implicitly or can be sent away for the afternoon or evening. What could be more innocent than seven society matrons gathering together for a game of whist?"

"That sounds wonderful. Your sexual life must be very exciting and varied." I said as we finished our dinner.

"The ladies are lovely, but none is as lovely as you Diana. You would outshine any of them, and you would be very surprised if you knew who they were. And you Lovely Betsy, your body would be the envy of every woman there. Your face would shine with the best and most lovely."

"Save for your own." I commented truthfully. "I can not imagine any that could compare with your face or body!"

Sue hugged me to her, and the three of us went into the bedroom. We slowly shed our clothes and lay naked on the bed. We kissed and caressed till our bodies cried out for relief. We slipped into a threesome which Sue said could be made to accommodate any number and that some wag had named a 'Daisy chain'.

The room became quiet for a long time, save the sighs and soft sounds of licking and sucking, and an occasional moan of pleasure. Each of us experienced an orgasm that had us sobbing and moaning our pleasure. We rested, then changed places and slipped our tongues and fingers into our other partner. After we each had another climax, we rested and sipped wine.

"You mentioned the dildos that you bought back from France. May I see them?" Sue asked as we sipped our wine.

I went to the drawer where I kept them and came back with the beautiful box. I opened it with the key I kept separate and hidden, as we had a maid that cleaned our flat. Sue took each out and inspected it, and commented on its construction, comparing it to the ones in her circle of lady friends. Some of the ladies had similar ones, but not the complete set. Sue asked if I could obtain one or two other sets just like these. I assured her I could from Jeanne in Paris.

"May I try one on you Diana?" Sue asked.

"I would be honored to be fucked by you, My Dear. My pussy, or my arse?" I asked straight faced.

"I like a women who is ever so accommodating. May I fuck your lovely pussy while you and Betsy are in a soixante neuf? I have found the sensation very delightful, having your pussy filled and your clitoris licked and sucked. Betsy will have fun also, Or would you decline, Dearest Betsy?" Sue asked with a laugh.

"I would never turn down an invitation to make love to Diana." Betsy laughed.

We helped Sue slip in to the leather harness and attach the dildo I had selected to be used on me, a slightly larger and longer one than we had used before.

"You have used this one before? It is rather large and long. Are you sure this will go into your pretty pussy?" Sue asked.

"No, I wanted to try this larger one. I think you will be skilled enough to use it and not hurt me. I understand from Daisy that the cunny will accommodate a rather large male organ. We watched her take her beau inside her, and she took all of him in. He was very careful, and she said her cunny stretched to fit his huge organ. I wanted the sensation of being filled." I told Sue as Betsy applied a liberal dollop of lubricant the entire length of the large intruder.

Betsy and I lay down, with her on the bottom and buried our faces in delicious wet flesh. She licked and sucked my cunny till it was dripping, and eager for the dildo Sue would slip into me.

I felt Sue stroke my raised buttocks, and I pushed it back indicating I was ready. Betsy removed her mouth, and guided the large head to my cunny lips. The head pressed against my inner lips, and as Sue pressed forward gently, I pushed back. It stretched my cunny almost to the point of pain, then it slid into me. Sue held her position till I indicated by pushing back that I was ready for her to push more of the large dildo inside me. Betsy returned to licking my clitty and tongued around the large shaft. My cunny was eager for the large shaft.

I raised my lips from Betsy's wet core. "Oh, that feels so good. Now please slide it into me. I want to feel all of it inside my pussy."

"It will be my pleasure to fuck your delectable pussy, My Love." Sue said as her hips began small thrusts, pulling back then slipping her "cock" a little deeper inside me. I realized she must have done this many times to her lady friends. She was very gentle, and expert as she slid the dildo ever deeper inside me. I moaned at the combined thrusting of the dildo and Betsy's expert licking and tonguing of my clitty.

Little by little it slid deeper inside me filling my pussy delightfully. I gasped as the head pressed against my cervix. Sue must have felt the slight pressure.

"Just a little more left, Love. Did it touch you cervix? That's a wonderful sensation. One I certainly have never felt with my husband." I moaned against Betsy's wet cunny that it had.

Sue continued to move the dildo in and out, each time pressing against my cervix, and pressing gently further with each push. My pussy felt so full, and slowly it stretched to fit the massive intruder. I sighed as I felt Sue's thighs and belly press against my rear, and knew it was fully inside me.

"Now, Diana, My Love, you have all of it inside you. You don't know how excited it makes me to watch it slide into your pretty pussy. Each stroke outward, your pussy lips stretch outward as if reluctant to let it go. Your perfect little anus seems to wink at me. I shall attend to it a little later. Now I can fuck your lovely body. I love this. It almost makes me wish I had a huge cock to fuck your beautiful body with, almost." Sue said as her hips pressed firmly against me.

Her hips began their slow thrusts, she would bring the head till it pressed against my inner lips stretching them, then slide it back inside me till it pressed against my cervix again. The head rippled against my pussy inside and it felt so wonderful. I imagined this is how Daisy felt as her Jimmy fucked her in the barn. I slid my tongue deep into Betsy's dripping pussy and sucked her juices out.

Sue's hips picked up their beat, and she slid it faster and harder inside me. Betsy's tongue began to flick my clitty, as only her talented tongue can. Sue's hips slapped against me, and I felt her wet finger circle my anus then slide inward. Betsy redoubled her assault on my clitty and I screamed my pleasure against her spread pussy, that I had been tonguing. I sucked her clitty and tongued it as fast as I could. I wanted her to climax with me.

Sue's thrust came hard and fast, her hips rotating at the same time so the dildo head pressed against my pussy in all different parts. Her knowing finger slid deeply in and out of my nether hole adding to my pleasure. I screamed out as I climaxed, my pussy clamping down on the large intruder. Betsy's tongue vibrated against my clitty and I pressed my lips hard against Betsy's sweet pussy.

My body seemed to dissolve into a million pieces. Passion overcame my body and I lost all trace of time and place. It was one of most wonderful orgasm of my life. Sue knew how to wield the firm intruder, and Betsy was an expert with her fantastic vibrating tongue. They said that I came five times before they stopped their assault on my pussy. Sue slowly slipped the dildo out and Betsy licked my open pussy and slipped her tongue inside my core as my inner lips slowly closed to normal. She said that I gushed my tasty juices into her waiting mouth.

I lay catching my breath and Betsy moved to Sue and unstrapped the dildo. She had not climaxed when I did and was still excited. Sue said she became excited just from watching me as she fucked me with the dildo. They fell into a 69 and quickly brought each other to a climax.

We rested and I brought each of us a glass of excellent French wine we had picked up in Paris.

"I really enjoyed fucking you, Dearest." Sue said as she leaned over and kissed me. "The harness is not the best I have seen though. I know a very discrete leather worker that can make a much more comfortable model. He puts a soft leather pad on the inside that presses against your clitoris and gives a thrill, or even a climax to the one it is strapped to. This one just isn't very comfortable."

Betsy and I agreed that it did nothing for the wearer. She wrote down the address and told us to use her name as a reference. We discussed the various dildos, and we told her of our use of them. Her experiences were similar to ours. She and her friends had used two at one time, one in the pussy and one in the anus. She said that she liked to have that done to her.

Betsy and I both almost at the same moment offered to make love to her. She declined and said that at the moment she was satiated. We talked for a while, then she got up, dressed and after many kisses left. Again we escorted her to her coach. After she left we undressed quickly. We fell in bed cuddling and kissing softly, and agreed that Sue was a lovely new addition to our love foursome.

Several days later Betsy and I took the box of dildos and went to the address of the leather worker Sue had recommended. We told him Mrs. Susan Mason had recommended him. He said she was a splendid woman, and one of is most treasured customers. He was a handsome older man with gray hair and a neatly trimmed beard. I could almost picture him in a suit of armor with a battle banner flying behind him .

He was most courteous, and took us in the back of his shop where we would have privacy. He looked at the dildo harnesses and said that he would make new ones to our specifications. He asked if they were for us, as he had to know how large the person who used it would be. His manner was most professional and we told him that they were indeed for us. He asked our hip measurements.

He asked where the dildos had come from, and when we told him Paris, he threw up his hands. "Those damn French! They should know how to make these so they will be completely comfortable to the wearer. This is not good workmanship. I will make new sets that will be very comfortable to wear, and with Mrs. Mason's addition wrinkle, if you will, give total satisfaction to you fair ladies." He said that we could pick them up in two days and told us the charges for making them.

Sue came over that evening and the three of made love in all combinations. I had some studying to do, so I excused myself and she and Betsy continued the lovemaking. Through the open door, I could hear their moans and cries of ecstasy, and at times their laughter. They tried to entice me back but I was adamant. I had fallen behind in my studies a little when Sue came into our circle. They left me and soon I heard them making love again.

Betsy and I went back to the leather workers business to pick up the dildo harnesses. He showed us the new harnesses. He had used soft leather for the straps, and under the buckles, a leather flap to shield it from contact with the skin. He added a leather piece that fitted over the pubic area. It was molded to fit the pubes, and the slick shiny side had a fold at the bottom that protruded inward and would fit into the fold of the wearers pussy to press against her clitoris.

He told us that Sue had come up with the suggestion of the fold, and that it must work satisfactorily for he had made a number almost exactly like the two he had made for us. If these did not fit correctly, he would gladly modify them at no charge to us. With a little gleam in his eye he told us that he always tried to make sure his customers were totally satisfied with his work. We took his good humor in stride and after paying him left laughing.

Sue had invited me to join her and Betsy after their work hours for dinner. She took us to a fine restaurant. The maitre d' knew her and welcomed us cordially, guiding us with gusto to our table. We had a splendid dinner. Several men and woman came to the table from time to time to greet Sue. She introduced us to each of them. After the dinner, we took her coach to our flat. As we rode she told us that we had met at least one of her most intimate lady friends. Betsy and I tried to guess which of the lovely well bred women were her lovers. Sue of course would not tell us no matter how much we begged her.

We told her that we had been to the leather shop and met her handsome bearded admirer. She laughed and told us that he had tried unsuccessfully for several years to take her to bed. Of course, he had known from the start what use the harnesses he had modified were to be used for.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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